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The Woman's College 
University of North Carolina 




Gift of the Pine Needles Staff 

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

university .f nortn Carolina 

at greensDoro 




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Page 2 

" Th ere are jew ea rili ly in ings 

I^Iore beaiitijiil 

T/ian a University." 

It is a cjainering oj youth . . . 

An intellectual exchange . . . 

A. testing for ambitions . . . 

A chapel built jor the 

praise of truth 

Within some ha I loured 


Hopes for the future . . . 

Ana a fro n tie r a wa iting 

each student pioneer. 


Al University never merely happens . . . 

It is a conception of mincis 

That recognize a need for enlightenment . . . 

It takes its form in builaings, 

In thnigs, in people . . . 


Perhaps it grows jroiii a 

single college . . . 

Ana once its worth has been proven, 

It expands to serve to 

more this precious 

Food Of knowledge . . . 






Its hmitations jail away as 

iSlyriaa jingers reach out, 

Ana we become more . . . 

Page 13 

Page U 

This birth oj a 

Un ive rs it if it levitab ly 

ajjects the character 

ana appearance oj the 

mother institution . . . 

there are growing 

pains, perhaps . . . 

Page 15 

Bui those purposes must be 

Inaelihie, conjirniea . . . 

Always there must be the learnea 

W^ho aeat'cate their hours to the 

Tasks of preserving knowleage 

Through teaching .. . 

These are the Instruments 

oj eaiication, ana there must be 

Inspiration, creation of 

Know/eage, ana answers to the 

W^or/a's mifsteries. 

^-v,|R fo 



Awareness of certain 

Spiritual changes is often 

Found in the people 

Of a University, 

hor they have come 

To this place 

To exploit what is here . . . 

I'aijr I'll 

They change themseh^es . . . 

Ana in doing so, 

They leave a minute trace 

Of themseh^es that will 

Alter the destiny 

Of their Alma Mater. 

Page 21 

As long as there is a Universitif, 

No tiling is static . . . 

From til is giving ana taking 

O/ perception ana triitli 

Conies a promise 

For the tomorrow . . . 

This promise is made to all generations, 
That man can exist ana progress as long as 

There is a means, 
A place where he can comprehend. 

Can learn. 


A Lniversity is. first ami foremost, a citadel for 
learning. Within this coninuinity are various schools 
which are in turn subdivided into departments. University 
status is relatively new for the Greensboro branch of 
I .N.C. The change to a university has had many 
implications such as an enlarged graduate program, 
additions to the faculty, a larger variety of courses, and 
new equipment in many departments. These additions 
guarantee academic growth for the University of 
North ("arolina at Greensboro. 

Mclver Building houses the School of 
Liberal Art? at the I'niversitv. 

Page 24 

Laboratory experiences such as this one in the lighting lab provide 
students with the practical experience they will later need. 

The library stacks offer extensive resources to University 
students as thev gather background information. 

)i, ( !ariirrilri- ami a group of interested students examine 
an art display presented in one of the many 
Weatlierspoon Art Gallery exhibitions. 

'I lit' Art I)e|)arlnieiit oHers i-(iin>.es in all aspects of art: 
(li'si.HM. draw ill;; and |iaiiiliii,u. hisl(ir\ ami iiiterpreta- 
lion 1)1 art. rcianiiis ami siiil|iliirc. ami art <'(!iicati(in. 
'I'hc WVlhcrspodii Art (iailcry uliicli prcsi'iits several 
sli(iuiiij;s (liiriiig the year, is i)|ieri to the piililic as well 
as to students and faeiiltv. Soon to lie erected on eain- 
pns is a new fine arts center to allow lor needed depart- 
mental ex])ansion and lacililii-s lo|- music, television 
and drama. 

The Ammal Student Art Kxlnliil sponsored liy the 
Arl ('.lull is open to all sludcnls. In addilion. die ni'oup 
this \ear ^ponsoicd ,i tii|i to \\ asliinj;ton. 1). C lor a 
lour (d famous art rmiseinns. 

.SlLiili-Ml> (if art Irarn llic 
I.Tliiii(|urs of >rulpturc 





^^^^v^^^^BT* ^^ 




L Jp f 

"^' ' '-' ■>- ^ 

L*-6jii ■^» '^^^ 

\1riiil.,-rs of the Art Club fin, I ihi;- -. ul|>liu 
llir iMpii- of an informal discussion. 

Page 27 

Many huurs are spent by music majors 
in individual and group practice. 


Paul Hickfang directs the neuly formed 
I niversitv Opera Theater. 

Tlie Scliool of Music offers degrees which lead 
towiird fields of teaching and performing. In 
vocal training the music department has the 
Glee Clui). the College Choir, and the Univer- 
sity Chorale. Trvouts for these groups are open 
to the whole student body. The College Choir 
has taken many trijis this year including one 
to sing for the inauguration of North Carolina 
Governor Dan K. Moore and for the dedication 
of the new Stale Legislature liuilding in Ra- 

The I niversitv Chorale has included male 
\ dices this \ear which has greatly enlarged 
to till' i|ualitv of their performances. Newest of 
llic perforniing vocal groups on our campus is 
till' I iii\trsitv Opera Theater under the direc- 
tion of Mr. I'aiil Hickfang. 

>'i'VV«VAVA A^i< 

The Sinfoiiia. under the direction of Mr. George 
Diekieson. presents several concerts throughout 
the year. 

Directed by Mr. William DeVeny, the UNC-G 

Glee Club extols the joy of the coming season 

in its annual Christmas Concert. 

Pa no 2') 

Fill til is years Christmas Concert the 

College Chuir under the direction of Mr. Richard Cox 

presented Vaughn Williams' Mni^nifKnl. 

Thf Scliodl (if Music picsciils ;i series of cdiicerls by tile LIniversily Siiifonia 
each \i-ar: llie Siiiloriia was loniierlv the L niversitv Orchestra and the music 
stiiilcrit-. lia\c uiirkeii hard to Imild it into a wDithwhile peiforriiiiif; iiiniip. 
I iidcr the dircc'lioii of (Iccugc Dickicsim. the Siiifdiiia perfdiiiis Satunhiy and 
Siindav afleriioiiii ciiiicerts in Weatherspoon Art Galler\ : also under the direc- 
ticiii (if Mr. DickiesdM is the (!hanilier Orchestra. Now a ((lUirnunilN (irg,aniza- 
lidii. I ni\ersity students participate in the Orcenslioro Symphony, lornieriy a 
I iiiversily organization. 

Page 30 

A music major finds time to help 
a budding young musician 
practice his lessons. 

The Chamber Orchestra rehe 
under Mr. Dickieson in 
preparation for a concert. 

Farley Granger and Sif;ne Hasso 

have tlie lead rules in 

Ferene MolnarV Lillum. 

rdrle\ Granger leacK a iliseussiun 
in l)t Miflflleton sm alive 


llriiiiiiiiji tiiiiiuit'rdus applause to the stage of L NC-G was the 
llii-atrc |ii(i(lii(lii)ii of l.enier and Lowe's musical hit. My Fair 
l.(i(l\ u liirh was presented as the o|)ening of the "64-"65 season. 

The theatre group then performed East Lynne. adapted 
fidin the novel liv Mrs. U. Wood. The final play of the season 
was the intense drama liv tiie well-known playwright Eugene 
()"\cill. Desire I luler ill,- Elms. 

Till' merits (if our educational theatre program are olivious 
in the worth of the proiliietioiis and growth of interest and new 
giiHips. New to the department this year is Mr. ijalph Kern-. 
direit(n- (d the Pixie F^layhoiise. 

Page 32 

Signe Hasso and Thayer David reail in a 
serious moment of Ibsen's Hethia Cuhtct . 

She Stoops to Conquer, one of the plays presented in the National Rr|iril(ji y Theater 
1964-1965 season, was a trejuendous box ofliee success. 



^ 1 


1 li 


pf'W i^m. 

k ^vL-^^Hh J 



Tliel)riirikSc.-Mrir).l/.v/V(n /.-Wi 

(Irt'w a lar^c api-ilaUM- fiiiiii 

an appre(iati\e audieiui-. 

Tlie ccirrect methods uf applying theatrical 
inake-up are a basic knowledge which must 
lie learned li\ sludenls ..1 drama. 

Page M 

This year, the National Repertory Theater extended its 
"artists-in-residence" period on the UNC-G campus to one 
month due to the enthusiastic response of North Carolinians to 
ihe fine performances of last season. During tiiis lime, the 
rnemliers of NRT all worked closely with faculty members 
who used their rehearsals and technical sessions as a labora- 
tory for students of the theatre. The artists lectured to classes 
in many departments in addition to takiuj; part in seminars 
and panel discussions. The three productions in which Farley 
Granger and Signe Hasso starred were: Molner's LILIOM. 
Ibsen's HEDDA GABLEH. and Oliver Goldsmitirs SHE 

Due to the quality of this distinguished group's theatrical 
endeavors, the plays received many congratulatory notices. 

Masqueratlers with President Sandy Hopper 

find that they spend many of 

their waking hours in Aycock. 

The musical hit My Fair Lady was the 
first presentation of the Theater of UNC-G 
llie I')64-1965 season. 

Page 35 

^liiT( h students are encouraged tu use lln 

u ell-equipped speech lab to praclici 

correct plionetical |)roiuinciatioii 

KniilW. \uuui:.h..l>ii,rl,nol 
Tclefision and Kntlio; and 
William H. Alspaugh. Director 
oj PrnL^rnin Di'vrlnpiuent. 

\i Jan.'l llai.i.r unrk-al llie c..iilrols 
.d W I \(.. 111.' ii.-u cani|.u~ 
I \l ladiu-laliun. 


The spwch ^■(llll■^^'^ on campus are ijesij;iieil Id aid prolilciiis. F:mphasis is 
placed oil voice and s])eech improvenient. reading aloud, pidilic speaking and 
group discussion. Opportunities for individual criticism and regular practice 
are offered in the Speech Laboratory. The Debate Team is one ol the mosi 
recent additions to the Drama and Speech Department. 

WUNC-TV. the educational television station ol' the rniveisilv of North 
Carolina, coiiliruies lo serve the scliocd. Our own F\l ladio station WL'AG 
exeniplilics the lapid giciulh of connnunicatioiis media on campus. 

Members of the WUNC-TV camera cre« allempl 
lo overcome a minor diflicult\ in nnc 
uf their protlucliiHi- 


English courses in all fields of literature and grammar 
are a major part of the University's curriculum. Pro- 
i;rams of studv are availajjle on all academic levels: 
new additions are senior-graduate courses in Ameri- 
can. Japanese, and Russian literature. The English 
department sponsors the Poetry Circuit and the Spriiii; 
Literary Festival, and su])ervises the Englisii Clidi. a 
new addition lo llic carn])us. The club aims at obtain- 
ing outstanding speakers for discussions and poelrv 

Randall Jarrell. noted autlmr and nirnilpi 

uf tlif INC-G faculty, tells one ..{ Ii 

children's stories to a group of fascinated listener 

Sniilndeis found d.-.-j 
>lacks of our lilirar \. 




111 the sludy (if tlicse fort'igii laiigiKiges, ciiipluisis is 
made on a liasic knowledge of graniniar and simple 
conversation. For the more advanced student, the 
center of studv is on major works of German and 
Russian literature. Another part of the program is 
participation in tlie Junior Year Abroad at Heidel- 
berg; this has been open to i nullifying German majors. 
A highlight of the Christmas season was the annual 
German Club party when members joined in tradi- 
tional German caroling. 

Ui. Baecker discusses a puuit of German 
literature witli Rosemarv Hoffman who is 
wearing a typical dress of Germany where 
she spent her junior year abroad. 

Ross. President: Anna Hostettler. 
\ ice-President: Lola Reid. Secretary: 
Peggy Scott. Treasurer: Dot 
Hostettler. Social Clufinnan : and 
Frau Anita Rci;c>lin. Ii/risor. 

Frrrich Cluli mi'inl..-,- .,llrl, rnjui r\,rllrl,l I'lVlirli 

lilitis spiiii.-iireil lix ihf laiit;uai;i' ilr|iartiiii-nl. 

Th.' lan^ua,;;.- lah i« ulllizr,! \n 

iiiari) stu(lciil> ill tlir |iio( ess of 

inasteriii" a f(irpi;:ii laimuaiic. 


Sluili-nts (it lilt" iuiinaiicf l,anj;uaf;fs liiii] thai their 
riiiiMTsatiiiiial aliilitifs iiias lie incrt'asfd ilurini; ihcir 
lci~iiir liiiif at tlic S|iaiiisli anil Ficiich talilrs in ilic 
(lining halU: lit-rc tlic\ inert uitli iiistinetdis I'm iri- 
lininal chats. A nKi|(ii |iail iil the lanj;iia>;e |iiiiiiiarn at 
I NC-t; Is the l,aii,i;iia.i;e l.a hen at(ii\ uhieh eiiahh's the 
stnih-nt til ediicrl his maniniar anil |ii iiiinneialinii 
lhiiHi,i;h the use iif laiie leeei dels. Kl Cueillii llis- 
|iaiiiiii ami I .e {leiije i'laneais are tun eliili> s|iiinsiiieil 
li\ the ile|iai Inieiil. I'liilll in Lia ni/,itliiils win k In |iiiiniiite 
iiileie>t in the eiillnie iil then lesjieitue eiiuntiies. 

There are three separate course groups offered in the 
Department of Classical Civilization. The courses in 
English Translation for which no knowledge of the 
classical languages is needed ex|)ose the student to 
ancient Tuythology. and Greek and Latin litcialnic. 
The study of Latin or Greek rccpiircs a ha^ic knowl- 

edge oi giaiuuKir. In more advanced cour>cs. the 
litciatiiic and cii-liirn^ ul IJic liruc arc invcsligalcd. 

Duiing the Spring x-rucslcr. prominent liuddliisl 
|)hiiosi)p!ici- K. N. Jayatillcke came as a visiting jn-o- 
fcssoi- and taught classics in Buddhism. 


K. N. Jayatilleke. visiting professor of Buddhist 
Philosophy, discusses a problem after class. 

\ntliiH|>(iliif;y sturients under faiulh ^u|irr \ i^ioii ^pi'iil lln- 
?iiiiiiiicr ill Canada studying Cree lndiaii> ami l',>kiiniis. 



'I'lii- |)c|iarlniriil cif Sc)ri(il(i;;\ anil AiUliropology offers i.'ourse 
^lllll\ in man anil iii> Inlfiarlinn in society. Sociology majors 
arc 1 1 IT III rlinoM- tlic |iro<;rani ni >Iuilv in uliicli lliev arc nio>l 
inlcn-^li-il. Killicr llu- -mial rrlalion> >c(|ncnrr nr |irc|)rolf>- -ci|nrnrc cniiiin|ia^>in;; Micial VMirk experience is avail- 
alile. I'llcclivo ill the ilepai liiieni ni inlere>llii,n rielil> Mich a> 
II iniiiiol(i.^\ ,inil leliuinii anil lac e anil ciilliiial cnntact atlrarl 
sliiilenl- Iroiii oilier ilepa I IiiiiiiIm m iain|iii>. Thi> pa^l Mininier. 
ihe \aliniial Siienie I' on nihil ion awaiileil a .uranl to llie 
ilepai Inieiil. Two anlhriipoloi;\ >lnileiil>. iiniler the Miper\ isiiiii 
nl l)i. kiipleiei ueiil In lliiil>oii l!a\. Canada to ^tinh llie 
Miciali/alion ol K-kinio anil (aw Inilian ehililien. 

'Ihe Soeinlo.i;\ liiiil. inecN inonlhU anil l.lin;;- iiilei cM ini; 
anil eiliiralional pioi;rainN In llie allenlioii ni llie sliidenN. 

The Siieinlijt>\ Cluh hiilds lefiulai iiieetiiigs 

which prove tu In- Imth iiihiriiiative 

and ri'laxiiii; fm iiirinhcrs. 

llisldiN dull niiiiil«'i> rnjn\ a parly 
wiicrr each incnilKT coiues as a 
lavorilc lli^l(l|■il■al character. 


Each year the Harriett Elliott Lectures, imder the auspices of tlic 
Social Science Forum Coniniittee. presents an outstanding spealvcr 
on a timely suhject to UNC-G. This year we were fortunate in hav- 
ing Professor John Kenneth Gallirailh. author of The Affluent 
Society and former ambassador to India. 

Dr. Beeler sli(m> a sliidcnt one of 

the many inlcrcsliiij;»rical 

artifacts in his office. 

Chairman; Leah Smith, Bonnie Caviness. 
Karen Hayes. Barbara Jones. Ellen Williams. 
Vickie Sorcnsen, Jean Whilaker. Linda Slein 
(rial iiirliirei/l I'ani Pfaff. 



.SOPHUMOKl-: IIO.NUK;;: tiejl lo riiililj 
Mary Brittain. Shelb\ J. Rice. Catherine M. 
McConiiell. Pr<;f;v Madden. Nancv R. Smith. 

Juniors in the Himin.- I'loj^iani nicel wilii 
Dr. W iliiani Pi.ti-al fnr a urrkh discussiun. 

Sfirlnl around tabic rlockins,' — Senioi Umioi Sludfiils: 
Pani Pfaff — history, Claudia Buchdahl— hisl(ir\. Slit'll,\ Ai 
Sylvia Eidam — English. Karen Hayes histcirx. 

^ § 

Tlip honors progiani estalilislied iliiring the 1962-63 academic- year tliioiigii 
llie eiuouraf;eiiifMt of Chancclloi- Siiigletary and liie aid of a P'ord Foundation 
grant has been expanded to inchide three two-seniester seminars for fr»"shmen, 
sophomores, and juniors. At tiie senior level students undertake independent 
study in prejiaration for theii- senior honois thesis dealing with the solution 
of a prolilem. Fdr admission lo this program an overall B average is re(piired 
hv those who send invitalion> to the students demonstrating this ai)ility. 
Honors work provides the gifted stiidenl with challenges thai will tax and 
develop his superior abilities. 

This year there were three projects undertaken. First, the Faculty Honors 
(.>oinicil sponsored an Area Honors Conference; secondly, in early May 
freshmen of the 1969 class to be honors students were entertained and tested 
by officials in the program; and, finally, an Honors Convocation Program was 
presented by the Facidty Honois Council with Dr. William Poteat as speaker. 

( !aT to^iraplu is a basic tourse 
fur ^eu^'raphy majors. 


Lliuier the j^iiidance of experieiiceil iiislnictors students with an interest in the 
liusiiiess vvorh! learn tlie principles ol econt)niie theory as well as acconnting 
and liusiiiess law. In order to expand the enrrieulum. a eonrse of Unsiness 
Finance has liecn added this year. 

Iiapid i^rowth of interest on the part ol stndents of geoj;raph\ has led to the 
j;coj;raph\ departments initiation iil a major program. This growth has heen 
followed li\ the complelc outlltling id a new cartography lahoratory and the 
.LildiliDM id several conrses to the cui licnlnm. 

A l.a>iir.n, ,ir lhr,,r\ i- c\|.la I iir.l 1,: 

^laili'iits llni.iiiili tin- usr of a >ji.i|ili. 

A simple reactiiiii-tinie experinieTit is (leinoiislralpil li\ I 
|is\( hi>l(if;\ students in a lahoralorj sessicm. 


The study of psychology encompasses tlie facts and 
principles of human hehavior. Motivation, h-arnin-j, and 
individual differences are oliserved and compaifd in 
various diHerent sidijects. 'i'lic ri'sponscs of animals in 
conncc-tion with like responses in humans. Special 
projects are lieing conducted liv two students as Under- 
graduate Research Trainees under stipends linni the 
National Institute of Mental Health. For the lir>t lime, 
the degree of master of arts in ]isyehology is being 
olfereil this vear. 

Pat Lawless winks mi an 
individual research |injjrrl. 

Tlir(>uj;li a jjiaiit tnnii llie National Science Fomula- 
tioii. tlie Clienii>tr\ Dcparlnicnt ua- alilc to aci|uir(' 
lieu ei|iiipnient uliicli uiil lie ii>c(i lo aid in uinici- 
graduate research. This is e\idence of a general em- 
jjhasis on reseaich within the <le|iaitnient. 

The Chemistry (jhili is open to ail interested stu- 
dents in the field. Their sjiecial proje<t this vear has 
lieen to rearrange the cheinistis lilirar\. 

CHEMISTRY CLUB: Ann Morgan. .Ann Hunt. 
Betty Jo Barnes. Julie Graham. 

P.iul FIrtrhrr. an.l iiuU \drnck. 

1 1 1 1 1 . Hfi 


I'li'-hinaii l.iiiliigy students begin 
ih.- ■~Uh\\ ..I limly structures 
uilh I hi- -kilelal SNsteni. 

Dr. I'lileiiiaugli and a lab assistant 

analyze a chemical solution 

on the newly acquired infrared 

s[)i-rtr<i])hiitnnirlfi . 

Dr. Wilson and his assistants 
make preparation for a 
lahoratorv experiment. 

An advanced biology student 

discusses the complexities 

of the anatomy of a 

ml will, Dr. I.utz. 

The Biology Departnient coiitimies to educate the imcleigraduate in the com- 
plexities of life. In General Biology classes aie taught through lahoratory 
work and observations of the fundamental systems. Students in the major 
program advance to more specialized courses in their particular field of 
research. Work on their projects has been greatly facilitated by the Cutter 
Memorial Laboratory and Library. This year a new course, Aquatic Ecology, 
was added to the curriculum. Always striving to keep up-to-date in an ever 
changing scientific world, the department has received several grants to 
purchase new equipment. 


Chemistry students spend many hours in the laboratory 

analyzing solutions and compiling their data 

to determine if their theories are correct. 

Mathematics students are taught 

the functions of sets 

through Ven diagrams. 


Astronomy interests Square Circle Club officers Barbara 
Gegenheimer. Vice-President; Anne Presnell, Secretary- 
Treasurer: Linda Welch. Presitlent; Mr. John Steinmetz. 
Advisor: and l.inda Downs. lire-Presidi-ii/. 

The Deijartmeiit of Matlieniatics offers courses in all 
pliases of Math so that the student may pursue the field 
most beneficial to her. Students are prepared to con- 
tinue on into graduate study, high school or elemen- 
tary teaching, industrial ]iositions or various other 
fields of mathematics. 

Square Circle, the math cluh on campus, brings 
students and faculty togetlier to discuss topics tiiat can- 
not be included in the classroom. This spring Square 
Circle sponsored a .series of lectures from Mathemati- 
cal Association of .America. 

Courses in physics are designed for study of tlie basic 
laws and properties of matter, sound, heat, light, elec- 
liiiity and magnetism. There are courses which, com- 
liined with mathematics, are geared for more advanced 
students. In order to accommodate a larger number of 
students, the capacity of the General Physics Labora- 
tory increased wiien tlie laboratory was enlarged last 
sunmier. One of the most interesting and popular 
courses of advanced pliysics is the study of ei[uipment 
and terhni(|ues used in photography. 


Students conduct lahoratory 
experiments in which they learn 
the fuiidaniental laws of pliysiis. 

Page 51 

T.Hl.lln- an- ubserved by cliil.l .l.n .l.ii.iii.-nl 
iiiajurs ill the Nursery School. 


Tlie School of Home Economics offers the student a variety 
of major interests. Home economics education, foods and 
iHitritiiin. interior design, textiles, and clothing are only a lew 
(il the many departments located in Stone. Lalioratorii-s Im 
sewing, cooking, ujiholstery, lighting and wiring, and research 
projects are well ei|uip]ied and open lo all slutleiUs. The 
(le]iartment emphasizes skills in niariv arras of honu' cco- 
riDrnic-. Iiiit reipiires a liroad acipiaintancc with lilieral all^ 

At the American Home Economics A^s()ciation"s spring 
work>h(ip. I \(;-(; was well rcprcM-nlcd and lllla^lcd Iwn 
^l.ilc nliiccrs. The inlcrior (h'sign niajiu^ cnjov the oppor- 
liniilv that X.S.I.D. anor(l> In allracl c\prrl> in their held. 

Home Economics majors work on their 

individual projects in llie new 

clothing; . Mii-lrii. Ih.n lal.. 

Page 52 

The program in cliild development ofTers 
the student the opportunity to become 
familiar with the growth patterns of chil- 
dren through lecture and personal contact 
with the children at the UNC-G Nursery 
School. Home Economics students are re- 
quired to participate in programs for the 
nurserv school age children. These prac- 
tical experiences are beneficial to students 
as well as the community. 

A. H. E. A. OFFICERS: (left lo rii^hil 
Ann Roberts. Second V ice-Chairman ; 
Carolyn Sinipkins. First Vice-Chairman ; 
Jane Bradshaw. Chairman: and 

Louise A\rit. .sV,7,7,, 

These girls di^L■u^^ llic sue cess of the hous 
they helped to design as part of their 
course in architectural design. 

N. S. I. L). OFFICERS: (seated) Joyce Eply, Secretary: Diane Waterfieid, 
Treasurer: Kris Anderson, Program Chairman: Kaye Cropp, President; 
(standing) Jean Meyer, f ice-President: Dottle Daniel. Chairman 
iij the Board. 

.Students learn to budget, prepare 
and serve a complete and healthful 
meal in a foods course. 

Dean Huwe of the School of 
Kciucation confers with 
an ail\ isee about her 


These fourth graders at Curry 
learn to appreciate music from one 
of their student teachers. 

Mrs. SchaefTer of the Placement Office 
helps students find the job 
opportunities which are 
available to them. 



The School of Ediicaliun. iieaded by Dean Kenneth E. 
Howe, offers programs in kindergarten, elementary, and sec- 
ondary edneation. Tiie elementary Mock has iieen reversed 
to inehide an eigliteen-holir concentration in a lilieral art and 
one-semester hasic courses in chemistry and |)hv>ii>. I'lic 
prospective teacher oliserves in-service teachers and >tu<lcnt- 
teaclier relationships and |)arlicipates in a six-week period of 
student teaching. Interwoven with tliis is a three-fold study of 
methods, literature, and philoso|)hy. The student further pre- 
pares for the National Teachers' Hxaniination. uhicli c\ahi- 
ates her professional development. In Curry Curriiiilurn Mate- 
rials Center arc located state-adopted texts, films, rnicKililms. 
rcciiids. and reference hooks of acceptable resour<'c materia U, 

Page 54 

A. C. E. OFFICERS: (seated) Linda Jones. 
President: Mrs. Ruth Tooze, visiting author: 
Dr. Eugenia Hunter. Advisor: (standing) Marian 
Ellise. Secretary: Linda Long. Treasurer: and 
Judv Adams. J ire-President. 

These children are fascinated by the 

n\ysteries of the plants which 

they have helped to grow. 

Page 55 

Student teachers are aidefl 
by Dr. Eugenia Hunter 
in their selection of 
children's literature. 

Mrs. Jiilmson extends her hel|) In |pnj>|ie(ii\e teachers 
who fijid ]nany valuable instrucli<iji aids in the 
Curriculum Materials Center, 

Education majors discover l)oth the proliiems and re- 
wards of their profession through the Student National 
Education Association and the Association Im ( iiild- 
liood Education. S. \. E. A. members mav lie in anv 
field of education while A. C. E. is designed s]M'cilicallv 
to inform elementary education majors of r<-ccril de- 
velopments in their field. Monthly iiianncd 
to inform the members, include mock inter\iews be- 
tucen a ncu teacher and a superintendent, advice 
Irom in-scrvice teachers and a book chat b\ Mi>. I!uth 
Tooze. a well-known author of childreiis and pro- 
fessional books. 

S. N. E. A. OFFICERS: (seated) Doris Davis. President: 

Vicki Kling. Vice-President: (standiiiji) Denise Dubose. 

Secretary: Virginia Gunn. Treasurer: Ann Aver-. 



The Department of Business Education and Seere- 
tarial Adniinistiation offers a Bachelor of Science 
degree for those who wish to enter business or business 
education. There are five specialized fields in this de- 
|)artment leading to positions in teaching, store servic- 
ing, merchandising, and secretarial administration. 

Ganuiia Alpha is an honor organization open to all 
junior and senior business majors. Through mcjntlilv 
meetings this group obtains information from the busi- 
ness world by being introduced as prospecti\e teach- 
ers, secretaries, and merchandisers to their future 

For the ])r(ispc(tive secretary, the 
basic skills of stenography and 
bookkeeping must be acquirerl through 
loiii; h..ui,s,,f ,hill. 

GAMMA ALPHA: flejl to rii^hl) iuuc K. 
Aloi. Anne Jones. Susan Lance. Jeanetle 
Williams. Suzanne Piver: (second rou) 
Patty Gabriel. Joyce Martin. Linda Camp- 
bell. Brenda Frazier. Carol) n Rosser. and 
Peggv Thrasher. 

\ fundamental course in business 

education teaches the correct 

use of business machines. 

r ■ 

This group project on foorls and nutrition is one of 
many aiven In the Health .'^41 class. 


Health Students are taught the rudiments 
of First Aid arul Safety. 

The Health Department emphasizes the students obli- 
giitioii to serve society I'V the promotion of individual, 
lainiK. and puldic iieallli. The first aid. community 
iicaltli. family licallh and a course in elementary 
school health which is rcipiircd ol majors in elemen- 
laiy education. The university iidirmarv and Health 
Scr\ ice is a\ailalde to the entire student body and has 
facilities lo care for students in needy medical help. 

Madeleine McCain, assistant professor of health, 
turned stiideni for a season as a meudier ot study 
jiroiip touring P'.urope under sponsorship liy the UN's 
W'Orld Health Orsanization. 


In iiiKlitioii to the major program offered l)y the department. partici|iation 
ill ])liysical education is required of all freslinian. sophomore and eommerrial 
students. Part of the freshman course includes a program of orientation in 
which the student is given the opportunity to develop an understanding and 
appreciation in the theoretical approach to physical education through read- 
ing assignments and group participation. A wide range of course offerings is 
available to fit the interests of the students. 

Fencing is growing in popularity as it helps 
the student gain grace and agililv. 


( A 


|P^ '%.: 


^H L^^ 


^^^H .^^ '^ 



r." ^^^^^^^1 

^B '" ■~- 



A moment of quiet 
relaxation is spent 
practicing swing techniques 
on the golf course. 

Piney Lake is one of the major recreation areas open to members of the 
facuhv. students, and their guests. A favorite spot tor people of all ages, this 
center is operated by the department staff and includes the lake for boating 
and swiunning. a recreation hall, a picnic area, and several caiiius with 
camping facilities. 

Various organizations and groups have discovered that Piney Lake is the 
ideal place for retreats, conferences, and planning sessions. 

Piney Lake, a major recreational area for 

Lniversity students, serves also as a summer 

camp for children of faculty members. 

^*<ite,-^-,#Viiwfc . 


M.v. '. . .MS 

Iiilliards is one of several indoor >|iiirl^ a(ll\ itirs « liiih 
is offered to freshmen and sopliomures. 

The Lniversity has its own bowling lanes 
whirh may be used by all students as well 
as those enrolled in physical education classes. 

Beginning and intermediate golf is taught 

on the University's nine-hole golf course 

which is also open to students and 

their guests on weekends. 

DOLPHIN-SEAL OFFICERS: (lop lo bottom) 

Mary Jane Hartman. Secretary: Barbara Jones. 

Treasurer: Ann Crutchfield. lice-President: 

and Kav Jacobs. President. 

.Majors ami noii-majois alike have a wide range of courses 
from which to choose. These electives include such outdoor 
sports as golf, archery, lacrosse, and tennis, as well as howl- 
ing, fencing, modern dance, swinnning, and volleyball. 

This vear the Dolphin-Seal niend)ers. like fish out of water, 
patiently awaited the completion of the new olympic-sized 
pool. Unable to give their annual synchronized swimming 
recital, the swimmers are eagerly anticipating the season next 

The Recreation Association hopes to arouse dorm interest 
in inter-dorm activities by offering a plaque to the most active 
dorm. Mendjers plan the extra-nuiral program and yearly 

Through special interests H. A. seeks to encourage the stu- 
dent body to participate in the jihysical education depart- 
ment's excellent recreational lai'ilities. 

Page 62 

The artist's drawing shows the new 
olynipic^sized swimming pool, 
the completion of which will enalile 
the department to enlarge 
its swimming program. 


is a favorite Sunday 

oon recreation which 

is enjoyed by many 

a girl and her date. 


R. A. COUNCIL: (lejl lo rii^hl) Miss June Galloway. 
Advisor; Anita Robinson. Barbara McCord. Lynn Habich. 
Judy McConnel, Kay Jacobs. Miss Marie Riley. Advisor: 
and Pam Barnes. President. 



:s^-t>^'ri ; 



Tennis is one of many sports open on all levels to non-majors 

These girls leani to express themselves 
through the artistry of modern dance. 


The Department of Physical Education oilers a Bache- 
lor of Arts degree in recreational leadership and a 
Bachelor of Science degree with a major in physical 

Physical education majors have a program em- 
phasizing a study ot liu' naliuai sciences, social 
sciences, and health; therelorc. the majors have a 
liberal background in related helds. Their training 
may include areas such as teaching, corrective phy- 
sical education, and dance performance. 

Moomaw. Advisor: Nan Rufty. \ ice-President: Marjie 
Wright. Treasurer: Susan Hunter, President; and 
Kaicri Gicirfens. Secretary. 


PInsical ctlucalicin niajms (inil 
a few moments to relax in their 
lounge and compare notes before 
going on to another class. 

Page 65 


At the University at Greensboro it is a recognized fact 
tliat tlie student also grows through experiences. 
Throughout the year, students have been privileged to 
attend performances by National Repertory 
Theater actors and by dance companies sucli as the 
Alba-Reyes Dancers and Erick Hawkiii>. Lectures 
such as those by Dr. Josepii Shea id the Apollo Program 
and Dr. John Galiiraith in the .Social Science Lectures 
broadened the inlcllccliial >r<>\iv ol the University. 

Attendance at concerts, plays and 

lectures is evidence of students 

interest in cultural offerings. 

PaiiP M, 

An exhibit of the works of Moholy-Nagy 
featured a mobile, photographs 
and paintings. 

Aycock Auditorium ... a center of ranipus culture. 

K\en (jii a lour there must In- Ihiil; 
sessions of (lireetions and srrijil 
reading for llie players. 



Universit\ stiideiils and North Carolina residents wel- 
comed the National Repertory Theater for a month's 
in-residence period at UNC-G. Sponsored l)y the 
American National Theater, the company's Greens- 
boro visit riiarkcd the hej^inning of a nation-wide tour 
lliat would end on iiroadwav. Students found it excit- 
ing to attend the world |)remieres of Liliom by Ferenc 
Molnar. Ibsen's Hedda Gabler. and She Sloops to 

The influence of this fully professional repertory 
theater ol in-rc>idcucc artists was especially Icit in 
the Drama. Speech and English classes. Students 
gained first-hand knowledge of play production bv 
actualK working with technicians, observing rehears- 
als, and talking with actors about interpretation. 


Sitirie Hasso. Karlev Orarificr. 
l'ei;i;v\\c.,Ml aii.l Miclia.-I Drurll. 

nrln,,>Slltl..„ plra.U u)tli l.lll,.in.|ilaxr,l l.^ 
f arle\ (iraiiiiPr. in a cliinactic scene ironi Liliorn. 

Page 69 


The Alba-Reyes Dancers perform 

with the emotion anrl spirit characteristic 

of the Spanish people. 

Page 70 

A kcluic-ilfuiuiistialiun in llif 

art of N oh is a rare experience 

for American students. 

At the Uiiivei'sitv of North Carolina at 
Greenshoro students were privileged to at- 
tend leetiiies and demonstrations in l)oth 
Japanese and American Theater. Directors 
of the Kita Noli Theater in Tokyo. Sadayo 
Kita and Akiyo Tomoeda came to North 
Carolina for the first time. Their lecture- 
(lcmoiislralii)n of the ancient art of Noli, its 
history, movements and gestures was well re- 
ceived hy students and Greensboro residents. 
From llie American Theater. National 
Itepertory personalities spent many hours in 
classrooms. Lecture topics ranged from act- 
ins methods to directing. 

Durinp tlicir resiflence al t'NC-G, 
Natiurial Hr|>rrtury placers lectured 
on llie art of llic theater. 

Pago 71 

A iini(|iic eiiteitaiiii7ient experience auiiited tlio.-e who attended the per- 
formance ljy Erick Hawkins. His pliilosopiiy is that the best dance is 
spontaneous creativity on the stage. Therefore, the dancers are free to 
express and interpret moods and actions. Hawkins further asserts that dance 
must begin with the main parts of the body, and there is fre(|uent and repeated 
use of trunk and body movements. Another interesting feature of Erick 
Hawkins" performance was the music; believing that noise can l)e beautiful 
and expressive, artists performed to sounds produced on sticks and other 



Erick Hawkins and Nancy Meehai 
perform one of the modern dance- 
choreographed liy Krick Hawkins 

Dr. J. F. Shea, manager of the Apolhi 
Spaeeeraft Program, was the Natural 
Science Foundation lecturer. 

In DeceniKer. Dr. Joseph F. Shea ad- 
dresser! the Natural Science Poiiiidatioii 
on canipus. Dr. Shea is manager of the 
Apollo Spacecraft Program. His topic 
for discussion was the Apollo program 
to put a nian on the moon within the 
next decade. Another outstanding lec- 
ture series to he presented at the Univer- 
sity were the Harriett Elliott Lectures 
hv Dr. John Galhraith. A distinguished 
author economist and a former ambas- 
sador to India, Dr. Galhraith discussed 
"The Industrial System and the Qual- 
ity of Life." 

An entertainment world personality, 
Leon Bibb, was presented by Elliott 
Hall. His performance offered an ap- 
proach to the true nature of man 

throLisrli his folk songs. 

Folk artist Leon Bihbs appearance 
was outstanding entertainment 
sponsored by Elliott Hall. 

The Harriett Elliott Social 
Science Lectures brought 
Dr. John Galhraith to UNC-G. 

Page 73 


To the students, a university is the community 
in which they live. Tliis place is also a training ground 
for citizens, for it is here that young people have 
learned to lead and follow according to formal and 
informal standards. At the University of North 
Carolina at Greenshoro there is "something 
for evervone" from English Cluh to political 
organizations, from lecture series to clui) parties. 
Within these groups and activities each menii)er 
has the opportunitv to lead and to organize. 

Interested? Of course. Bea Lee says 

there's always something new 

to be learned about .S. G. A. 

Mrs. Lyndon Baines Johnson sees huiidreds of I'NC-G 
students turn out to meet the Laily KinI Special. 

89.9 .c 




^e C 

T"e«loy, Jonuoryl^ 7 p„ 




! \ \ /^ E E r I /« c 

I I '' Il/ff I tUNCC. 

[J V i.lO£i -.Hiyil j 

Dran of Student Services 
Katherine Tayh:ir coordinates 
Elhott Hall activities. 

Anv day at UNC-G finds 
literally dozens of meeting 
to he announced. 

Till" Stiidenl (ioxciiinient Association at UNC-G be- 
longs to each >tudeiit. and through the spring elections 
each student has a voice in choosing those who will be- 
come leaders. In September S.G.A. holds a pre-school 
conference to organize the coming year. Throughout the 
vear we see the results of student government, a part 
of the L niversitv that is undoulrtedlv indispensable. 
Through the w(irk of the Executive Cabinet — made 
up of S.G.A. ollicers. class presidents, and organiza- 
tions" presidents — government liv the stuilent iie- 
comes a realitv as the Cabinet integrates the dillercnt 
phases of S.G.A. irom conunittees to classes ti) the 
student. As UNC-G changes, S.G.A. becomes more 
tlexible and attempts as never before to reach each 
indi\ idual. 




As Sludent Government Association President. 

Pam i. uM.alK m, \\u- ■j... 

Martha Jane Carson 

Leah Smith 

EMeculive Se<TPtary oj 
Court oj Social Rep.ula!ions 

Alice Park 
lnr\ of Honor Court 


© Pf^ ^ A 

HONOR COURT: (first 
I on) Louise Avett. Nancy 
Brancli. Mary Ellen 
Mangum. Bea Lee. Juflicinl 
Cliniiman: Alice Park. 
Fxfi ulni- Secretary; Dr. 
KiiM-niarv McGee. Advisor: 
Dr. Paul L'llz. Ailvisor: 
I sfi-ouil run- 1 Sarah 
Lanf;s.t(in. (iloria Godfrey, 
Jean Gahreys. Karen Hayes. 
Fran McWhirler. Susan 
Prince, ari.l llu.llr\ Br,.»ri. 

COIRT OF SOCIAL REGll.ATIONS: (fusl ,„„) ,|u,l\ kinanl. Ifetsy Turner. I.. mI, 
.Smith. Executive Secretary: Bea Lee, luilicial Cliainnan: Kathej Clieniiak. Clara 
Keese. and Anne Beaver: (second row) Jane Carroll. Advisor: Zelle Brinson. Ellen 
Williams. Mary Hugh Mclnnis, Pat Grace, Bruce Anne Parcell, and Jeanne Young. 


One essential part oi the Stiideiit Guveninieiit A.ssofia- 
tion is the judicial sy.stem. The guardians of our valued 
system are the two courts. In ortler l<i kc<'|] our HcuKir 
System working we have the Honor Court. The court 
members try to make students aware of tiie importance 
of the Honor Policy through dorm talks and the mock 
trial. The major function of this body, however, is to 
hear cases of students who commit Honor violations. 
The Court of Social Regulations hopes to instill in the 
individual a desire to accept responsibilitv as each 
student is entrusted with the standards which lia\c 
made UNC-G uniquely our school. Each ten member 
court plus the Court of Appeals give each student an 
opportunity to become the responsible citizen of the 
future by living with a campus judicial system. 

Bea Lee 
Judicial Chairman 

Page 79 


Legislature regulates life at UNC-G as no other part of S.G.A. can. This 
important group is composed of one representative for each fifty students 
and each hi-monthly meeting is full of proposals to be considered. Through 
manv Ad Hoc committees. Legislature is able to keep in touch with all areas 
of the campus, to find out the weak spots and to strengthen S.G.A. by means 
of legislation. Legislature must always look to an expanding University with 
its changes. 

Lewis, Lois Ann Saunders. Vuiuille Williams, Gleniiie 
Overman. Juanila TeaL Jean Haywiirth: ( second row) 
Janie Sue Blackwelder. Nancy Jane Hatley. Ann 
Kornef:ay. Sue Proctor. Pat Sadler: (first row) Kalliie 
Buie. Chairman: Susan Heel. Peggy Madden. Judy Paull 
I mil pidureil I Judv Johnson. Pal McDaniels. Jean 
l)a»kin-.. Sallv Hroolo. Bonnie Barton. Mdiy Farlliing. 
and Ann Moore. 

Oster. Pat Sutherlin. Jeannie Smith. Chairman : Rosanm 
Crede; (second row) Mary Ann Hare. Beverly Stanley. 
Cheryl Davis, Mary Ellen Butler, and Billie Wharton. 



COMMITTEE: (first row) 

Mrs. Ruth Hege. Beverly 

Hankins. Lucy O'Brien. 

Chairman: Linda Dick. 

Kathleen Kinimel. Dr. 

William N. Felt: (second 

row) Norman Schul. Dr. 

Jean Bucherl. Gail .Smith. 

Annette Thompson: ( nol 

piclurcd) Dr. Rirliard Cox. 

and Dr. Erances Dunham. 

FINANCE BOARD: (sealed) Mardia Carson, Sandra 
McCauley. Donna Cooke, Chairman; (standing) Jody 
Wright. Claudia Herring, Barbara Davis; (not 
pictured) Jackie Fury. Dr. Vance Littlejohn, Advisor. 

( l,\>:-ll li: \ilii\ (II Ol 1 ICiJt.s CdMMIIII.I.; I.,, 
Moore, Cliairinan; Mary Boyer, Ann Butnani. liarliara 
Berrier, Betty Lou Gurkin, Donna Stewart: 
(not pictured) Jackie Hendricks. 

ELECTIONS BOARD: (seated) Andy Anderson. Mrs. 
Delia Arthur. Advisor; (standing) Daisy Bragunier. 
B. J. McKee. Sukie Smith: (not pictured) Brenda 
Meadows. Georgiana Gold. Chairman; Canimie Olive. 

I (ion LIAISON COMMiriKK: Belly Jean McKer. 
Mrs. Madeline Scott. Food Service Liaison Director; 
Kathy Friday. Fran Heilig: ( not pictured) Kathcrini 
liuffner. Climimun: Mary ■« olfe. Bam Holder. 

STATK STl UKM l.K(,l>LATL Uli: llu.t uml Ju Ann Elliolt. kal> La». I'auk-ll,^ 

Todd. Caruliiie Elliol. \^hitt\ Ransoiiie. Catherine Bardin. Kloise Eller. I'al Sutherlin: 

I second rou I Ndra Wilson. Chainmin: Meredith Mitchuni. Jeannette Grayson. 

Jarkie Sparknian. Eleanor Biniihani. Jeannie Smith, and Monette Weaver. 

State Student Legislature 
and Interclass Council 

Two very impdrliiiit (■i)cir(liiialii)ii> Im iiiiirh S.d.A. 
uoik art' Slate .'^tiidt'iit I.euislalurc and IntiTc-la>> 
(Icmiiril. S.S.I>. iiiemlieis >tiHl\ the iiilricalc ilctails 
id' li-uislatioli Ml that ulii-ji tlic\ alli'iid the >lalr ((in- 
M'liliiin lhi-\ will lia\r a Idll ii-a(l\ to iiitrcidmr. 
'riii> yrar. S.S.L. didr,>;at<'> |i] ocritcd a hill cunrcni- 
iii^ till- revi>i(iii nl llit- oath (d' ullicc (><\ sin, lent 
i;n\crniiifrit (illiriaU. 

Ill liitcri la>^ (idiniiil we ^aw ii-|iit'>fiitali\i-> Iniiii 
racli idass. iiiiliidin^ the \iir>iii,n and ( luriiinrrrial 
i-|as>(>. unitr tii uork on |ir(ililciii> and |ii(iii'rl> uhiili 
|irilaiii til .ill rIasM's. Idiis Near the ('.iiiinril timk 

rhar.ur i,l tin- miiiv»ImI I k >alc. Kaeh i la» ^|iiiri- 

>(iri-d it> (iwii iiriijcrl- tn i-niilriliiitc to llii- Inlni la-s 
(!iiiiiicil .Srliolaiship Fluid awarded yearly to an in- 
coming ireslinian. 

INTERCLASS CUl \( IE: '/..;• '" /"i//om / Snr MedleN. 

Laura Frank Crawford, Sue Tv\igg. Cynthia BKthe. Katx 

Law. Nancy Meachani. Mary Lou Smith. Caroline 

Elliot. Janie Bal|)iaiio. Whitty Ransonie. Pennx Pratt. 

Katie 01i\e, To«nley Spratt, and Mary Ellen Butler. 

Page K2 

Consolidated University 
Council and 
Preslinian Cabinet 

Many features of S.G.A. are unique 
unto themselves. One of these is the 
(consolidated University Council which 
coordinates activities between State, 
Carolina, and UNC-G. The Council is 
especially concerned with C.U. Days 
at the three branches of the University ; 
these days help to create closer social 
ties among the more than twenty thou- 
sand students. Projects also included a 
Social Calendar listing i)ig events at 
each school and a Inis line to Chapel 

This year Freshman Cabinet took on 
a new look. It evolved into a nuuli 
more selective training program witli 
approximately fifty freshman meni- 
l)ers. Eventually Freshman Cabinet 
hopes to be incorporated into Execu- 
tive Cabinet, but until that time the 
program will continue to be strength- 
ened with the aid of five sophomore 
assistants who were formerly Caiiinet 


COUNCIL: (top to bottom) Sandy Alhcr;;. 

Shelia Morton. Vicki Martin. Barb Decker. 

Cathy Parks. Jinx tlerrinj.'. aiirl Beikv 

Fields. Chaiimau. 

Freshnuiii i li ,,.. : , 

to train frolnncri tn Im-u 

serve UNC-G. 

Page 83 


The Town Students Association lornis a vital link 
integrating off-campus students with Student Govern- 
ment and other aspects of college life. This year there 
are over 350 members, 65 of whidi are men. Tlie town 
students actively participate in many campus organ- 
izations, as well as many functions of their own asso- 
ciation such as their Thursday morning coffee breaks, 
open houses, and their Bake Sale for the Purse Drive. 
A game of bridge or a quiet nook for studving may 
always be found in the Town Students' Lounge or in 
the attractive new Men's Club Room, both in Elliott 
Hall. Indeed, off-campus students find a welcome 
atmi)>pliere waiting lor them on the campus of I NC-G. 

The Executive Cabinet is the juiMTiiins: 
body of Town Students Association. 

A new addition to Elliott Hall 

this year is the Mens Club Room: certain 

LNC-G students seem to enjoy it. 

Mo^l town students lind il 
\(r\ ion\eiiienl to ]»• .ihlr Ici 

YOING DEMOCRATS' OFFICERS: Barbara Gegenheimer. Secrelary: Margie 
Strasburger, Member-al-Large: Mary Murchison. Treasurer: Katherine Tucker. 
President: Susan Arledge. Memher-alLarne: (not pictured) Anne King. 


CIuJds, riie 

YDC and 

Tlie YRC 

Marica Pachol, Secretnry-Timsurcr: I.inde Cline. J ice-President. 

An election year, and both 

political clubs on campus 

fi)inid lanipaign literature galore. 

Klectioii year ^parkecl extra interest and eiithirsiasni 
for the political clubs on campus. The Young Demo- 
crats highlighted their year with guest speakers. Judge 
I.. Richardson Preyer and Dr. Bardolph. With the 
flection excitement, the Young Democrats helped to 
sponsor a rally for Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson who spoke 
on campus as a part of her whistle stop tour. The 
club also took an active part in campaign work in 
Guilford County. 

The ^ oiuig Fiepublicans also co-ordinated its year 
with election issues. Congressional representative 
William Osteen spoke to the club on the importance 
of the state GOP in the 1964 election. Y oung Republi- 
cans took an active role in helping the local Republican 
Party by doing precinct work. With local, state, and 
district activities, the Young Republicans found a 
means to inform students of the political philosophy 
and foinidations ol tlie Republican Party. 

The ('.iiidlininn. campus newspaper, faces many of the same prolilems of any 
of llie UNC-G publications — deadlines, cropping pictures, captions, and 
all the other headaches. The only difference is that the Carolinian must face 
these prolilems much more often than the other pnhlications. Every Monday 
niiiiit loiind Editor Melinda Holder and her stall rusiiing to meet a weekly 
deadline. This year the students found especially good coverage of the politi- 
cal situation in an election vear through colunnis. The campus has always 
looked to the Cary as an opinion-maker. It is liere that the students find a 
way to praise or criticize life at UNC-G. The Carolinian is, of course, entirely 
a student publication. With our changed status to a coed school the Cary 
has clianged too. ior now it has a Sports Editor! 

CAROLINIAN EDITORIAL STAFF: flefl to rieiht) Marjorie McFarland. Nancy 
Fergusdn. Vivian Monts. Caroline I Irev. Melinda Holder. Susan Wagoner. Jovce 

I',-rass. Dnnna Rrisr, Honnlr PIrasanI-. an.l Call W'rlu'lil. 

The Carolinian 

CAROLINIAN GENERAL STAFF: (lejl to rii^hl) Donna Reise. Brentla Maye 
Bonnie Pleasants. Eniih Folger. Nancy Ferguson. Arlene Miller: 
fiwl pirturcil) Gary Clarke, and Klleii Gililis. 

Melinda Holder 

Tlie Coraddi 

Prothro. Elizabeth Devereux. Sylvia Eidam. 
and Mary Alice Fox. 

The Cornddi is the fine arts magazine on tlie UNC-G campus. Published four 
times a year, tliis magazine contains poetry, short stories and art work by the 
students to the students. In addition to publishing a critical cross-section of 
student work, the Coraddi staff members sponsor the .Arts Festivak a series of 
programs that include theater, music, and dance. 

CORADDI LITERARY STAFF: Martha Prothro. Laviece Cox. Svlvia FiHam. 
Elizabeth llexrrrux. Crrrv Man US. and Vi. ki,- Pri. v. 


COK IDDl \R r s 1 \H I'al Hold, r Hi llv ( lie,-k 

Marietta l'0!.ter. Maiy Alice 1 o\. Diane Gingles. 

aiifl Sandra Moore. 

CORADDI EDITORS: Martha Prothro. 
Sylvia Eidam. and Elizabeth Devereux. 

Tlie Pine Needles 

Phte Needles 

CLASS KDITORS: Ann WaW. Sophowo,,-: \i,„ MM,,', . CommrrcinI : 
Patsy Whill.-N. .SV«„.,. Ciirol Whedbee. hin,„i: KaU S.iuors. 
Freshman: mm ,„ri,ii,;l) Beverly Pinnell. S„ph,,m„ir^ 

Sue Frell. .7r(7(/c/H;c.< Eililoi : .ind 
Sandra l>ar"aniian. Fiuiilh Kilihi 

l'l\F. \EFI)LFS<.T\yV: llrjl lo n^hll 

)rl.,rr,s Mori. in. Linda Slewart. Linda Linm. 

Stu.lrul l.ijr Editor: Kay Allirif;lil. 

()rii<i/nziili()ii.s EiliKir: Pal Sullivan, and 

Handr,- ILarniirk. 

Year after year tlie Pine Needles staff has had Id um k hard In 
fulfill student expectations and to five i]|i lo llic i-xcfllt-iil 
standards of preeedinj; editions. As aluavs there ui'ic the 
usual anxieties over ileadlines. pictures, and copv. hul the 
stall ielt icrieued andiitions as each picture lell into |iLi<-e 
and as each paji,e of the 1965 Pine Needles took form. For 
Nancy. Brenda. and the Section Editors there have heen 
countless headaches; hut as the staff worked it was rewarded 
with this — the story of change at UNC-G in the year of 


Holt. Meliiifla Holmes, Margaret Lowder. Linda 

Slutts. Beth Wipf;ardt. Helen Cernon. and Athki 

(iodfrev: I rial pirltirr,! ) Betsy Doyle and 

Peggy Ridenhoiir. 

The lines are long as students awail 

Ihrirrditinn of the /V;,e \r,;llr,. 

Barbara Massel. 

PliolOfcraphy Etlilor: 

and Lois Harri-. 


T'* PING STAFF: ( sral.-d I Brenda Stevenson. Carolyn Felton. 
Editor: I slamliiiu.) |{ej:ina Lewis. Jiidx \Iabe, Carolyn Swaim, 
Palsv Cox. \\■•■■^^ \n..»u 1. 

'tl " '^Mi' 

Page 92 



lie anc 

I National btudeiit Association 

Service League gives UNC-G students an opportunity to look 
Ijevond their individual needs and serve the Greenslioro loin- 
uuinity. This vear. the proceeds from worthy projects sLicli as 
"The Christmas Train of Ua])piness" and the spring carnival, 
""Clown Town." were used for comnuinity benefit. The "Milk 
for Bali" project extended Service League's outreach; in this 
project, students were asked to save their cancelled stamps. 
These stamps were exchanged for money which was used to 
]jrovide milk for the <'liildren of liali. 

The National Student Association's purpose is to create 
an awareness of the student's role in national and international 
issues. This year. N.S.A. sponsored various projects with thi> 
aim in mind. Some of these ])rojecls were Travel Night and a 
series of movies concerning controversial subjects. Also, sev- 
eral students were sent to the Model United Nations General 

Adelaide Corpening 
N.S.A. Coordinator 

Cancelled stamps send milk to Indonesia as 
LNC-G students save stamps by the hundreds 

Judy Tripp 

Chuirniaii oj Service League 

Page "93 


riii'oii,i;li tlif \c;iis. tlie Inteifailh (Council has liecoiiie very imiiii 
a part of L NC-d. Intcrlailh Ccmiuil. iiiuler tlie direction oi Miss 
Katherine Tavloi. liriiif;s toyfllier representatives of eaeli re- 
ligious uroii]! on eanipijs. Its |)uipose is to inlorni the other 
students ol the vaiioiis oppoi liniilies that llie many religious 
cirjianizalions pi-o\ide. 'I'iiis \eai- the (louneil sponsored the 
Weiusteire Lectuit-s. One of the most impressive events of the 
veai" whirh the (Council luiniis lo rampiis is the Moraxian Love 
P'east. uith its candles and caioliui;. 'I'he impies>i\e service 
iiives Christmas at the I niversits au achicd i;hiu ol meaning and 
lelhiuship at the (liirislmas ^eason. 

Tiiis sear Interlaith (loinicil instituted a neu phase to campus 
religious iiie — (IREAL — meaning "( '.am|ius lieligious Educa- 
tion witli Applications to Life." CREAL hopes lo lake the place of 
\espers and bring a more informal atmosphere to dorm vespers. 

Each iTKhviiiual vslio atleiult'd the Moravian 

Love Feast experienced the |)eace and tliougliltuhies 

that is part of Christmas. 

Till- iKiilltliuial Moravian star and 
till' I arnl> iii\f ihe Love Feast 
a hcart-waMninji trhtw. 

Page 9-1 

INTERFAITH COUNCIL: Pam Huyle, President: Jane Bolton. 
Vice-President; and Dean Katherine Taylor. Advisor. 

CREAL representatives 

meet to discuss plans 

for the future. 

Page 95 

Hi'ligion on campus will always be primarily an iiidi- 
\ iilual tiling. The organized groups — Hillel. Lutheran 
Students' Association. Newman Club. Canterbury Club, 
liaplist Student Union. St. Mary's House. Westminster 
Frllowshi]!. Christian Science Organization. United 
Campus Christian Fellowship, Carolina Christian Fel- 
liiwshi]). and the Moravian Fellowship — provide 
iiiiich more than regular meetings. Within the quiet 
alrtiosphere of these groups, a college woman can find 
the needed fellowship, meditation, and guidance we 
all seek. The nearby student centers furnish a place 
1(11 >lu(l\. relaxation, and even dinner. Each student 
lias the privilege of religious choice, but at UNC-G 
religion |)lavs a considerable part in the formation of 
llie individual. 

A Hillel study group typifies 

one of the many activities 

offered by the religious 


The various slmlrnl 

unions provide coinforlalile 

facilities for studying 

and relaxation and 



■i' V 



I^V^'^ 1 


L- '^ '^^^^^H 

^^IL » ^1 



' > jh|^H 

, i 





\ ^ 


k ^ 

- / 


■ * \JB 


■fKr?^ ■ji^H 


) ' , 




■ V*/0)S 

1 ^ 







Each of us must find uur peaceful 
moments and our quiet places. 

Baptist Students enjoyed their (Christmas part) as 
much as the younger children they invited. 

Eaili spring a special honor comes to a few girls in the 
rising junior and senior classes. These students have 
been chosen by their classmates on the basis of charm 
and leadership to represent the University at various 
public functions. Traditionally, tliey marshal at all 
plays and concerts given in Aycock Auditorium, at 
Elliott Hall, and at Commencement and Class Day 
activities. The white sash and gloves and the helpful 
courtesy, the enduring symbols of a marshal, repre- 
sent their class and their school well. A unique honor 
goes to the Chief Marshal. She is elected by the entire 
student body from among the marshals elected the 
previous year. Marshals give the community a good 
picture of the type of well-rounded girl the University 
hopes to present to the world. 


JUMOK MARSHALS: (Icli to righO I'age Buwdeii. Rita 

George, Joanne Darden. Sara Gooth, Lynn Dorsett, Donna 

Dawson, Anita Robinson. Linda Blair, Patricia Williams. 

Barbara MasseL and Judy Wesley. 

Page y8 

SENIOR MARSHALS: (left to right) Sara Robinson, Sara Lou Thomas, Karen 

Ostdahl. Aniie Starr Minton, Frances Hartline, Barbara Davis, Harriet Eiler, Minii 

Looney. Barbara Link, Betty Carol Morton, Linda Jones, Kaye Cropp, Clara Crunipler, 

Frances Sullivan, Sue Airey, Pat Smith, Glenda Overby, and Claudia Herring. 


When she enters the University, each undergraduate 
automatically becomes a member of a class. During 
the four years, a student may participate in the many 
traditions that have been carried over as Woman's 
College became the University of North Carolina at 
Greensboro. An example of such a tradition is the 
Sister Class. Sentiment continues to be strong among 
girls as they "adopt" Sisters from an alternate-year 

A more formalized link between the classes is the 
Interclass Council. Representatives from each class 
work together on projects that benefit the campus 
community. An example of their services were the 
higlilv successful book sales. 

As Acting Dean of Women. Miss Durni shows keen interest 
in classes and their artivities. 

"May Goil build for )iiu a harinciiiy 

Thai will lie txith great and strong . . . ' 

sing the Sister Classes. 

F^aih semester the Interclass 
Coiini'il sponsored a sale 
for used hooks. 

ynpi^ T T'CTIJ The change to a university has been reflected in the 

campus life. Boys" faces have become familiar weekday 
sights; classes have become larger. In the words of 
Chancellor Singletary. it was "open trenches instead 
of sidewalks." and the rains came. Such transition-period 
discomforts complicated life at UNC-G. However, 
the college traditions of quizzes, term papers, late study, 
blind dates. Tuesday tea. and class beauties were 
preserved when Woman's College became the University 
of North Carolina at Greenslwro. 

The highlight of Orientation weeii is an evening trip to Car 

I nioading is only llie liegiiiiiiiig of 
the mass confusion associated 
with getting settled. 

Moving into the dnrmitory requ 
endless hauling of luggage. 

Adjustment to limited space 
is one of the problems of 
dormitory living. 

Leisure time is limited and pn-cioiis after llie liegiii- 
iiiuj; ot classes, jam sessions ami leiiiale clialler are 
still heard around the dormiloiN. IniI the ousel oi 
routine rapidlv lieeomes evident. The routine has its 
regularities . . . tardiness, the iiievitalile lines in the 
hookstore. cashier's office and dining halls . . . and its 
irregularities ... an occasional letter or a class cut. 
More often thaTi not. however, the regularities of rou- 
tine iirevail. 

The (inly way In ^(■l iii;nl i- I,, .,■,„! il I,, ^,,^l^^l 

Students enjoy hniwsiiii; anion? tlie IcNlliook^ 
and supplies in llic Kook^loir. 

Dormitory Living ... a Formative Inrluence 

Since a major part of the student's waking hours are 
spent in and around the dormitory, it is only natural 
that this area of life should reveal the idiosyncrasies of 
human nature. Evidence of routine, although it may 
he spontaneous, is abundant. From the numerous ex- 
cuses for study breaks found in eating. tele])honing. 
drying hair, partying and sleeping to the actual short- 
lived studv period, the time spent in the dormitory is 
representative of the mass. 

Dorm [larlifs oiler a ihange in the iiiorioluiu ol slnil\ niuv 

Studying cannot have a routine procedure. 

For the weary and droopy-eved. 
lali- lijihts are a consolation. 

To sleep . . . perchance to forget , 

Life Can Be Monotonous 

If al first vou ilc.iri succeed 

S|]i iiij; fcvi'i anil Iciiii |ia|ii'i> (lurTl mix. 

Senior ri»actiiin to mass meelir 

Monotony to the point of exasperation can sometimes ovennn 
a campus. Constant piessuie, with little reliei in sight, is 
usually the rule. The never-ending onrush of term papers, 
projects, and ipiizzes acts as a depressant. Adding to the de- 
jection, failures and disappointments do not cease. Even with 
the ill-tinicd rrumhling of a precious art project, the loss of a 
iliaiicelloi must lie met with a lighthearted attitude of deter- 

% E 



A glimpse into llie iiiystcriiius -gentlemen's" lounge. 

Won't she ever eoine 

What (llfl von say "no trump" means? 

same old line . . 

Page llu 

. But Tliere Is Still a Trace of Pi 


Existence is more than a struggle for survival. It has 
its rewards and pleasures. The gradual introduction 
of male students to campus life has greatly affected 
morale. Besides becoming oriented to the curriculum. 
the men actively participate in campus affairs. 

Although the daily association with men is new this 
year, the weekends offer the same attractions as they 
always have. It is only fitting that men play a major 
role in the life of a campus. 

Page 111 


>u-a)i \,rr. >hfrry Chaii{;ari>. 

and iMoiiette Weaver make 

preparations for the special 

e\ents in Elliott Hall: 

(mil pirlured ) Dottie Daniels. 

Miss Taylor. Direclor. ajul \iin Saj^ar. I'icsidfiil. 
discuss Elliott Hall functions over a cup of tea. 

The efficient planning in Elliott Hall is the cooperative effort of Mrs. Mary 

jane Knight. Mi.>^s Terrell \Seaver. Miss Janet Maiden. Miss Catherine 

Tailor, and Miss Elizabeth Carriker. 

Elliott Hall . . . 

a Rerresliing Oasis 

Hefrf'shinciils and relaxati 
a popular weekly event. 

iiakf llir Tuixla^ I'l-a 

tlliutt Hall IjeLkoiir. tu !.tu<lents and tlu-ir dates II 
participate in its activities. 

Attractive decorations and a fine orchestra created 
a festive atmosphere at the Holiday Dance. 

Elliott Hail .stands as a hallmark oi distinction on cam- 
pus. Its purpose is to help provide a well-balanced and 
varied extracurricular program for the whole campus. 
The staff organization is efficient, and student leader- 
ship is effective to promote the objectives. 

A variety of activities are available to those who 
wish to take advantage of them. Special events cater 
to the interests of the student. Elliott Hall is indeed a 
doorway to unlimited possibilities for ex])loratioi). 

Page 113 

Knitting is a ronimon studv-bieak aitivitv. 

A hit ..ihuiuhliT. and all tlie 

A ceilain loiiielfiiliit-ss (if tin- nHinotonx (il carnini-- 
life acconi]iaiiies llie sliident wlien lie ulilizes llic 
<->cai)t' media in Elliott Hall. ljcsidt'> ^civini; a,s a 
lcnipi)raiy liavt-ii. tlu-re are \a,-t o)i|Mjitiuiitie> lor ciil- 
tiii'ai ap])reciati(iii. 

Much elloit i> cxiieiidcd to make EIIhiII Hall a cen- 
ter in which any student may actively partici|)ate. Such 
an orf;anization can play a vital part in the life of thi)>c 
uhii appii-ciale its ellectiveness. 

I- ii'c|ucnl ail cxhiliils sliiimlalc 

cnllural aji|Jiccialicin .niiiinu 

the sliiilnil-. 


Jiisl liciiig with s()iiic( 
spi'cial can make an 
t-MMiin" uiifoiHettalile 

r ( I.hiiIhi il.ini I- lialiiiini; Maurice Williams and 
/iiiliacj alliactcel a large crowd. 

Tlie hours slip bv. and 
reluctantly we see the 
day's happening turn into memories. 

The Cultural Center ot Campus Lire 

Page 115 

Lire . . . Revealed Tlirou^li Its People 

Page 116 

Life on a college campus is revealed thiougli its 

people, a miscellaneous assortnieiit of personalities. 

Not excluded from this assortment are the 

following lovely young ladies elected hy their 

respective classes to represent the essence of heauty : 

Clara Reese. Kaye Cropp, Donna Dawson. 

Peach Pearce, Lane Norman. Jean Bartholomew, 

Karen Hancock, and Nanette Minor. 

Page 117 


I^IIss Clara ReeSi 

Interior di-sign proj 
kei'p Clara busy. 

(!lara. ;) iiativt' oi Hifkory. is working toward a Bache- 
lor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. 

Besides spending a great deal of time on projects, 
Clara finds time for sewing, painting, horseback rid- 
ing, and tennis. She is active in campus affairs, having 
served as a hall lioard and commission member. Junior 
House President. Senior Cheerleader. Junior Class 
r>iaLity. and member of Social Court and Golden 

liiiriu out-of-doors is a welcome diversion. 

Ka\r <;airis iinaluaMe experirtuc a 
luiisultaiU for Rhodes Furniture C(mi]j; 


1 ^ 

P^t> V*- ^^ 


^^K ^yi. 



^^^^^^^HlnH^B^BI'^'' 'K 


^^^HK ' ' s^v 

^^■HL y_^ 


■H^fc-.^^" . '■~*~^ 

Writing is an enjoyable 
means of self-expression. 

Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia. Kaye is an in- 
terior design major. Her interest in color and design 
made her job as design consultant at Rhodes Furniture 
Company quite interesting. 

Kaye is a member of legislature, and class com- 
mission, a senior marshal atid ])rcsitlcnl of N.S.l.D. 
Her leisure time activities include reading, writing, 
knitting, and modern dance. 

AlJss Kaye Cropp 



A good performance requires 
diligent preparation. 

Nanette, a piano major, is from Charioltc. 
Slie lias other music interests including; 
singing and playing the organ. She has 
performed in three piano recitals and 
does much with music in extracurriculai 

Music re(|uires dedication, but Nanette 
still finds time to make many of her own 
clothes. She is also active in Mu Phi 
Kpsilon and Chorale. 

Sewing is an enjoyable mean? of 
inereasing Nanette's wardrolie. 

Miss Nanette Minor 



An elemenlarv fdiiciitioii major. Donna 
hopes to teach a chiss eventually. She 
is a niemher of SNEA and ACE, stu- 
dent educational organizations. 

Donna's favorite pastimes are swim- 
ming, water skiing, singing, and read- 
ing. She resides in Raleigh. 

Aliss Donna Dawson 

Fourth graders at Curry 
keep Donnas observation 
periods lively. 

Diiniia finds unrei|iiired 
readiti;; a |ilea<iiir. 

Miss Peach Pi 

I'lMih liad Miarn rcsponsibilitips a? Jacket Chairman 

Peach's enthusiasm for 
tennis is evident in her 
mastery (if the pame. 

f'raih is undecided about whether she will major in 
ihciiiisli \ i>r interior design. She has served as Jacket 
Chairniaii for her class and as a iiienilier of Hat ("ourt 
and Freshman Commission. 

lla\in.n iiad tiainiiig; in nuisic. daiicin>;. and art. 
i't-acirs interests involve these areas, plus tliosc oi 
wati-i skiini; and tennis. 

I'cacli, lepresenting her home town, currently holds 
the title of "Miss Gastonia." 




Miss Jea n Ba rtn olome w 

Wilson is Jean's home town. She is niajoiinf; in soci- 
ology, iiiit she lias not decided wiial area she ]iians 
to pursue. 

Jean's iu)i)liies inclnde knitting and golf, and she 
cannot resist shopping lor pretty clothes. She is a 
member of Freshman Cabinet. 

Knitting is a favorite 
form of relaxation 
for Jean. 

Jean's line for jiretty ilotlies resull- 
in frequent shu|iping sprees. 

Emhroidri \ i- "iiK .mi- form 

of liandii rafl- in ului li Lane excels. 

Although Lane's major is nursing education, she is 
also wori^ing toward a Bachelor ol Arts in English. 
She hopes to become a registered nurse, specializing 
in either pediatric or psychiatric nursing. 

Lane enjoys sewing, knitting and otlier handicrafts 
and also likes to read and play the piano. She serves 
as Treasurer of her Nursing Class. She lives in Greens- 
liori). Iiut on campus. 

Aliss Lane Norman 

Accident victim. .Sieve Adams, receives 
Lane's frieiidlv eiKourauemenl. 



Altss Karen Hancock 

Karen's liome is Charlotte. Her amljitioii is to iie- 
(■(ime a private secretary, after gettiiif; married in 

Arts and cralts and sewing are her lavorite pas- 
times. She espeeially enjoys sketching and painting 
and has won sewing contests. 

I\|rniti i^ a -i,i;nili( aril part nf Karrn's run iculuni. 

For Karen sketch iiij^ 
affords an opportunity 
for creativity. 


Tlie change to a university broadened the outreadi 
of the scliool, and many new faces were seen on campus. 
There were the obvious additions — the men students. 
In the classrooms, many new facuhy memliers 
Inought new ideas to their departments. Growth from a 
college to a university inevitably results in 
administration changes. For some it was a new office; 
for others, a leave of absence. Such is the nature 
of a university which is. after all. the sum total of 
its people. 

Faculty anil students alike work to gain a better 
rrlatiiins|ii|j Imtli in and out of the classrooni 
in -rvsii.ns such as tliis mie in tin- Soda Sho|j. 

Page 12fi 

A familiar sight to every student is the entrance to the Administration Uiiiliiiuf; an 
the receptionist ready to answer questions for students and visitors as well. 

A ready reference for locating professors with oflices in Mclver is the Faculty 
Directory found on the first floor of the liberal arts building. 

' ~Vv 

^ t? 

Sluileiil.-^ M'cciM- salualiK a.Knv 
through such administrators as 
the academic class advisors. 

nr. Oti> A. Siiiglctary 

University btatus Brings Clian^es and 
Aclclitions in Personnel 

The University opened its 73rd session with fifty-four new 
faculty niemliers and luiinerous changes at the administrative 
leveh To fill the opening left by Chancellor Singletary's leave- 
of-al)sence Dr. James Ferguson, former Dean oi the Graduate 
SiIkmiI. wa> appiiiiilfd Acting Chancellor. The newly created 
position ol Dean of Student Services was filled by Miss 
Katherine Taylor. Other newly appointed persons were Miss 
Sadye Dunn, Mr. Clarence Shipton, Dr. Joseph Bryson, Mr. 
Kennis Grogan, Mrs. Margery Irby and Mr. Joe Creech. The 
new faculty members included two new department heails: 
Dr. Waller I'uterliaugh, professor and head of the department 
of (Ihcniislrv and Dr. Curtis Booth, acting head and lecturer 
in llic Dcpartiiifiil ol Philosophy. 

Pag.- 128 

Miss Mereb E. Mossma 
Dean oj the Faculty 

Mrs. Tommie Lou Smith 
Asxorinfe Dean 

Mr. John W. Kennedy 
Acting Dean of the Graduate Scliool 

Page 129 

Miss Sadyo Diiin 
Acting Dean of 11 untm 

Mr. Clar.-ncc O. Slii|)to 
Dnin „l Mr 

Miss Katherine Taylor 
Dean oj Student Services 


Mrs. Margery I). Irby. Acting Director oj Admissions ajid 
Mr. Joseph U. Creech. Assistant Director oj Admissions 

Mr. H. Hoyt Price 

Mr. Kennis R. Grogan 
Director of Accounting 

Mr. Henry L. Ferguson. Jr. 
Bnsiness Manager 

Page 131 

Mi^s Barbara Parrish 
Alumni Secretary 

Dr. Olivia Abernethy 

UniversilY Physician 

Mr?, Mahlon Adams 
lUnrh., ni U,si,t.„,r Halls 

Mrs. Katlilccii P. Hawkins 
Stuili'iil Aid Officer 

Mrs. Josephine Schaeffer 
Placement Officer 

I \nm 


H-« . . 

Mr. George W. Hamer 

Director of lite Development Office 

Mr. N. H. (Jurley 

Director of the Physical PItiiil 

Mr. Charles M. Adams 

Mr. Albert A. Wilkin 
Director oj the i\'ews 

lilt renii 









t -^50 






C P i 


Part in 



F. Carpenter 

. Head. 


: Miss 

Joan Gregory. B.A.. 


.: Miss 

Noma Hardin. B.A.. 



Mr. John D. 




M.A.: Mr. Robert E. 

Parlin. B.A. 

. M.F.A.: Dr. 

John P. 


;ui<k. J 

r.. B.A.. M.A.. 

, Ph.D.: 



.Ann Smith. 



A.: Miss Helen 



A.. M.A 


Dr. Bruce M. Eberhart, Head. 
B.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. Laura G. Ander- 
ton. B.A.. M.S., Ph.D.: Dr. Ed- 
nmnd Berkeley, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.: 
Dr. Lois J. Cutter. B.A.. M.S., 
Ph.D.: Dr. Charlotte Dawley. B.A.. 
M.S.. Ph.D.: Dr. Virginia B. Gang- 
stad. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. Hilda 
T. Harpster. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.: 
Dr. Paul E. Lutz, B.A., M.S., 
Ph.D.: Dr. Edward McCrady, HL 
B.S., M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. Ralph M. 
Morrison, B.S.. Ph.D.: Mr. Daniel 
E. Read. Jr.. B.S.: Dr. Hollis J. 
Rogers. B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D.: Miss 
Sarah Sands. B.S.. M.S.: Mrs. 
Gladys S. VanPelt. B.A.: Dr. 
James F. Wilson, B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. 


Dr. Value T. Littlejohn. Head. 
B.S.. M.Ed.. Ph.D.; Mrs. Dorothy 
S. Darnell. B.S.S.A.. M.Ed.: Mr. 
George P. Grill, B.S., M.A.: Miss 
Sarah W. Jones. B.S., M.S.: Miss 
Jeanette D. Sievers. B.A., M.S.: 
Miss V. Louise Whitlock. B.S., M.S. 


Dr. Walter II. Puterbaugh, Head, 
B.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. Helen Bedon. 
B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Miss Margue- 
lile \. I'Vhon. B.S.. M.A.; Dr. 
Sh.Tri K. Forrester. B.S., Ph.D.: 
Dr. Guila Marble. B.A.. M.A.. 
Ph.D.: Dr. Gertrude Vermillion, 
B.S.. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

Page 134 



Dr. Francis Laine, Head, B.S., 
Ph.D.: Miss Margaret Meriwether. 
B.A., M.A. 


Dr. Roscoe J. Allen, Head, B.S.. 
M.S., Ed.D.: Mrs. Elizabeth P. 
Collins, B.S., M.Ed.: Miss Mar- 
garet DeVinny. B.S., M.S.; Miss 
Lenore Pierce, B.A.. M.A., Ed.S.: 
Miss S. Louise Weyl, B.A., M.S. 


Mr. Maynard G. French, B.A.. 
M.A.. M.F.A.: Mr. Ralph W. 
Kerns, B.A., M.F.A.; Mr. James 
P. Rose, B.A., M.F.A. : Mr. William 
C. Seifrit, B.A., M.A. 


Dr. John W. Kennedy. Head. B.A.. 
M.A., Ph.D.: Mr. J.H. Brashear. 
B.A., B.S., M.A.; Dr. David G. 
Davies, B.A., Ph.D.; Mr. Frank 
DeFelice, B.A., M.B.A. 


Dr. Kenneth E. Howe, Dean, B.A., 
M.A.. Ed.D.; Dr. William P. Col- 
bert. B.A.. M.A.. Ed.D.; Dr. 
Marian Pope Franklin. B.A.. B.M.. 
M.A.D. of E;d., Ed.D.; Mr. Robert 
A. Fredrickson. B.A., M.Ed.; Dr. 
Eugenia Hunter, B.A., M.A.. 
Ph.D.; Mrs. Mary A. Hunter, B.A.. 
M.A. ; Mrs. Frances Kennon John- 
son, B.A., M.S.L.; Mrs. Joan Ash 
Jones, B.A.. M.Ed.: Miss Anna M. 
Kreimeier, M.A.. Ph.B.: Mrs. 
Sadie Mull Muser. B.S., M.Ed.; 
Dr. Donald W. Russell. B.A.. 
M.Ed.. D.Ed.: Dr. Chiranji L. 
Sharma. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. 


Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr.. Head, B.A.. 
M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. John E. Bridgers. 
Jr., B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. Ran- 
dolph M. Bulgin, B.A., Ph.D.: Dr. 
May D. Bush. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.: 
Miss Deborah Eibel, B.A., M.A.: 
Dr. James F:ilis. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.; 
Dr. Jean Gagen. B.A., M.A., 
M.F.A. ; 

Hunter, .M 

Page 135 



it. r> 

ENGLISH iCMiilinuedi 

Mr. George A. Moore. B.A., M.A.: 
Miss Anne Powell. B.A.. M.A.: Dr. 
Robert C. Stephens. B.A.. M.A.. 
Ph.D.: Mr. Peter Taylor. B.A.: Dr. 
Robert Watson. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.; 
Mr. Thomas F. Wrifihl. B.A.. M.A. 


Dr. Craig L. Dozier. Head, B.A.. 
M.A.. Ph.D.: Mrs. Mary Towe 
Parker. B.A.. M.Ed.: Dr. Norman 
Schul. B.S.Ed.. M.A.. Ph.D. 


Dr. Anne F. Raeeker. Head. Ph.B.. 
M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. John G. Frank. 
B.A.. Ph.D. 


Miss Ethel L. Martus. Head. B.S.. 
M.S.: Mrs. Margaret N. Alexander. 
B.S.. M.S.P.H.: Miss Nancy Kay 
Angle. B.A.. M.S.: Miss Dorothy 
Davis. B.A.. M.A.: Miss Margaret 
C. Duncan. B.A.. M.Ed.: Miss 
Shirley Hynn. B.S.. M.S.P.E.: 
Miss June P. Galloway. B.S.. 
M.Ed.: Miss Margaret Greene. 
B.S.. M.A.: Dr. Gail M. Hennis. 
B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Miss Marjorie 
Leonard, B.S.. M.A.: Miss A. 
Madeleine McCain. B.A.. M.P.H.; 
Dr. Rosemary McGee, B.S.. M.S., 
I'h.D.; Miss Virginia Moomaw, 
B.S., M.A.: Dr. Marie Riley. B.S., 
M.A., Ph.D.: Dr. Alice Schriver. 
B.S.. M.A.. Ed.D.: Miss Anne 
Shaniburger: Dr. Celeste I Irich. 
B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. Esther B. 
While. B.A.. M.S.. M.P.Il.. Ed.D. 


Dr. John Beeler. B.A., M.A.. 
Ph.D.; Dr. Robert M. Calhoon. 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. Converse 
D. Clowse, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. 
Betty C. Clutls. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.; 
Dr. Owen S. Connelly. Jr.. B.S.. 
M.A., Ph.D.; Miss Josephine Hege, 
B.A., M.A.; 

Page, 136 


HISTORY (Conlimiedl 

Dr. Margaret A. Hunt. B.A.. M.A.. 
Ph.D.: Mr. Jorrfan E. Kurland. 
B.A.. M.A.: Dr. W. T. Luczviiski. 
B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. Eugene E. 
Pfaff. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. 
Blackwell P. Robinson. B.A.. M.A.. 
Ph.D.: Dr. Jonathan W. Spurgeon. 
B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D.; Dr. Lenoir 
Wright. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 


Dr. Naomi G. Alhanese. Dean. 
B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Mrs. Frances 
B. Buchanan. B.S.. M.S.: Miss 
Helen Canaday. B.S.. M.S.: Miss 
Barbara Clavvson. B.S.. M.S.H.E.: 
Mrs. Savannah S. Day. B.S.. 
M.S.H.E.: Mrs. Mary Andrews 
Dickey. B.S.. M.S.: Mrs. Mary T. 
Dicks. B.A.. M.Ed.: Mrs. Kate B. 
Garner. B.S.H.E.. M.S.H.E.: Miss 
Elizabeth Hathaway. B.A.. M.A.: 
Mrs. Nancy H. Holmes. B.S.H.E.. 
M.S.H.E.: Dr. Hildegarde John- 
son, B.S.. M.S., Ph.D.; Miss 
Pauline E. Keeney, B.S., M.S.. 
Ph.D.; Miss Louise Lowe. B.S.. 
M.S.; Dr. Aden C. Magee. B.S.. 
M.S.. Ph.D.; Miss Ellen Penn. 
B.S., M.A.; Dr. Clara Bidder. 
B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D.; Mrs. Emeve 
Paul Singletary. B.S.. M.S.; Mrs. 
Rebecca M. Smith. B.S.H.E., M.S.; 
Miss Sandra Spahr. B.S.. M.S.: 
Dr. Irwin V. Sperry. B.A.. M.Ed.. 
Ed.D. ; Mrs. Madeleine B. Street, 
B.S.. M.A.: Mrs. Rebecca Wagon- 
er. B.S.H.E.. M.S.; Dr. Nancv 
White. B.A.. M.Ed.. Ph.D.: Mrs. 
Alice J. Willingham. B.S.. M.S.H.E. 


Dr. Anne Lewis Anderson. Head. 
B.A.. M.S., Ph.D.: Mrs. Jane F. 
Batten. B.A.. M.A.: Miss Jane H. 
Carroll. B.S.. M.A.: Mr. William 
W. Hokman. B.S.. M.A.. M.S.: 
Mrs. Margaret Ann Saunders. 
B.A., M.S.; Mr. John L. Stein- 
metz, B.S., M.A.T. 

Page 137 




hr fp Iz^ 

(Vf k^"^ wrnir 

#1< ;0 

A t^Bifr iik 













Morgan, I. 

Morgan. P. 























Dr. Lee Rigsby. Dean. B.M.. M.M., 
I'h.D.: Mrs. Claire Atkisson, B.M.: 
Dr. Richard G. Cox. B.A.. M.A., 
I'h.D.: Mr. Robert Darnell. B.M.. 
M.M.: Mr. William C. DeVeny. 
B.A.. B.M.: Mr. George W. Dickie- 
-on. B.M.. M.M.; Mr. Paul Hick- 
fang. B.M.. M.M.: Mr. William 
Hilbrink. B.M.EH.. M.M.: Miss 
Birtlie H. Holloway. B.S.M.. 
M.S.M.: Dr. Harold Luce. B.M.. 
M.M.. Ph.D.: Mrs. Inga B. Mor- 
gan. B.M.. M.M.: Mr. Phillip 
Morgan. B.M.. M.M. 


Miss Alice C. Boehret, Head, B.A., 
M.S.Ed.: Miss Lois Galer, B.S., 
M.A.: Miss Sarah W. Korn, 
B.S.Ed., M.A. 


Dr. .Anna J. Reardon. Head. B..A., 
M.S., Ph.D.: Mr. William F. Lank- 
ford. B.A.. M.S.; Mrs. Mabel L. 
Waynick. B..^. 


Dr. Kendon Smith, Head, B.A., 
M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. f:iizabeth Duffy, 
B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. Frances 
Dunham. B.A.. Ph.D.: Mr. Wil- 
liam Friedman. B.A.. M.A.; Dr. 
Charles D. Noblin. B.A., M.S., 
Ph.D.: Dr. William S. Rav. B.A., 
M.A.. Ph.D. 


Dr. Charles D. Blend, Head, B.A.. 
M.A. Faculte des Lettres, Ph.D.: 
Dr. James Atkinson. B.A.. M.A., 
Ph.D.: Dr. Elizabeth Barineau, 
I!. A.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. Virginia 
Christian Farinholl, B.A., M.A.. 
Ph.D.; Dr. William Felt, B.A.. 
M.A., D.M.L.; Mr. Robert Fiore. 
B.A., M.A.; Mr. Mortimer M. 
C,uiney. Jr.. B.A.. M.A.; Mr. Jean 
Paul Koenig. Baccs. ; Mrs. F. 
Giraudet Lay. Ph.B.: Dr. Meta 
Helena Miller. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 

Page 138 


Dr. Lyda G. Shivers. Head, B.A.. LI I).. 
M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. Donald F. Allen. H.A.. 
M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. M. Elaine Burgess. B.A.. 
M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. Harriet J. Kupferer. B.S.. 
M.A.. Ed.D., Ph.D. 


Cnaiicellor Singletary Called to Wasliington 
by President Jolinson 

On November 1, 1964, Dr. Otis A. Singletary assumed 
his position in Washington, D. C. with the Office of 
Economic Opportunity as an administrator of a major 
part of President Johnson's Anti-Poverty Program. 
Thus with the promise, "I have no intention of going 
to Washington permanently," the Chancellor hegan 
his leave-of-alisence from the University. 

As Director of the Job Corps, Dr. Singletary's work 
includes organizing the new office with a staff of ] .50 
persons, heading up the national recruiting program, 
and making agency agreements. 


Join Thejob Corps 

Chancellor Otis A. Singletary is shown here 
with Sargent Shriver (righlj who heads the 
administration's overall anli-|invertv program. 

In his office in Washington Chancellor 
Singletary proudly displays the job Corps 
billboard. On his desk at the far right is the 
desk set given to him by "his girls" 
at the L'niversity. 

Page 135 



Epsilnn Chapter of North Carolina 

A section of the chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at tlie University of North Carolina was estab- 
lished at the Woman's College in 1935. In 1956 the Woman's College Section was granted 
a separate charter and became the Epsilon Chapter of North Carolina. Elections to mem- 
bership in the Society are held each spring. Senior candidates for the A.B. degree who 
have high academic standing are eligible for election. Juniors with exceptionally high 
averages are also eligible. 


Dr. Charles Blend President 

Katherine Taylor Vice-President 

William Tucker Recording Secretary 

Dr. John E. Bridgers Secretary-Treasurer 

Class of 1965 

Pamela Benbow Pamela Pfaff 

Elected in the junior rear 

Juditli Irving Adcock 
Linda Jane Adams 
Mrs. Susan Newman Appenzeller 
Mrs. Ruby E. Stilley Blair 
Mrs. Barbara Welsh Cook 
Mrs. Carter Rossell Delafield 
Rebecca Jean Eagle 
Genevieve Elizalieth Gaither 
Billie Lee Glass 
Ro.semary Birky Hoffman 
Marie Dorothea Hostettler 
Ami Hampton Hunt 
Suzanne Parker Kave 

Mrs. Jacijueline Hendrick Lavender 
Mary Ellen Mangum 
Patsy Anne Martin 
Priscilla Lane Martin 
Janet Gwen Newsome 
Jacqueline Pickett 
Rudite Preiniats 
Patricia Ann Robertson 
Mary Marie Rogers 
Elizabeth Ann Shreve 
Harriett Ramey Smith 
Margaret Louise Tanner 
Marilyn Irene Vail 

Class of 1966 
Mary Ellen Guffy 



Delores Hahn 
Nancy Kredel 

Anne Starr Minton 
Jodi Rush 

Carol Tliacker 
Sandra Whitener 



Hilda Maxine Deaton 
Barbara Karen Loaan 


Betsy R. Turner 

Suzanne Maney Piver 
Avis H. Signion 



Jacquelyn Casey 
Saundra Fisher 
Barbara Hawkins 
Sarah Langston 
Mary Patricia McKinney 

Nancy Sears 
Sarah Smitherman 

Ann Rogers Morgan 
Mae Ellen Murphy 
Doris Phillips 
Ann Pallium 
Marguerite Robbins 

Recognizing outstanding achievement and scholarship in fields other than liberal arts are three organizations 
which promote high endeavor in the fields of music, business, and home economics. 

Pi Kappa Lambda inducts the highest one-fifth of the senior music majors. 

Sigma Alpha not only honors the business majors but seeks to provide helpful programs for its members. 

Omicron Nu recognizes home economics majors who excel in their special areas. 

Page 141 


Claudia Buchdahl 
Kathv Cliermak 
Melissa Durviii 
Nancy Jo Gregson 
Barbara Haiiiiner 
Karen Haves 

Vicki L. Alford 
Carolyn Deal Black 
Nancv Doniinick 
Pat Gillette 
Carolyn Haynes 
Patricia J. Lawless 
Teresa A. Martin 




Carole Knotts 

Susanna Kouns 

Pamela Pfaff 

Rudite Preiniats 

Linda Williams 

Janet Parker Young 

Michael Parrish 

Kenneth Poole 

Minta M. Saunders 

Julianne Scurrv 

Phyliss Wheeler 

Newson Williams 

Linda R. Young 


Martha Stone Alley 
Lea Jane Berinati 
Reiiecca Bradley 
Mary Elizabeth Brett 
Frances Brockman 
Claire Deann Bufl'aloe 
Dorothy Irene Carson 
Blanca Rosa Chapman 
Helen Yvonne Cheek 
Joan Clark 
Terrell Cofield 
Carolyn Dieterich 
Nancy Jane Easterling 
Emily Heath Ellis 
Alice Abbot Ely 
Nancv Elizabeth Finan 
Joan Minnette Fuerstriian 
Alice Elizabeth Garrett 
Mary Johnston Gilley 
Delores Ann Hahn 
Nancy Elizabeth Hayes 
Constance Hughes 
Mary Jennings Jarrett 
Margaret Kirkman 
Nancv Cooper Kredel 


Vera Louise Leonard 

Elizabeth McClung 

Nanette Minor 

Anne Starr Minton 

Henrietta Nance 

Claire Beverley Parrish 

Anita Louise Patterson 

Marv Revnolds Peacock 

Virginia Kvser Pennington 

Judy Carol Price 

Jane Hays Reed 

Nancy Louise Reinheimer 

Elizabeth Ann Reinoehl 

Myra Lynn Rink 

Jodi Thomas Rush 

Mami Shepherd 

Billie Louise Simmons 

Christine Solem 

Marlene Stewart 

Carol Rines Thacker 

Mary Alyce Watson 

Frances Weberson 

Anita Louise White 

Sandra Carol Whitener 

Anna Patricia Williams 

Jean Wi 

Page 142 



Nancve Baker 
Bonnie J. Caviness 
Marsha Pamela Faust 
Patricia Hurley 

Rivka Kutchei 

Patricia Lawless 

Helen Proffitt 

Mary Marie Rogers 

Harriet Raniey Smith 

Linda Rose Stein 

Sharon Ann Walters 

Phyllis Joan Wheeler 

Blanca Chai)man 
Barbara Bonomo 
Marsha Faust 
Louise Fuller 



I,ynn Hamilton 
Barbara Hawkins 
Sarah Langston 

Mary Alice Lineberger 

Dolly Moflitt 

H. Ramev Smith 

Phyllis Wheeler 



Susan Appenzeller Pani Henry Jo Jane Pilt 

Shelby Archer Valerie Hollimon Vicky Price 

Loma Lee Brookbank Sandra Hopper Pat Pruitt 

Joyce Coltrane Judith Hopson Mandy Ryan 

Elizabeth Devereaux Sally Howard Beth Sheariu 

Connie Dickson Judy Kartt Gail Sigmon 

Miki Ellis Chris KanlTman Kay Smathers 

Sharon Frazier Julie Kestnliainii Janet Snyder 

Eliza Giddeu Darrie Lawrence Sylvia Teague 

Karen Giddens Lynn Ohgren Ellen Thorne 
Janet Glazener 



Mary Helen Ashton 
Barbara Berrier 
Carolyn Black 
Virginia Blair 
Cynthia Blythe 
Linda Bowen 
Beverly Bryan 
Nancy Jane Burch 
Mary Lou Byrd 
Betty Jane Chambers 
Billie Glass 

Linda Goode 

Margaret Green 

Jacqueline Hendrick 

Dorothea Hostettler 

Charlotte Jack 

Rebecca Kirk 

Mae Holliday Kowal 

Mary Ellen Mangmn 

Norma Mason 

Carol Newman 

Barbara North 

Mildred Price 

Susan Rodman 

Annette Rogers 

Mary Joan Sharp 

Nancy Smith 

Martha Teague 

Elizabeth Theiling 

Linda Tyndall 

Joella Walker 

Laura Winstead 

Page Hi 


Tapping new members into Golden Chain is an exciting event. After the 
dorm is closed, members of Golden Chain enter with lighted candles to 
tap the prospective members. This ceremony occurs in the Spring and 
Fall of each school year to recognize juniors and seniors of outstanding 
merit. Advisors are Dr. Laura Anderton. Dr. Elaine Burgess, and Miss 
Marjorie Leonard. 

Cynthia Blythe President 

Clai'DIA Buchdahl Vice-President 

Karen Hayes Secretary 

.^AUAH Langston Social Chairman 

Csnihia Blythe 
Diidlex Brown 
Claudia Biiclulahi 
Mary P-Uen Gnffy 
Karen Hayes 
Carole Knotts 
Sarah l.angston 
Katy Law 

Bea Lee 

Mary Ellen Mangur 
Ali,e I 'ark 
Pam Fiaft' 
Clara Reese 
Jeanne Smith 
Leah Smith 
Martha Jo Smith 

Jeanne Stegman 


This year's Outstanding Seniors were chosen hy their classmates as tliose 
students who have iieen superhitive in contrihuling llieir time, lalciil, and 
efforts to the different organizations on campus. I^ine Needles wishes to recog- 
nize them for their e\ceih>nl leadership while students at L'NC-G and to 
predict for them equally outstanding futures. 


Cynthia Ulythe Be^ Lgp 

Claudia Buchdahl <;m. Medley 

Gary Clarke Alice Park 

Laura Frank Crawford Pamela Pfafl' 

Pamelle Dickson Clara Reese 

Joan Donohue Leah Smith 

Jo Ann Elliot Jeanne Stegman 

Carole Knotts Lucy Williamson 

Sarah Langston j^i£]y Wolfe 

Page 145 

.-l,\l()l; (..l.\.^.^ OFFICERS: llejl lo riiihl) Sue MnWey. Piesiilenl; 
Cynthia Blylhe. / ice-Presiileiit; Sue Twigg. Secretary: 
Martha Troxler, Treasurer; and Judy Adams, Cheerleader. 

Senior Year Filled Witli Hard Work, 
Nostalgia, ana Plans ror tlie Future 

Take some iiieniories for a si-raiiliook 
()1 a Iraiilic lr<'shiiian year. 
Of a jaekcl lilm-i than thi' sky. 
Of llic fricmis lliat were lirhl dear: 

Ol a Jimior Show, or a Sister Cla 
Of so main people ami tilings. 
Make a serapliook for a senior. 
Ami (loiTt lornet her dreams. 

Ji'DV I.YTTIETOX Adams Charlotte 

B.A, IN I 1 I Ml s I \in I IHICATION. Section Leader (1.2): Ring Com- 
mmci- 1:1, ( l.iss I ..rTiinisMi.n (2, .1. 41: Jr. Show (3): Daisy Chain (21; 
Class (iHirk.iikr I 1, 41. ACET (31, Vice-President (4): SNEA (3, 41; 
LceisLiluic 1.1. 41, II.MI Bo.ird 141. 

Linda Adams Gastonia 

B A. IN CHEMISTRY. Brevard College (1. 2); Chemistry Club (1, 4); 
Dorm Committee (41: Honor Roll (3). 

Judith Irving Adcock Clemnions 

B.A. IN CHEMISTRY. Chemistry Club (2, 1, 41; Honor Roll (1^1) 
Junior Assistant (31; Student Advisory Curriculum Committee (.1, '4|! 

Sue Ann Airey Winston-Salem 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. NSA Representative (Ir Glee 
Club (ll; Hats Off Day Musical (2); Elliou Hall Representative (2r, Mar- 
shal (3, 41: Choir (3. 41; Junior Show (3); Elliott Hall Social Committee 
131. Representative (41; NEA (4), 

Emily Robertson Ackerman Falls Church. Va. 

B.A. IN LATIN. Junior Assistant (31; Wesley Foundation (3. 4). 

Barbara Ann Allebrand 
b a. in english. 

Winchester. Tenn. 

Glenda Darlene Allen Reidsville 

■ , Y'oung Democrats Club (3. 4). 

4); NCEA (3, 4); ACEl 

JoAN Elizabeth Allen 


Rocky Mount 

Martha Stone Alley Leaksville 

BM. IN VOICE. Dorm Social Committee (II; Mu Phi Epsilon (2. 3 41- 
!,„., ,1 ... ^..,.„,., ., , .. MENC (41; USO Tour (4); Opera 

Brenda Loretta Allison Old Fort 

t<f!;a")'j^'^'^''"'*"' °°"" Committees (1. 3, 4); English Club (3. 4); 

Judith Anne Allred Winston-Salem 

?,'^i!'^A%VS'iT"i'iT'$'^"r"'^" Association (I, 21; Dorm Committees 
(I. "). ACEl (41: SNEA (4); College Glee Club (I, 2); Junior Show 

Kristen Anderson Raleifh 

B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Elliott Hall Special Events CommilTcc 
(I. 2. 3. 41. Dorm Representative (31. Elliott Hall Ball Chairman (H NSID 
(3). Program Chairman (41. 

Suzanne Morgan Anderson 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. English Club (3.4); I 
SNEA (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (4) 

I Elections Chairman (1, 3): 









SiSAN NE^vMA^ Appenzeller 


Miriam Shelby Archer 

B.A. IN DRAMA. Theatre of UNC-G ( 1. 
Corresponding Secrelan' 14); Speech Assi^ 

Williainsburg. Va. 
Somerville. N.J. 

Mary Helen Ashton 


Lab Scholar 

Anne Hamilton Ayers Greensboro 

B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. SNEA (3. 4). Social Chairman (3): 
ACEI (4); Weslminsler Fellowship (1. 2. 3. 4); House Presidenl (4); Hall 
Board (1 ): College Choir (1,2); Chorale (3. 4); Interfaiih Council (3|. 

Reba Ellen Babb 

B A. IN ENGLISH. English Club i 

Hiillv SprillfiS 
, YDC (4j. French Club (4). 

Suzanne Elizabeth Bach Marion 

B.SH.E. in INTERIOR DESIGN W.C. Band (1.2); German Club (1.2); 
AHEA (1. 2. 3. 4); NSID (3). Board of Directors (4). 


Joan Meryl Backer Richmonti. Va. 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY- Medical Technology Club I I. 2, 3. 4). Treasurer (4); 
Hillcl (1, 2, 3. 4); Junior Show Ticket Commitlce 13); Dorm Committee 

Nancy Jane Holder Baity Mount Airy 

B.SH.E. IN EDUCATION. Section Leader ( 1 ). AHEA ( 1. 2, 3. 4 ); Dorm 
Committee (1 . 2 l ; Jacket Committee ID; ACE ( 2 I ; SNEA 1 4 ) . 

Sandra Bargamian 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Pine Seedles StafI (2, 3), Faculty Co-Edili 
Assistant (31; Victor M. Cutter Research Scholar (2. 3. 41; 
mitlees (2. 3). Chairman 11); National Science Foundation A 
4); Elections Board Representative (3); Student-Faculty Curi 


Jean Diane Barnes 

B A. in biology. Caduci 
Foundation (I. 2. 3. 41. 

(1. 2); Tenni! 


ACE (4 1; Weslo 


Pamela Memery Barnes Lonfjmeatlow. Mass. 

B S IN PH1S1CAL EDUCATION Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4); Golf I 1, 2, 3, 41. 
RA Dorm Rcpresentatiye 111, Secretary l2), Vice-President |3), President 

Lois ,\nn Bartlett e in child development. 

Leader (31. Merrill-Palmer Institute of 


BoMTA Jlne Barton Greer. S. C. 

B S IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. RA Cabinet (1. 3. 4). RA Council (3). 
Chairman Special Events RA (41. Dorm Committee (1. 4); Hockey Club 
(2 3). Co-Officer 12. 3. 4); Junior Show (3). Publicity Committee 13). 


class of 1965 

Patkicia Hobson Battle 

Janice LyniN Baucom 

B A. IN FRENCH. Le Cercle Fr; 
denl 14). El Circulo Hispanico ( 

Margaret Ann Beatty 

. 4); NEA (41. ConsI 



Leader ( 1 1 . Do 


iKtee (Jl. Pr( 


(1 ) ; Pine 

Klizabeth Anne Beaver Spindale 

B.A. in ENGLISH. Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3); Hall Board ID; Section 
Leader (I); Legislature (2); Class Commission (2); Class Ring Chairman 
l.lf. Daisy Chain (2); SNEA (4); NCEA (4): English Club (.1. 4l; Junior 
Show 13); Court of Social Regulations (3, 4): NCTE (.1. 4). 

Hilda Jo Beeson 

B FA. IN ADVERTISING. Publicity Coir 


rl Club 12. 3). 

Martha Alice Bell 

B SHE. IN interior DESIGN. Dorm Social Committee 
Class Committees ( 1 ) ; Section Leader ( 2 ) ; Hall Board ( 2 ) ; I 
II. 2. 3); Junior Assistant (3); Class Elections Chairman 
Society of Interior Designers (3. 4); Daisy Chain (2); Senic 
denl 14); AHEA (3, 4|. 


Jllia Anne Benedict 
B a. in art education. 

Kingsport. Teiiii 

Brnnctl. K. 
IVnnclt, N. 

Elizabeth Ann Bennett Aslipville 

ier (I); State .Sludcnl legislaliiic 

iNancy Fortune Bennett 

B.A. IN mathematics. 

Carol Ann Berlin Miami. Fla. 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. Appalachian State Teacher's College (1. 2); Pine 
S H.M Typing Editor (3); French Club (31, English Club (4 1. 

Barbara Anne Berrier 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Dorm Cor 
sentalive (41; Service League C 
Commission 14 1; Honor Roll (3 
(41 ; Square Circle I4i. 


SNEA 11. 4 1. Dorm Repre- 



Betty Ann Birke 

B.F.A. IN ART EDUCATION. Corudd, I 2. 3 1 


Page 149 


class of 1965 

lioone, II. 
Buone. P. 

Jamk Si e IiLAi kwELDER Cherryville 

BA l\ F I 1 \1I M MCi I nUCATlON, DormCommiltee (2, Jl.Chairman 
14), SM \ I . 41 \i [ I i4l; Ciimmission Member (3. 4); Ellioll Hall [ vtnis < niiiniiia-f (2): Ral Day Committee (2); Ring Committee 

Eloise Stilley Blair Greensboro 

BA. IN ENGLISH C.ildv,ba College (I); Honor Roll (2. .<). Section Leader 
(2); Junior House President (3); Executive Cabinet 13 1; Town Students 

Blair Lyell Blanton Chase Citv. Va. 

BA. IN SOCIOLOGY. Elliott Hall Social Committee (21; Elliott Hall Spe- 
cial Events Committee (3. 4), Sociology Club (3. 4); Junior Show (3); 

Lyn Welch Blanton 
b.s- in home ecf)nomics 


Cynthia Ruth Blythe 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Class Vice-President (4); Class Parliamentarian (1); 
Commission (I, 4); Assistant House President (2): Junior House President 
131 ; State Student Legislature (3l; Beta Beta Beta (J, 41; Honors Work 

Diane Boone 

( I I; Sociology Club (2. 3. 


Mil; Elliott Hall Social Committee 

Patricia Ruth Boone Greensboro 

BA. IN ENGLISH. Junior Assistant (3); Assistant House President (3); 
English Club I 3 I. Vice-President |41; Class Publicity (3); Junior Show (31; 
Hall Board |4|. Dorm Commiltees (I. 2, 3. 41. 

Barbara .Anne Booth Philailalphia. I'a. 

B A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Section leader (II. H.1II Board 
(4); ACE (41; SNEA (1. 4|. 

Shirley Jane Bradshaw 

BS.H-E- IN EDUCATION. BSU (11. Treasurer 
President (31. Listen Chairman (4); AHEA Comn 
<4); Section Leader (2, 31; Legislature (2). 

Mary Klizabetii Brett 
b.m. in piano 


sideni and Vicc- 

Franklin. Va. 

Martha Linda Briceland 

BA. IN HISTORY OF ART. Young Republic 

Baltimore. Mil. 

i Club (21. Student Trattic 

Leoma Glenn Brinkley 

BA. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Social C. 
.Summer Session Honor Court i2l; Hall B 
Sociology Club (3, 4). 


3); Glee Club (2); 
d (31; Marshal (3). Chief (4). 

I.ois Ann Brinson 


^e^v Bern 

r College (1.21 

Gedis Hoi'E Broome Mi 

R S, IN HOME ECONOMICS. Junior Assistant (3); AHEA 11, :. 
4-H (. hib 1 I, ;, J. 4); SNEA (3. 4). 

Hi 1)1, Ev II WES Brown 


l\ I N(.l IMl tireetisboro Symphony Orchestra (1); Legislature <l. 
l.issiiK.ihoii .>! ollices Committee (2); Districting Committee (2); Hall 
d i:i, lliin.H Court (3. 4); Westminster Fellowship {I, 2. 3. 4). 


Linda Ann Brown Morgantoii 

BSSA, IN MERCHANDISING. Dorm Social Committee II. 2. 3). Chair- 
man 14): Ring Committee 12): NSA Council (2. 31: Dorm Entertainment 
Committee C. 31: Junior Advisor l3l: Section Leader (3, 41: Dorm Council 
1 3, 4): Hall Board Member 13,4): Gamma Alpha (3,4): Junior Show Ticket 
Commillce (3): Wesley Foundation (4). 

Phyllis Anne Brown Henderson 

BS, IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Dorm Commillce (1. 2. 3. 4): SNEA 
I I. 4): Seclion Leader 131: Junior Show (3): RA I 1. 2, 3, 41. Cabinet (4), 
Dorm Represenlalive 14): Student Advisory Curriculum Committee 13, 4); 
Phvsic.U Education Department Council 13. 4); Co-Off Club (1. 2. 3. 4): 
Hockev Club 141: Tennis Club II. 4); Major Class Secretary 13): Major 
CKisi Vice-President 14). 

Barbara Lynn Bruce 

b.s.s.a. in business education, ga 


Brown, L. 
Brown. P. 

Beverly Sheltdn Bryan 

Blark Muuiitain 
Beta Beta Beta 13, 4): Canler- 

Mary Pat Bryan 

Carol Ann Bryden 

Seal 12, 3), Sociology Club I 

Frances Carter Buchanan 
b a in biology. 

Claudia PiUTh Buchdahl 

B.A. IN HISTORY. Hall Board 11,2): Sen 
Faculty Committee 1 31: Golden Chain (3, 4): ( 
Cahinel (41: Phi Alpha Thcta 13), President 14 


ty 11): Spa 

lish Club (2, 3): 

High Point 


terfaith Cour 

sel 1 1 V: Dolphin- 


van, 1! 



House President 13): Student- 

Nancy Louise Buffaloe 

Katherine McDowd Buie 

Gwendolyn Ann Bullock 

B A IN MATHEM.ATICS. Section Leader 
CommillLC 1 1. :. 1. 4i: Square Circle 11,2, 3, 
Show Committee 13): SNEA (3. 4). 

); ACE (3. 4); 
3): Senior Corn- 
Weekend Com- 

Hall Board (1); Dorm 
unior Adviser 13): Junior 

Bryan. .M. 


Cakolvn Ellen Bintinc 

Christian Fellowship (1. 3, 4). Treasurer CI; Glet 
1 I ); NCEA (41. 


■ Roll (I); Intervarsity 
Club (2); Square Circle 

Lena Corinna Bi rch 


Chapel Hill 
AHEA (1. 3. 41; 


Kmherine Gray Birkhart 

B A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Commill 
lm.i Chrislian Fellowship (3 1 


( I ) ; Sociology Club ( 

Carla Ann Butler 

B M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Un(versity Choir (1. 2. 
Chorale (3. 4); Intercollegiate Choral Festival (3). 


.Ann Elizabeth Bltner 


:ommittee (I); Dorm Committee 
El Circulo Hispaoico (2, 3, 4). 

DiANNE Blair Butterfield 

(31. Junior Show (31; Secretary Dorm Hall 1 
(4|; YDC (41. 

Wiesbaden. Germany 
inish Club (21; Assistant JHP 
oard (31; ACEI (3,41; SNEA 


Garey Hartsell Byers 

B A. IN HISTORY. Vanderbilt University (II; Service 
tive (2l; Junior Assistant (31; Hall Board (3); SNEA (3 
Club (4). Senior House President (41. 

Carole Beasley Byrd 


Mary Lou Byrd 

B A IN BIOLOGY. Section Leader (2); Beta Beta Beta 

Butler. Pa. 


II; SNEA (41. 

ViRGiE Maureen Cain Favetteville 

B A IN ENGLISH. Elliott Hall Committee (I); Spanish Club (11; NEA. 
NCEA, SNEA (I, 2, 3, 41; Section Leader (31; Junior Assistant (31; Eng- 
lish Club (3, 41; Dorm Committee (4); Junior Show Program Committee 
(3l; YDC (41 

Vickie G.\ye Campbell 

Club (21; Sociology Club 12, 3, 41, 
Legislature (31. 

Medical Technology 

Virginia Ruth Canaday Charlotte 

B.A, IN ENGLISH, Christian Science Org.anization Secretary-Treasurer 
(II. President (2, 41; German Club (1, 2. 4i, Secretary (31; English tlub 
(3, 41; Hall Board (31; Honor Roll (2, 3|; Honors Seminar (31, Uorm 
Committee (1,41; Junior Assistant (31; Interlaith Council (2. 41 

Janet Lee Carmean 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Spanish Club 
Wesley Foundation (I. 2. 3, 41, Dorm ' 


riology Club (2, 3, 4): 





CarpenlfT. C. 


Class of 1965 

CnARLENE Rebecca Carpenter 


B.A, IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Commillee (1, 2. 3, 4(; HjM Board (I); 
Westminster Fellowship (1. 51; EIIioll Hall Special Events Committee (2); 
Junior Show Piiblicilv Committee (31. Sociologv Club (3. 41 

Sarah Ellen Carpenter Chenvvi 

B.A, IN elementary EDUCATION. Section Leader (41; SNEA (3. . 
ACEI (41; Elliott Hall Special Events Committee (21; HAP (21; Sis 
Class Committee (4); Dorm Social Commitlee (3). 

Jac(juely.\ Delores Casey in education. ahea 

Presidcnl (4). Money-Making Commit 
3); Section Leader (3); Junior Assist, 


41; Omicron Nu ( .! 1 . Vk 
irman (4); Honor Roll (I. 
Dorm Commiltee (31; H: 

Frances Keye Casteen Rockinghan 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Elliott Hall Social Cornmitte 
(31; Dorm Committee (3), NEA (4); ACE (3). 

Bonnie J. Caviness 


Betty Jane Chambers Greenslion 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Publicity Commillee. Elliott Hall (1); Band (I) 
Chemislrv Club ( 1. 2. 31; Medical Technologv (3, 41; Beta Beta Beta (3, 41 
Junior Advisor (3); Class Committee (21; Junior Show Commiltee I 3 I. 

Blanca Rosa Chapman Panama. Republic nf Panama 

B.M- IN PIANO. Mu Phi Epsilon (2, 3. 41; Sigma Delta Pi (I. 2. 3, 41. 
Spanish Club (II, Social Chairman (21, Vice-President (31 


.Alice Louise Isley Chastain 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. SNEA (41; Carolini<7ii Staff 


English Cluh (4). 

Kathey Chermak VVashiMgtdn. I). C. 

B A. IN HISTORY, Legislature (Ij; History Club (I, 2, 41, Social Chair- 
man 13); Honor Roll (!. 2, 31; Chemistry Club (II; Honors (2. 3); Phi 
Alpha Theta (4r, Court of Social Regulations (41, 

Jane Lee Chester 

B.A, IN MATHEMATICS, Square Circle (1. : 
2); Elliot! Hall Social Committee (2); SNEA ( 

Margaret Ann Choate 

B,A, IN ENGLISH, TSA (3. 41; English Club ( 

Danville, Va. 



Ciiii'LEY Marie Chlrch 

Group (2, 3 1; Hockey Club (1, 2, 3.41; Ju 
13. 41; WWB (I). 

Jean Louise Cipan 

b.s. in secretarial administration. 

Page 153 

Wilmington. Del. 

Itee (1 l; Senior Dance 
ant (31. Secdon Leader 



class of 1965 

Heeth Hendren" Clark 

Commlllee i.n Lepislalion (2). Secretary (.1); Hall Bo: 
Commission (3 I; Dorm Committee (3); Junior Show 
(4 ) ; SNEA (4) . Junior Assistant ( 3 ). 

Joan Adelia Clark 

B.M. IN EDUCATION. Band (I, 2. 3, 
Board (3); Decorations Committee (2 
I4l; NCFMC (2. 3.4). 

Mount Airy 


Cary Beverley Clarke Fretieritksliurg. Va. 

B S IN physical education. College Band 111. Medical Technology 
Club III. Club (1 ); Carnlinian, Photograrhcr 121. Parents' Week- 
end Chairman 12). Class President (3); Junior Assistant (31. Inter-Class 
Council 13); Tennis Club (31; Junior Dance Group (3); Senior Dance 
Group (3. 41; Class Commission (4); Legislature (2. 4); Rules and By-Law 
Committee (2). Chairman (4); Pine Needles, Photographer (2. 4). 

Cecilia Wright Clifton 

b.a. in elementary education. 

Dorm Section Leader ( I ) ; Chem- 
2. 3); ACEI (3. 4); Junior Show 
ision Member (4); Y'oung Demo- 

LiNDA Lou Cline 


nan 14 1; Dorm Committees (1. 2), Social Chairman (3); Hall Board (21; 
umor Assistant |3|; Junior Show (3); BSU {31, Council (4); YRC (31, 

Virginia Peceen Coble Favetteville 

B.B. IN ENGLISH. English Club (4). 

Martha Willis Collier Wilmington 

B.A IN ENGLISH. Freshman Talent Show. Committee (I ); College Chorus 
(II; Dorm Committees (1,3); French Club (1,2); SNEA (2, 3. 4); Junior 
Show, Committee (31; Senior Class Elections Chairman (4); English Club 
(3), Treasurer (4) 

BiLLiE Sandra Collins IluntersviUi^ 

B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (I, 2, 3); SNEA 
(2, 3, 41; Junior Adyisor (3); Gamma Alpha (3, 4). Publicity Committee 
(3); Seryice League (3); Young Democrats Club (4). 

Carol Lee Collins 

■ Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); SNEA 


I'ameu K\y Collins 

B A IN Silt lOIOGI . 

Mary Carolyn Compton 

b.a. in elementary edut ation. 


Front Roval. Va. 

LoRA Kate Cone 

B A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm C omm 
Assistant JHP (3); UNC-G The, 
queraders (4); Section Leader (4) 

I ppor Moiitclair. N. 

III. Glee Club (1 ); YRC (2. 3. 
(3. 4). English Club (3, 4); M 
„ll,i:„n Staff (4 1. 

Donna Dane Cooke 

leader (2); Ring Committee (2, 3); Junior Assistant (3); Ji 
Committee (3); ACE (3. 41; NEA 13, 4); Finance Board (3) 
Finance Board (4); YDC (4). 


!); Sccti. 

Freda May Cook 

b.s. in secrftarial aoministr ation do 

l,.imm.i Alpha (41; Commcrcijl (II. 


littce (IK 

Sarah Adelaide Corpeninc Morganton 

B,A. IN SPANISH. NSA (1. 2. 3), Co-ordinator (4). Treasurer (31; YDC 
C, 3, 41; El Circulo Hispanico (I. 2. 3). Vice-Pre-Sidem (4). 



Catherine Anne Corson Rochester. N. H. 

B-A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. EllioK Hall Special Events Com- 
miltee (1, 21; SNEA (I I. Dorm Rcpresen(a(ive (41; ACEI (41; Fine 
Needles Staff (31; Junior Assistant (31; Junior Show Committees (31. 

Marcia Anderson Cox 

b.a. in elementary education. don 

SNEA (41. 


Committee (11; 

Jane Brown Cranford 
b.s.s.a. in merchandising. ga 

(31; Junior Commission (31; Section I 
man (1. 31. 

Alpha (3. 4); Junit 

s Chair- 

Laura Frank Crawford Williamston 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Class Commission (I. 4); Dorm 
Committee (I); Section Leader (II; Jacket Committee (II; Hats-Oll Dav 
Committee (21; Assistant House President (21; Daisv Chain Chairman (21; 
Junior Assistant (31; Junior Show (31; Hall Board (2.4); ACEI (31; Inter- 
Class Council (41; SNEA (41. 

.Ann Belie Crowell 

B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Section Leader (II; .Spanish Club 
Circle (3, 41; SNEA (41. 


(31; Square 

Kaye Warner Cropp 

B.S.H.E. IN interior DESIGN. Legislature (I, 
Dance Group (I). Vice-President (21. President ( 
(31. President (41; Senior Marshal (41; Class Ci 

Charlottesville. Va. 

Clara Lynn Crumpler 

B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Senior Marshal (41; Pol 

I Economy Club. Treas- 
14 1; sister c lass Committee (41; Junior 
Elliott Hall Publicity Committee ( I) ; 

Tommie Ann Crltciifield Greenshoro 

B A. IN HISTOR-k Dolphin-Scal ( I. 2. 3). Vice-President (41; Pine Needles 

Patty Elizabeth Wilson Dam pier Ashehoro 

B.A. in ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. SNEA (1.41; ACE (21; Wesley 
Foundation (I. 21; Town Students Association (4|. 

Dorothy Ann Daniel 

Dorm Committee (I. 2. 3. 41; Patents' Dav Cc 
Committee (21; Glee Club (21; AHEA (2. 

Events Committee (2. 31. Chairman (41; Legislature Representative (3. 41 
an of the Board of Directors (41. 


mncil (II; 

(21; Ring 

Elliott Hall Special 

NSID. Secretary (31 

Patricia Kronman Davidson Gr 

(I, 2). Treasurer (3); University Chorus (I, 21; Junior Show ( 


4l; Hillel 





^ *. 

Page 15.") 


D^M^. A. 

Anne Wi.nsteao Dams 

bshe. in foods and nutrition. ju 

Club (2); AHEA (2. J, 4); Dorm Committee ( 

Elm Cil> 

r Assistant (3); Spanish 
; Wesley Foundation (41. 

Barbara Vern Davis 


iltees (I. 2). Chair- 
I ) ; Hall Board ( 2 ) ; Section Leader 
alive (41; Junior Show Committee 

DoRI.'^ ,1e\n Dwis 


Davi-. 1). 
Davis, F. 

Davis. C. 
Davis. P. 

, , .ATION. Universiu ( 1, ,;n1.,' ni.-hcyra ( 

I :r, ACEI (.1.41, SM \ ' I \ : ITeside 
'4i; Wesley Founil i '' ■ '■'<•■' Di 

I.. 1 li.'ll H^presentative (31; Jnlm- I 1 .n.! s,ii,.l,ir (4 
» 4 1 Junior Lecture Chairman (.»!; class Commissii 
Representative to the Committee on Teacher Educatu 

Itandards (41; Sophomore Class Commission (21; Honi 

Frances Jenine Davis 
b a in english. 

Gretchen Charlene Davis 

B.S.H.E. IN clothing. AHEA (1. 
Treasurer (4l; Wesley Foundation (1, 
Board Secretary; Dorm, Devotions Cha 
(,31; Pine Needle! Staff (21, 

Phyllis Ann Davis 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. Service League ( I I 
lish Club (3. 41; Ring Committee (21 ; 

Amelia. La. 


n Club (21; Eng- 
nan (31; Seclion 

S^RAH Josephine Davis Greensboro 

3 1 Square Circle (21; Junior Assistant (3l; Class Newspaper stall ( .' l . 

Flat Roek 


■ (,ommittee (U; AHEA 

Si SAN Elizabeth Davis 

B A IN CHEMISTRY. Chemistry i 
Circle 12, 4); German Club (11; Ju 

Dorothy Jean Dawkins 

B.S,H,E. IN EDUCATION. Chairman of 
(1.2, 3,41; Dorm Committees (I. 21, Chait 

Hilda M.axine De.aton beagnne 

Alpha (3.41; Honor Roll (31. 

J *,NET McCaskill Deaton Seagrove 

B A IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. AHEA (1, 21. Dorm Represenla- 

Carol ,>\nn Dellinger 

Gamma Alpha (1.41; Dorm Committee (11; Daisy C 1 


Fellowship ( 1 I 

Elizabeth Ann Dennim; t.linlon 

B.S.H.E. IN EDUCATION. AHEA (1. 2. 3, 41. SNEA (31. 

Page 156 



SusANME Denton 

B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Section Leader 
Commitlee (2); Commission Member (3); , 
14): SNEA (4(. 


); Hall Board (4j; Dorm 
■ Show Hi; Square Circle 

Sandra Cole Dickens 


B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Junior Dance Group 111; Fresh- 
man Commission (1); Section Leader (11; Senior Dance Group (2); Town 

Nancy Anne Dominick 

B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Parents' Weekend Publn 
chology Club (3, 41; English Club (3. 4l; SNEA !■ 

Joan Katherine Donohle 


Committee Chairman 

(U; Section L. 

cader (4); Em-ciiIi 

vc B..,ird o( Puhli 

SGA Committee 12 1; 

Class Publici 

IV Chairman (2). 

Hals-dff Dav C 

mittee (2); Senior Dai 

(Chairman (21 

; Junior Show \Vr 

iter and Director 1 

Class Commission (2. 

3); DaisvChai 

13, 4); ACE (3. 4). 

Jllia Ann Doolittle Kiri.siuii 

B.A. IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Caduccus Cluh (II, I. iiller I abora 
tory Scholar (2, 3, 4); Medical Technology Club (31, President (.ll. 

Linda Fran'ces Dore Norliiia 

B.S.H.E. IN education. AHEA II, 2, 3, 4), Dorm Committee (1); 
Section Le.ider 13); NEA 14 1; Senior House President 14). 

Linda Ruelle Downs Winstoii-Salem 

B A. IN MATHEMATICS. Square Circle II. 2, 3), First Vice-President (4); 
German Club (1, 2); Junior Show (3); Student Curriculum Committee 13, 
4i; Hall Board 14); Elliott Hall Commitlee 111; Honor Roll (2); History 

Jeanne Denise DlBose 

II, 2); Spanish Club (1, 2); ACEI 

Mellissa Noble Durvtn 

Richmond. Va. 

, Assistant News Editor 121; WLS 
; Junior Assistant (3); Phi Alpha 

Class of 1965 

Martha Ann Dickerson North Wilki-shom 


B.A. IN SPANISH. El Circulo Hispanico (1, 2, 3. 4); Dorm Committee 1 1, 
2); SNEA (4). 

Pamelle Jane Dickson Brevard 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. NSA Dorm Representative ID; Co-Chairman Game- 
room Committee (1); Hall Board 12); Junior House President |3); Junior 
Show (3); President of Student Government (4); State Student Legislature 


Nancy Hollingsvvorth Dixon Reidsville 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Section I e.ider (11. RA Repre- 
sentative 13.4); NCEA 14); ACEI 14). 

Margaret Andrea Dobson Waviteslmri). Va. 

B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. YRC 13), Publicity Chairman l'3 I ; Senior House 
President 14). 




Page 1,S7 

class of 1965 

Rebecca Jane Eagle 

B.A. IN HISTORY. LSA (1). Hospilality Cha 
millee 12): Honor Roll (1. 2. 31; Honors 11. 21 

Barbara Louise Edwards 

B.A. IN HISTORY. Peace College II. 21. 
13. 41. History Club 13. 41; Golf Club 

Edith Anne Edwards 

SNEA 14 ); Class Scholarship Chairman 12). 

Garue Bonita Edwards 




hnslian Fellowship 
Y'oung Democrats 

ACE 13. 4); 

• 1 1. 2. 31 ; Senior 


Harriett Spencer Eiler 

I3l; SNEA 12. 3. 4); ACEI 13. 4). Dorm Commit 
Club I I. 2. 3. 41. 

Natalie Eloise Eller 

B a. in SOCIOLOG^■. LSA II. 4). Hospjtality Cha 
dem (31; Sociology t lub 13. 4); Leijistature 13. 41. 
lion. Bv-Laws Committee (31. State Student Legislatu 
Board (3. 4|; Junior Assistant 13); Commission 14) 

Jo Ann Elliot 

12); Hall Board 12); SGA. Secretary 13). Vice-Presidei 
41; Junior Show 131; State Student Legislature Delegati 



Emily He.\th Ellis Petersburg. Va. 

B M IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Greensboro Orchestra II); University Band 
(I) University Choir (2. 3. 4); Junior Show (3); Junior Assistant 13); 
Daisv Chain 12); NFMC 1 1. 2. 3. 4). Treasurer 12); MENC 13.4); NCMEC 
11 4)' AGO II, 2. 3). Treasurer 14); Carohnian Music Editor 13); Mu Phi 
Epsilon 1 1 . 2 ) . Treasurer 14). Warden 13); Honor Roll (II. 

Frances Marian Ellise 

. Monroe 

B A," IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Wingate Junior College II); Dorm 
Committees 12) Chairman (1. 4); Medical Technology Club 12); ACEI 
Ml Secreiarv (41; SNEA 141; Y'oung Democrats Club (41. 

Jam( E Marilyn Elmore Gastonia 


Alice Abbott Ely 


B M IN MUSIC EDUCATION. College Choir (I. 2. 3. 4); Mu Phi Epsilon 
12. 3.4); Dorm Social Commillee (3); MENC (3. 41 . NCMEC (3. 4) ; AGO 



Joyce Amta Epley Mtirganlon 

BS.H.E. IN interior DESIGN. NSID 13). Secretary (4); YRC (2l. 

Maija .'\. Ernesto.ns 
b f a in education 


Alice Anna Facc Franklin 

B,A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Spanish Club (1. 2); Seclion 

'""■ " .. .. - ■ (2, .1); SNEA (3, 41; Young Demo- 

iimillce <1. 2, .1. 4). 

Ren\ (athekine Farrell 

b a. in prinlvri education, ace (3, 4)-. snea (3. 4) 



Abbey Jo Farthing Winston-Saln 

B,S.H_E, IN EDUCATION. Wake Forest CollCBe (I, 2); Dorm tommiKci 

Marsha Pamela Faust Greensboro 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Iniervarsilv Christian Fellowship (3). Vice-Presideni 
14); Sicma Delta Pi (1. 3. 41. President |2|; Alpha Kappa Delta (1. 41; 
SociolO(;y Club 13. 4), 

Ruth Elizabeth Fielder Waynesboro Va 

B.I- A. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Elliott Hall Publicity and Fine Arts' Com- 
mittees I 1. 2(; Wesley Foundation (1 1 ; Art Club (2. 4); Honor Roll (3l. 

Mary Rebecca Fields 

.Assistant |3); CU Council (3), Delegation Chair 


s (1, 2); Junior 
SNEA (3, 4); 

Nancy Elizabeth Finan Albemarle 

BM_^IN ORGAN. Dorm Committee (1. 2); AGO II. 2. 31, Secretary (4); 
Mu Phi Epsilon I 1 , 2. 4 1 , Chaplain (3); Districting Committee (3|- Junior 
Assistant (31; Junior Show Committee (3); College Choir (1. 2, 3)', Secre- 

Lily Connally Wiley Fine 
b.f.a. in painting. 

S>andra Carolyn Fisher 
b.s.h.e. in education. 



Theresa Ann Foster Mocksvillc 

B SHE. IN EDUCATION. Brevard College (1.2); AHEA (3. 4). 4-H Club 

Ella Paige Fowler Salishur 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Imervarsitv Christian Fellowship (1,2) Vicc-Pr'esidei 
1 3 ). President 1 4 1 , College Band ( 1 ) . 

Patricia Anne Fox 
b she. in education. 

Siler City 

Nancy Ellen Frank Princeton N J 

B.S IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Dolphin-Seal (1, 3. 4), Secretary (2)' 
Major Class Vice-President (21; RA Lifesaving Assistant Instructor (2) 



New York. N. Y. 

3. 4); Tennis Club (1): 

EliZAUETH Kll.lA FnsNKF.l. 

B,A. IN sot llil in.\ s , Club (1, 

\fsptTi Commiiui li llii:.l i ; i . Basketball ( 1, 2. 4) ; Dorm Ele. 
Chairmjn Ci; Asmi mi Mis, Fresideni (31; Junior Show 13); Senior 
Citizen Staff (4i. lj,.uii i ..iinuiucc |4); Hall Board Member (4); Com- 
mission Member (Jl. VDC l4l. Commencement Invitatiins Committee (41. 

Jane Sharon Frazier 

b.s.h.e. in education. 

Hieh Point 

Victoria Ruth Chia-Linc Fu 

Joan Minnette Flerstman Charlotte 

B.M IN VolCi; LctislJlurc 111; Choir (1. 4), Treasurer (21. Secretary 
|3|. Hillel 111. Dorm Committee (1); Chorale 12. 3. 4); Mu Phi Epsilon 
12. 1. 41. Re.idtrs and Writers Club (2); German Club (3, 41; MTNA (3). 
USO Tour 14 1; Opera Workshop (3. 4). 

Gloru Hinton Fuller 


Roll ( 1. 2. 3); 

Brenda Thornton Furches Gieensl 

B.S.H.E. IN EDUCATION. Spanish Club (I). AHEA 12, 3. 4l. J 

Patricia Anne Gabriel Green 

Gamma Alpha 13. 41. Co-Editor of the SpolHshl (41. Board Repi 
131; Junior Assistant (3); Canterburv Club II. 2. 3). Secret 
Committees (3. 41. 

Genevieve Elizabeth Gaither 

B \ IN MMHIMATICS. Dorm Committee! 

ol -I ii s.|u.irf Circle (I, 2. 3. 41; Westr 
Sf.ui.ui iji \ I spcrs Board (3); Junior Con 
toiiiKil I *). SNF,\ 13, 4). Dorm Representi 

Janice Josephine Gann Stoneville 

B.A IN PSVCHoLOC.Y. Chorus (1); Caduceus Club (1, 21; Psychology 

Alice Elizabeth Garrett Mocksville 

B.M. IN MUSIC education. Glee Club (1. 2); Choir (3. 4|; Mu Phi 
Epsilon (41. 

Sammie Carol Gatlin Franklinville 

B.S.H.E. IN education. Danforth Award ( 1 ) ; AHEA I 1. 2, 4 1 . Second 
Vice-Chairman (3). Chairman of Student Program and Policv Committee 
14 i; Facultv-Sludent Curriculum Committee (3. 41; Glee Club 11.21; Dorm 

J vNE Ellen Gentry 


San Francisco. Calif. 

Mary Johnston Gilley Leaksville 

B.M. IN VOICE. Honor Roll 11. 2, 3. 4); Commission (2); Band (1. 21; 
NCFMC (1. :. 3. 4i; Mu Phi Epsilon 12 1, Chorister (31. Secretary 141; 
Choir (1.2. 3.4); Chorale (2. 3.4); Opera Workshop (3,4); USO Tour (4). 



Class of 1965 

Barbara Gillis Mount Olive 

B,A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Glee Club (2. 31, SNEA (2. 3, 41. 

BiLLiE Lee Glass Concord 

B.A IN BIOLOGY. Suinl Marv\ Junior Colleee ll. 2l. Publicilv Com- 
millee. Junior Show (31; Section Leader (3. 41; Legislature (4 1; Beta Beta 

Anna Delton Godfrey Cliarlc 

B.S.HE- IN EDUCATION. AHEA (I, 2. 3, 41; Dorm Representative ( 
Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3, 41; Section Leader (41. Pine NiTif/ei Staff ( 

Georganna Gold 

Leader (21; Rat Dav Committee (21; Elsctions Board (2, 31 
Elections Board (41; Commission (2. 31; ACE (3. 41; NEA 
Show Committee (31; YDC (41. 

Linda Jo Goode 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Section Leader i 


I, 2|; Section 


Diana Carol Gorman Southern Pines 

Representative (41; Universilv Choir (1, 2. 3. 41; Spanish Club (21; Dorm 
Commiltec (1. 2. 41. Chairman |31. Junior .Show Committee (31; Daisv 

Judy Thompson Gray Statesville 

B.S. IN HOME ECONOMICS. St. Andrews Presbyterian College (I ■■ 1 
Hall Board (3|; AHEA (3. 41; Dorm Committee (41; Masqueraders 141'. 

Jeanette Frances Grayson Spindale 

B A. IN HLSTORY. NSA (I. 2. 41, Co-Ordinator (11; Legislature (4)- 
Chairman Social Concerns Committee (41; National Student Congress Dele- 
gate 13, 41; CCUN (3. 4|; History Club (2, 3, 41; German Club (121; Hall 
Board (2 1; Dorm Commiltees (1 21 

Frances Lynn Greathouse Durliam 


Nancy Jo Gregson Liberty 

B.A. IN HISTORY. Section Leader (31; Dorm Committees (3. 4l; History 
Club 13. 41; Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4|; SNEA (3, 41; Dorm Elections Board 

Betty Sle Grice Favetteville 

B A IN SOCIOLOGY. Brevard College (1, 21; YDC (3, A)': Sociology 

Elizabeth Ann Grier 

41; NEA (41; Dorm Social Com 


i Presbyterian College (1,21, AHEA (3. 

Melba Sue Griffin 

B.A, IN elementary EDUCATION, 


class of 1965 

JiDY Ann Grocan Mavodan 

B A. IN MATHEMATICS. Square Cjrtle (1.2. 3.4); YDC (4); SNEA (4). 

Doris Simpson Grl bbs 

an Club II. 

Kfrners\ ille 
Engliih Club i4i; IDC ill; 

Madge Cakoi. Glffey 

II. 41. Secrelar> l^l. Presidenl 1 .1 1 ; NSID 

iCIub 1.1. 41; 4.H Club 
oard of Directors (4); 

FR.ANI ES \\\ C,l II E 
B A IS M'I'l IF 1) \U su 

Gn.sse Pointe Park. Mich. 
hi: 1 ) ; Canierburv Club (2. 3. 4); 

41, Sinfonia 12. 3, 4); Glee Club 
rn D.inee Group (2). 

Delores ,'\nn Hahn 


B A. IN ORGAN. Honor Roll 11.2, 3, 4), Mu Phi Epsilon il. 2). Historian 
I 31. President (41; N. C. Federation of Music Clubs 1 I. 2.4 l, Vice-President 
13); Greensboro Association of Lutheran Students 11.2. 3. 4); French Club 
( 1); Dorm Committee II ). 

Phyllis Ann Hall Salemburg 

B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. 4.H Club II). Intramurals in 
Basketball 11. 2. 3. 4); Pianist for Commercial Graduation (3); Junior 
Alpha (3. 41; TC VIII (3. 4). Junior Show (31; 

Tia Alpha Spotlight Co 

Mary Ann Hvrf, 

■iDC (4). 


Sandra Louse Harcis 

b.a. in elfmentar'l edl (. ation. acei 

(.irculo Espaniil (I l; Dorm Committees II. 2. 31 

Elizabeth Leah Harper 

b a. in elementary education. snea 1 

I 1, 4); ACE 13. 4); Dorm Committee (3), 

Enid Mitchell Harrell 
bssa in mert. handising 

SNEA (3. 4); EI 


; NEA i3. 4); ACEI 

Niirfolk. Va. 


Ina Jean Harris Grei^nslicirn 

B A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Special Events Committee ol 
Elliott Hall II); Freshman Class Commission Member 111; Elliott Hall 
Council Representative (31; Junior Show (. ast 13); TSA 1). 3). Secretary- 

Barbara C. Harrison 
bssa in education. 

CMilll. .\n\ H MiT 



Page 162 

Tkri Lee Hart 

B A. IN SPANISH. NSA Represcnu 
{2): Member of Spanish Honor Fr 
H;ill Board (3); Spanish Club <J. 4) 

M\n\ tJAYi.E Hartis 


San Juan, Puerto Rico 

i; Court of Social Regulations 
(2. .1). President (4): TSA 



Frances Lewis Hartline 

miiiee Chairman l.O; Dorm Committees (1. 2. .1 1 . Elli 
(.1). Senior Marshal (4); German Club (I, 2); Junior 5 

41, Com- 

Na.\m ,h\i: IUtley Uaklioru 

B.A IS M IMI NTARY EDUCATION. Daisy Chain (2); Junior As- 
sisl.ini ( 1), .lnnii>r Show Marshal (.1); Class Ticket Committee (.1); Dorm 
Commiiiii iJi, Dorm Council (4); Honor Roll (2. 3); SNEA (3. 4); 
AC El (.1. 41. 

Lana Agnes Hawk Gary 

B.A. IN SPANISH. Mars Hill College (1, 2); Section Leader (3); SNEA 
(3, 4); Spanish Club 14). 

Barbara JeaiN Hawkins 

b.s. in home economics education. ahea (1. 2. 

Delta Pi (2, 4), Secretary <3); Omicron Nu (3), Treasurer (4). 



Karen Pearce Hayes 

B. A. IN history. Service League ( 1 
mitiee (2, 3); Social Science Forum Ci 
1 3. 4); Golden Chain (3). Secretary 

,4); Honor Court (41; Daisy Chain (2 

Louisville. Ky. 
Section Leader (2); Ring Com- 
mittee 13. 4); Phi Alpha Theta 
Student Faculty Relations Com- 
President (3); Honors Program (I. 2, 


Roll {I. 3, 4) 

Carolyn Spencer Haynes 

B A. IN PSYCHOLOGY'. Junior Advisor (3); 1 
Committee (3); Psi Chi (31, Vice-President (4 


Marianne Alstin Hedcpeth 


IN MATHEMATICS. Class Treasurer (1): Commission Member 
Hall Board (21; Ring Committee (2, 3); Golf Club (2. 41; Junior 
' (3); Junior House President (3); Legislature (3); Square Circle (4). 

Wynema JiNE Helms 


J \i:QtiEi.iNE Avon Hendrick 

B A. IN BIOLOGY. Junior Assistant ( 
Beta Beta Beta (3). President (4); Seci 
N. C. Academy of Science (4); Natioi 
Grant (3); Committee on Classification t 
(2. 41. 

'amela S. Henry 
i a in mathematics. 

Barbara Sue Hensley 
b.a. in mathematics. ho 

Square Circle (3, 4). 

Forest City 


Maple (;ieii. Pa, 





CaI.FN4 \f«KM- llniUIN 
B.A IS Hlsl(>li^ I ' 

Clermont. Ha. 

); Section Leader (1): Hall 
2); Elliolt Hall Committee 
or Show (3); Student Repre- 
, 41; CU Representative (41. 

Ci.Ai DiA Leigh Hekiung Roseboro 

B,A. IN ELEMENTAR1 EDUCATION. Junior Commission (.1); ACEI 
Of. Junior Show (.11; SNEA 141; Senior Marshal (41; Finance Board (4); 
YDC (4). 


Martha Hele.n Hill 


; Hall Board 14); Servi 

Heidi Ann Hinkleman East Hartford. Cmin. 


Elizabeth Hitchcock 

B F A. Dorm Commillees ( 1. 2. .1. 
Pin,- NreJIc-i Staff (.'). Art Club I 

REr.ECc\ riE\ERi,Y Hniir.iH 

B A IS M I Ml S I \K^ I 1)1 1 

unior Show (31; Junior Advisor (3); 
). Dance Group (2, 3). 


)N Dorm Representative to Elliott 
Dorm Representative to Interfaith 
1(2); ACEI (2. 3); Council Member 
Jem 14); NEA (4); Hall Board 14). 

Rosemary B. Hoffman Raleigh 

B.A IN GERMAN. German Club II, 4i, President (2); French Club (4); 
UCCF (1.2); Interfaith Council (2 ); Honors Program ( I, 21; College Band 
( 1 ) ; Junior Year Abroad. Heidelberg. Germany ( 3 ) ; Hall Board ( I ) ; Section 
Leader ( I ). 

Charlotte Jean Holder 

BA IN HISTORY. Spanish Club (3, 

Christine Peter.'^on Holland 
b.a in elementary education. 

Plava Del Rev. Calif. 


Valerie Holleman 

Mary Mei.imh Holmes 

B A IN ENt.LLSH Dorm Con 
.V.V,//.> (2, 4). lnJe\ 

Baltimore. Md. 

;-President I 3), Recording 

BSU (I. 2. 3, 4); Pine 
(3); Junior Show (31; 

); English Club (3.4); SNEA ( 

Doris J. Honevcutt Hickory 

Council 14); Dorm Committee (2); BSU (2), Council (31. Treasurer (4). 

Virginia Lee Horsman 

B.A. IN sociology. Dorm C 
Hall Board (4). 


ology Club ( 3, 


l*age 164 


Class of 1965 

M. Dorothea Hostettler Charlotte 

B A. IN BIOLOGY. 4-H Club (I. 2). Junior Assistant 111; Honor Court 
(?l; Beta Beta Beta 13). Vice-President (4); German Club (4|. WLS (?, 4). 

Marjorie Linda Hoyle 


Mary Ann Hubbard Charlotte 


Emily Marie Huckabee M( Leansville 

B.S.H.E. IN EDUCATION. Greensboro College (I, 2); TSA (3); AHEA 


Agnes Scott Hudson 

b s. in physical education. 

June Marie Huff 
b a. in history. 

Linda Best Hufham 

B.A. IN SPANISH. CU Representai 
Spanish Club. Treasurer (3). 


Ridgewoofl. N. J. 


(1.21; Spanish Club i 

Constance Elizabeth Hughes 
b m. in education. 

Lvnchhur". Va. 

Jane Greknu \-i Hi nsucker Greenville 

BA. IN MAIHI MAUI s Spanish Club (II; French Club (2. 31; Square 

Ann Hampton Hunt 

Nancy Carmen Hunt 

b.s.h.e. in interior design. ahea (i. 

' Club (2. 4). Secre- 
.41; Honor Roll ( 1, 


.41; NSID (3. 41. 

Hunt. A. 
Hunt. N. 

Carol Lorraine Hunter 

B.A. IN history. Dorm Commi 

Peggy Joyce Hussey 

B.S. IN sociology. Dorm Corr 
ology Club (2. 4), Publicity Chairm 


Club I 1. 41; SNEA 


(1. 21; YRC (I. 2. 3. 4r. Soci- 


class of 1965 

Susan Elizabeth Hutchinson 

.|nh„M,n, A, 

lohn-oii. I . 


Atkins Woodland. 
Marion. Va. 

4); Canterbury Club (2); YDC 

Charlotte Lee Jack Arlington. Va. 

B A IN BIOLOGY. Medical Technology Club (1. 2, 3. 4): Chemistry Club 
1 1. :i; Beta Beta Beta (3, 4); Caduceus Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Dolphin-Seal (1, 
2. 1. 41; Junior Dance Group (4); BSU (2. 3. 4). 

Pamela Anderson Jackson Lynchburg. Va. 

B S H E. IN CLOTHING. Transfer Lynchburg College (1); Home Eco- 
nomics Club (2, 3. 4); .Section Leader (31; Junior Assistant (31. TSA (4). 

Kn Jo\N Jacobs 

Allentiiun. Pa. 

IN PinSK AL rni^CATlON Dolphin-Seal (1. 21, Prcsidenl (4), 

-i l;,i,.:.i, % .M .!i. 41 12). Council 13. 41, Weekend Rec- 

I < I ' I .surer (31, RA Honor Group 13), 

Evie Rosalee Jarvis .Mnimt Airv 

B-A, IN elementary EDUCATION. ACEl (3); SNEA 11.4); Square 
Circle (2); Dorm Camnnltee (41, YDC (4); BSU (II. 

.Ann McCtEE Johnson Ahoskie 

BSSA IN Mil cation. Ciirolwian Business Staff (1); Dorm Social 
(..imiiiim I 1. :i. ti.imma Alpha (3, 4); NSA Representative (Town Slu- 
deniM i4i 1 llHiii H.ill Special Events Committee (4); TSA (4); West- 

CoRNELiA Miller Johnson 

Hall Board (3); IDC (4); ACE (4); SNEA (4 


i Junior College (1, 2); 

J..m-. 11. 

Judith ,4nn Johnson 

b she. in education. ahea (1, 

Mary .'Xnn Johnson 
bssa. in merchandising. 

) ; Dorm Com- 

PvTRiciA Elizabeth Johnson Spartanburg. S. C. 

B S IN PHY'SICAL EDUCATION. RA Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Golf Club Head 

Dolores Anne Jones 
b.s s a in education j 


.Inn.-, C. 
.|..n.-, L, 

Carolyn Je\n Jones 

Linda Vk.toru Jones 

b a in elementar^■ education do 

Scholarship Committee (3); Daisy Cham (2); 
ACE (31, President (4). 


Spanish Club. Publicity 

Gaston ia 

LoRA Ann Jones 



M\K(i\ r.n(». DEN Jones Kinston 

US l\ lil-i SK Al EDUCATION. Assistant House President (2); Legis- 
1,11 ij It ( : ) , 1 1. ill Hit.ird ( 2) ; Hoclcev (2. .1, 4); Senior Dance Group (2, .1 ) , 
I l.i>.s c ,..uinisM>iii (.1); Junior Speaker Major Council (3); Chairman Dorm 

M\nsii\ \nn Jones Aslieville 

BA IN PSM HCILOGY. Social Committee (1); Sophomore Commillee |2|. I ejzislature Representative (2); Psychology Club (.1, 4); 
A^MM..nt Junior House President (.1); NSA Representative (41; Publicity 
Cli.urm.m 141; Junior Advisor (.1). 

Martha Ann Jones 

ba. in elementary education. do 

1-1, 4); ACE (3, 4). 


2); SNEA 

Nancy Carolyn Jones Swanshorn 


Brenda Ann Joyce Stoneville 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Mars Hill College (1. 21; NEA 

Betty Jo Julian 

BSHE, IN education, Elon College (1. 2);TSA ( 
Honor Roll (2, 31, 


; AHEA (3, 41 

.lon.-s. 1„ 
,|oi„ -, Man ia 

Jones. -Marsh, 
Jones. Maillii 

Judith Louise Kartt 

Tampa. Fla. 

Jones, \. 

l2. 4); Social Chairman (31; Masquei 
Economics Club 1 1. 2. 3. 4|; Dorm R, 

mmillee Chairman 111; Spanish Club 
raders 13.4); Hillel 11. 2, 3|; Home 
eprescnlaliye (2 1, 


Mary Christina Kauffman 

Washington. D. C. 


Suzanne Parker Kaye 



Geraldine Jo Kennedy 


B A, IN HISTORY, NEA (1,4); Pwe 
YDC 14), 

Needles Staff (3); History Club (4); 


Grace Kay Kennett 



B A, IN ECONOMICS, Dorm Commit 
12. 3. 4), Vice-President (4); Student 
4); Section Leader (31. Honor Roll C 

tee (1. 2. 3); Political Economy Cluh 
Advisory Curriculum Commitiee (3. 

M. Susan Kessler 








JlLlE B. Kestenb^um 


New York. N. Y. 

JlDY Ann KlNARU Concord 

B.A. IN ELEM[:NTAR^ EDUCATION. Hall Board (1); Dorm Com- 
millees (1. 2l; Daisy Chjin Cl; Commission (2, 4); Rules Committee (21; 

Knit;. I- 
Kill". J. 

Carolyn .Sle Kenc 

bsh e in education, ahea (1. 

Jamce Yvonne King 

b s s.a in bu.sines.s education. don 

111: C.amm.i Alpha 1 .1. 4 I ; YDC (4). 

LoiTSE CiRRiE King 

( iitle 12. .<. 4l; Basketball Tea 


l-H Club (2); 


. 4); SNEA 


; Daisy Chain (2). Square 
er Fellowship (11; SNEA 

Ji NE KiRBY Luiaiua 

(11; Section Leader (1. .1). Junior Assistant (,'); Junior Show Usher (31; 
Gamma Alpha (.3. 41; Honor Court Recording Secretary (41; Dorm Secre- 
tary-Treasurer (4); Gamma Alpha Representative (31, President (4). 

Dorothy Jean Kirk 
b a in mathematics 

Margaret John Kirkman 

b m. in theory and composition. do 

Secretary of Vespers Board 12 1; Interfailh Cou 
College Orchestra (1); Ci3llege Band (1. 21, Ch 

FIelen Jane Kirkpatruk 

b a- in mathematics. snea 

Linda Dale Kirkim 






Patty Ann Kisselbrack Chester. Coiiii, 

B s IN PH-i SICAL EDUCATION. Wesley Foundation |2|, Secretary (3|. 
Prisideni |4|, SetiKin Leader (4); Varsity Basketball (I, 31; Co-OfI Club 
12. 1. 41. Field Hockey II, 2, 3, 41; Volleyball Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); 

FraN(;;es .\nn Knight Cherryyil 

Hall Special Events Commiltee (2|; Dorm Social Committee (41; Sist 
Class Committee (41. HAP (2l. 

Jacquelyn Hazel Knight 

b.a. in english. snea ( 1 r, bsu 11. 2. 3. 

Secretary (41; Section Leader (2); English Club i 


Mary Hall Knox Koointz Cleveland 

B A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. SNEA (I, :. 3. 4); Lceislature 
Rcpresenlalive (2); Dorm Cnmmitlec (2. .3). Junior Commission Member 
(1); Section Leader (41. 

Class of 1965 

Carol Ann K.nott Durha 

B.F-A. IN EDUCATION Modern Dance Club (2)^ Art Club I :i I ; Soc 

Willie Mae Knott Raleigh 

Club (.1. 41 ; 4.H Club (4 1; Dnrm Commiltee I}. 41; English Club (41; 

Carole Ann Knotts Charlotte 

B A. IN HISTORY. Class President (II; Legislature (1,4)1 SGA Treasurer 
(21; Hall Board (2. 3); Elections Board Secretary (3); Junior Show (3); 
Phi Thela (3, 41; Daisy Chain (21. 

Ji'DiTH Elaine Kornegay Anierts(jii 

B A. IN HISTORI. 4-H Club (II; Social Chairman (2); Section Leader 
I 2 1 ; Elholl Hall Representative ( 2 ) ; YDC ( 2, 4 1 ; Spanish Club (21; History 
(3, 41; Wesley Foundation (II; SNEA (4). 

Susanna Kay Kouns 


B.A. IN HISTORY. Commission Member (II; Finance Board (2. 31. .Sec- 
tion Leader (3). Junior Assistant (31; House President (41; Phi Alpha Theia 
(3, 41; SNEA (41; History Club (3. 41. 

Mae Holliday Kowal Decatur. Ala. 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY'. Beta Beta Beta (4); Medical Technology Club (1. 2. 3. 
41; Dorm Committee (I). 

Nancy Cooper Kredel 
b.m. in violin. 

Debora Lynn Kreecer 
b a in psychology. 

Charleston. S. C. 
Potoniar. Mrl. 

RosALYN Krick Atlanta. Ga. 

Commillee (ll; Dorm Commiltee (I. 31; Hillel (I, 2. 3. 4); Home Eco- 
nomics Club ( 1. 2. 3. 41; AHEA (2. 3. 4); Spanish Club (21. 

Ronnie Kolari Kltciiei 
b a in sociology. 


Susan Elizabeth Lance 

B.S.S.A. IN secretarial ADMINISTRATION. Dorm Com 
3); EllioK Hall Council Representative (1, 41; Canterbury Club ( 
Junior Show (31; Student Advisorv Curnculum Committee Membe, 

Virginia Carole Lane 




class of 1965 


Sarah Ruth Langston 

B.S HE Ih 


TEXTILES. Si. Mary's Junior CoUcge (1); Recreation Asso- 
ciaiion C abinet (2 ) . Junior Class Treasurer (3); Honor Court Member (4 ) . 
Omicron Nu l,1|. President 14); Golden Chain (3). Social Chairman 14). 
Special Events Committee. Elliott Hall (2. 3); Junior Show (3 1; Sigma 
Delta Pi 12, 3. 4); Honor Roll 12); AHEA 131; Dorm Program Committee 

(3); Ju 

" Assistant (3); Class Day Chairmai 

Marct4 Gentry Latham Raleigh 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. Canterbury Club l2l; Dorm Committee (2); Junior 
Dance Club 12 I. Senior Doortag Chairman (4). 

Patricia Jordan Lawless 

Psychology Club (3.4); Psi Chi (3l, 
President (4); Social Science Forur 
Laboratory Assistant (3). 


i I ; Sociology Club I 3. 4 ) ; 
; Alpha Kappa Delta (3), 
Roll (2. 3); Psychology 


Rachel Mae Layne 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Sociology Club 13 

Mary Marlene Lebras 

(31; Publicity Committee (4); Basketball 

Beatrice Lolise Lee 

Slsan Lee 

B.M. Choir (1. 2. ; 
Junior Party Chain 
Member i " 



; Elholt Hall Fir 


Margaret Sue Lemmond 

4); Chancellor's Art Award (3); Honor Ri 

Brenda Lee Lentz 

B A IN SOCIOLOGY'. Sociology Club (3. 

(!uiuL \n\ Levinson 

BS IN PinslCAL EDUCATION. Bapli- Mudenis' Chairman (3. 4|; Treasu 
Majors (3); Senior Class Project 
tion in Volleyball and Basketball (2. 3, 4 

; Art Club (2, 3. 


YDC (4 1. 


Student Union (2. 3, 4); Inler- 
?r of Junior Physical Education 
4); Coaching and OfRcia- 

\l Mci l»\iiiiK\ Lewis 

H \ l\ I RI N( H Dorm Cheerleader 

( niiiinissinn i4i. Social Committee Elliot 
Junuii Sh.u> 111, le Cercle Francais (41 

Upper Montclair. N. J. 
11; Dolphin-Seal (I. 2); Senior 
Hall (21; Parents' Weekend (2); 


Mxin Ai.K y. Lineberger 

B A IN SPANISH, Section Lead. 
p.iiiKo (1. 21; Piihlicilv Chairman 
Sigm.i Delta Pi (3. 4); Honor Rol 

Bardara Jane Link 

b a in elementary education. bsu 

PrcMiknl (4); Dorm Committee (2); Intcrfaith ( 
111; ACE 13. 41; SNEA 14); Marshal (4). 

El Circulo Hi! 


Slsan Lee Litchfield 
bs.h.e. in interior design. 

Hetty Gray Livermon Wiiulsur 


Dee A-Nne Lofland Winstdn-Salrm 

B-A. IN ENGLISH, French Club I I, 21; Spanish Club C. M, EuBlish Chib 
(Jl. Class Commissum ( .1 I ; NSA C 31. 

LiNin \i.ii E Long 


MicnELE Anne Looney Weslfield. N. J. 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Marshal (4); Hall Board (4); 
NEA (41; Dorm Social Chairman (.1); Spanish Club (1); Newman Club 
I 2. 4); Elliott Hall Special Events Commillee (2); ACEI <4). 

Patricia Ann McAlister 
b a. in french. 


Eleanor Kay McClintock Greensboro 

B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Glee Club (I. 2); Inlervarsily (I, 
2. 3. 41; TSA ll. 2. 3. 4|; Hall Board Member (2); Gamma Alpha (3. 4). 

Elizabeth Dabney McClung Waynesboro. Va. 

B.ME. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. University Choir (3. 4); University 
Chorale (3. 4i. University Band (1. 2. 3); University Orchestra (2); Mu 
Phi Epsilon (2. 3. 41; Daisy Chain (2); Junior Show (3). 

Ellen O'Hear McCoy Greensboro 


Gail Annette McCoy Franklin 

B.SS.A. in MERCHANDISING. Brenau College (I); YDC (2, 3. 4) 
Gamma Alpha (3.41; Golf Club I 3 I 

Mildred Elaine Bell McCoy 

Committee (2 I; YDC (21; Gamma Alpha 

Gayle Walker McDonald 

b a. in elementary education. 


(I, 21; Elliott Hall 


Betty Josephine McDowell Salisbury 

141; ACE (4). 






McCoy. E. 

McCoy. G. 

McCoy. M. 

W O 

Sarah Anne McGee 

SiNA Irene McGimpsey 


Betty Jean McKee 

B.A IN ENGl ISH. Dnrm 


State Teacher's College 11. 2); 



Judith Hlngerforu McLean Corning. N. Y. 

B.S. IN PHISKAL EDUCATKjN. RA Dorm Representative 111; Awards 
Chairman (2l; Extramurals Chairman 131; President of Co-Off Club (41; 
Co-Editor Maiors Voice 131; AAHPER (1. 2, 3, 4); NCAAHPER ll. 2. 3. 

Iamce McLamb McMahon 


Margaret Janice McNeill Red Springs 

B-A. IN MATHEMATICS. Westminster Fellowship (1). Treasurer (21, 
Worship Chairman 131. Svnod Representative (4); Square Circle (3. 4): 
SNEA (^. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 41; Senior Cla " 

M.Mali.. n 

Hope Foster McRorie North Wilkesboro 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Drama (II; BSU (II; Elliott Hall Social Committee 
(2. 3|; Sociolopv Club (1. 4); EM.oll Hall Special Events Committee (41; 
^DC (4 1. 

Carol Ann Maguire Rumson. N. J. 

B A. IN ELEMENTARI' EDUC ATION. NSA (11; SNEA (3. 4); Section 
Leader (41; Junior Show (J I. Newman Club (1. 2. 3. 41. 

Mauelynn Suzanne Maney 

Publicily Chairman (41. Sipma Alpha (3. 41; 


Mary Ellen Mangum Glen Alpine 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Honor Court (3.41; Ciolden Chain (41; Beta Beta Beta 
(3.41; Elections Chairman (21; LcBisIaturc (I); Honor Roll (2. 31. 

Patricia Eileen Maready Chinquapin 

B S H I IN ( I OTHINd Westminster Fellowship ( 1 I ; AHEA ( 3, 4). 

Caroline Holt Marr Winslon-Salem 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Medical Tcchnoloey Club (1. 2. 3. 41. Section Leader 
(2. 31. Dorm Basketball ( I. 2. 3. 41, 

Elok:e Joyce Martin Fallstnn 

B.SS.A, IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Gamma Alpha (3.41. SNEA (3.4), 
NBEA (3,41; Junior Assistant (3). 


\bitMi. I'dlsy 

Gloria Rebecca Martin Lawsonville 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. El Circuki Hispanico (r. 2. 31; Brooks Scholar II, 2, 
-'.41; Cutler Scholar (41; Medical Technology Club II. 2. 3. 41; Chemislry 

Patsy Anne Martin 

B.A. IN FRENCH Junior Year Abroad HI; 1 
VVestminsler Fvllowihip I I. 2. 41. 

Priscilla Lane Martin 

BA. in mathematics. Honor Roll II. 2. 


■ Francaik (2. .1. 41; 


Teresa Ann Martin Fallstm 

B A IN PS'.CHIII.OCIY. Psvchologv Club 12. .1, 41; Student Advisor 
Curriculum Commiilee 1.1. 41; Psi Chi 1.11. Secretary-Treasurer 141. 

Class of 1965 



^' A 

Barbara Jane Massel 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. Pine NeeJIes Class Editor I2l. : 
Commissioner 121; Junior Show 1.11; Marshal 111 
English Club |4 1, Ring Committee 111; Daisy Cha 


aphy Editor 14 1; 

Patricia Helene Massey 
be a. in painting. 

Anne Harrelson May 

B.S.H.E. in clothing. 

Martha Elizabeth Mayberrv Huiili-i s\ illc 

B.A. in elementary EDUCATION. NEA 12.41; ACE 111. Member- 


Mary Ellen Meador 

man 121, Vice-President 111; AHEA 12. 
NCEA 12, .1, 41; BSU ID; Dorm Comr 



II. 21; Daisy Chain 

Brenda Kay Meadows Greensboro 

B A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION Elliott Hall Special Events Committee 
II. 21. SNEA (1, 2, 3, 41; Pine \ee,llet Class Editor |21, Editor-in-Chief 
131, Associate Editor 14 1; Town Students' Association I "• ll Elections 
Chairman (4l; Elections Board |4|; Class Commission dV: At^El |4|. 

Sue Ellen Medley Greensboro 

B.A. IN INGUSH Ereshman Commission (11; Legislature II, 2, 41; 
Assistani House President (21; Golf Club (31; English Club 141, Vice^ 
President ill. J.mior SJlow (31; Senior Class President 14) Imer-Class 
■ Cabinet (4); Handbook Commiilee 121- 

"^ J f 

Daisy Cha 

Hall Board 121 

Judy Carolyn Melton \*hevi 

B.A. IN MATHEMATICS Section Leader 111; German Club II. : 
^ ' ^' ' " ' '1; Junior Honor Seminar 1 3); Honor Pro'gr; 

Judith Wainscott Melvin 

B A. IN primary EDUCATION. 



class oi 1965 

Edna Marie Meredith 



Roberta Stillman Meyer HamlmiL'. \. Y. 

B.A. IN ENGLISH LITERATURE. Transfer Student (31; Caroiinj Cliris- 
tian Fellowship (3. 4|- 

Marilyn Elsie Miller 

B.A, IN SOCIOLOGY. Freshman Honors Semin 
(4l; Sociology Club (4). 

Mary Ann Miner 

B.A. IN ELEMF.NTAR-4- EDUCATION. Legislature (I); Dolphin-Seal (II; 
Newman Cluh ( I. 2. .1). President (4); Spanish Club (.1, 4); SNEA (.1. 4); 
ACE (3. 41: Section Leader (3. 4); Dorm Committee (4). 


(II; Wesle.v Foundalu 


Mill he 

Linda Raye Minish Marion 

B A IN I I I Ml MARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (1, 2, 4); SNEA 
•Ji Mil (1 Ji: Junior Show (31; Senior Commission Member (41. 
Iniii ,ii..ii ( ..niiiiillee (41; Sister-Class Committee (41; Elliott Hall Social 
1 M.nts (. Mrniniiuc (3). Secretary (4); Legislature (4i. 

Nannette Jackson Minor 

BM. IN PIANO. Mu Phi Epsilon ( 1. 2. 3. 4|, Choir (11; Chorale 
Cheerleader (ll; American Federation of Music Clubs (1. 2. 3, 4 


Anne Starr Minton 

BM, IN MUSK [ DUCATION Marshal (3, 
Chaplain 14 1. Section leader (41; Dorm Ct 
MENC 14 1. Student Adusorv Curriculum C 
Symphonv II. 2. 3. 4|. Universilc Sinfonia (1, 
Honors Seminar III 


4); Mu Phi Epsilon (31. 

Kathleen y\NN Mitchell 

B a in MATHFMATK S, Junior A 

Marilyn Eiuenh Mohk 

B a IN PS"! CHOI (K.I , 

Arlin.aton. Va. 
Nortbport. N. Y. 

Vivian Caroline Monts 

B.A. IN ENGl iSH. ( ,ifo/i;iiii/i S(aff (2), Associate News Editor (31. Ma 
ainnc EdKor (4); Assistant Junior House President l3l. French Club (1 
Rc.idcrs and Wrilers Gioup (2 I. Junior Show (3) 

Betty Jew Moore 

2. 3. 41; SNEA l4i. Junior A 


J I i)Y Carol Moore Smilhfield 


Linda Darlene Moore Sunnnrrliflil 

BS.H.E. in CLfJTHlNG. AHEA (2, 3. 41 . 4-H Club (1.2). Trcasuiei 13 1. 
Co-Social Chairman (4); Honor Roll (li; Hall Board (4.1. 

Maxine Huccins Moore Four Oaks 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. M;irs Hill Collcuc (I. 2); ACFl 
(.1.4); SNEA (3.4): BSU (3.4). 

I^\ROI.A l.()i!i:\K MooitE Woo(ibridge. Va. 

B.A. IN II 1 Ml M AK\ 1 nuCATION. Elliott Hall Entertainment Com- 
mittee 111. /•..i, ,V,,,H.i liiKiness Stall (2. .1); ACEl (3. 4); SNEA (4); 
Classific.ilion of Dllites t. ommitlee (3). Chairman (41. 

Sarah Joyce Moore 

b.a. in elementar-^- eoucatiox n,.[ 

Leader ( I) ; Ellioll Hall Commiciei i .' i 

Jean Brake Morga.n Rocky Mount 

B A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Elliott Hall Publicity Committee (11; Dorm Com- 
mittees (I. 3. 41; Y'DC (3. 41; Sociology Club (3). Social Committee Co- 
Chairman (4); Junior Show Committee (3); Senior Class Commission (4). 

Amelia Marlene Morris 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY Antierson Jun 
Club (3. 41; YDC (41. 

Betty Carol Morton 

b.a. in elementary education. ju 

Marshal (4); NEA (41. 

Olar. S. C. 

; BSU (1.21; Sociology 


SusETTE Blair Mottsman Charlotte 

B.A. IN elementary EDUCATION. Hillel (I. 4). Interfaith Repre- 
sentative (2). RecordinB Sccrcl.iry (31; Modern Dance Group (I); Sociology 

Section Leade: 

Rebecca Joyce Mullen 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. Pfeilfer College 
Carolinian Stall (41; English Club (.1. 

Cookie Jeanette Mullinix 

Alpha (3). Social Committee (4); Inlermurals (1. 2 1 4i 



Carol Dorsett Murphy 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Sociology Club H. 4r 
(II; Honor Roll (3); Hall Board (4); ACE (2 

lass Publicity Committee 
UCCF (11. 

Mae Ellen Murphy 
b.s.h.e. in education. ahea 

4-H Club (II; Section Leader (2. 

Donna Kay Myers 

b she in clothing. ahea (2 

Henrietta Nance 
b.m. in applied music. 

Newton Grovf 

; NEA (1.2, 3. 4); NCEA 12. 3.41 

); Glee Club (41; YDC I 




-Murphy. C. 



Phyllis Elaine Nance Washington 

See<tU'S SlaR 13). 

Rosalind Neigher Longmeadow. Mass. 

B A. IN HlSTOR-l. H)ilorv Club (3). Secrclary-Treasurer (4); ElecDons 
Board 13); Hillel (I, 3. 4). Treasurer (2); Student Traffic Committee (4); 
Junior Show Cast, Ticket Committee (3); SNEA (3, 4); Dorm Committee 
(1, 2); UDC (3); Elliott Hall Social Co 


Carol Virginia Newsy 

West Berlin. Germany 

slalure 11); Dorm Social Committee (1. 2); Art 
4 ) , Campus Representative to Weathcrspoon 
Senior House President (41. 

Katiiekine Marie Newlin Snow t^amp 

B.S.H.E. in education. Ouillord College (1). 4-H Club Dorm Repre- 
sentative (2), Vice-President (3. 4); English Club (3, 41; Dorm Social Com- 
mitlee (2. 3, 41; YRC (2, 3. 4); SNEA (2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Francais (2). 

Janet Gwen Newsom 


, Club (2. 4). Vice-President 


Joyce Johnson Newton 

(3, 4), NCEA (3, 4); Square Crrcle I 


(1); Daisy Chain (2); SNEA 

Ncwion. J. 

Mary Ann Teague Newton Hickory 


(3); Spanish Club (21. 

Barbara Latrecia Nichols 

Morehead City 
B A, IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Pfeiffer College 11.2); ACEI (3). 
Publicilv Chairman (4); Pnie Needlei Staff (3). 

Annie Lois Norton Franklin 


Lynn Ohgren North PlainfieUl, N. J. 

B.A IN BIOLOGI. M.isqucraders (2. 3, 4); Jacket Committee ID; Hals 
OfT D.iy Commiltce (2 1. Dorm Intermural Sports (1. 4) 

Mmi^ {',\M\1IK Oi.ixe 


Md I DUCATION. Elections Board I 

mmittee (11; Junior Show (31; C 

SNl A (3. 4); ACEI (3, 41. 

Karen JoA^.^E Ostdahl 

Wilmington. Del. 

B.A. IN ENCLISH. Dorm Committees (2, 3). Junior Show (3|; 'l RC (2. 
4). Treasurer (3|; Marshal (3, 41; English Club Treasurer (3). Presidenl 
(4); Student Traffic Committee (41; Senior Commission (4). 

Glenda Dale Overbv 

B A IN MATHEMATICS, Squar (1), Honors Program 
Marshal (4). 


Ti Committee 
SNEA (41; 

class of 1965 

Mary Clyde Overman 
b.s.h.e- in interior design. 

Djrm Commictee (II; AHEA (2. .1. 4 
of Directors (?. 4); Elliott H,ill Specie 

Bllioll Hall Social Commillee (1); 
; TSA (2, 3. 4); NSED (.1. 4|, Board 

Janice Holt Pace Greensborc 

B A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Spanish Club Cl; 4-H Club (2) 

Linda Lou Painter 

Show ( .1 ) ; BSU ( 1 I . Council ( 2 ) . 

.Alice Herman Park 

House President (.1 


S IN PH'l SICAL EDUCATION. President of Freshmen Physical Educa- 
on Majors III: ARFCW, Planning Committee (2), President (.1, 4); See- 
on lijLkr II. :i; Honor Roll (3); Honor Court Member (3). Executive 
eiKi H . I 1 - I ,..l.l( n Chain (3, 41; RA Honor Group (I. 31; RA Cabinet 

li.I iRi (4); Hockcv Club (1. 2, 3); Co-Off Club (2. 3, 4); 

.11.11 11 , I ■ I II. 2. 3);' Dorm Intramurals (I, 2. 3. 4); Junior 
ssi.i. ^'. . .iiimister Fellowship (4). 

Anita Louise Patterson 

Show Committei 


Kathryn Anne Pearsall 

B.A. IN elementary EDUCATION. Junic 

1; SNEA (3. 4i. 

Wilma Joyce Pendergrass Durham 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. Hall Board (I. 2); Dorm Committees (I. 2. 31; NSA 
Representative (31; Dorm Elections Chairman (31; Carolinian (3). Review 
Editor (41; Sophomore Publicity Committee (21; English Club (41; Dorm 
Scrapbook Committee (41; Honors Work (41; Food Liaison Committee (31. 

Virginia Kyser Pennington 

B.M. in EDUCATION. Dorm Commit 
2. 4), Social Chairman (31; Section 
Chorister (3, 4|, Social Chairman 13); 

Kay Fern Permar 



I I; University Choir (1. 
Mu Phi Epsilon (2 1, 



Joan Rogers Perry 

B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. TSA (3, 41; SNEA (4); Dorm Commit 
(11. College Stores Committee (21; Hall Board (4); History Club (41. 

Faye Houch Petrea 



Carolyn Joan Pfaff 

B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Medical Technology Club ( 
Francais (I, 2); Dorm Committee Chairman 
Chemistry Club (II; Rat Day Co 

Doris Jean Phillips 
b f a. in art. 

Page 177 




?l ft f) 

Phillips. D. 

I'liillip-. Marlh 

Pliillips, Ma 

Class of 1965 




Doris Louise Phillips Morehead City 

B.S-H.E. IN EDUCATION. Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); Omicron Nu (41; AHEA 
C. 31. Membership Chajrman (4); Elliolt Hall Representalive (2). 

Martha Judith Phillips 

littee (1). WSFVV 

Makv Jo .A.N.N Phillips Swepsonville 

B A IN I.NGI ISH Dorm Commutees (1. 2, 3); Daisy Chain (2); Junior 
A'.Msl.inl 111, Senior Commission (41; English Club (3. 4); Section Leader 
(41. .SNEA IJI. NCEA (41; NCTE (3. 41. 

Jacquelyn Montgomery Pickett Farmvill 

B.A, IN PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS. Hall Board (21; Honor Ri 
(I. 2. 1|; Dorm Commiltee (31; Square Circle (1. 2. 3. 4l; Le Cere 

Patricia Ann Pierce Sanfuid 

BS HE. IN EDUCATION. Elon College (1. 2); Dorm Represenlalive for 
Weslminsler Fellowship (31; AHEA (4|. 

Janet Sue Pipkin Mount Olive 


Katiierine Ann Pittman 

b.s.s.a. in secretarial administration 


Susan Ann Poffenbaugii 
b a in english IM. 

Margaret ,\nn Pope Birmingham. .Ma. 

B A IN POLITICAL SCIENCE, 'i DC (41. Dorm Commillee (41 

Sandra Lee Poteat 

B.A. IN MATHEMATK S. Warren W lis. 
Circle Club (3. 4). 


ollege (1. 21. Square 

Martha Elizabeth Pratt Wilkesboro 

BS IN home economics. Wesley Foundation (2. 3. 41; AHEA (I. 2. 
3. 41. ACEI (21. Pubhcilv Chairman (31. Dorm Representative (4|; Dorm 
Commiuees ( 1 2 4i Chairman ( 3 I . Merrill-Palmer Inslilute ( 3 I . 



JiUY Cakiii, I'liii e Jacksonvilli 

BM in \U sh 11)11 \TION. University Choir (1. 2); Chorale (2, 3. 41 
Mu Pill I (•.!). Murrkige <il Figuro 121; Carmen (3); Sluer Angclu, 
I3i;^,«iiiii iil.N c I horal Festival (31. 

Mildred Gordon Price 

rrbury Club ( 

Sandra Fehr Pritciiard 
b.a. in mathematics. 


.4); Mcdicjl Tcthnolopy Club U), 


Helen Louise Proffitt BakI Creek 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Glee Club (11; Dorm Commillce (1, 41; Daisy 
Chain i:i; Harriett EUicitl Social Science Forum Commillce (.1), Student 
Chairman (41; Hall Board (41; Sociology Club (31. Treasurer (4). 

Martha Grace Prothro McLean, Va. 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. Choir (21; Reader & Writers Club. President (2. 31; 
Cormldi (2, 3). Editor (4); Frances Gluck Memorial Award (3); Honors 
Seminar (1. 2); YDC (41. 

Penny Lee Pruett Cheltenham, Pa. 

B.F.A. IN ART EDUCATION. Dorm Representative to Elliott Hall (II; 
Jacket Committee (1); Sophomore Commission Member; Art Club (2. 3); 
Jr. Commission Member (3); Scrapbook Co-Chairman (4); YRC. Dorm 
Representative (4). 

P.ATRiciA Ann Pruitt 


Sandra Vestal Plllev 

(II; Dorm Committee (1. 

Ann Pullium Andrews 

B.S.H.E. IN TEXTILES. Omicron Nu (41; AHEA (1, 41; Chemislrv Club 
(11; Mathematics Club (31. 

Barbara Ann Purgason Greensboro 

University Chorale (2. 3. 4|; Marriage of Fintiro (21; Inlervarsity Christian 
Fellowship (3. 41; Gamma Alpha (3. 4|; The N<ilhi:y (3). 


Janice Elizabeth Purgason 


PiiiLLis Ann Queen 

BAIN BIOLOGY. Section Leader (11; Junior Adv 


Teresa Anne Quincannon Winston-Salem 

B.S.H.E. IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Section Leader (11; Hall Board 
(31; House President (41; AHEA (1. 2. 3. 41; Junior Show (31; ACEI (3. 
41; Junior Commission (31; Dorm Committees (1.2. 31. 

Ida Mae Ramey Franklin 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (1. 41; Social 
Events Committee in Elliott Hall (3); SNEA (3. 4); Hallboard (4); SNEA 



Page 179 


Karen Ann Rankin 

Linda Hayes Raper 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. Church Choir 



; English Ck]b (41: LeBislaturc (4| 



Jane Henri Ratchford 

B A. IN elementary EDUCATION ACEI (31, I 
(4); SNEA (41, UNC-G Glee Club (2), Vice Presidei 
Fellowship (4i; Dorm Commiltee (2, 41 

Margaret Austin Ratcliffe 

inior Coi 
Roll (1. 



(1), Chairman 

Clara Jiditii Reese HickinN 

B.FA, IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Hall Board (11, Sophomore Commission 
(21; Daisy Chain (2); lunior House President (31; Class Beauly Represenla- 
live (31; Junior Show (31; College Cheerleader (41; Court ol Social Regula- 
tions (4); Pine Needles Beauly (41. 


Melba Louise Regan 

b.s.h.e. in clothing. ahea ( 1. 2, 41 


ee (1, 21. 

Atlanta. Ga. 

DoNNA Rae Reiss 

B.A. IN ENGLISH- Freshman Ball Committee (II; Dorm Committee 
21; Elliott Hall Social Committee (11; Pine Needles (1. 21; Sophom 
Commission (2); Carolinian Assistant Copy Editor (21: Sister Class Ch, 
man (31; Junior Show Co-Chairman (31; Carolinian Copy Editor (31. 

Rita Faye Rhodes 


1. 2. 3. 41, 
; HAP (2|; 

Lenora Anne Richter 

Dover. Del. 

B,A. in ENGLISH, English Club (3, 41; Junior Show (3|; Hall Board (41; 
YRC (41: Co-chairman Senior Scrapbook Commiltee (4) 

Joan Eileen Rickards 


Leader I4l. 

e Circ 

rie (3, 41; 

SNEA (3, 41; Scclio'n 

Myra Lynn Rink 



B.M. IN PIANO. Mu Phi Epsilon : 
Junior Show (31; .\hirr,at:e ol Fmo 


3, 41; Univ 
1 ; Carmen 

ersity Bank (1, 2. 3, 41, 


Carol Joyce Riser 

Charleston. S. C. 


MaI!(.i Kuri'K l.dXETT RoDBiNS Forest City 

BS IN IKIMI lAONdMKS Mars Hill College ( 1, 2 1 ; Honor Roll i 

AHEA (31. Dorm Rcpresenla 

Page 180 

Saka Elizabeth Robinson Salisbury 

B.SH.E. IN EDUCATION. AHEA (I. 3. 41. Secretary (2); Junior Show 
13); N. C. HEA College Club. Secretary (.1. 4); Junior Adyisor (3); Mar- 
shal (1. 4); German Club (1, 21; Dorm Coramillees (I, 2. 3). 

Class of 1965 

Elizabeth Ann Roberts 

B.SH.E. IN education. 4.H Club ( 1. 2. 3. < 
Vice-chairman (4 1; Sprine Workshop; SNEA 


, AHEA ( 1. 2. 3). Second 

Elizabeth O'Neal Roberson Wilmington 

B.A. IN BIOLOG1 Dorm Commillee ill; Glee Club (I, 41; Canlerbury 
C lub I I ). Vcsuy 12. 4). Presidenl l3l. Junior Show |3|; SNEA 141. 

Patricia Ann Robertson 

B A. IN sociology 


.Susan Margaret Rodman 

B.A IN biology. 


Mary Marie Rogers Asheville 

B.A. IN sociology-anthropology. Sociology Club (2. 3.4); Alpha 
Kappa Delia (3. 4); Junior Assistant (31; Dorm Committee (I); Latin 

Polly Hart Rogers 

Committee t 3 I . Gamma Alpha ( 3. 


i Junior Collepe (I. 21; Junior Shoi 

Janet Rose Philadelphia. Pa. 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Commiitees II. 21; Hall 
Board (2); ACEI (3. 4); NEA (41; Executive Cabinet t4); Senior House 

Elizabeth Louise Ross Charlotte 

B.A. IN political SCIENCE. NSA Council (4); German Club. President 
14); Social Chairman (4); Student Advisory Curriculum Committee |3). 
Junior Commission (3); Junior Show Committee (31. 

Ella Lee Ross 

B.A. IN history. Dorm Co 

Shara Marie Rolsselle 

b.a. in special education. snea (4); acei 

cial Events Committee (3 1; French Club (II. 


2); R A. Representative (31. 

Beaumont. Texas 

; Elliott Hall Spc- 

JoDi Rush 


ViCKi Lynn Rush 

B-S.H.E. in education. AHEA 
SNEA (41. 



Honor Roll (1. 2 I, 

isll. J. 
sh, V. 


Class of 1965 

Ann Vernon Sagar Elkin 

B A IN SOCIOLOGY. Legislature Representative (I): Freshman Com- 
missii^n (II. Elliott Hall Committee (1); Sophomore Commission {2|. 
Elholt Hall Social Committee Chairman (2, 31; Marshal (3); Sociology 
Club (3. 4); Junior Show (31: Executive Cabinet (41; CU Council 
Member (4): Elliott Hall President (4); Delegate to Regional Student 


Conference (4). 


Becky Jordan Saunders 

B.S.H.E. IN EDUCATION. Student Program and Folic 

School of Home Econimics (2, 3, 4); AHEA (I. 3. 41, Dorm Represenla 

live (2l. TSA (3. 4). 

Lynne Elaine Sciiiniidt Arlington. Va. 

B S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Section Leader (II: Senior Dance 
Group ( I, 41, Treasurer (2). Vice-President (31; Theiii Dance (I, 2. 3. 41: 
Annie Gel Ynur Gun 12); Paiama Game (3); USD Show Tour (3); Ml 
Fair Lady (4) . 

Vera Ann Schubart 
b.a. in english 

Mary Draichon Scott 
bs in physical education. 

Jllianne \^'ells Scurry 

B A. IN psychology. 

Glenna S\frit Sears 

11.2); Housekeeping Commiliee (3l; ACE (4i: SNEA (4i 



Nancy Jane Sears 

b.s.h.e. in education ahea ii. 2. 

Club (2); Dorm Committee Chairman (2): 


Committee (3); Spanish 
nor Roll (2, 3); Omicron 

Annie Mary Seei.y Raleigh 

B A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Westminsler Fellowship (1, 2. 41. ,a'cE 
(I); SNEA (4); .Spanish Club (I); Dorm Committee (II; YDC (4); 
Histnrv Club (41. 

Sandra Sue Sellers 

Kay Frances Sells 

mimics Dorm Representative (3l; 


(1.2.41, Juni. 


.■\nn HASTINGS Setzer Winthesler. Va. 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (I. 2. 3). H.ill 
Board (2, 41; Honor Court (3); Junior Show (3); German Club ( 1. 2i, R.u 
Day Committee (21: ACE Dorm Representative (4); SNEA (4i 

Belinda Anne Siivde 
b.a. in english. 

VVashingliiii. I). C. 

Charlotte Alice Sharpe 
b fa- in advertising. 



r Fellowship Dormer (I). Worship Chair- 
ideralor (4); Legislature (3,4); Commillee 
I, Conslliiition Committee (4); Inlerfailh 
; Junior Advisor (J). 


Carolyn Elizabeth Sheariiv 
b,a, in english. 

Linda Dell Shope 

Rocky Mount 


I Club (1.2); Caduceus 

Letitia Elizabeth Shrank Brevard 

Glee Club ij. 4); YRC (4); St. Mary's House Vestry (2. i. 4); Gamma 
Alpha (.1. 4). 


Elizabeth Ann Shreve 
b.a, in french. 


Jo Angela Sills Kannapolis 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Service League (I); Jacket Committee (I); Sopho- 
more Class Commission (2); Junior Class Secretary (i): Sociology Club 
(.11. Vice-President (41. 

Evelyn Carole Snow Simpson 
b.s he. in education 

Cheryl Peterson Simpson 
b.a in history 


Rita Diane Singleton Shelby 

B.S. IN PH\SICAL EDUCATION. Recreation Association Cabinet (I), 
Sport Head (4); R.A. Honor Group (.1); Modern Dance Group (2. 3, 4); 
Co-Of? II. 2. 3. 41; Varsity Basketball Team (2. 3. 4); Junior Assistant (3); 
ARFCW Committee (2).' 

.\UCE Brandon Smith Rural Hall 

BS IN HOME ECONOMICS. College Chapter of AHEA (1. 2), Dorm 
Representative (3). Elections Chairman (3), Yearbook Chairman (41; 
He.ilth Liaison Committee (3). Chairman (4); SNEA (3, 4); College Choir 

Bobbie Carole Smith 

Square Circle (I, 2, 3, 41; SNEA (1, 3. 


(3); Spanish Club (I, 2 

Simpson, E. 

Bonnie Lanier Smith Winston-Salem 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. German Club (I. 2); Sociology Club (3. 4); Madri- 
gal Clioral Group (3). 

Simpson, C. 

-mill.. H. 
-mitli. J. 

Siiiith. L. 
Smilh. P. 

Harkikt Ramey Smith New Bloomfield. Pa. 

B A, IN SOCIOLOGY. Spanish Club (4); Sociology Club (41; Honors 
Seminar Cl, Honor Roll (1. 2); Carohnuin SlafT (1); Sigma Delta Pi 12. 
-1. 41. Alpha Kappa Delta (2. .1. 4); Junior Year Abroad in Spain (3). 

Jeanme Marsl.\nd Smith Madison. N. J. 

B.A. in elementary EDUCATION. Dorm Commillees (1.2); Service 
League (II; SNEA (3. 4); ACE (3. 41; N. C. Stale Student Legislature 
(2. 41. Chairman (31; Golden Chain (3. 4); Commillee on Legislation 131 
'~' ■■■; Legislature (2.41; Hall Board I4i; Junior Cla " 

; Section Leader (2 

Leah Li 


>l |c s AND HI.STORY. Cha 
Ml, Sophomore Commissio 


I Regula 

Patricia Sue Smith 


IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. French Club (1. 21; SGA Execu- 
Committee (21; YDC 12. 41; Class Committees (2. 3. 41; Dorm Com- 
.'e ( 1. 2. 4); Junior House President (3); House President's Association 
ACE (4). Social Committee (3); SNEA Program 

; Senior Marshal (4). 

Virginia Elizabeth Smith 


vc (4); NEA 

Sarah Alice Smitherman 

Award ( 1 ); Sophomore Omicron Nu 
141. AHEA (1). Committee Chairr 
Honor Roll (1. 2. 3); Borden Awa 
Committee (4); 4-H Club. Commiitt 

Lorene Nolen Snodderly 

East Beiifl 

Josephine Kremer 

■d (41; Faculty Science Club Seminar 


ollepe Choir (II; Spanish Club 

ViRGi.MA Lois Soiset 




Sandra Jean Sox 

lege (1. 2); Junior Show Program Committee (3); Gamma Alpha 

Jean Carolyn Spears 


; AHEA (1. 2. 3. 4 

Barbar.\ Ayers Spencer 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY'. Section Leader (2); Soph 
Interclass Council Representative (3); Sociology Club (3 

Westfield. N. J. 

Nancy Ann Spencer 


; SGA Health Liaison 

Sue Richardson Spencer Seagrove 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (2. 3); Class 
Committee (2); Pine Needles (2). Academic Editor (3); El Circulo His- 
panico (1, 2); SNEA (1, 2. 3, 4); ACEI (3. 4); TSA (4); Honor Roll 
(1, 2. 3). 

Spencer. B. 

Spenrer. N. 

Spencer. .S. 


class of 1965 

Carol Ruth Stainback 

b.s.h.e. in education. ahea <2. 3. 4)- 

Nancy Charles Stallincs 

Chairman Social Committee ^i). Elliott Hall Special Ev< 
Honor Roll (.<); ACE O. 41; SNEA (3. 4); Pine Needl, 
(31. Editor (41; Executive Cabinet (4). 

Lynda Brewer Stanley 

B.A. IN elementary EDUCATION. 



Committees (1.2), 


Ann HiGHT Starling 

B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Committ 
Hall Committees (2); Sociology Club 
(3. 4); N, C. College Federation Board 
(4); Junior Show Publicity Committee 13); Senior Inv 


1, 2. 3.4); Tap Club (1), Elliott 
Co-Social Chairman (4); YDC 
Section Leader (3); Hall Board 

Baltimore, Md. 


Helen Jean Stegman 

B.A. IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (1); Dorm Comi 
41; Junior House President (3); Student Traffic 
English Club (3, 4); Junior Show |3). 

Susan Elizabeth Stentz 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Grcenshon. ^^ mpliony (I, 2); 
University Sinlonia (3); University Glee Club (3. 4i. Snultru legislature 
Representative 11, 4); TSA (I, 3, 41, Secretary (:i, II. ill lt,..ird (1, 2); 
Sophomore Class Commission (2). Junior Class ( ,.mmissi>-n ill, Canter- 
burv Club (I); Pme Needles. Faculty and Administration Co-bililor (3. 4); 
ACE (4|; TSA Representative (4); SNEA (4). 

Vera Emma Stettler Charlotte 

B.S.S.A. IN MERCHANDISING. Lutheran League (11; Chorus (2);Tennis 
Club 1 1 , 2 ) ; French Club (11; Dorm Committee ( 3 ) ; 4-H Club ( 3 1 ; German 
Club II. 3, 4), Secretary (2); Gamma Alpha Publicity Committee (3. 41; 
Hall Board (4); Section Leader (1). 


Judy Carolynn Stewart Dunn 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (2). Chairman 
( 1 ) ; Freshman Class Song Committee { 1 ) ; College Cheerleader Commission 
(1); Glee Club (1. 2), Secretary (3). President (4); CCF (2). Social Chair- 
man (3), Secretary (4); NEA (4). 

Linda Kay Stutts Rockingham 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (3. 4), ACE 
(41; Pine Needlei (4); YDC (4). 

Brenda Kay Sugg Snow Hill 

B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Glee Club (2. 3); Dance Group (2, 3); 
Recreation Association Cabinet (4). Dorm Represent. itive (4); Class Editor 
Mu/.<f'i Voiee ( I. 2. 3, 4). 

Neva Frances Sullivan Charlotte 

B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Dolphin-Seal (1), Dorm Social Com- 
mittee. Co-Chairman (1); NSID (3. 4|; Marshal |3, 41, AHEA (1, 2, 3). 

Elsie P.\tricia Sutherlin 

■ (1). Cha: 

Iacquelyn Joyner Swar.4T 
b s he. in education. ahea ( 

Show (3). 


imiltee (2), 
1 (4); Hats- 
3,4); West- 

Myrtle Beach. S. C. 

2. 3, 4); Service League (2); Junior 

Page 18.5 

class of 1965 

Teague, M. 





Donna Jean Taylor 

man (3(; ACEI (41; SNEA ( 

Judith Bil-vdv Taylor 


rancais (4): Le 
mission (31; Hall Board (4 

Martha Ross Teague 
B a. u 



1 Representative (4); 

n Club (1. 2); Beta Beta Beta (3. 41; Medical 
11; WSF.W. (3. 4); Hall Board (41; Section 

Sylvia Adelaide Teague 
B A- IN drama. 

Jane Elizabeth Teal 

BA. IN ECONOMICS. East Carolina College (II; Polit 
( 3 ) . Secretary ( 4 1 ; Rinp Committee ( 3 ) ; Social Science F 
Show 131; Hall Board (4 1. 



al Economy Club 

Judith Cameron Teer 

Hidi P.iint 

B a. in psychology. Psychology Club (2. 3. 4); Dorm Commi 
Junior Show (31. Ticket Committee Chairman (3); TSA (4); \Vc 
Fellowship (I); Freshman Formal Committee (I). 

Alice Marie Templeton Greensboro 

B..A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm Committees (I. 2. 4). Dorm Represei 
Service League (31; English Club (41; SNEA (1. 4); Interfaith Co 
31; Lutheran Students Association (I, 2. 3, 4). President (2. 3) 

Ann Preslar Tennent 

Chorale (4); Dorm Committee (31. C 



Almeda Frances Tesh 

B A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Band (1); Moravian Fellowship {I, 3). 
President (2. 4l; Inlerfailh Council (2, 3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Junior Show 
111; ACE 13. 41; SNEA (3). 

Carol Rives Thacker Winston-Salem 

B.M. IN PIANO. Glee Club ( I, 2. 3. 41; Mu Phi Epsilon (I. 2, 3. 4); AGO 
(2. 3. 41; Elections Board (2. 31; Districting Committee (2). Chairman (3); 
Legislature (1.21; Junior Advisor (31; Junior Show Committee (31; Junior 
Commission (31. 

Carol Irvin Thigpen 

Gamma Alpha 13, 41. 


Fellowship (1); 

Sara Lou Thomas Salisbury 

B.S.H.E. IN EDUCATION, AHEA (1. 2. 31. Social Chairman (4); Marshal 
(3. 41; Junior Show (3 1; Commission Member (2l; Dorm Committees (I. 

n (3); Hats-Oft Day 

Sandra 1,ee Thomason 

B A. IN SOC lOI IK.Y. Dorm Committee (I). Ch 

( ommiucc i2l. Hall Board (2, 3); Sophomore Commission (2); Junto: 
Show Record t ..mmiltee Chairman (3); Y'RC (3); Sociology Club (3. 4) 
VVWB (2, 3, 41. 

txAUDiA IRE^E Thompson 

B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Square Circle (1. : 
Junior Sliow (3). One Dilemma, Deviled Plea 
I'lxie Playhouse (3); YDC (4). 

Barbara Elizabeth Tice 


3. 4 ) ; Section Leader { I ) : 
' Costume Committee (3): 



se President (2); 

Davloiia Beach. Fla. 

Committee 11); ACHI ll ); 

Carol .V.nn Tissie 

B A, IN BIOLOGY. Dorm Committee (11; A 
Hall Board (3); Junior Show Proeram Comr 
SNEA (4). 

Charlotte Lynne Titis 

B.A IN ELEMENTAR\' education. Don 

Belle Elizabeth Todd 

B.A. IN ART. Wheaton College. Illin 

Patricia Ann Todd 

B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. NSA Dorm Representative (I); Intervarsit 
Fellowship (I. 2); Glee Club (I); Choir (2. 41; Square Circle <2. 41; Chair 
man WC Delegation to CCUN (2); NSA (21; SNEA (41; Junior Yea 
Abroad in France (3). 



Jamis Cecilia Townsend Alexandria. Va. 

B S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Greensboro Symphony (I, 21; Hall 
Board (2); Weslev Foundation (4); Junior Show (3): Recreation Associa- 
tion (.1. 4), Dorm Representative (11, Publicity Chairman (2); Carnlinian 
Staff I 2. 3); Majors' Voice Co-Editor (31. 

Martha Amelia Troxler 

b.a. in elementary education. 



. S. C. 

, (3. 41; SNEA i 

Betsy Rose Turner 
b.s.s.a. in education. 

Court of Social Regulations ( 


Recording Secretary. 

Todd, B. 
Todd. P. 

Susan Emily Tuttle 


ACEI (3.4); SNEA (31, Vice-President (4); Assistant House President (31. 

Susan Esther Twice High Point 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Junior House President (31; 
Senior Class Secretary (41; HPA (31; Hall Board (41; Interclass Council, 
Secretary (41; Junior Show (3); SNEA (3. 4); ACEI (31. Dorm Repre- 
sentative (41; Dorm Committees (21. Social Chairman (II; Legislature (31; 
French Club (II; Parents' Weekend Committee (2); Honor Roll (3). 

Dale Caroline Ulrey 


B.A. IN HISTORY. Section Leader (ll; 
of UNC-G (2); HaU Board (3); Carolim 
Editor (4); National Collegiate Press Con\ 
Legislature (4); Senior Commission (4). 

Dorm Commillec 
on Layout Editor ( 

( 1 ); Theatre 
:3). Associate 
. Club (.1. 4); 

Marilyn Irene Vail DeWitt. N. Y. 

BA. IN FRENCH. Spanish Club (I, 2 4,); French Club (1. 2. 41; Hall 
Board (ll; Honors Seminar (1. 2. 4); Honor Roll (I. 2); NSA, CCUN 
Delegate ( 1 1 ; Junior Year Abroad in Paris ( 3 ) . 

Page 187 

\ auglin 
\ aufihn 

Martha Jane Vaichn Mount Airv 

BSSA IN BUSINESS 1;DIICATI0N- Ciamma Alpha (?, 41. 

Mary Jean Vaighn Mount Airv 

Gamma Alpha (1. 4). 


Barbara Lee Vitskv 

B A. IN MATHEMATICS Parenls' Weekend 121 

Connie Deli. Wagner 

Richmond. Va. 

Mary Henderson Walker 

b a. in elementary education, ge 

Minnie Cecilia Ward 

B A. IN MATHEMATICS, Square Circle 

North Wilkesboro 

an Club (I. 2); ACE (3. 4); 



Iris Elnita Washburn Lexingtoi 

B.S.SA. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION, Band (1). Weslminster Fellowshii 
(II; Dorm Election Chairman (I): Music Education Club (II; Children'; 
Choirs Acompanist al Covenant Presbyterian (II; Representative to All 
' ; College Band 111; TSA (2.3.41; Gamma Alph: " 

.41; National Bu 


on As; 



Marilyn Jo W.\tson 

B,A. IN FRENCH. Section 
Fine Arts Committee (2l; E 

Nancy Lymion W\tts 

B.A- IN ENGI ISM H.piisi Sludenl Unit 
4|; Junior Slio« i U, I ntlish Club (3. 4 

Wayne, Pa. 

Club (II; Legislature (21; 
i; German Club (31; French 


Dorm Committee (3. 
,41; Name Tas Com- 


, President (4); 

Cornelia Anne Waynick 

B,S.H.E. in education. TSA (1,21, Vice-Pres 

Service League (21; Inter-Class Council (3, 41; hxeculive Cal 

Hall Board (3. 41; AHEA ( 1, 2. 1, 41; SNEA (2, 4|; Golf Club I 

George Ann Weaver 

B,A. IN ENGLISH. English Club I 

Frances Louise Webersen Greensboro 

B.M. IN MUSIC education. A:u,le Gel lour Gu/i (II; Mcirnaee ol 
Fimrn (21; Carmen (31; Junior Shosv, Music Advisor (3), College Choir 
II, ;, 1, 4|; College Chorale (41; College Band (I, 21, Mu Phi Epsilon 
i2. 1, 41; Alumnae Secretary (41: AGO (2, 3. 41; MENC (3, 41, 
Club ( 1 l; Dorm Committee (41; Honor Roll (21. 

Linda Arlene Welch 

( 1 , 2, 3) ; Honor Roll (II; Legi-slaturi 


President (41; Chorus 

Rebecca Ann Wentz 
b.a. in history. 


Sarah Marjorie West Asheville 

Camcrbiiry Club (I. 2); Dorm Commiclec- (2); An Club O, 4); Cnrmldi 

Phyllis Joa.n Wheeleh 

B,A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Bucloidl Vm\ 
Delta (3. 4 1; Sigma Delia Pi (.1. 4); Sc 
1.1. 4); Commission (.1); BSU (.1. 4i. 

.'Vmta Louise White 
b.m. in piano. nfmcsc 1 

Mu Phi Epsilon (2. 3. 41; Plan 

Ann Stewart White 

Donna Marie White 

Jllia Anne White 


iivilli-. .N. J. 

Alpha Kappa 
; .Spanish Club 

Klon Coll 


Lillege for Wo 

Sandra Carol Whitener 


B.M. IN LITURGICAL MUSIC. Univcrsuv Choir 1 
Viee-President (31. President (4); Universit.v Choral 
Council Member (41; Mu Phi Epsilon (1, 2. 3. 4i; 
man (3); Pi Kappa Lambda Award (2. 31; Carmen 

1. 2, 31; AGO (1. 21, 
e (3, 41; BSU (2. 31, 
Vespers Board Chair- 


Patricia Elizabeth Whitley 


man (41; Section Leader (I. 3|; Ellott Hall Em 
(21; Parcnis Weekend Committee (2); Co-Chairma 
mittee (21; Class Newspaper Staff (31; Pine S'eeJI, 
l4l; ACE (41; YDC (4). 

rrmittee (1, 31, Chair- 
ertainmenl Committee 
n Housekeeping Com- 

■i Senior Class Edilor Rae Wicks 


B.A. IN SPANISH. Spanish Club 
Board of Directors (2, 31; Junior / 
SNEA (4); Interfaith Council (2l. 

Wesley Founda 

Jldith Coffin Wild 

b s. in physical education, ra hot 

Assistant (31; Section Leader (3, 4l; WWB 
Education Majors (2, 4); Dance Group (2l. 

Brenda Barrow Willard 
b.s.s.a. in business education. ga 

■sident of Physical 

Kernersv ille 

Alpha (1. 41 : Goll Club 

Jeanette Ann Williams 

b.s.s.a. in secretarial administration uc(. f 

ma Alpha (3), Social Chairman (41; Golf Club (4). 


Class of 1965 

wiiif. :i 

W hit.', J, 




William-. LuMa 

Class of 1965 

Wil-on. B. 
\\ il-on. J. 

Lily DEA^'^A Williams Wingate 

B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Wingale College (1, 21; SNEA 

Linda Lee Middleton Williams Yadkinville 

panico (2, .1. 4); Sigma Delia Pi (2, 3, 4); Phi Alpha Thela (.?. 4). BSU 

Sharon Williams 

b.s.h.e. in child development. 


Li I Y MKMdiii Williamson Whiteville 

B \ IN I M.l ISM I I ,ss Vice-President (1. 2. 3); Class Commission 
.McniKi (I. ;, i,, liutul.iss Council (1, 2. 3); Dorm Social Chairman 
ill, Sc.phoniiHc Shou tl): Junior Show (3); Pine Needles Typist (3); 
Y'DC (4), English Club 13, 4); Sister Class Committee (4); Masqueraders 

S iKon. R. 
W ill, he-ltr 

Mmiiiin \\.\\ Willis Charlotte 

B \l l\ Ml SK I-DUCATION. Choir (1, 2. 4), Librarian (3); Mu Phi 
EpsilMi, i:i, \'Ki-Prcsidcnl (31; Warden (4); MENC 13. 4); NCMEC 
11, 4i. \l \1< 11,:. 3. 41, 

B\Ri!AR\ Elaine \^ti.son 

\\esle> Found.ilion 1 1. 2. 3 1 

Joyce Louse Wilson 

as. in home economics ahea ii. 2. 3, 


NCEA 13. 41; 



1 ■ t 

W I 


Roberta Ann Wilson 

B.A. IN anthropology. Ha 
Sociology Club (2, 3, 4); Spanish 

.Ii LiA Delores Winchester 

B S, IN HOME ECONOMICS. Interfailh Co 
BSU (3. 4 1 

Melinih Ij.izm;ktii Witiirow 

4J; NEA <4|; NCEA (4), 

Westporl. Conn. 

RA Representative (I); 
Latin American Reunion 


:il (1 ). AHEA (2, 3. 4); 

League (3); ACE (3. 


JiuiTii Wright Wolfe 

BA. IN ENGLISH, Section Leader (I, 2. 3); Jacket Committee {11; 
Ring Committee I2l; Class Cheerleader (2); Junior Show (3): Class 
Song Ciimmiilee (II; Rat Day Committee (2); Sister Class Chairman 
(31; Editor, Class Paper (41; English Club (3,41; Dorm Committee (1,2, 
31. Social Chairman (41; Commission (I. 2. 3, 4); RA Representative 
(ll; Hockey (I, 2|; Basketball (I, 2, 3, 4); Volley Ball (1. 2, 3, 4); 
Softball (1, 21. 

.•\lda Llizabeth Wood 

b.a. in elementary education. acel 

Commitlees (2, 3); French Club (11. 

Sandra Lea Wookell 
b fa. in art education. 


SNEA (4 1; Dorm 



Jane Senter Wooden 

b.a. in elementary education. 



Patricia Ann Worthincton 
b.f.a. in art, 

Mary Lee Ball Wray 

b.a. in elementary education. 


Janet Wynne Rocky Mount 

B.A. IN FRENCH. Le Cercle Francais (3. 4); SNEA (3). 


Cecelia Faye York Liberty 

B.S.H.E. IN EDUCATION. AHEA (1, 4); 4-H (1. 4); SNEA (4). 

Ersell Shane York 


B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Glee Club (1. 2); Gamma Alpha. 
Treasurer (31, Projects Committee Chairman (41; Dorm Committee (1); 
TSA (4); Spanish Club (1); NEA (4); National Business Education As- 

York, C. 
York, E. 

Janet Parker Younc Fayetteville 

B A, IN HISTORY'. Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4); SNEA (4); History Club (4|. 

RAGSDALE HALL: (left) Mrs. Ruth Johnson. 
Counselor, and Ann Ayers. President. 

MENDENHALL HALL: (riglil) Mrs. Anne 
("arter. Counselor, and Terri Quincannon. 

WEST GROGAN HALL: (left) Mrs. Delia 

Arthur. Counselor, and Deb Co«ling. 

President. EAST GROGAN HALL: (ri^lul 

Mrs. Helen Ruley (seated ). Counselor. 

and Gay Byers, President. 

Senior House 
ana Counselors 

The ji)l) of hoiisr ]irf>iili'nl iiuciKo ^i \\'n\c range of 
aetivitief.. Tlie girl iiiusl work with her house coun- 
selor, assistant hou>e ])re?.i(jcnl. hall hoard, and dorm 
committees lo kec|i a gioiip ol indi\idiials ruiming 
smoothly as a unit. 'I'licx- house picsidenls meet as a 
group each week uilll the rresideul of the Student 
Government Association lo galhei inlormalion ol in- 
terest thai is passed on lo llic students in their dorms. 
'I hr\ occiipv a \cr\ iui|iorlaul posiliou a^ a direct link 
liclwcen the Student ( iox errnuenl Association, the ad- 
miuistralioii. and tlie ^liideuts. 

The hou-e presidculs also ser\e as the ollicial 
hoMoM-. .,f Ih.-ir (hums. Mo-t ol these girU feel that 
one of the most gralif\iiig parts of iheir joli is the 
many wondeifiil friendships ihey nuike while ser\ing 
in this position. 


Mrs. Jewell Williamson. Counselor. 

and Carol Newbv. President. 

STRONG HAI.L: fU'lt) Mrs. Helen Cloningcr. 
Counselor, am! Martini Alice Bell, Pre.udenl. 

MOORE HALL: (riahl) Mrs. Lucy White. 
Counselor, and Missy Clark. Presideiil. 



Janet Rose. President, and 

Mrs. Odessa McGwier. Counselor 

WINFIELD HALL: (lefl) Mrs. 
Eloise George. Counselor, and 
Susanne Kouns, President. 

WEIL HALL: (riiihl) Andrea 
Dobson. President, and Mrs. 
Nancy Melvin. Counselor. 


Joan Clark. President, and Mrs. 

Josephine Gross. Counselor. 


(riiiht) Mrs. Joy MacFavden. 

Counselor, and Linda Dore. 


But Daddy said he 
didn't learn it tliis 
«a\ when lie went 
to school. 

the fact that thev are fina 

Seventy - Second Commencement 
Exercises Hailea ny Governor Santorcl 

Willi the end of Spring exams comes a few days ol 
relaxation for seniors climaxed by a compressed two- 
day program of Commencement Activities which in- 
clude Alumnae Day Activities, Senior Class Day, and 
finally the Commencement ceremony itself. 

The first commencement of the newly-named Uni- 
versity of North Carolina at Greensboro was held on 
June 1, 1964, at the Greensboro War Memorial Coli- 
seum. About 580 students received their degrees in 
the exercises which were hailed by Governor Terr\ 
Sanford as "a turning point in the progress of North 
Carolina." Honorary doctorate degrees were awarded 
to Greensboro lawyer Major L. P. McLendon, Sr. and 
actress Eva Le Gallienne. The latter was largely re- 
sijonsible for bringing to the campus the Natiotuil 
fiepertory Theater ul which she is a driving force. 

At the request of the graduating class Dr. Cornelius 
Kruse, visiting professor of philosophy from Wesleyan 
University, delivered the ])riiici])al address. 

All this dirty tile and 

we don"t even have a mop ! 

A serene outdoor environment provides the setting 
for a tradition-filled Class Day. 

Graduation finds a very distinpuislied 

urouii on ihe jilatforni. 

yBHL.:. j^B 


^y^r ^ '' V^^B 

L^ /l^ TI ^^^^I 

' SmJ^^^HHIml . ^ ..^^-jikM'jLi 

All the memories of four years ruhninate here as the seni 
perform their last oflicial act al I NC-G — graduation. 

Page 195 

JIMOR CLASS (Jl-FICERS: (lejt lo rifihl ) Lucy O'Brieii. Secrela, 
Marty Hesser. Cheerleader; (sealed, left to right) Frankie Harriiigtd 
Treasurer: Marv Lou Smith. Vice-President; Katv Law. President. 

For Juniors, the Senior Year 
Dra^ s Closer 

'llir cliallfiiiiiiifA Junior vear was a]i|iii)aclie(l uitti -M-d]"" li\ llif Class of !')()(). Ilavin.ii iacrd 
aliiiiisl DNfiuhcliiiiii'; odds as to the dradliiit- of the 
Jiiiiioi Show III \o\enilif r. the Jiiiuois siii\i\rd uith 
ihi-ir ( liai iiiiiiu iiiiisical-i(iiiu'd\ prcsciilalioii ol "'l he 
IVIah- Caiiii' Lately." As alua\s the jiiiiioi House 
I'icsideiiK did a (me joli loi llieii Sister (dass. the 
Kresliiii.'ii. uilli the help of oilier .jiiiiiois in |iresenlini; 
IIk' Sislei (dass TailN. dlie .hiss liiii^s ailixeil and 
uere reeei\ed uilli a sluh id ""ue linalK inadi' it." .iiid 

llii' hi\(d\ linj; eereinonv uliieh lidhiued uas a]i- 
preeialed liv all. 'Idle •"Route 60" ne\vs|ia|ier stall' uas 
on the liaii kee|Hn,;: .Innims informed cd de\«doii- 
inents ill the (lass. Jiiidors (diserved Minniedladia 
|)a\ lor die Freshmen with loud nieinoi ies ol tludr 
own Jesler l)a\. For llie inoment llii'ir memories over- 
shadoued iheii future hiil not for loii.ii. fin' at last the 
Class of l')()() uas alile lo look f.nuard uilh hope and 
anlieipalion lo llial liiial year as a .Senior al I NC-G. 

Page' 106 

class of 1966 

Abernalhy, J,-ssip(;ayl.- 
Abranis. Anne Marilynn 
Adams, Kailu-rint->, 
Addison. Judith _\1. 
Alexander. Juanila Fa>,- 
Alfnrd, \i,ki laluari 

Allen, Mary Kli/alu-lh 
Anderson, lievrrlv Pairi, i, 
Annino, Judy 
Armislead, .'^liiiia J, 
Arquetle. Sft-pliaiiic Mcin 

Austin, Ci-.lla \nu 
Avett, Louise \ ork 
Ayers, Jane Carrinfito 
Baker, Duard Ravon 
Baker, Nancye Reiieei 
Bakutes, Mary Patric i 

Barklcy, Call 
Barney, Barbara 
Barnhill, Mildred Dian 
Barrett, Tohie Ann 
Barrier, Donna (iay 
Barrow, Marv Lou 

Barton, Laura Stella 
Bayless, Mabel Eliza 
Beale, Melissa Lee 
Beam, Brenda Joy 
Beard. Brenda Jane 
Beattie, Susan Helen 

Beekerdite, Sandra lu.iilli 
Begg, Jane Stephanie 
Bell, Marianne 
Bennet. Carol Jean 
Bennet. Sara Franei-s 
Berinati, Leajane 

Best, Carolyn Dee 
Billington, Linda Ann 
Bingham, Pamela A. 
Blaek. Carolyn Ruth 
Blackwelder. Doris Kii/ab. 
Blair. Lin.ia Jeanne 

Blair, Virginia 
Blake. Mary Tate 
Blithe. Barbara Louise 
Blount. Betsy John 
Blume. Brigitte Irene 
Bolin, Rosa Camilla 

Page 197 

I uniors 

rSonomo. Barbara 
liooiif. J" Can.lyn 
IJorneman. Barbara Anne 
Boslian. Karen EHzabetli 
B,.w.len, Margaret 
HcK.len. Page \,lele 

Bowen. Lin.ia Jean 
Bowman. Deanna Tale 
Boyer. Mary Marleigb 
B.iyle. Susan Elaine 
Boyles. Zanie Maureen 
Bradv. Charles Miehael 

Branch. Nanry Garlan.l 
Brandon, Eriysl Rae 
Bridges. Pamela Anne 
Brockman, Frances C. 
Brooks. Sally Jane 
Brown. Anita Louise 

. Emily Susan 
, Glenda Dale 
. Nancy .^nnette 
, Priscilla 
nan. Sandra 
>e. Claire De.An 

Burton. Eliza Ann 
Burton. Emily Lee 
Burton. Vickie Lynn 
Byers. Patricia Lou 
Byrd. Cynthia Anne 
Byrd. Sara 

Caldwell. Pamela Rae 
Calloway, Doris Ann 
Camlin. Sybil 
Campbell. Linda K. 
Carlisle. Carol Diane 
Carrawav. Mary Ella 

Carringer. Linda Loui-,- 
Carson. Dorothy Irene 
Carter. Elizabeth C. 
Carter. Mary Dak- 
Casey. Cynthia Lea 
Casey. Linda Jean 

Caton, Stephanie Ann 
Chambers, Loyd Edwin 
(-handler, Eva Ceulieme 
Chiemiego, Mary Ann Emily 
Choplin, C:arnlyn Elizab.-th 
Chrislip. Ann .Miller 

Page 198 

class of 1966 

Clapp. Annie June 

Clark. Naniy Jewell 

Clerici, Sue Cuningham 

Clough, Alotlua Ann 

Coals. Charles William 

C:os.lell. Derila Rose 

Cllins. Cheryl C. 

Collins. Marsarel Lucille 

Collins. Sarah Morgan 

Conipton. .Sylvia Dean 

C.nklin. Delano Monroe 

Conrail, Cynthia Ross 

;oinv.ll, Margarel I.eigh 

C.iok. Mahel Louise 

Cooper, Janet 

( :oueh, Mary Ruth 

Counts. Willie Ruth 

Cowling. Dehorah Ann 

Creech, Betlie Ruth 
Creech, Dehra Johnson 
Creech, Peggy Qu'ttn 
Crooke, Claudia Ann 
Cross. Betty Virginia 
Cross. James Arthur 


r, Sarah Millicent 
ngs, Virginia Ann 
gham. Judith Ann 
Cutler. Lois Anne 
)avis. Doris Marie 
Davis. Mary NeU 

Deal. Carolyn Leah 

Dennis, Pamela Eloise 

Derkics, Dorothy Jean 

Dieterich. Carolyn 

Dixon. Julia Catherine 

Dodson. Iris Ann 

Donat. Sara Wynne 

Dorseti. Mary Lynne 

Dotson. Carolyn Jane 

Doyle, .Margaret Elaine 

Drake, Linda Lee 

Duke. Dehorah Ann 

Dunhar, Evelyn Louise 

Dunevant, Alice Kathryn 

Dunham. Phyllis E. 

Dunlap. Carolyn Fae 

D>f, Frances Louise 

Eargle. Janice 


Earp. Kulli Klta 

Easlcy, Marilyn Alice 

E.lmunfbon. Elizabeth Uoaii 

Edson, Mary Alice 

Edwards, Judy Tliompsoii 

Edwards.. Kay.- Shirley 

Eidson. Marian Minis Phyllis Elizabeth 

Ellis, Jane Elizabeth 

Ellisor, Cheryl Cranford 

Epps. Karen Frances 

Exan^, .Su 

Fabbri. Ale 


r Faison 

Faber, An 

e Marie 



r, Nancy 

"arrow. Mar^ 

aret Kathleen 



n Eileen 




Fleisig, J 

udith Victoria 



nie Gray 


est, Elizabeth 


er. B 

'tty Kay 


X. M, 

ry Alice 



da Gray 


y, K. 

thryn L, 



cia June 

Furrey. Jac 


le Marie 


s. Gk 

ria Jean 



e Louise 


r, Janice 



riotle E. 


t, Elaine 


, Ann 


Gavigan, Joan Eileen 


1. Ell 

a Martin 


. Ma 

ara Mac 
is Joyce 


r, Ga 

1 Jerome 






icia Ann 



n Elaine 

C.dlelle. 1 


a Ede,-n 


Judith Eileen 


a", B 

uth \nn 


■r, N\ 

ticy Kay 



a Claire 
Ml, Sally 

(;ore, Mary 


Grace. Patricia Elizal..-tli 
Graham, Linda Carole 
Graham. Virginia Ann 
Graves. Toni Jean 
Green. Margaret V. 
Gregory, Judith Hazel 

Groce. \onda Ole.Ui 
Guffy, Mary Ellen 
Cunn. Virginia A. 
Gurkin. Betty Lou 
Guthrie. Martha Anne 
Habich. Lynn Charlotte 

Hari>lon. Emma Lois 
Hall. Linda Faye 
Hamnett. Mary Kather 
Hankins. Beverly 
Hardy. Brenda Faye 
Hardy. Margaret Ann 

Harkey. Carol Jean 
Harley. Rosalie Anne 
Harris. Deloris Ann 
Harris. Elizabeth Ann 
Harris. Leonorah Hamlii 
Harris. Linda Kay 

Harris, Lois Marion 
Harrison. Sara Jean 
Hatcher. Elizabeth Gayle 
Haynes, Elizabeth K. 
Heafner, Phyllis 
Helms. Jane Eloise 

Hendrix. Shirley Kay 
Hesser, Martha Carver 
Hicks, Virginia Blanche 
Hielseher, Patricia Ann 
Higdon. Waynette 
Hildreth. Linda Joyce R. 

Hill. Scarlelte Raye 
Hill. Sharon Jane 
Hobgood. Elizabeth Lac 
Hodge. Ruval Jeanette 
Hodgin. Jimie Murray 
Holsclaw, Eloise Kay 

HoUon, Doris. Elizabc 
Hopper, .Sandra Kay 
Horner, Jane Ellen 
Horner, Nancy Corrin 
Houck, Douglas Pam. 
Hough, Rebecca Iren( 

Class of 1966 

Page 201 

I uniors 

Hough, Sara Janice 
Howard, Rose Marie 
Howard, Sally .-Vnn 
Huberman. Diane Eller 
Huleatte. Martha Jane 
Humphrey. Rebeeea Ar 

Hunter. Clemellyn 
Huntley. Sarah McAH^te 
Hurley. Frances Mary 
Inman. Mary Lei<ih 
Isenhower. Mary Lynn 
Jaek-.,n. Unris Mae 

Jackson. Linda Sue 
Jarrett, Susan Fern 
Jenkins, Doris Faye 
Jerman. Jean Anne 
Johnson, Linda Ruth 
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth 

Johnson, Doris Marie 
Jones. Barbara Jane 
Jones, Man Porter 
Jones, Paulette D. 
Jones, .Sandra Lee 
Jones, Suzanne Kalhe 

Jones, Valjeanne 
Jordan, Carla Diane 
Jordan, Katherine .Ann 
Kadis, Karen 
Kasuboski, Rebecca An 
Kellam. Svlvia Scott 

Keller. Carolvn W oKe 
Kelley. Gene%ieveKay 
Kidd. Ida Carolyn 
Kilpalrick, Margaret I.. 
Kinibrell, Mar^■ Dian. 
Kirk, Rebecca Jean 

Kiser. Barbara Jane 
Kling. Victoria Marie 
Koonce. Marilyn E. 
Knontz. Judith \ ictnri 
Kornegay, Margaret 
LaFontaine. Laurie J. 

Lail Anne Reynold^ 
Lance. Gayle Hanipt. 
Lane, Edith 
Lanier, Brenda 
Law, Kathryn Bane 
Lawrence, Emma Jei 


class of 1966 


I.aylon, Davi.l I'alm.r 

L.-(ll..ll,T. Linik Sue 

Lcclbt-ltrr, Pairifia Sue 

Lee. Barbara Jean 

Lee, Melinila Lnu 

Leonard. Vera L.Miise 

Leonhanll, Ly.lia Helle 

Lindsay, Angia Lynelle 

Link, Janet Corinna 

Linlier. Rita Elaine 

Logan, Barbara Karen 

Lowder. Selnia Elaine 

Lowrance, Betty 

Loy, Mary Kalherine 

Luther. Cara Jeanne 

McAlli>ler. Joan.S. 

McCall. Lynda Ellen 

MeCauley, .Sandra Jean 

McCuiston, Linda Lee 

McDaniel. Patricia 

laid, .Mary Leech I Myers) 

MctJeorge, Nancy Lynne 

\l.<;hee. Frances Wilson 

Mclnnis, Mary Hugh 

McKeown, Wilma Jean 
McKnight, Phyllis 
McLeod. Linda Rav 
McNeil, Virginia Marie 
McPherson. Judith Kay 
McSwain. Patricia Ann 

Mabe, Judith Ann 

Macon. Alice Jewell 

Malloy. Ann .Marie 

Mantak. Diane Lucille 

Martin. Elizabeth Frances 

Martin. Judith E. 

Martin. Patnela Boren 

Marshall, Linda Stevens 

Mason, Norma Evans 

Mast, Janice Ann 

Malheson, Georgia 

illiews. Carolyn \ eroni.a 

Matthews, Louise Kelly 

Matthia.s. Lynn Holt 

Matthis. June Lee 

Maxey, Anne Carole 

May, Jean Ann 

Mears, Emily Dulcina 

Page 203 

I uniors 

Mcfllin. Judith Ann 

Medlin, Mar>' McLean 

Meginnis, Ruth 

Mehaffcy, Iris Ann 

Meyer. Jean Kathleen 

Meverhoeffer, Eilwar.l 


, Dee Heathe 


. Janet Marion 

al, Janice Elaine 

Miller. LaDonna Fay 

Mitchell. Sallie Anne 

MofFeti, Alice RoHd 

M..ffni. Sally Mae 
Moore, Beverly Ruth 
Moore, Dorothy Jane 
Moore. Jo Ellen 
Moore. Penelope Ann 
^fo^gan, Barbara Sue 

Morgan, Lynne B. 

Morgan, Margaret Anne 

Morton, Delores 

Mo^ko. Roberta Helene 

Moss. Carole Sue 

Munday. Jeanne Parker Pope 

Munden. Brenda Joyce 

Lirchison. Mary Hartnian 

Myers. Martha Ann 

Nanzetta, Harriet Anne 

Neese. Billie Carole 

.N'elson. Arden Jennifer 

Newman. B.-verly Jean 

Newman. Car.d Minette 

Newlon. Sara Louise 

Nichols. Sara Eugene 

Nicks. Miriam Brown 

Norris. Julia Adele 

North. Barbara Lcc 
(lakes. Nellie Joyce 
■icn. Lucile Norman 
Ostcr. Toni Claire 
I'achol. Marcia Louise 
Paiker. Carol Marie 


II. Bruce Anne 
olyn Margaret 

Parfitl. Ca 

Parker, Frances Marian 

Parker, Marie Faye 

Parks, Cathy 

Pate, Judith Diane 

Class of 1966 

Patif n. Connie Lenora Deani 
Peacock, Mary Reynolds 
Pcgrani. Sharon Virginia 
Penny, Margaret Ann 
I'erger^on, Wilma Kay 
I'errv, Ann Kli^abelh 

Perry, E. Janno 
Peterson, Lynn Marie 
Phillips, Amelia Ann 
Phillips, Carol Ann 
Phillips, Susan Brown 
Phillips, Twalla Gail 

Pirtle, Gloria Jean 
Pillman, Jane Carolyn 

Pleasant, Ruth Evelyn 
Plonk, Marian Ruth 
PIvler, Belty Louise 

Poindexter, Betty Victoria 
Poole, Marilyn Seitz 
Porter. Jane Redd 
Proffil, Sandra Gray 
Prophet, Diane E. 
Propst, Mae Belle 

Pulliam, Waher May. Jr. 
Ouinn, Millicent Elizabeth 
Uuinn, Susan Karen 
Rankin, Mary Cornelia 
Ray. Mary Phyllis 
Kayfiehl. Ann Brannon 

Reavis, Judy Rose 
Rees, Marsha Lorraine 
Reichenbach. Elise Marif 
Reinheimer. Nancy L. 
Reynolds, Ann Thomas 
Reynolds, Polly Ann 

Reynolds, Shirley K. 
Rhodes, Carol Lee 
Rhodes, Linda Margaret 
Rice, Lynnette Dee 
Richardson, Judy Sue 
Riddle, Mary Lou 

Ritchie. Judy 
Rohbins. Pamela Ann 
Roberts. Carol Ramona 
Roberts, Pamela Rae 
Roberts, Sandra Kay 
Robinson, Anita Gayle 

Page 20,'; 


Kobm>on, Uianf Griffin 
Kobin>on. Dorothy Gail 
Ro.-. Marcia 
Ro,., Martha Janr 
Roger., Ann Hooirr 
Rogers. Lucv Annette 

Kcper, Mar>- Gwynne 
Ro". Martha Jane 
Ro«ser. Carolyn E. 
Ro-^man. Julaine Renee 
Rothnian. Doreen Dale 
K..un<l~. Penelope Win-low 

Kou-e. Constance Margaret 
Ruben, Katharine Celia 
Rubin, Judy 

Ruilisill. Elizabeth Sherrill 
Rufty, Nan Pittman 
Russell, Martha Sandlin 

.Saleeby, Shirley Libbie 
Sanders, Sharon Ann 
Saunders, Greta Carolyn 
Schmidt, Margaret Lisetle 
Schneider, Edith Louise 
Scully, .Martha Hemphill 

Self, Rachel Ann 
Seligmain. Sandra Esther 
Sellars, Barbara Jean 
Sewell, Carolyn Kay 
Seymour, Jane 
Sharp, Mary Joan 

Sheldon. Melanie Hart-fiel.l 
Shell, Carol Jackson 
Shepherd, Mamie Irene 
Shoffner, Linda Carol 
Shropshire, Carolyn 
Sides, France, Ann 

Siginon, Angela Gale 
Simpkins, Carolyn Fra 
Sinclair, Mary Jean 
Sipe, Gloria Darlene 
,slu~her, Pamela Anne 
Sm.lh. Meulah Jane 

Smith. Brenda Kay 
Smith, Linda Kathryn 
Smith, .Martha Jo 
Smith, .Mary Lou 
Smith, .Nancy Carolyn 
Smith, Sandra Delores 

Page 206 

class of 1966 


Smyre, Linda Wike 

Snyder, Janet Maxim* 

Solem, Ciirislinr 

n, Vicliir Violet 

SpangItT, Sherry Hurd 

Sparlts Gene Anna 

Spen( er, Martlia Lee 

Staley, (^iiarles Roger 

Staley. Marian Lee 

Sleenecli, Lois Claire 

Stein. Linda Ro>e 

St.phenson, Brenda Kay 

Stewart, Mary lietli 

Stewart, Sarah Frances 

Stokes, Sue Kea 

Stone. Barbara Lynn 

Stone, Mary K. 

Slriekland, Barbara 

Slyons, Janice (iayle 

Sullivan. Barbara Lee 

Swaim, Irene Stn.ud 

Tanner. Margaret Louise 

Taylor, Marilyn Diane 

Terrell, .Susan 

iling, Elizabeth Jane 
Thomerson, Elaine 

nipson, Sara Annette 
Thorns, Mary Beth 

her, Margaret Elaine 

n, Susan Wilhelmina 

Topodas, Katherine J. 

Tripp, Judith Lucille 

Tueche, Rita Dean 

Turban, Mary Kathrjn 

Iwiddy, Phyllis Kathleen 

Tyndall, Linda Faye 

Hslier. Linda Faye 

Vaughn. Carolyn Elizabeth 

Walker, JoElla Hendricks 

Wallace, Ann Louise 

Walter, Starling 

Walters, Sharon Ann 

Ward, Martlia Ellen 

Warden, Johnna L. 

ft'are, Margaret Anne 

Warren, Mary Dunn 
Waterfield. Dianna J. 

" Watkins, Elia Jane 

Page 207 


Watson, Man- Alyoe 

Wellons. Joyce Mari.- 

Venslrand, Sally Stuarl 

Wesley. Judith Lynne 

West, Stacy Ann 

\^ harton, Billie Leslie 

Whe.lhee. Carole Jean 

Wheeler, Shirley Ann 

W hitaker, Jean Graham 

While. Gary Horner 

While. Judith Allan 

W hil.Mier, Edith Lee 

Wliitley. Judy Carol 

\Vi<;gins, .\nne Louise 

\\ ilkins, Gwendolyn Grace 

Williams, Anna P. 

Williams, Brenda Kay 

Williams, Martha Ellen 

W illiams, Patty Faye 

Wilson, Brenda Kay 

Wilson, Jacqueline 

Wilson. Nora Ellen 

Wilson, Patricia Ann 

instead, Laura Leggetl 

W instead, Mamie Wehb 

Winstead, Sandra Kay 

\^ inters. Annie Wilmoth 

W irick. Kathryn Mary Alice 

Wisenburg, Cynthia Ann 

Worsley, Lydia Ann 

Worthinglon, Jelaine Anne 

Wray, Connie Dale 

Wrcnn, Barhara Ann 

■l arhn.ugh. Sarah Kathryn 

Yates. Joyce Ruth 

Young. Linda Ruth 

Young. Mi-sy 
Ynuul. Mary E. RohniMin 

One of the most enjoyable scenes in the 
Junior Show was the dance scene. 

This humorous scene was just one 
of the many in the Junior Show — 
this one is the Repairman scene. 

For the Class of 1966 the three main activities of 
the year 1964-65 were gathering daisies for (he 
Daisy Chain, participating in the ring ceremony, 
and giving a wonderful Junior Show. Those who 
stayed to gather daisies after Spring exams of 1964 
were certainly dedicated meniijers of the Class of 
1966. All were thrilled with the lovely ring cere- 
inonv. and those who took part in it will never forget 
llie experience. "The Male Came Lately" was the 
highlight of the year for juniors, and it was a great 
success with all students. 

These girls are tired after 

a morning of gathering daisies 

for the Daisy Chain. 

Happy Events or tlie Junior Year 

The lighted candle> 

make a bright "66 as the 

juniors sing their class 

song at the ring 


JHP'S and 

In Spring elections the Sophomore 
class elects several girls to serve as 
Junior House Presidents in Freshmen 
dorms for the following year. The nine 
elected girls commence their duties by 
sending welcome letters to the incom- 
ing Freshmen. Throughout the vear a 
JHP is always busy, for she presides 
at house meetings, checks and files per- 
mission slips, and locks the dorms. A 
JHP serves as a true sister to her dorm 
girls by helping them with their prob- 
lems. The job is trulv rewarding to the 
JHP as well as her help-mate, the 


^b^. Gladys Knight. 

(Counselor) : Nancye 

Baker. ( House President). 

GOTTEN : Mary Ellen 
Guffv. (House 
President I: Mr?. Ruth 
Cornell. (Counselor). 

COIT: Becky Ka^iboski. 

(House President): 

Mr>. Dell MeKeithan. 

• Counselor). 

BAILEY: Martha Jo 
Smith. (House 
President): Mrs. Aliline 
Beale. (Counselor). 





■ .A. 

JAMISON; Anita Brown. (Houie Presuleni): 
Miss Lillian Cunningham, (Counselor). 

GRAY: Mis. |..iI..II,- ( li,tl.,«. (Counselor): 
Sheri-v Hmlisill. f//,i,is,' I'irsiih'nt). 

SHAW: Mrs. Lowell Estes, (Counselor); 
Shirley Saleehv. (Honse Pn-shlentt. 

HINSHAW: Mrs. Marx Grice Duff. (Counselor); 
Pete Cook. (House President). 

SOITH SPENCER: Kathy Topodas, (House President): 
Mrs. Carlynne Gillette, (Counselor). 

Ransome. (President): 
Townley Spratt. ( Vice- 
President I ; Diane Gingles, 
(Secretary) ; Tommie 
Turner. (Treasurer) ; Jackie 
Sparkmaii, (Cheerleader). 

Soplioniores Meet Cliallenge ot 

Tlieir Second Year at UNC-G witn Success 

With the leadership of capable ami enthusiastic ol- 
ficers, the class of 1967 entered its second year at 
UNC-G with confidence and eagerness. .Attainment of 
sophomore status brought long-awaited privileges and 
freedoms; however, we felt an intensified challenge 
and responsibility to the school and to ourselves as 
the year passed. 

Traditional Jacket Day was extremelv .■-pirited in 
s|)ilt' i)f a damp mistv day; how could it lie otherwise 

with the attaimnent of our bright red blazers^ Minnie- 
Ha-Ha Day was full of surprises for both our class 
and the freslmuMi; it fulfilled its purpose of creating 
unity and good will among us as a result of the hard 
work of Carole Brandon and her chieftains. We step- 
])ed into po>iti<iiis of leadership left vacant by those 
gone before: in phases of student government, publi- 
cations, and organizations of all kinds. Possessing a 
feeling (if iniilv and finding our ])laces in the I ni- 
versity. we pressed forward toward our jiiiii<ii \ear. 

Page 212 

class of 1967 

Abbott, Harriet Chce-k 
Abbott, Jean 
Abi'll, Helen Elizabetb 
Adams, Clarita 
Ailarns, Polly Farnum 
Adeoek, Linda Lou 
Albright. Kay 

Mdridge, Shirley Louis,- 
Allen, Sarah Louise 
Amey, Dorotliy Mae 
An.lerson, Anne Harriet 
A.iderson, Corella 
An.lerson, Rebecca Susan 
\n,lreK. Neill Maeint..«h 


s, Claudia Viri 
s, Judith Etta 
Joan Carol 
Pamela Anne 
Aspden, Carol Adele 
Atkinson, Brenda Gay 
Atw..od, Harolene Cai 

Aycock. Betty Lou 
Ayscue. Sandra Kay<' 
Bacon, Mary Ellen 
Bailey, Virginia Dawn 
Bain, Susie Elizabeth 
Baird, Vicki Dianne 
Ral.lwin. Barbara 

Baldwin. J,.jce Anne 
Barden, Mary Alice 
Bardin, Catherine 
Barnes, Betty Jo 
Barnes, Diana Stevens 
Barnes, Joanne Elizabeth 

Barnett, Judy Lynn 
Barrow, Elizabeth Ann 
Barwick, Joyce 
Beatty, Brenda G. 
Beck, Karen Elizabeth 
Bendheim, Judy Ann 
Bennett. Sheilah Annette 

Bernard. Roselea Candace 
Beverly, Virginia E. 
Billings, Barbara Ann 
Birmingham, Ann Winfield 
Black, Carolyn Rebecca 
Blackwell, Sylvia Ann 
Blakeley. James Lloyd. Ill 

Blainck. Barbara Ann 
Blankenship, Mary Ann 
Blanton, Linda Sherrill 
Bledsoe, Linda Glenise 
Boaz. Jane Ellen 
Boepple. Lisa E. 
Bonnet. J(. Ann 

Booth. Uebori 
Bosta. Carolyi 
Boxrude. Kar 
Boyd, Mary 
Boyd, Patricii 
Bradley. Rebf 

h Ellen 
I Jo 


:ca -Martin 

Brake, Evelyn Flye 


opnomores Peggy Yvonne 
Brandt, Judith 
Brandon. Carole R. 
Brazee. Barbara Elizabeth 
Bridge*. Martha 
Brinson, Jean 
Brinson. Zelle Pollock 

Brill. Barbara Ann 
Brookbank. Lon.a Lee 
Brosius, Susan Carol 
Brown. Carolyn .Suezalte 
Brown. Cheryl Darlene 
Brown. Pamela hbell 
Brown. Pamela Eileen 

Bryan, Sara Olivia 
Buie, Ann Purcell 
Burg, Leslie Jane 
Burke. Cathy Lee 
Burkhart. Betsy Ann 
Butler. Betlina C. 
Buntin?, Betsy Leigh 

Burleson, Carol Jo 
Burris, Lois Bene 
Burroughs, Mary Alice 
Bush. Karon Ruth 
Butler. Johanna Lane 
Byrd, Barbara Ann 
Calhoun. Linda Sue 

Callahan. Patricia Elaine 
Campbell. Alice Emily 
Campbell, Gayle Joyce 
Camplong. Linda Jean 
Cameron. Anne Kay 
Cardinale. Susan Lynn 
Carey. Judy Anne 

Carpenter. Lorraine N. 
Carpenter. Linda Kay 
Carr. WiUine 
(^arraway, Kathryn Elaine 
Carson, Martha Jane 
Carter. Brenda Ann 
(barter. Nancy Quinn 

Ca-sell, Ann lial.lwin 
Calhcart. Carolyn 
Cato. Linda Gail 
Caudill, Sallie Ann 
Caudle. Arlyss Susan 
Caudle, Sandra Gaye 
Caulkins, Jane S. 

Caz(d. Audre E. 
Chambers. Katherine Merrill 
, Sherry Elizabeth 
> Fitzgerald 

Chappell. ,.., 
Chappell, Pamela Ann 
Cheek. -Sandra Marie 
f:heek. Helen Ivonne 

(.bur, h, Louise 
Chun h, Barbara Ann 
Cilley, Robin 
Cla.don, Brenda Ann 
Clarke, Dinah 
Clark, Joyce Ann 
Cline, Joyce Marilyn 

^^JLkWk^^'Lj it 

f^ l-^ f^ .. 

class of 1967 

Clifion, Lycia Sandra 

Cliflon. Sandra 

Corhrroft, Gini Susan 

;;oik..rham. Elizabeth A. 

Coleman. Sylvia 

Collier, Julia Elizabpth 

Collier, Susan 

Collins, Sherry Gale 

Coltrane, Belty 

C.ltrane, Joyce Marie 

Cook, Diana Day 

Cook, John F. 

Cook, Judith Daniel 

Coven, Lincla Ann 

Cox, Linda Kail 
Cox, Nathalii 
Cox. Patr 


iddoek. Bertha Jeannine 

•awley, Kathryn Warren 

Crews, Jane Peafield 

idh-baugh, Patricia Ann 

Crisp. Priscilla Gail 

Cromartie. Elizabeth Nann 

Crowder, Dorothy Jane 

Cnimbley, Glenda Yvonne 

Cirump, Jayne Pitman 

Cserpnyak, Charlotte Sedonya 

Cunningham, Linda Faye 

Currie, Judith Ann 

Cushen, Nancy Mae 

Cuthrell, Lee Ellington 

Darnell, Jane Meredith 

Daughlry. Mary Hallie 

Davenport, Dorthea Howard 

Davenport. Nancy Elaine 

Davenport. Norma K. 

Davis, Brenda Hanna 

Davis, Carolyn 

Davis. Cheryl Eve 

Davis, Judy 

Dawson, Norma Diane 

Day, Marilyn King 

Dayberry. Nona 
Deal. Alma Ruth 
Deal, Judith Rebekah 
Decato, Daphne Dale 
Decker, Barbara Jean 
Dick, Linda 
Dickson, Connie Kay 

Dietsch, Glenda Irene 

Dixon. Anna Wolff 

Dixon, Dorothy Ellen 

Doggett, .Alice Ovatcr 

Doggett, Helen Manley 

Doherty. Margaret Anisa 

Donaldson. Linda Margaret 

Doss. Ann Brooks 

Doyle, Elizabeth Ann 

Dunn, Nancy Lynn 

Earnhardt, Carole .Anne 

Easley, Sidney 

Easterling. Nancy Jane 

EdseL Linda Beth 




W^ ^i ^* ^ »^-* 


Edwards, Linda Carol 

Egbert. Mary Jane 

EUioI. Caroline McHardy 

Ellis Rebecca Blanche 

Ellis Sandra Karol 

Ellis. Wanda Kay 

Engard. Karen Sleigh 

Erichson. Margaret Lynn 
Eskridge, Susan V. 
Estes, Carolyn Lee 
Eustis. Carol Diane 
Fainlolh. Jane Stewart 
Farmer. Rachel J. 
Farris. Jean Leslie 

Faulkner. Linda Lee 

Fearrington. Betty Ann 

Featherstone. Kay 

Felton. Carolyn 

Fennell. Valerie Ina 

Fernback. Susan Anne 

Finison. Elizabeth J. 

Fitzsimons. Linda Roux 

Flatt. Anna Ruth 

Fleming. Rosalyn 

Floto. Leslie Ann 

Five. Annie Daughtry 

Foley. (_;atherine Gayle 

Folger. Emily Louise 

Foster. Edith Foley 
Foy. Ellen Klatirg 
Frazier. Joyce 
Freeman. Gracie Lee 
Freeman, Patricia 
Frett. Susan Bliss 
Fulrell. Robin G. 

Gale. Martha Anderson 

alloway. Poinsettia Sandra 

Garner. Connie Sue 

Garrou, Leith Louise 

George. Terry June 

Geraghty. Pamela Ann 

GhoUon. (iriselle Cooper 

(•iannetti. Caraway 

Gibble. Ann Laura 

Gidden, Eliza Branch 

Gilbert. Sarah Margaret 

Gillespie, Nancy Brooke 

Gilley. Marlene Ann 

Gingles. Diana 

Glazener. Janet Olivia 

Glover. Linda Murray 

Goodnight. Patricia Lynn 

Gosselt. Lynda Carol 

Graham. Carole Leigh 

(Graves. Sherry Ann 

Gray. Carolyn Jean 

Gray. Elizabeth 

Gray. Shirley Ann 

(.Greene. Jacquelyn Lynda 

Greene. Nancy Donave 

Grier. Nancy Hudson 

Grier. Virginia Mitchell 

Griffin. Joyce 

class of 1967 

Griffin. Martha Evans 
Gross, Janice Elaine 
Gudger, Irina Dianne 
Gurley. Lcla Ellen 
Haile. Elizabeth Lynch 
Hall. Ann LiniKav 
Hall, nonna I.ynn 

Hall. Susan Hewlett 
Halsey, Sara Elizabeth 
Hamilton, Elizabeth Lynn 
Hamner, Anne 
Handy. Lois EUen 
Harmon. Alice Ann 
Harrell. Ju.lith Carol 

Harrill, Nancy Lee 
Harris, Joyce Annette 
Harsey, Judith Larson 
Hartis, Sandra Rea 
Hartman, Mary Jane 
Hasell. Mary Joyce 
Hassell. Barbara 

Hatcher, Frances Josephii 
Hayes, Mary Lewis 
Hayes, Nancy Elizabeth 
Hayward, Alison 
Heatwole. Linda Lee 
Hedrick. Mary Marvin 
Helms. Nancy Carolyn 

Helsing. Elizabeth Chaplii 
Hendricks. Diane Eve 
Henkel. Miriam H. 
Herrick. Judith Leigh 
Herring. Alice Raye 
Hibbard. Cathie Leigh 
Hill. Frances Hale 

Hill, Rena May 
Hinson, Carol Anne 
Hinson. Judith Anita 
Hoke. Janice Lee 
Holder. Pamela Bessent 
Hollonian. Betty Ann 
Holloway, Wanda Ann 

Holraan. Catherine Eloise 
Holman. Nancy Glazebroo 
Honey. Toni Elizabeth 
Hopkins. Catherine F. 
Hopper. Clyda Marie 
Hopper, Margaret Gettys 
Hopson. Ju.lith Lynne 



Horton, Sandra Lee 
Huuser, Blanche Evange 
Howard, Dottie Warren 
Howard, S. Patricia 
Howell, Barbara Lillian 
Howell, Joyce Dean 

Hoyle. Ruth Pamela 
Hubbard, Margaret L. 
Hudson, Margaret Ellen 
Huffer, Mary Susan 
Hughes, Sharon P. 
Hughs, Mary Melinda 
Hundley, Annie Joan 

^^^>i.^w ^k d'^ <•▲ 

^ ^ tmt #% 


Hunter, Linda Louise 
Hunter, Janet Al^paugh 
Huntley, Shelia Margaret 
Huntley, Marsha Carol 
Hussey. Barrie Elizabeth 
Hutohins, Christine Josephine 
Hutrhins, Janice Ruth 

Hutchinson, Joyce Lee 
Hutchison, Ann 
Hutton. Linda Joyce 
Hydall. Diane E. 
Hycr. Anna Ray 
Hyman, Rita Esther 
Hyman, Michele 

Ingram. Dorothy F. 
Isley, Dianna Jo 
Jack, Martha Louise 
Jackson, Janie Louise 
Jackson, Mary Jo 
James, Elizabeth Y. 
Jarrett, Mary Jennings 


ulra Lyr 
icv Iren 

, Dii 

. Nan 

, Patr 

1, Betiy Gaye 

1, Elizabeth R. 

1. Katherine Amelii 

I, Mari- Kav 

Johnson, Evelyn Franci 
Johnson, Martha Rose 
Jolly. Mildred Franklin 
Jones, Helen C. 
Jones, Lucreatia .Ann 
Jones. Martha Jane 
Jones. Mary Louise 

Jones. Sarah Kathryn 
Jones. Harry Kent 
Jones. June Carolyn 
Jones. Sarah Elaine 
Joyner. Mary Elissa 
Juniper, Linda Carol 
Justice, Mary Caroline 

Kale, Mary Lois 
Kanipe. Esther Sue 
Kayler, Susan Claire 
Keesee, Margaret Diani 
Kceton. Hope Marie 
Keisler. Brenda Louise 
Keith, Linda Ann 

Kell,nl..rg.n, Mary An 
Kelley, Brenda Joyce 
Kellogg, Ruth Martha 
Kelly. Nancy Dean 
Kemp, Julia Elizabeth 
Kennedy. Sonya Nell 
Kihl.T, Barkira 

Kik.r, Patricia t^ail 
King. Sara Anne 
Kirhy. Elizabeth Jane 
Kirkman, Brenda Joyce 
Kirkman. Jean 
de Kok. Nelie Maria 
Konnlz. N'clna Janet 

class of 1967 

Phyllis R,-na 
Kouns, Cynlhia Ann 
Kruse, Elizabftli 
Kuesler. Kate Adeli* 
Laikcy, Linda 
Lamm, Kerry Lynn 
Land, Christ ianna L 

Landrelh, I'at 

Latham, Janet Elizahelh 

Lalta, Mary Susan 

Lauder, Linda Lee 

Laughter. Aliee Susan 

Lavin, Moya Jean 

.awing, Martha Elizahelh 

Leazer, Annie Lee 

Legg. Carolyn Hedges 
Leigh, Mary Coke 
Lewis, Alice Ray 

Lewis, Linda Kay 

Lindav, Sara Elizabeth 

Liverman, Kay Camille 

Lrw-khart, Linda Scott 

Long, Martha Anne 

Long, Paula Lynn 

Love, Rowena Ann 

Lowe, Nelia Gray 

Lowery, .Sue Jo 

Luck, Faith Sharlene 

Lundy, Patricia Anne 

McCanless, Mildred Sue 

McCarter, Gloria Jean 

McConneL Judith Warren 

.McConnell, Catherine M. 

McCrackan, Frances 

McCrackin, Mary Susan 

McCuiston, Lucinda Jane 

McDaniel, Mary Beth 

McDonald, Joyce .Vnnette 

McDonald, Judy Ann 

McDonald, Susan Caroline 

McDowell. Helen 

McDowell, Susan Reade 

McFadden, Anne Carol 

McGehee, Becky Ellen 

Mclnnis, Nancy Louise 

McKay, Ellen Marie 

McKenzie, Carolyn Hay 

McLean. Lois Ann 

.McLeod, Rebecca 

McLeod. Sue 

McMahan. Eula Elizabeth 

McWhirler. Frances Anne 

Macaulay. Patricia Belh 

MacFarlane. Marjorie Jean 

.Mackay. Joan .Marie 

Madden, Margaret Preston 

' Madeley, Claudia C. 

Mahaffey. Joyce .Ann 

.Mandel. Rhone Sue 

iManess, Linda Jane 



<--■■ \r ^'■'* 

Marlin. Linda Sue 

Mar-hall. Janet Kyle 

Marlin. Gale 

Martin. Mary Beth 

Martin. Penelope Ann 

Martin. Vieloria 

Maske. Linda L. 

Massey. .Sylvia 

Ma-lers Billie IVIores 

Matthews Cheryl Dean 

Matthew*. Glenda Faye 

Matthews. Jeanne M. 

Maultshy. Emily Gail 

May. Betty Franklin 

.May. Carolyn Kcbeeea 

Mayes. Brenda Jean 

Medford. Linda Marlene 

Me.llin, Mary .Avelene 

Meekins. Elizabeth R. 

Mehring, Susan 

Meiere. Janet Carolyn 

MeKin. Elizabeth .\nne 

Memory. Judith Nell 

Merritt. .\nn Carol 

.Meyland. Sarah Joeelyn 

Miller, Rita Brice 

Mitchell. Susan 

Mohr. Nancy Jean 

M.iore. Andrea 

M.,ore, Donna Jean 

M<tore, Judy Carlette 

Moore. Wanda Lee 

Moo-e. Catherine Jean 

Mnran. Barbara Janice 

rgan. Elizabeth Clementine 

Mi'rj;an. Margaret Gail 

Morgan. Patricia Ann 

Morgan. Ruth Oodd 

Morris. Agnes Marie 

Morris. Sonya Rae 

Mc.rton. Mary Elizabeth 

Mol-inger. Sandra Kay 

Mouhon. JeanF. 

Muir. Anne Lee 

Mulieri. Mary Jo 

Murray. Drusylla Ann 

Myers. Mary Ruth 

Mylcs. Elizabeth Anne 

Myrick. Paula Jean 

Napolitano. Julia Delorese 

Nailling. Joan Gary 

Nelson. Carolyn 

Nelson. Kaye 

Neshamkin. Linda 

Nielsen. Pamela Anne 

Norman. Elizabeth Moir 

Norraent. \nne Marie 

North.utt. Pamela Sue 

Nunn. Linda Kay 

Oates. Routh Elizabeth 

Oehman. Carol Ann 

Olive. Onevieve 

Overcash, Lucy 

class of 1967 

Overman, Clennie Kaye 
Owen. Belly Anne 
Paige. Janet Rae 
Palmer. Carol Jean 
Paoli. Donna Jeanne 
Partell. Carol Ann 
Park. Joan France- 
Parker, Frances Lee 
Parker. Mary Faye 
Parker, Sophie Vicloria 
Parrish, Claire Beverly 
Parry, Ann Elizabelli 
Palrick, Pal 
Pallen, Nancy Mae 

Pallen. Rachel Harriell 
Pallerson, Terie Lynn 
Payne, Margaret Jane 
Pearce, Georgia Kay 
Peckworlh. Barbara Louise 
Peeler. Nancy Elizabeth 
Peeples. Jan 

Pegram, Anna Brown 
Pennington, Kay 
Penny, Pat Lee 
Perry, Marcia Corile 
Perry, Patricia 
Perry, Sandra Aileen 
Phillips. Linda Kay 

Pierce. Carol Ann 
Pierce. Dewala Carole 
Pinnell, Beverly Jeanne 
Ponder, Betty Lee 
P..ole, Kalhrine 
Poole, Laura Virginia 
Poole, Margaret Lou 

Porter, Dorothy Cama 
Presnell. Anne 
Price. Doris Jean 
Price. Janice Marie 
Prince, Susan 
Pritchett, Laura Ellen 
Proctor, .\lberta 

Profit, Ronda Gayle 
Pufnak. Carol Mary 
Puiman. Elva Ann 
Rainey, Ruth Elizabeth 
Ransome, Elizabeth Whitney 
Ray, Andrea 
Ray. Carolyn Nichols 

Reed, Barbara Lynn 
Reed. Jane Haus 
Reid. Anna Priscilla 
Reid. Lola Cynthia 
Reinoehl. Elizabeth Ann 
Renfro. Barbara 
Reynolds, Alma Mae Cole 

Rezac, Lynn Carol 
Rice, Shelby Jean 
Richardson, Janice Sue 
Richardson, Sarah Forsyth 
Kickard, Linda Car.ilyn 
Kidenour, Margaret 
Kiizman, Mary Ellen 

, ^ ft ^ ^ a f t 


Page 221 



Roach, Carol Yvonne 
Roach. Shirley 
Roberson, Carole Lynn 
Roberson, Phyllis Kaye 
Roberts. Lola Carolyn 
Robey. Elizabeth Ann 
Robinson. Linda Jean 

Robinson. Patricia 
Rogers. Donna 
Rogers. Marie .\nnette 
Rogers, Nancy Elaine 
Rogers. Roxanne Irene 
Rose. Marjorie 
Ross. Nancy Dianne 

Rowland. Sarah Elizabeth 
Rowles, Jcannete 
Rudd, Margaret Ellen 
Rufly, Louise 
Russell. Janet Sutherland 
Russell. Mary Ann 
Rutherford. Rebecca Lee 

Sacrinty. Dianne 
Sadler. Joyce Lynn 
Sakayan. Patricia Ann 
Sandford. Victoria 
Sartin. Ruby Pearl 
Satterfield. Barbara Lee 
Sawyer. Dorothy 

Sawyer. Loutricia Gayle 
Sayre. Jacqueline 
Schadel, Elizabeth Ann 
Schwrintzer, Iris Emma 
Scott, Margaret Lear 
Seawell, Kathleen Bert 
Sharff. Marjorie 

Shcllington, Susan 
Shelton. Frances Lynne 
Shenck. Lutesha 
Shields. Joyce Elaine 
Shields, Sandra Claire 
Shipley, .\gnes Gray 
Simmons. Billie Louise 

Simpson, .Martha Helen 
Singletary. Nelan Lee 
Sisson. Lesley Ann 
Skinner, Marjorie 
.Skoglund. Julianna 
Sloan, F. Sue 
Sloan, Martha C. 

Smith, Barbara 
Smith, Julia C. 
Smith. Linda Grace 
Smith, Lueinda Ford 
Smith, Nancy Ida 
Smith, Nancy Ruth 
Smith, Patricia Lynda 

>inilh. Rachel .Margaret 
Smith, Sally .-Vnn 
Smith, Sherry Ann 
Smith, .Suki Armstrong 
-Snyder. Frances Margaret 
Sokol, Karla Lofton 
Somers, Dorothy Marie 






Page 222 

class of 1967 

Soullirrn, I'aul Maynaril 

Southworth, Nancy 

Sorkin. Mona Kulh 

Sparknian. Jackie Battle 

Spates, Dorothy Ann 

Spcas Claudia Anne 

Spen<er. Jean.-tte Catlierine 

SpratI, Choice Townley 

Spruill, Melanie Anne 

Stacy, Mary Patricia 

Stallings, Shelley Paris 

Stanley, Beverly Virginia 

Starcr, Susan Merryl 

Starnes, Jeanne Louise 

Stephenson, Gloria Jean 

Stewart, Donna 

Stewart, Elizabeth Feinister 

Stewart, Linda Joyce 

Stimpson, Suzanne Elaine 

ole An 

ah, En 

Strasburger, Margaret Jane 

Stuart, Julie Fellows 

Sutton, Barbara Parhani 

Sutton, Sandra Jean 

Swaim, Carolyn Ann 

Swann, Judith 

Swicegood, Barbara Jean 

Swicegood. Mary Ann 

Swink, Patricia Anne 

Swiss, Andrea Jane 

Swofford, Lena Marie 

Taggart, Alice Ann 

Talley, Maude Jourdan 

Tart, Sandra Jean 

Taylor, Barbara Ann 

Taylor, Jane Williams 

Taylor, Robbie Dianne 

Teague, Suzanne 

Tennent, Alexandra 

Thames, Ada Irene 

Thomas, Carolyn Delores 

Thomas, Joyce Young 

Thomas, Wanda Lou 

Thomason, Ruth Ann 

liompson, Anthony Reginald 

Thompson. Charlotte Ruth 

Thompson, Elizabeth Ann 

Thompson, Kathryn 

Thornton, Einilie Susan 

Todd, Brenda Pearl 

Todd, Mary Frances 

Todd, Sandra Willeen 

Trapnell, Elizabeth Colston 

Tremitiere, Diane Leslie 

Trexler, Connie Elizabeth 

Trivette, Tomye Joyce 

Tucker, Cherry Lynn 

Tucker, Edith Juanita 

' Tudor, Glcnda Joyce 

Turkelson, Meta Louise 

Turner, Beatrice Tomlinson 

Turner, Sandra Sue 



Turner. Sue Lynn 

Tyson. Martha 

Umstead. Jane Katherine 

Underwood. Jessica Ann 

Unts. Andrea Fay 

N'andenburg. Clavissa Rolaine 

\ an.ler«haaf. Anita Michelle 

Vaughn. Barbara Jean 

Vaughn. Judy Aileen 

Vincent. Alice Gray 

Wagner. Renia Patrice 

Wagoner. Jenny Susan 

Wakefield. Marsha Ann 

Walker. Elizabeth Morrow 

W all. Mary Bradley 

Wallace. Laura Anne 

\^ arren. Susan Jane 

Watkins. Betty Leigh 

Watkins. Judith .\nnette 

Watson. Diana Eugene 

Watson. Donnis Virginia 

ts. Marilyn Annette 
\^ atts. Rebecca Sue 
eathers. Gwendolyn 
'eaver. Monette Ann 
Weber, Gail Sandra 
Wells. Virginia Ann 
Welton. Mary Sue 

Anita Leslie 

West. William Ray 

Wharton. Kathleen Bryan 

Whetstine. Nancy 

White, Betty 

White. Gary Helen 

White, Sherry Lynn 

Whitley. Donna 

Whitley. Linda Sue 

Whittington. Sarah 

Wicker. Sarah Abby 

Wiesner. Sally 

Wight. Margaret 

Williams. Janet Gibson 

Williams. Julia Harriett 

s. Royce Ann 

■. Patricia Sue 

Carolyn Frances 

Katherine Ann 

Winstead, Linda Dianne 

Wolfe. Malinda Kay 

W oo,i. Carolyn Ann 
ley. Abbie Lenora 
right. Gail Catherine 
Wright, Jo Ann 
Wright. Judith Ellen 
right. Martha Louise 
ugh. Victoria Doreen 

Yates. Nancy Lee 
Y elverton. Virginia 
Yoder. Barbara Ann 
ng. Margaret Marie 
^'ount. Carole Aucry 
Yount. Gail 
, U'innie Marguerite 

"Oh. we're the Class of '67 

It is good to get away occasionally. 

Enibleiiis on Red Distinguisli boplioiiiores 

Uuakirif; frcl'.meii walihed as the 
soplioiii.urs paiailed iiil,, the i|uail. 

The Class of 1967 proudly maicheil ovt-r the eaiiipiis 
and tliruugh the tliuiiig halls displaying their iiriglit 
red blazers. The traditional red was inherited Ironi 
the Class of 196.'^. A ehiss endileni to lie endiroideied 
on the lilazer pocket and designed hy a sophomore is 
the second part oi the Idazer tradition. Entries were 
siiliinitted and yoted upon liy the entire class; the 
1967 eiuhlem was designed Ijy Barbara Yoder. The 
symbolic emblem sets our class apart and yet conveys 
our ideals as a class and a- individuals. 

"One little, two little, three little Indians . . ." 

FKESHMAN OFFICERS: "Sam"" Mincey. lice-President: Betsy Buford. Secretary: 
Mary Ellen Butler. President; Pam Mars. Treasurer; Sara Alexander, Cheerleader 

Class or '68 Proves Tliey Are Here To Stay 

Although we were still the "halies of UNC-G." we 
freslimeii really j;a\c the upperelassmeii stiff compe- 
tition with our tierneiuhiiis sihool spirit. Anxious and 
in ardent spirit, ue enteicd I NC-G ready for a chal- 
lenging year of lundrr siilijccts and keeping up with 
the npperclassnien. Although we were younger and 
more inexperienced, we really showed the school that 
we were competent. We sur\ i\cil the chaos ol ( )ricnla- 
lion Week ordy to he more hewildcri'd when, in ()(lii- 
h<-r. the ^(irarri> of Soi)li(UU()rcs rang through our 
dciiin> in the uee hoiir> iil the morning. Though ex- 
tremely tired because of onr "rude awakening." we 

receiyed many laughs on Minnie-Ha-Ha Day. When 
the class became more organized, class elections were 
held with all the fun and hard work of campaigning. 
We learned that college was more than English themes, 
science labs, and history hourlies. It is also the dis- 
appointment of an empty mail box, the nervousness 
before a blind dale, the disgust of receiving call downs, 
and the many iiours of playing bridge, smoking ciga- 
rettes and rexcaling secrets with friends. It was a long 
drop from a senior to a freshman, but from now on, 
the oidy way to go is up! 

Page 226 

Abernelhy, Ava Lee 
Akeley, Mary Barton 
Alberg, Sandra Lynne 
Albright, Barbara Anne 
Albrigbl. Patricia Lorene 
Alexander. Joan Marie 
Alexander. Rosemary Reynol, 
Alexander. .Sara Dogget 

Alion. .'^usan Gail 
Allen, Barbara Ann 
.\llen. Frances Elizabeth 
Allen, Susan Foushee 
AUgood, Betty Louise 
Allmond. Margaret F.lizabeth 
Allred. Elizabeth 
Allred, Patsy Lyon 

Alston. Elizabeth Jolinson 

Alston. Patricia Lane 

Allman. Margaret 

Anderson. Julia Ann 

m. Karen Jean 

s. Carolyn Jean 

s. Cheryl Anne 

s. Mary Evelyn 

Apergis. Steven Michael 
.Armstrong. Mary Beth 
Arrowood. Patricia 
Ashley. Joan Faye 
.\shworth. Hannah C. 
Aspden. Kathrvn Jane 
AuBuchon. Hazel Ann 
Auerbach. Nancy Sue 

Auman, Mary McCormick 
Austin. Tyna Hudson 
Autry. Mary Wesley 
Aydlett. Anne Hall 
Ayers, Carole Annette 
Bailey. Carolyn V. 
Bailey. Sherry Anne 
Bain. Sarah DeHaven 


Class of 1968 



nne Faye 
,n. Leslie Ellen 

Helen C. 
. Mary Frances 

Ballenger, Georgia Sandra Le 

Barchauski. Marilyn Ann 

Barefoot. Martha Jane 

Barger. Terry Howard 

Barklev. Mary Lee 
Barnes. Alice Odell 
Barnes. Doris Young 
Barnes. Georgia Lynn 
Barnett. Judy Kay 
Barnum. Carol Marcia 
Barrett. Rita Kav 
Barringer. Lillian Alice 

Barrow. Ronnie Lee 
Bartholomew. Claudia Jean 
Barton. Mvra Jane 
Bass. Emily Douglas 
Batten, Carrie Blanche 
Bauersfeld. Jane Suzanne 
Baynes. Gaynelle Helen 
Beal. Phyllis Hope 

r. Elizabeth An 
v, Cora Ann 


Beck. Su 

Beck. .SvKia Car.d 

Beeson, Patricia Ann 

Begor. Catherine Ann 

Bell. Edwina Ann 

Benbow. Betty Anne 

Bennett, Susan Meado\ 
Bergman. Janie Louise 
Bernhardt, Edna Ann 
Bernstein, Susan Kay 


, Svlv 


Bethune. Leiia Dial 
Biesecker. Barbara 
Binford, Bonnie N. 

Page 227 



Ui^ll.■r. Dinah 
Hiviann. Bt-tty Ann 
Klaok. N'ancv Loftun 
(!Iarkl.urn. Cliarlottf Ma.- 
Blai kliurn. ChenI Diane 
Blakaili-. Paula R..s~ 
Blalo.k. Laura Ann 
Bialo.k. Lu, ill.- Ann,- 

Blan.l, Ca-. \ ail 
Blandfoni, Margaret I.yni 
Bliss. Linda Gail 
Blocker, Sally Ann 
Blomberg, Dale France^ 
Blum. Loretta Jovre 
Bobbin. Palricia Rulli 
Boggs Nora Waynell 

Bohannan. Rebecca A. 
Bonds. Sue Wilson 
Bonkemeyer. Dana Curlis 
Booker. Judith Ann 
Boseman. Carol Elizabetli 
Bowers, Marv Ah-lbea 
Bowman. Jo Anne 
B..V.I. Linda Ma.- 


id-liaw, }wU Kax 
igui.i.-r. \an>% Lvnii 
rndon. B.-linda 
i«l.■^. Marx Wall. Ml 
-.-d. Marsha Ellen 
-nnan. Carol Ann 
•wer. Brenda Jean 
■wer, Janvce Marie 


Briles, Marlene Kearn- 
Brinkley, Judith Lynn 
Brisson, Hilda Ruth 
Britton, Margaret Do. 1. 1 
Broadnax. Hazel 
Brooks, Palricia Anne 
Brown, Barbara Anne 
Brown, Brenda Kay 

Brown. Carolyn Louise 
Brown. Clara Ann 
Brown, Frances Daryl 
Brown, Frances Juanita 
Brown, Glenda Shar.m 
Brown. Linda Franklin 
Brown. Marh.n Katherine 
Brown. Marsha Leigh 

Brown. Martha Jane 
Brown. Mar% Margaret 
Brown. Palricia \ i.toria 
Brown. Paula Ann 
Brownridge, Barbara Anne 
Bryant. Anne Elizabeth 
Bryson. Julia Lee 
Buck. Robin Carter 

Bufonl. Elizabeth Farrior 
Bullar.l, Pamela (;ail 
Bullo, k. Lida Chapman 
Bunion, Jeanne Lvnne 
Bur;;,-. Brenda Preston 
Burg.-s., Bonnie Blair 
Bnrkh.-a.l. Betlie Sue 
liNrn.-ll.-. Diana Dave 

llurlon, D.iris Faye 
liu-li, Ann St.-arnes 
Butler, Anita Kvan 
Butn.-r, Samira Marie 
Butner, Susan Elizabeth 
Bvr.l, Bettina Jane 
Byrd, Catherine Elizabeth 
Caine, Barbara Ftliel 

Callahan, Janice Faye 
Calloway, Mary Rehe,-,a 
Campb.-ll, Ah-xan.ira Elizab.lh 
Campb.-ll. Ann 
Campb.-ll. .Sarah Elizab.-lh 
Cannailv. San. Ira Kay 
Car.linal, Beltv Anne 



an L< 

Page 228 

Class of 1968 

Carr. Mrrlr Ji-ani-lTr 

Carter, lin-nila Sue 

Carli-r. Gerald Clay 

Carter. Ju-lv Lynn 

CarnthrrN. Eli^alielh Ann 

(-ascy. Karen Diane 

Casliii>n. Belly Sue, Mary ^■rance^ 

Callin.Jamee Claire 

("aultien, Julia l.ijrraine 

Cernn-le, Mieliei,- Anne 

Cha.lwi.k, Manila Alice 

Chalmers. .Inlie Ann 

Cliandler. Anne Elizabelh 

Chandler. .Sue Lee 

Cheek. Barbara Ann 

Cheek. Belly Eniarila 

Cheek. Jane Alice 

Cheek, Marparet Sylvia 

Chipnian. Wende Leigh 

Chisholm. Anna Lee 

Chisholni, Janet Carol 

Chrisley. Susan Anne 

Christopher. Carol Jean 

Clark. Cynthia Marylyn 

Clark. Ellen Kiger 

Clark. Tophie Allison 

Clem, Marv Sanford 

Cline, Janice Dianne 

Cline, Sanrlra Jean 

Close, Ariel Clare 

Coates. Judith Gail 

Cochran. Teresa Dale 

Cohen. Sybil Ann 

Cohn, Relh Ellen 

C.lev. lice Ann 

Cdlins. Ellen E. 

Collins. Sarah Elaine 

(!onn. Hazeline Patterson 

Connor, Caroline Sue 

Constable. Christina 

C.nwcll. Frances Hudson 

Cooke. Mary E. 

CiMiper. James Louis 

Cooper, Penny Kay 

Corbin. Rebecca Ann 

Costello, Ann Therese 

Counts, Mary Lorene 

Cowling, Sharon Lee 

Cox. Frances Elizabeth 

Cox. Sandra Dean 

Coyle. Margaret Ann 

Craig, Brenda Louise 

Craig. Margaret Catherine 

Craig. Susan Kent 

Cranford, .Sandra Kay 

i:rawford. Marv Millner 

Crawford. Susan Jane 

Cree.di. Omcsa Dianne 

Crr.l. r.arl.ara Jane 

( r.-.MM.rc. J,„liih Ann 

Crews. Ilciiv Jean 

Cr.l.l.Mi, Kathleen Elizabelh 

Ciidlebaugh. Mary Elizabeth 

:nlle„den. Elizabeth Rockwell 

Cr.i.k.ll. Manila Ann 

I i.ill. I MilliL, I liristine 

I II, IiiIki Fllen 

I n.u^,,. I ,„) Hale 

Crulchhcid, Carol Gray 

Culberlson. Betsy Greenleaf 

Ciimmings. Therese Marie 

Curlee, Gracia Margeen 

Dallord. Delia Anne 

Dal.'s. Kalherine Hallyburton 

Dall.m. Nola Jean 

Daniels. Jeannie Frances 

Dauijhtridge. Susan Baker 

Davenport. Sharvn Diane 

Davis. Elmerene Elise 



Davis. Joyce Ann 

Dawson, Rebecca Elaine 

Dearman, Jane 

Delaney, Cyntliia Craven 

DeLoach, Dianne Carol 

Denipsey. Dale Paige 

DePew. Connie 

DeWiu, Mary Margaret 

Dickinson, Anne Cassel 

Dickson, Margaret Anne 

Dicostanzo, Celia Mary 

Oishnian, Eileen Marlowe 

Dixon, Georgia Coble 

Dixon. Paul Webster, Jr. 

Doclson. Beatrice Lynn 

Donahue. Dawn Marie 

Douglas. Leigh Ann 

Downey, Mary Ann 

Downing, .'\nna ^iaxine 

Doyle. Sammy Franklin 


, He 

, De 

Drew. Paulelte 
Dulin. Lucy Bryn 


, Do 

Dupree. Carolyn Rose 

Dupree. Mvra Jane 

Durham. Martha Ann 

Earp. Judith Ann 

EaskoUl. Patricia Lynn 

Eatman. Elizabeth Ann 

Edgerton. Kathleen Paxlon 

Edmiston. Vickey D. 

Edm..ndson. Marcia Lynn 

Edwards. Beltv Jean 

Edwards. Ellen Meredith 

Eilwards, Nila Carolyn 

Ehrlich. Margaret Elizabeth 

Eldridge. Amy J. 

Elkin. Jacquelvn Rae 

Elkins, Gloria Jean 

Ellis. Diane Haywood 

Elt>sser. Karen Louise 

Emorv. Allean Mary 

Engleman. Roberta Ann 

Ericson. Sharon Louise 

Errico. Judvthc Lvnn 

Ervin. Man- Sandra 

Eure. Linda Faye 

Evans. Betty Lou 

Evanv. France- Lvnne 

Farlmian. Carol Janice 

Farmer. Kathleen Davis 

Farris. Man- Camille 

Faulkner. Alice Marie 

F.1U-1. Diana June 

Federal. Margaret Amilie 

Fermia. Joyce Eileen 

Fields. Sodie Davis 

Fish, Terry Elaine 

Fleming. Sarita Vernette 

Flel. her. Jean Rosemary 

Flynt. Lyn<la Lee 

For--tadt. Frances 

Foss. Constance Grace 

Foster, Marietta Land 

Foster, Mary Susan 

Foster. Sarah Ann 

Fou-t. Cheryl Elaine 

Fowler. Dorothy Meares 

Fowler, Marilyn Kay 

Fraley, Ruth Jane 

Freeman, Marilyn Francine 

Freeze. Barbara ,\nn 

Friedman, Sherrie Lee 

Frierson. Dargan 

Fuller, Jane Catherine 

Furches. Martha Carolyn 

Furr. Gail Ann 

Gabard. Anna Karen 

Gal.i-. Nancy Zernian 

class of 1968 

Gail, Emily Trowbridge 
(lainev. Edwar.l Haskel 
Gambill. Mary Jane 
Gann, Linda Carolvn 
Garber. Alice Gail 
Gardner. Diana 
Gardner, Phvllis Ann 
Garland. Marjorie Dallas 

Garland. Pennv Helena 
Garner. Jerry Wayne 
Gary, Judith Marlene 
Gaskill. Cheryl Hicks 
Galewood. Marilyn Hope 
Gaylord. Susan F. 
Gehrmann. Virginia -Ann 
Geltch. Marjorie Ann 

1 Ha 

Gentry, Ge___ 
Gernon. Helen Rulh 
Gelzen. Catherine Gilden 
Ghosn, Mary Frances 
Gibbons. BiUie Yvonne 
Gibbons. Katherine Eugenia 
Gibbs. Brenda Elise 
Gibson. Rebecca Diane 

Gilbert. David Bryant 
Gilliam. Kathryn 
(;i]liam. Sheila Joan 
Gillis. Patricia Ann 
Godwin. Beverly Winsh.w 
Goforth, Virginia Marguerite 
Gooden. Jane Gwen 
Gooding. Virginia Louise 

Goodwin. Irma Jean 
Goodwyn. Marv Ann 
Golden. Mary timewell 
Gordon. Jacqueline Sue 
Gordon. Carol Lee 
Gordon. Wee Lynn 
Gower, Patricia Anne 
Graham. Catherine Ann 

Graham. Julia Ann 
Graliam. Virginia Joann 
Gragg. JaneHi.ds„n 
Cranberry, Judv Ann 
Grasty. Celia Annette 
Gray. Judy Aleatha 
Gray. Lola Jean 
Gray. Mary Dawn 

Grayson. Linda Faye 
Green. Martha Louise 
Greene. Marv Webb 
Greene, Sally Burdelle 
Greenwood. Lois Marie 
Greer. Gayle Frances 
Gregor. Nancy Ellen 
Gregory. Nina Mae 

Griffin. Diane Blair 
Griffin. Gwendolvn Sue 
Griffin. Jacqueline Rita 
Griffin. Lorna Elaine 
Griffin. Margaret Brenda 
Guffy. Lemire Ann 
Gunier. Margaret Deanna 
Gutherie. Judith Elizabeth 

Habich. Julie Frances 
Hageman. Shirlie 
Hailey. Victoria Leigh 
Hale. Brenda Louise 
Hall. Mary Ann 
Hall. Marv Anna 
Hall. Marv Carolvn 


i.lay. -Ma 


lion. Mary Rebecca 
Hamilton. Nancv Carolyn 
Hamilton, Sandra Lee 
Hamilton, Sara Lee 
Hammond. Judith Graham 
Hammond. Nancy --Anna 
Hamrick. Cynthia Randee 



Hand. Man- Jean 
Harbuck. Patricia Ann 
Hardin. Judv Carol 
Hardv. Brenda Louise 
Hare.' Kathrvn Suzanne 
Hargrove. Catherine Est 
Harkey, Beth Marie 
Harlow. Grace Louise 

Harrelson. Carol Ann 
Harrelson. Diane 
Harrill. Man Elizabeth 
Harris. Barbara Ann 
Harris. Cecile Eleanor 
Harris. Jean Elizabeth 
Harris. Judy Ann 
Harrison. Joan Lee 

Harry. Patricia June 
Harwood, Heather Ann 
Hasty, Patricia Anne 
Hatcher. Gavle Jeanne 
Hatlev. Ann Elizabeth 
Hawkins. Barbara Jean 
Hawkins. Heidi 
Hayes, Margaret Anne 

Havs. Sharon 
Havworlh. Emilv Jeai 
Hedgpeth. Lvnda Ga\ 
Heifner. Nora Ann 
Helms. Jovce Elaine 
Hen.lerM.n, Car.d Am 
Henderson. Marv Elii 
Hensley. Brenda Joyc 

Hepler. Elda Eileen 
Herrin. Iris Laverne 
Hickman. Judv Neil 
Hill. Barbara jean 
Hill. Carolyn Dianne 
Hill. Janet Elizabeth 
Hill. Susan Gail 
Hinrhliffe. J 


Hine. Colene Elizal 
llipl.. Dnnna Duff 


nl,.'. k. Ildil,, 

Holley. Edwina Elaine 
Holmes. Paula Dianne 
Holmes. \^ anda Gavle 
Holt. Rotha Marilvn 
Holt. Sandra Lillian 
Hoh. Susan Emily 
Hooper. Mary Bovd 
Hoover, Sarah Jane 

Hope, Patricia Ray 
Hord. Judy Catherine 
Hornadav.' Judith Ann 
Hnrnev. Harriet A. 
Hor.lei.Nanev Jane 
llor^ath. JavneLvnn 
Hotte. Paulettc Adrien. 
Houck. Sandra Jeanne 

Hourigan. Susan Miche 
H..ward, Judv Lvnn 
Ib.w.ll. Ei-lvn Gail 
H.iw.ll. \Iar% Kathrvn 
Hower. Elizab.lh Ann 
Hoy. Donna Kay 
Hudson. Timothy D. 
Hughe-. Patricia Ellis 

Hunter. N 
Hunter. Virginia L. 
Hurdle. Mar^' Eliza 
Hulton. Marianne i 
llvldburg. Carolvn 
IMton. MariKn EI 

ndel Ka 





class of 1968 

4~ -^ 

Idol. Venla Jan.- 

Ingram, Mary lit-lh 

Ingram, Polly Jo 

Inn,'s, liarhara Ann 

l^.nh..ur. I'ralt Kli/al.clli 

M.v. A. la Cliri- 

|..^■^. l-:ii/..,|.rll, \nii 

lalKino. Kli/.al,.-lli Flor.-n.- 

Ja.kM.n. Raclul Lynn 

Jamo. liarhara Ann,- 

James, Janet Hoyle 

James, Lydia Grey 

Jaryis, Karen Jane 

Jenkins. Janet 

J.iikins, \Iarll.a Glynn 

Jenkin-, Sarah I.on 

Jessee, Linda Carol 

Jobe, Cynthia Dianne 

Johe, James Harry. II 

Johnson, liarhara Lynn^on. lirenda Faye 

,|..hnMjn, Dorothy Dariel 

Jolnison. Emma Patricia 

Johnson, Freya Gay 

Johnson. Pally Carole 

JohnM.n. Sarah \ oorhees 

June-. \,i,i„- Laura 

Jon.s. lielly Ann 

Jones. Diane Elizaheth 

Jones. Klizabelh Leigh 

Jones. Katherine Rena 

Jones. Mary Lou 

Jones. Meredith Sue 
lones. Patricia Lucille 
lones, Kehe,-ea Wilson S„.an Diane 
Jon.-. SvKia Norris I'.elUe Carolyn 
|..sev. Kathleen Marie 
Joyce. Elizaheth Ann 

Joyce. Jane Lynn 

Joyner. Becky Jo 

Kahn. Virginia Helena 

Karriker. Judy Elizabeth 

Kalz. I'.renda Stadiem 

Kealing. Mary Kalherine 

Keel. Mildred Duraud 

Keeling. Emily tjiarlene 

Keleher. Megan Martha 

Keller. Beverly Jeanne 

Kent. Marv Mikell 

Kenvon. Martha Anne 

Kesler. Frames .Sue 

Kesller. Kav Frances 

Kilian. Kathleen Evelyn 

Mi.imel. Kathleen Virginia 

King. Barbara Jane 

King. Carol Rae 

King. Margaret Joyce 

Kirhv. Pamela Dare 

Kirsch. Elizabeth Ansel 

Kiser, Rona Lea 

Knight, Belly Elaine 

Knight, Cynthia C. 

Knight. Dorothy Jane 

Knight. Georgia Lynn 

Kni-ht. Virginia Blair 

Ki,,.ules. Glenda Elaine 

Korn. Sandra Neal 

Ko.iou. F.Mli.r Sheryl 

Kuinier, Jiili, Kll/.ll,etll 

Kiikel, Carolvn El[/alpelh 

Kusenherg, Carol Ann 

Lamar. Mary Jo 

Lamb, Sharon Lee 

Lambeth. Linria Kav 

Lancaster. Julia Jo 

Land. Doris Jean 

Lan.l. Nancy Jean 

Lan.-. Donna Kave 




r^ A fy Jii ^ 

0aa t <^ ^ 

Laney, Janice Kay 

Langley, Camlvn Fave 

Lanibelli. Catherine Ann 

Larkin, Linda Lee 

Lashley, Cornelia Anne 

Lassen. Priscilla Anne 

Lassiter, Eleanor Rose 

Lassiter, Linda Carol 

Laughrun. Pamela 

Law. Margaret .\nne 

Lean-. Barbara Randall 

Lee. Agnes Sylvia 

Lee. Eugenia Jan 

Leebrick. Vickie Danielle 

Leeds. Cindy .'\nn 

Lefler. Nancy Elaine 

Leonard. Jane Elizabeth 

Leonard. Judith Love 

Lester. Georgianna 

Levin. Ellen Rhoda 

Levitt. Libbie Rae 

Levy, Kathleen OT)ell 

Lewis. Aylelt Macon 

Lewis. Elizabeth .\nn 

Lewis. Linda Jean 

Lewis. Patricia F. 

Lewis. Selnia Anne 

Lihz. Martha Gilmore 

Lilly. Ashton Wilson 

Lippincott. Joyce .\nn 

Lipps. Melinda 

Little. Sandra Carol 

Lloyd. Mary Lu 

Lnbdell. Elizabeth Steatton 

Lung. Christina Lavinia 

Long. Sylvia Elouise 

Loonev. Carolyn Page 

Louis. Andrea 

Love. Mearlyn Rebecca 

Lowder. Margaret Longhi 


,erv. Dawn Harrison 

Lucas. Hope Knight 

Lvnrh, Mvra (;ail 



1 Carle 

Lysk... Carol Ann 

McBride. Loretta Gail 

McCain. Gwendolyn Feme 

McCallum. Eleanor 

McCanless. Minnie Iretia 

McCarn. Nancy Gale 

McCaskill. Nancy Ellen 

McClain. Jeanne Etta 

McClure. Joan Marie 

McConnell. Mary Elizabeth 

McCullough. Sharon Ann 

McDonald. Sharyn Lynn 

McDowell. Marion Virginia 

McEntire. Dorothy Anita 

McEntire. Nancy Joanne 

McCalliard. Susan Ella 

M. G,c, I'ansv Yvonne 

MrCinlN. \I:irgaret Ann 

Mclv.r. Ju.lith Russell 

McKeown. Adella Mae 

McLean. Katherine Tiahart 

McLean. Martha Hazel 

MrI.endon. Pamela 

\b I .nd. \irkie Paulette 

\I. I..,ud. Patricia Flox 

McMaster. Danielle Kay 

McMillan. Jane Ann 

McNeal. .Martha Lorie 

Magnant. Sharon Mary 

Maboney. Virginia Louis 

Maier. Rena Vivian 

Malmquist. Gwendolyn Eva 

Maner. Sara Elizabeth 

Maples, Karen Elizabeth 

Marcus. (;eraldine May 

Marino. Anna Rose 

class of 1968 

Marlin, Karen Mane 
Marks, Marilvn Ray 
Mars, Pamela Lynn 
Marshall, Thomas En 
Marlin. Elizabelh An 
Martin, Janet Ellen 
Martin, Loretta Dean 
Martin, Marion Haze 

Martin, Penny Gail 
Martin, Sandra Rogers 
Marvin, Kathrvn An.Ire: 
Mason, Franees W iii.tre 
Massey, Zilphia Loii 
Masuhr, Nancy Ann 
Maxwell. Sheila .Ann 
Maynarcl, Peggy Jane 

Meacham, Patsy 
Meacham. Sally 
Meadows, Rebecca Hop, 
Mecks. Anne Elizabeth 
Meiggs. Dana Christine 
Meletioii. Mary Paul 
Melko. Susan Ann 
Meloy. Barbara Ann 

Melville. Georgia .Ann 
Mercer. Linda Joyce 
Meredith. Evelyn E. 
Merrill. Sandra Kav 
Messcr. Bonnie Jean 
Micol. Jane 
Milchin. Sharon Diane 
Miller. Betty Elaine 

Miller. Frances Dianne 
Miller. Linda Ann 
Miller. Nancy Sue 
Mills, Maxine 
Minccy. Marilvn 
Misenheimer. Martha Ja 
Mitchell. Shirley ClilTor. 
Mitchum. Meredith Lee 

Moffitt, Sharyn Geraldin 
Moore. Alice Raye 
Moore. Brenda Joyce 
Moore. Donna Susan 
Moore. Lucinda Catherii 
Moore. Sandra Baker 
Moon. Rachel Anne 
Morgan. Joan Judy 


an. Mary L. 



Morse. Linda Kay 
Morion. Jessica Ja 
Morton. Shelie Flo 
Motley. Ann Gilliam 
Motley. Cheryl Ann 
Muilenburg, Lisa Gerrit 

Mollis. Aihi 
\Iiilli~. Ilarl 


NahikLin. \Kiii. ^at.T 
Napirr, \^^^ \lr\,s 
Nasmilh. Ahhca H. 

Naylor. Marjorie Rose 
Neff. Catherine EIna 
Neshitt. Kathleen M.k 
Neskang. Lin<la Ruth 
Nesler. Anita Louise 
Newman, Dana Elaine 
Newmark. Linda 
Newsom. Carol Ann 

Newsonie. Janet .\nn 
Newsome. Julie Annet 
Newton. Judy P. 
Nicks. Mariana 
Nim. Laura Joyce 
Noah. Pamela Kay 
Norman. June Carol 
Norton. Susan Phillip: 



Nonille. Barbara Frr.-man 
Nu--l)auni, Barni Ko>.- 
Il-Brlfii. Betiv L.m 
D'D.ll. Linda Ruih 
O'Kelly. Delma S. 
Odoni. Sara France;; 
Oflner. Karen Lee 
Olson. Pamela Karen 

Orr. Man- June 
Overly. John Loui>. Jr. 
Overlon. Sydney 
Owens. Barbara Sue 
Owens. Jennifer .\nn 
Owens. Sherrill Lawson 
Packer. Rebecca J. 
Padgett. Priscilla Charleue 

Pajie. Dornthv Matliew~ 
Palmer. Margaret Ann 
Park. Edith Lind-av 
Parker. Kathv ^u-an 

>li. L. 

in.' Mari 
'atsy Lnrene 
■ihn Marklu 

Patrick. Carol Ann 
Patterson. Elizabelli .Sc. 
Patterson. Emilv Claudi 
Patter-on. Patricia \nn 
Fatten. Marv Carohn 
Patton. Naiicv l.vnn 
Paull. Ju.iith Patricia 
Payne. Jane Ellen 

Payne. Ruby Lee 
Pearson. Laura Marie 
Pell. Gwyn Lynelt.- 
Pendergrann. Penny 
Pendlev. Nancie 
Peterson. Betty Lnu 
Petree. Linda .\nne 
Pettus, Gloria Jane 

Pfaff. Nancy Gail 
Pharr. Jennifer Ann 
Phillips. Connie Lynn,- 
Phillip-. Lynn Sbearin 
Phillips. Marianne 
Phillips. Nancy Elaine 
Phillips. Suzanne Helen 
Picha. Pamela Marie 

Picha. Patricia \nn 
Pierce. M. \ irginia 
Piene. Marion \nri 
Pipkin. Jane Marie 
Piltman. Ra^e Marie 
Plummer. .Martha Nan.-, 
Polk. Barbara Jeanne 
Poole. Patricia -Vnn 

I'ope. Margaret \mm 
Pn-ey. Margaret Chri-li, 
Poteal. Margi, Mane 
Potecl. Lot- Zena 
Potter. Sandra Jean 
Pouller. Constance \nnc 
Price. Anne Perry 
Pric.-, Elizabeth \iiii 

Price. Fredia Line 
Price. Rila Jane 
Pri.lgen. Pamela 
Pringle. Carlccn Jean 
Prit. hard. Kalbryn 
I'rilcbett. l.v.lia \nn 


Pruilt, Patr 

Purdy, Nell Elain.- 
Pusey, Phyllis Elaine 
Query. Marion Elaine 
l.luick. Mary Eli/ab.-lb 



H.Ulel. Dale 11. 
K.llhlf. \ll,ie ( . 
Maudiri^. \ui, • 




f ■! h 


t'-i B r> 

ClcTss of 1968 

l!ay. Mary J.. 

Kay, Nan llurlt-y 

Ray, Syliil JoliiR-lta 

K.-ail. Julia AIIpi.,,. Jan.' Kvi-lyn 

Kr.-,1. Julia Ann 

l!,-,], Jaji,-I Kclii-cca 

Ki-.'s. H..I,,-, , u Joel 

R.-f;au, ^M■.an W ay Mr 

:.-i-l,T, Carolyn l.uui^.' 

K.'i.l. K.-uima Amelia 

Kei.l, Saniira Alisc 

ll.nian. Ilcrulhy Vernon 

Krr,i,, Janice Marie 

K.vr...l.l-.. lari.-t E. 


Mt 4»^ 


\l.,e l{,l,( 



I. ill, la l)e 

Ki. h. iNel.Li Klaine 

i!i. Iiar.l-uii, AlK-on Lueile 

Kigg»l)ee. Roliena Anne 

Kileliie. Kalhryn Sue 

Rilihie. Pally Jane 

I!iple,,Su/,aniie Sluarl 

K,.a<li. Jo Allllr 

Kul,er-on. William Waile 

Rolierls. Palriiia Ann 

Koherlson. Carolyn Faye 

Roberl^on. Jane Lewis 

K..lierlM,n, Martha \nn.- 

KoherNon. Mary Jane 

Robinson, Bren.ia Lou 


inson. Joyce 

mlgers, Catherine .'^. 

ogers. Merle Dianne 

Koniinger. Inajo 

Roo.l. Malv Ann 

Roop. Joalvn Elaine 

Roos, Patricia Jane 

Hoolh, Nancy Kav 

Rose, .Nan. V Eli/aheth 

Rosenlcl.l. Li-a 

Rouse. Helen Aiin.Ilc 

yal. Margarel Eli/al.eth 

roll. Patricia llarrielle 

Rinlav. Sherry Linda 

Kul,-. Rebecca Kaye 

Rulnick. Jan.- Morris 

Ryals, Virginia Rulli 

van, Elizabeth Maxwell 

Sa.ll.r. Nancy Patricia 

>,ifn-. •-u/aii Bahsie 

jh/iiian. Marl. 11. ■ Ellen 

Saii.llin. Manila Ellen 

Sampson, Cherry Lee 

Sapirie. -Sally .Ann 

, li- N. 


;el. Hl/,,lii III K.llllerini 

S.liultz, Dorolli) Eileel 

Schwartz, San.lra Rai 

Scott. Bettv Cow 

S .,11. B.mnie Jeai 

S,.,tt. Carol 

S.I. 11. Kathleen Margaret 

s. .,11, Ruby Anne 

S.ll, Diane Rebecca 

ll.-ioM.-. Susan Morrison 

Shank. Margaret 

Sharp.-, his June 

Shaw. Kalhl.-cn J.-aii 

Shearin, Kathryn Kay 

i.llev, Catherine .Melissa 

■slielton, William Rowahl 

Short, Marietta 

Showfety, Teresa Ann 

Siegel, Edythe Joan 

- Silver, (;ail Reda 

Silver. Ronny Louise 

Page 2.17 




Jit| "^^ o « c^ 




^ §^ 



•. Sh./ila Fayf 

Slade. Sandra 

Slawter. Linda Fave 

Skinner. Dorothy Pamela 

Smith, Amelia Jane 

Smith. Bonnie Jean 

Smith. Brenda Kaye 

Smith. Edith Carol 

Smith. Elinor Bonnie 

Smith. Evelyn Karon 

Smith. Jeanette .Marie 

Smith. Karen Elizabeth 

Smith. Kalhryn R. 

Smith. Kathryne Taylor 

Sniitli. Lila Ann 

Sniilli. .M. 

Smith, l.inila Jean 

Smith. Linda Lee 

Smith. Patriiia Ann 

Smith. Susan Frames 

Smith. Terrv Diane 

Smith, \irginia Francis 

■-Miilh.r. I diarlutte Sanders 

■-nai.-ly. Barhara Caroline 

^nc'i'lon. Lynn Carnegie 

Smithey. Alice .\nn 

Sotheran. Jo Lorraine 

Souza. Lee Antionette 

Sower?. -Mary Catherine 

.Sparks. Rebecca Kaye 

Sparrow. Constance Norris 

Sparrow, Teresa Jane 

Speed. Cheryl Pauline 

Spencer. Darinda 

Spencer. Mary Dana 

Sprinkle, Terry 

uill. BiUie Louise 

ngs. Judith Anne 

ings. Ramona DuPree 

Stancik. W amia Fay 

tanfield. Linda Louise 

Stanford. Nancy Jean 

dev. Barhdia Ilene 

lanley. Mary Lynn 



Stanley. Sliirley Joyce 

Starling. Emily E. 

Stati.n. Martha .\nn 

Stein. Carol Ann 

Stephenson. Carolyn Conner 

Stern. Susan -Vudrey 

Stevenson. Lois Jean 

Stone, Mohe 

Strickland, Brenda G. 

Stroud. Mary Catherine 

Stuart. Nancy 

Stuhhinv. Martha 

Strug. Tcrri Elaine 

Slur.Iivanl. Judy 

Stults, Harrietta Gayle 

Styron, Susan Jean 

Sugg, Dianna Lee 

Suggs, Melverlene 

. Margaret Newsom 

luits, Vickie Cheryl 

Sullivan, Patricia Jean 

Supulski, Gwendolyn Eva 

Surber, Beth Ann 

Sutherland, Anne Dyer 

Swaim, Roddy Jean 

Swaim, Sharon Lutricia 

Swaringen, Linda Louise 

Swavngim, .Sue .Memory 

.Swofford. Mary Ella 

Tangari. Beverly Gail 

Tanner. Barbara Lee 

Tarleton. Betty Jo 


Page 238 

class of 1968 

Tarllon, Oonna Kay 
Tarplev. Mania Ellen 
Tart. Marv Holt 
Tavlur, Anita Ellen 
Taylor, Catherine Anne 
Taylor, Cav Christine 
Taylor, Jennifer Anne 
Taylor. Mary Kay 

Temple, Jo Ann 
Temple, Man Rus.el 
Tenipleton, Avery Elizaheth 
Terrell, Harriet Elaine 
Terrell. \ir(;inia 
TerMillij;er, Ju.lith Lvnn 
Thaxton, Martha X'iekers 
Thomas. Adeline Garner 

Thomas. Anita Lois 
Thomas, .\nn Adell 

IS, Barhara Je 
IS. Diana Lynn 
s. Doris Louise 
,s. Elizabeth 
, Judith Lynn 

Thomas, Mary Ali( 




Thomas, Ralph Ford, Jr. 
Thomas, Sandra Lynne 
Thomasson, Nancy Sue 
Thompson. Jane .Adair 
Thompson. Linda Jo 
Thompson. Michael David 
Thorud, Mary Gardner 

Thrower. Martha Cheryl 
Tietz. Virginia A. 
Tillinghast. Harriet Marcy 
Timhers. Judith Ann 
Tinkham. Nora Jane 
Tinkler, Sara Jane 
Tobaru. Kazue 
Todd, Patricia Anne 

Tod.l. Paulette 
Todd. Sandra Hall 
Todd. Susan Davis 
Tollett. Lcnore Jane 
Tomlinson. Martha Ann 
Trammel. Lujuanne Jane 
Traywick. Wanda Lorraine 
Trice, Julia Ellen 

Trivette, Frances Anne 
Trueloye, Anita Louise 

jrette .Sheila 


Truman, Ma 
Truslow, Gir 
Tucker, Bon 
Turner, Juli( 
Turner, Sylv 

1 Gayle 

Tysinger. Nancy Kay 

Vaughn, Betty J. 
Veseskis. Sherry Ann 
Wagner, Dorothy Oake, 
Carolin Ann 
, Donva Caroly 
Kitty Raye 


Walker, Sandra Lee 

Wall. Delbra Jo 
Wall. Sharon Kay 
Walsh. Jacqueline 
Walsh, Patri.ia Kath 
Ward. Jane Ann 
Ward, Jean Russell 
Ward. Virginia .Anne 
Ware, Alice Gene 

Warren, Jane Tart 
Waterfield, Patri.ia Ja 
Watkins, Judith Jill 
Watkins, Olivia Fulehi 
Watkins, Shirley Ann 
Watry. BarbaraAnn 
Watson. Anne Marie 
Watson, Bette Anne 

Page 239 



IS at«on. Manila Ell.n 
Watson, Man Sue 
Watson. Susan Ross 
Weaver. Judith Ann 
Webb. Anne 
W eber. Barbara Marie 
W eeli-. Svlvia Lula 
W eier. Lucy Ellen 

West, Evelyn Grace 
WVtzel. Katherine Emma 
\^'etherington. Barbara Gre\ 
WlKibn. Pegg>- Jennifer 
\X lieeler. Linda Lou 
W hel-s. Trudy Jovce 
Whitehurst. Edith Diane 
Whitehurst, Nancy Jean 



'ranre. E. 
1- Mlierlj 
I. ^ llrlni 
.han.ii \nne 

Wirkliiie. Hannah (nil 

Wi.tiardt. Eli^abeili 

W ilkniMin. Ellen 

Williams. Vonci 




ims. Judv Catherine 
ims. Karen Elizabeth 
nil-. Margaret 
nil-. Patricia Kay 
nil-. Sherry Lee 
im-. Shirley Dianne 
inison, Ann Rhodes 
im-on. Beverly Uell 


Wil-..„. Beth Anne 
Wil-„M. Donna KaN 
W il-oii. Elizabeth 
Wil-„n. Lee 
W il-nii. Linda Kav 
W ilson, Lynda Elizabeth 
Wilson, \Iary Lynn 

Wilson. Nancye Carolyn 
V.-\mh. Patricia Dianne 
W 111, li.-ter. Carol Elowei 
W 111. Ii. -ter. Paula Mar};a 
W in-tead. .N'aney Rei.le 
Winters. .Ann Ver.miea 
Wojiowski, Kathleen Am 
Wolf, Sandra Gail 

Wolvek, Sherry 
Wonsavage, Carol Grier 
Wo...lriiff. Sera E. 
Wooilwani. H, 

t Ha 

V. Jan.- Carol 
ght. Brenda Fay.- 
ght. Kathleen L., 

Wt _ 

Wright. Martha 
W ripht. Reh...-.a W. 
■i arbor.. ugh. Ronnie 
1 arbor.. ugh. Lvn.lia T. 
V.'argan. Patricia Su.- 
Young. Ja..|ue Lvnu 
\oung. Jacquelvn Su.> 
Vow. Winifred Earli.i.- 

Zelkin. Ann Ruth 
.Mc.\doo, Larry 

Page 2W 

When the Class of 1968 ifaclu-d llic .aiiiinis of 
UNC-G. many new acli\ities auailcd tiicrii. One of llir 
first surprises iiiaiiv ot llie ircsiiiiicn icrrixi'd was llic 
discovery that instead ot oidv one looniniatt-. lliey had 
two. Even though three in a room was crowded and 
sharing a closet was almost impossible, the spirit oi 
"the more, the merrier" prevailed, and there was 
always room for friends who dropped in. Attendance 
at class meetings was great, and the attendance lianner 
usually had to lie shared among the dorms. No Ircsh- 
man could ever forget the numerous call-ilowus re- 
ceived for filling out permission slips improperly oi 
the mad rush to sign in at 1 :00 a.m. Saturday night. 
The fun of the Sister Class parties and the magical 
excitement of the Freshman Formal will alwavs be 
remendiered. With the many activities to keep fresh- 
men busy, they realized all too well that '"our college 
days run swiftly bv. . . ." 

So what if South Spencer had 

Active Fresniiien 
Love Life At ITNC-G 


Dori'l foif^et to put 1 :(I0 a.m.! 


/■/('// to rifilil ) Lane Norman. Paula Israel. 

/atle Garvin, and Fenny Pratt. 

A Cjrowin^ University 
Department Expands and Improves 

The University De|);irtiiu"nl oi Nursing Kilucation 
offers a two-year progr;uii iisMirialcd with Moses H. 
Cone Memorial Hospital. A .si\-urrk Miriiiiier si-ssion 
ill psychiatric iiiirsiiif; al .jcihii I iii>lca(l Hospital at 
Blltner follows tlic first year nl acailmiic uoik. Al the 
present time, the two \cars nl academic work al the 
University are followed h\ a loiir-month piacticiim 
after which graduation exercises arc hidd and students 
are eligible to take liie Fxcgislcrcd Nurse Licencing 

However, the Nursing i'lograiii is alwavs ^ceking 
improvement. The Cla>s oi !''().') i> the lir>l (lass to 
graduate with the senior cla>s in the spring. I'laiis for 
legislation to do away with the lour-month illlcrn^llip 

ire hejiig proposed to coincide with the already 
idoplcd change applied to the freshman cla^s of add- 
iig eoiuM's ill the lilicral arts area for the licncru oi 
the indi\idual sludenls. 

The growing demand for and the numher of nursing 
students enhances the Lhiiversity's recognition for a 
nursing |irograin that will pro\ide the graduate stu- 
dent with a cultural learning experience so that she 
uia\ full\ >lep into her lutiire role of nursing . . . re- 
uicniheiiug her >tildcnt da\s al llie I ui\er>it\ when 
i-lass olliccis wi'ic Icni'Ncr iutiuniing her ol S.N.C). 
meeting and the latest postponement dale id the class 

Pagf 242 


; DIs 

Barbara R. Bing 

Simlcnc Nurses' Ore^nizalion C. 
SN Assi.cijlicn ( 1. :>. By-laws 

Janeen Claire Butler 

n-illce (I. :. .11. 1 ibei..l An 

Charlotte Camille Crowell 
Jldy Carol Dockery 

\ Sliidenl Nurses' Asscciation (1. 2 

Iris Daile Faircloth 

llislnel, Sl.ile and Nalinnal Studenl Nurses 

Margaret Ann Holder 

Muueni Nurses' Oreani/alion (1. 2); Dislri 

Margaret Ann Inman 
Hellen I'alila Israel 

( L 2 ) ; Dorm Comnnl 

nd National Nu 




Rebecca Louise Lovett 

siudenl Nurses' Orp.ui 

Patricia Ann McLamb 

^liidenl Nurses' Ors!,ni?ali n II, 2); 
Dorm fonim'llee 11.21. 

Pat Ann Maxin 

Martha Jeannette Morgan 

fisin.i an. I N 111. nil Siu.knl Nurses' , 

Lane Smith Norman 

Giil'..l.l C.Ilete 111. .Suidenl Nurses' 
and C.immillce 1 .1 ) ; District ! 
I^lu-'enl Nurses' Association (2. 3); 1 
vnc 12 1 

WiLLA Mae Perkins 

N.nion.d .nJ Dislnct Studenl Nurses' . 

Virginia Page Phillips 

District. Stale and National Nurses' A 

Penelope Jean Pratt 

It Nurses' Organizal 


[ Nu 

I 1. 2 1; CLI Do 

Johana Dee Renfro 

111. Secrclary |2|; Student Nun 



I Leader (21; Jun 

Shirley Rhyne 

Dislricl. State and National Studenl Nurses' ; 

Diana Jane Rogers 

Sludenl Nurses' Organization Social Commit 
Stale and National Student Nurses' 
millee (1, 21; RA ( 1); YDC (11. 

Carolyn Anne Salmon 

Sludenl Nurses' Assi-cialion (1. 2); Dorm CI 

Jimmy Elzara Salter 

Sludenl Nurses' Onianizalion (1.21; Dorm C 

Judith Anne Sampson 

University of Wisconsin ( 1 I. Student Nurses' 

Anne Hazard Schrader 

Micliiean Stale L'nivcrsilv II. 2|; Student N 
Student Nurses' Assoc ation (,1.4l;TSA 13, 

Helen Emeve Singletary 

Sludenl Nurses' Orsanizalion (II. Social Co; 
Cimmitlee (21; Ellloll Hall Represenlative ( 

Brenda Carol Sink 

' Orstanizalion Social Commill 

(I. 2). Program Comn 



Anne Jorje Slater 

Dorm Committee (II; YRC (2); Student Nun 

Diane Willis Strickland 

Sludenl Nurses' Organization 11. 21. Social Coi 
mittee (2l, YDC (II; National Student Nurses' 

Ella Juanita Teal 

Pleiffer College ( I ) ;_Studem Nurses' Organizatic 

McLean, Va. 

ittee (2); TSA I I ); District 
vssocialion 11.21 


al SNA (2, 31, Dorm Com- 



-nittee (1.2). 


iciation (1,2); TSA 

Tabor City 

nal Sludenl Nurses' 


Associ..lion II, 21, 

Fort Bragg 


e 12, 1), Treasiirei 
Slate and Nati.mal 
Class Beauu 111. 


Co-Chairman ( 1 1 

Berwyn. Pa. 

Slate and Nali.inal 
Represenlalive III. 


lion II. 2 1 , 



;); Distr.ct. 
Dorm Corn- 

listricl Studenl Nurses' 


41; Dislricl and Slate 


NA 12); Dorm Social 


District and Nal.onal 

Kings Mountain 

, Program Committee 


), Dorm Social Corn- 

1965 Nursing class 

Phillips Pratl Ridding 

Renfro Rhyne Rogers 

Salmon .Sailer .Sampson 

Schrader Singlelar>' Sink 

Slaler Sirickland Teal 


and National Student Nun 

1966 Nursing Class 


Black, Julia Adams 

Boger, Sally Evalinc 

Bradley. Ruth Ann 

Cable, Sue Thornton 

Clifton, Phyllis Hood 

Craniiall. Sarah Olive 

Cratch, Anne Holbrook 

Ellis, Ann Patlon 

Dill, Mary WiUard 

Dunn, Mary Lind 

Dunne, Karen Arlenc 

Edens, Sandra Gail 

Flynn, Jane Elizabeth 

Gaeser, Lana Barbara 

Garrison, Julie Virginia 

Garrison, Mary Lu 

Gore, Mary Ann 

Johnson, Harriet Ellen 

Kaczmarek, Nancy J. 

Liles, Doris Ann 

Lindsay. Betty Ann 

Masten, Mary Lou 

McC.dlum, Priscilla Ileene 

Miller, Elizabeth Anne 

Olive, Katie Sue 

Pate, Emma Jewel 

Pearre. Judy Lynn 

Rawls. Laura Scott 

Rhyne. Frances Anne 

Bobbins. Janice Cole 

Rool, Lynda Caryl 

er«. Rachel Elizabeth 

Wall, Frances Blair 

« allon, Carla Lynn 

Wilson. Millie Lou 

Higliliglits of 
a Nurse's Year 

Recipient of the "64 Honor Pin 
sponsored by the Woman"? Auxihary 
was Patsy Bowers elected by 
lier class for outstanding 
nursing care. 

Gallicriiig "round for an uld-fashioned 

hootenany brings both classes together . . . 

and they call it cultural education? 

Learning to work with people to build well minds and 
bodies involves the best of personalities, education, 
and leadership . . . all rolled into a fnuil prcxhict ol 
aecomplisbmeni with individual c()MlributioM> and 
roles. I'd hiHllI these roles with \vell-(|ualilic(l ^rad- 
imtes is the aim of the Iniversitv Deiiarlment ol Nurs- 
ing Education. 

Chancellor Otis Singletary speaks at 

the graduation of the Class of 1964. 

die last (.nr to graduate a> 


f . < 





COMMERCIAL CLASS (.)rnCi:KS; Lil.l.) Uarrh. Cheerleader: Su.> Arm IViiningtun. 
Treasurer; Beckv Idol. Serrelary: Janicf Balrlwin. / ire-President: 
Sue Richardson. President. 

For Commercials One 

Year or Preparation Is All It Takes 

Spending many hours in Forney, loiiiljined with class 
activities highlights the year of the C^oinniercial Class 
at UNC-G. A tea was given in the Alexander l{ooin of 
Elliott Hall to install the new Coriiiiiereial Ollieers. 
The traditional while jackets r<'|ire~eiiliiig ihe (lorn- 
niercials were first on cariipiis in N(i\rnilier. \ >niall 
ceremony was held on Jacket Day. alter which all went 
to dinner. 

This year the class has worked hard to become W(dl 
iidorrned women ot the liir-incss world. I he knowledge 
the class ha,-, gained this vear will help them greatly in 
olilaniinu po-ilions in ihc liusincss uoild. This class 
will {iim uidi ihc preceding (lonnnercial (dasscs in 
kcc|ung llic rei)utation (d the elhcienl si'cretaries 
Iramed at I M'A',. 

Coininercial Class 

Angel, Carol Sue 
Arrington, Jerri 
Arrowood, Peggy Darlene 
Ashcraft, Harriet 
Atwood. Sandra Lynne 
Austin. Linda Jill 
\u-lin. Tina Elizabeth 

Baldwin. Jannie Lue 
Bare. Pauletle 
Beane. Judy Alyce 
Beeker. Linda Lee 
Biggs. Donna Rebecca 
Boaz. Sheila Marie 
Bnone, Patricia Kay 

Boyd. Marilyn Sue 
Brannon. Anne Arledge 
Brooks, Susan Gail 
Brown, Dee Ann 
Brown. Margaret 
Bullins, Judy Dianne 
Burke. Jackie Lee 

Butler. Joan 
Caines. Wanda Kay 
Capel. Virginia 
Carlisle. Patricia 
Clifton, Mary Catherine 
Collins. Linda Faucette 
Cox. Betty Jean 

Crawford, Caroline Gutliii, 
Crews, Joan Munyan 
Dameron. Paula Jill 
DeBruyne, Carol Elizabeth 
Denton, Judy Catherine 
Dillon, Patricia Marie 
Durlunn. Dianne Leigh 

Epperson, Mary .Arthur 
Frank. Kathryn Elaine 
Fulp, Frances Jo 
FusseU, Velnia Edwards 
Garner, Mary Ann 
Gibson, Margaret Elaine 
Graham, Jonni Gail 

Cribble, Lorrie Jane 
Griffin, Kathryn Lorraine 
Hager, Tine Jean 
Hancock, Karen Ann 
Hansley, Lucretia Anne 
Harris, Barbara Elizabeth 
Harrison, Nancy Elizabeth 

Hatley, Linda Suzelte 
Hawkins, Carole Chris 
Hopkins, Stephanie Esther 
Houston, Elizabeth 
Huffines, Patricia Ann 
Idol. Mary Ellen 
Idol. Rebecca Aileen 

Jarrett, Carol Frances 
Jones, Lynda Sue 
Jones, ^iartha S. 
Johnson, Janice 
Jordan, .Alida Kay 
Joyner. Evelyn Rebecca 
Judd. Cheryl Anne 


Page 247 



:ial Class 




' "w 








f'~ ~-i 






1;^, ■ 




'\- ^ 

% F 


'^49k^ « 





V ■ 

Ski. ^^ ~V ^ 

Kidd. Wanda Jayne 

Knox. Kathrjn Dianne 

Kouns, Nancy Jean 

Lawrence, Mary Sandra 

Lemmond. Linda Carter 

Lewis. Palsy Lee 

Lewis. Regina Hope 

Lofiin. Phyllis Ann 

Lollis. Joranna Lee 

Ludwig. Beverly Ann 

McCombs. Elizabeth L. 

McKeithan. Susan A. 

Mahood. Gail Elizabeth 

Manley. Doris Carroll 

Markham. Rebecca Barry 

Mills. Judith Ann 

Millsaps. Barbara Dianne 

Minday. Judith Ann 

Mofhtt. Nellie Marie 

Monlelenn. Martha Josephine 

Moore. Belva Jo 

Morris. Mary Catherine 

Mortimer. Patricia Dale 

Nicholson. Janice Powell 

Nixon. Kathy Elaine 

Parrish, Shirley Joyce 

Pennington. Sue .\nn 

Preston. Barbara Middlebrook 

Prevatle. Elizabeth Dyanne 

Privette. Charlotte Ann 

P..flpnbarger. Connie Marie 

Poindexter. Marilyn Lee 

Reep. Susan 

Revels. Phyllis Anne 

Ri.hard^on. Sue Ellen 

Rumfelt, Kathy Sherrill 

Russell. Patricia Annette 

Sawyer, Carolyn Ann 

Seanion. Patricia Evelyn 

Shannon. Ruth Ann 

Sharpe, Martha Withers 

Shepherd. Mary Elizabeth 

Semones Rebecca Gale 

Simmons. Nancy Lee 

Smith. Gail Leigh 

Smith. Gail Patricia 

Sprinkle. Janis Elaine 

Stewart. Cindy Sue 

Taylor. Shelby Jean 

Taylor. Susan Anne 

Thomas, Susan Neil 

Thompson. Mary .\x\i\ 

Thrower. Ellen Elizabeth 

Tillman. Joan Elizabeth 

Trudeau. Susan 

Walker. Earlene Gay 


r. Martha N'irginia 
en. Jessica Loretta 
rren. Virginia Ann 
itlock, Gloria Jean 
illiams. Lynda Sue 
rick. Paula Joanne 
Yost. Connie Jean 

Page 248 

Held in Cune Ballruum llif Cuiiiiiic Trial (iiacliuitinii » a« an inii)ifs>i\.' mml. 

Lung hours of practice 
makes typing perfect. 

Cjracluatioii Brings 
Responsinilities or 
Business World 
to Commercials 

The seventy-second commencement of the Com- 
mercial Department was held in Cone Ball- 
room of Elliott Hall in June at the traditional 
time 11:10 a.m. The invocation was given by 
Reverend J. E. Carroll, pastor of the College 
Place Methodist Church. Chancellor Otis A. 
Singletary gave liie main address. Sondra 
Shelton, President of the Conmiercial Depart- 
ment, also gave addresses. Certificates were 
awarded to the graduating class by Chancellor 
Singletary, Mereb E. Mossman, Dean of the 
Faculty, and Dr. Allen. These graduates are 
now proud memliers of the business world. 




Guilford Dairy 

Caterers. Inc. 

Phipps Hardware Company 

Blue Bird-Checker Taxis Company 


Hart Hardware Company 

Manor Motel 

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 

Collie Sporting Goods Company 

Curtis Packing Company 

Pet Milk Company 

The College Shop 

Boar & Castle 

Lotus Restaurant 


Campus Cupboard 

Carolina Camera Center 

Guilford Galleries 


C. D. Kusenl)erg 

Greensboro Coca-Cola Bottling Company 

Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. Marvin 

Duke Power Company 

Drs. S. W. Barefoot and H. E. Eraser. Jr. 

Thalhimers Ellis-Stone 

Lambert Troxler Funeral Home 

North State Chevrolet Company 

Flynt Studios 

Elam Cleaners and Laundry 

Keen's Studio of Photography 

L. G. Balfour Company 

Harry A. Karesh. D.D.S. 

Merle Norman 

Harry D. Kellett. Inc. 

The Corner 

Martin's Studio 

BrownhilFs Little Shop 

Washburn Printing Company 


Jahn & Oilier Engraving Company 

College Drug Store 

Page 250 


Abbott, Joan Butler. 218 
Abbott. Harriet Cheek, !U 
Abell. Helen Elizabeth. 213 
Abernathy. Jessie O.. 197 
Abernethy. .Ava Lee, 227 
Abnjms, Anne Marilyn, 197 
Acey, Tlionias W. 
Adams, Clarlta Ann, 218 
Aiianis, FJIen 
Adams. Judy L., 53, U«. 147 
Adams. Katherlne E.. 197 
Adams. I.lnda Jane. 147 
Adams, Polly Famum, 218 
Adams. Slieila Rebecca 
Adcock. Attle Walker 
Adcock. Judith I.. 147 
Adcock. Linda Lou. 218 
Addison. Addison P. 
Addison, Judith M., 197 
Addison. Patricia E. 
Aheron. Sondra V. 
Aiken. Kylle Sue 



Alrey, Sue Ann. 99, 147 
Akeley. Mary Barton. 227 
Akerman. Emily R.. 147 
Albert. Sandra Lynne, 88. 227 
Albrlchl, Barbara A.. 227 
Albright, Kay F.. »0. 2U 
AlbriBlit, Patricia L., 227 
Aldrldge. Shirley L.. 218 
Alexander. Joan M.. 227 
Alexander. Juanita F.. 197 
Alexander, Rosemary R.. 227 
Alexander. Sara D., 227, 266 
Alford. Vicki LaJuan. 197 
Alion. Susan Gall. 227 
.\llebrand, Barbara A.. 147 
Allen. Barbara Ann. 227 
Allen. Frances E.. 227 
Allen. Glenda Darlene. 147 
Allen. Grace A. 
Allen. Hilda B. 
Allen. JelTrey Brooke 
Allen. Joan Elizabeth. 147 
Allen. Mary Elizabeth, 197 
Allen, Sarah Louise, 213 
Allen, Susan Foushee. 227 
Alley. Martha Stone. 147 
AllRood. Betty Louise. 227 
Allison. Brenda L.. 147 
Allraond. Margaret E.. 227 
Allred. Elizabeth. 227 
Allred. Judith Anne. 147 
Allred. Patsy Lyon. 227 
Alston. Charlotte L. 
Alston. Elizabeth J,. 227 
Alston. Patricia Lane. 227 
Altman, Margaret H.. 227 
Amey. Dorothy Mae. 218 
Anderson. Anne Harriet, 218 
Anderson, Beverly P., 197 
Anderson, Corella, 213 
Anderson, Julia Ann, 227 
Anderson, Karen Jean. 227 
Anderson. Kristin, 53, 147 
Anderson, Marjorie G. 
Anderson, Rebecca S.. 218 
Anderson. Suzanne M., 147 
Andrew. Neill M.. 213 
.Andrews. Carolyn J.. 227 
Andrews. Cheryl Anne, 227 
Andrews. Claudia V.. 213 
Andrews. Judith Carole 
.\ndrews. Judith Etta, 213 
Andrews. Marlon C. 
Andrews. Mary Evelyn. 227 
Andrews, Ruth G. 
Angel. Carol Sue. 247 
Angle, Claire F. 
Annino. Judith. 197 
Apergis. Steven M.. 227 
.\ppell, Lorna Barbara 
Appenzeller. Susan .\'.. 148 
Archer, Joan Carol. 213 
Archer, Miriam Shelby. 45. 14S 
Arl. Ellen Marie 
Ariedge. Susan Eve, 85 
Armistead, Sheila J.. 197 
Armstrong. Mary B., 227 
Arnote, Thelma E. 
.\rquette. Stephanie M.. 197 
Arrington. Jerri W.. 247 
.\rrowood. Patricia A.. 92. 227 
Arrowood. Peggy D., 247 
Artz, Martha D. 
Ashcraft. Harriet, 247 
Ashley. Joan Faye. 227 
Ashley. Monroe M. 
Ashton. Mary Helen. 148 
Ashton. Pamela .Anne. 218 
Ashworth. Hannah C. 227 
Aspden. Carol Adele. 218 
Aspden, Kathryn Jane 
Aspden, Kathryn Jane, 227 
Astrella. Anne L. 
Atcheson, \'irginia H. 

Atwell. Alan G. 
Atwood. Hnrolene Gail, 218 
Atwood, Sandra Lynne. 247 
.\ubuclion. Hazel .Ann. 227 
Auerbach. Nancy Sue. 227 
Auman, Mary McCormick. 227 
Austin. Cecilia Ann. 197 
Austin, Linda Jill, 247 
Austin, Tina E.. 247 
Austin. Tyna Hudson. 227 
Autry. Mary Wesley. 227 
Avett. Louise York. 53. 78. 197 
Axelrad, Joy Lynn 
Aycock, Betty Lou, 213 
Aydlett, Anne Hall. 227 
Aydletl. Judith White 
Ayers. Anne H.. 56. 148. 192 
Ayers, Carol Annette. 227 
Ayers. Jane Carrlngton. 197 
Ayscue. Sandra Kay, 213 

Babb, Reba Ellen, 148 
Babb. Terry Alan 
Bach. Suzanne. 118 
Backer. Joan Meryl. 148 
Bacon. .Mary Ellen. 218 
Bailey. Carolyn V., 227 
Bailey, Patricia Ruth 
Bailey. Sherry Anne, 227 
Bailey. Virginia Dawn. 213 
Bain. Jerry Lovelace 
Bain, Sarah D.. 277 
Bain, Susie Elizabeth, 213 
Baird, Vicky Diane, 218 
Baity. Nancy J. Holder, 148 
Baker. Anne Faye. 227 
Baker, Duard Ravon. 197 
Baker, Joan Telfair 
Baker, Nancye R., 197 
Bakerman. Leslie E., 227 
Bakutes. Mary Patricia, 197 
Baldwin. Barbara Jane. 213 
Baldwin, Helen C. 227 
Baldwin. Janie Lue. 277 
Baldwin. Joyce Anne. 213 
Ballance. Mary F.. 227 
Ballard. Jack D. 
Ballenger. Georgia S., 227 
Balplano. Janie. 82 
Barbour. Dall E. 
Barbour. Elaine J. 
Barchauski. Marilj-n A., 227 
Barden. Mary Alice. 213 
Bardin. Catherine Lee. 82. 213 
Bare. Ralph B. 
Bare. Linda Paulette. 247 
Barefoot. Martha Jane, 227 
Barger. Terry Howard. 227 
Bargamian. Sandra. 90. 148 
Barkley. Mary Lee. 227 
Barkley, Melinda Gail, 197 
Barnes. Alice Odell. 227 
Barnes. Betty Jo. 213 
Barnes. Diana Stevens, 213 
Barnes, Doris Young, 227 
Barnes. Georgia Lynn. 227 
Barnes. Jean D.. 148 
Barnes. Joanne E., 213 
Barnes. Pamela M.. 63. 148 
Sandra Kay, 213 




Barnett. Judy Kay. 227 
Barnett. Judy Lynn. 218 
Barney. Barbara Porter. 1 
Barnhill. Mildred D.. 197 
Barnum, Carol M.. 227 
Barnwell. Helen I. 
Barrett. Rita Kay. 227 
Barrett. Tobie Ann. 197 
Barrier. Donna Gay. 197 
Dorothy Lee 



Barringer. Lillian A„ 227 
Barrow, Delores L. 
Barrow. Elizabeth Ann. 213 
Barrow. Mary Lou. 197 
Barrow. Ronnie Lee. 227 
Bartholomew. Claudia. 123. 2: 
Barllett. Lois Ann. 148 
B.irton. Bonita June. 80, 148 
Barton. Laura Stella. 197 
Barton. Myra Jane. 227 
Barwick. Joyce Lee. 213 
B.1.SS, Emily Douglas. 227 
Batten. Carrie B., 227 
Battle. Patricia H.. 140 
Baucom. Janice Lynn. 149 
Bauersfeld, Jane S.. 227 
Bayless. Mabel E.. 197 
Baynes. Gaynelle H.. 227 
Baysden. Richard C. 
Beach. Rebecca Clark 
Beal. Phyllis Hope. 227 
Beale. Melissa Lee. 197 

Beam. Brenda Joy. 197 
Beam. Donna L. 
Benmer. Elizabeth Ann. 227 
Beane. Judy Alyce, 247 
Beard, Brenda Jane, 197 
Beasley, Cora Ann, 227 
Beattle, Susan Helen. 197 
Beatly. Brenda Gail. 218 
Beatty. Margaret Ann, 149 

Beeson, Hilda Jo. 119 

Beeson. Patricia Ann. 227 

Begg, Jane Stephanie. 197 

Begor, Catherine Ann. 227 

Bell. Adele 

Bell, Edwina Ann. 227 

Bell, Marianne. 197 

Bell. Martha Alice. 149. 193 

Bell, Robert H. 

Belle, Robert P. 

Benbow. Betty Ann, 227 

Benedict. Juli< 

Bennet. Elizabeth A.. 149 

Bennet. Carol Jean. 197 

Bennet. Horace L. 

Bennett. Rita 

Bennett. Nancy Fortune. 14 

Bennett. Sara Frances, 197 

Bennett, Sheila A., 213 

Bennett, Susan M„ 227 

Bennett, Virginia Jane 



Berinati, Lea Jane. 197 
Bergman. Janie L., 227 
Beriin. Carol Ann. 149 
Bernard. Rosalea C. 213 
Bernhardt. Edna A.. 227 
Bernstein. Susan Kay. 227 
Berrier. Barbara Anne. 81, 149 
Berrier. Sylvia D.. 227 
Best. Carolyn Dee, 197 

- ■■ -■ 227 


Biesecker, Barbara A.. 227 
Biggerstair, Sheila L.. 119 
Biggs. Donna R.. 274 
Billings. Barbara Ann, 213 
Billings, Jane J. 
Billington. Linda Ann, 197 
Binford. Bonnie X.. 227 
Bing, Barbara R.. 215 
Bingham, Eleanor .M., 82 
Bingham. Eliza T. 
Bingham. Pamela Allen, 197 
Bingham, Suzanne C. 
Birke, Betty Ann, 149 
Birmingham, Ann W„ 213 
Bisher. Dinah. 228 
Bishop. Charles W. 
Bishop. Elva E. 
Bishop. Wilhelma E, 
Biven, Judy Kay 
Biviand, Betty Ann, 228 
Black, Carolyn F.. 213 
Bl.ick, Carolyn Ruth, 197 

Blackburn, Charlotte, 228 
Blackburn. Cheryl D„ 228 
Blackson, Carol Isabel 
Blackwelder, Doris E.. 197 
Blackwelder. Janie Sue. 80, 150 
Blackwell. Sylvia Ann. 218 
Blair. Linda Jeanne. 98. 197 
Blair. Eloise Stilley. 150 
Blair. Virginia S,. 197 
Blakaitis. Paula R.. 228 
Blake. Barbara Carter 
Blake. Mary Tate G.. 197 
Blakeley. James L., 213 
Blalock, Barbara Ann, 213 
Blalock. Laura Ann, 228 
Blalock, Lucille A., 228 
Bland, Deanna Guffey- 
Bland. Gay Vail. 228 
Blandford. Margaret L.. 228 
Blankenship, Mary Ann. 213 
Blanton. Blair Lyell. 150 
Blanton. Donna Jean 
Blanton, Linda S.. 213 
Blanton. Lyn Welch. 150 
Bledsoe. Linda G.. 213 
Bliss. Linda Gail. 228 
Blithe. Barbara Louise. 197 
Blocker. Sally Ann. 228 
Bloniberg. Dale F.. 228 
Blount. Betsy John, 197 
Blucker, Judith Ann 
Blue. Charies J. 

Bobbitt, Patricia R.. 228 
Boepple. Lisa E.. 218 
Boger. Salie E.. 244 
Boggs. Nora Waynell. 228 

Donkcmcycl . IJa^na'c'.' 22M 
Bonnet. Jo .\nn. 213 
Bonomo. Barbara Jean. 198 
Booker. Judith Ann. 228 
Boone. Diane, 150 
Boone. Jo Carolyn. 198 
Boone. Patricia Kay. 247 
Boone. Patricia Ruth. 150 
Booth. Barbara .Anne. 150 
Booth. Deborah Ellen. 213 
Boting, Judith Anne 
Borneman. Barbara Anne. 198 
Boseman. Carol E., 228 
Bosta. Carolyn Jo 
Bosta. Shiriey, 213 
Bostlan, Karen E.. 198 
Boulus, Elizabeth W. 
Boulware. Joselyn 
Bourgeois, Margaret C. 
Bowden, Margaret, 198 
Bowden. Page Adele, 98, 198 
Bowden, Pamela 
Bowcn, Linda Jean, 198 
Bowers. Gayle West 
Bowers. Mary Alethia. 228 
Bowles, Harriet W. 
Bowman. Deanna Tate, 198 
Bowman, Jo Anne, 228 
Bowman, John D, 
Boxman. Margaret 

■ "• Lee. 213 

Boyd. Marilyn S.. 247 
Boyd. Mary. 213 
Boyd, Patricia J.. 213 
Boyer. Mary Marleigh. 81. 1 
Boykin. Linda Lee 
Boyle. Susan Elaine, 19H 
Boyles, Zanie M.. 19a 
Bracket. Janie C. 
Bradley. Rebecca M.. 213 
Bradley. Ruth Ann, 211 
Bradshaw, Judy Kay, 22H 
Bradshaw, Shirley J.. 53, 
Brady, Charles Michael, 198 
Brady. David Eugene 
Brafford, E. W. 
Bragunier. Nancy L.. 228 
Brake. Evelyn Flye. 213 
Branch, Nancy Garland. 78 
Branch. Peggy, 214 
Brandon, Belinda. 228 
Brandon. Carole Ruth. 214 
Brandon. Eriyst, 198 
Brandt, Judith Kay. 211 
Brannon. Ann Ariedge. 217 
Brantley. Melba K. 
Braswell. Callie O. 
Brawley. Mary W.. 22h 
Bray. Eugene E 


Brazee. Barbara E.. 214 
Breed. Marsha Ellen. 228 
Breger. Judith Kaplan 
Brennan. Carol Ann. 228 
Brett. Mary E.. 150 
Brewer. Brenda Jean. 228 
Brewer. Janyce Marie. 228 
Brewer. Paul W. 
Briceland. Martha L.. 150 
Bridgers. Helen M. 
Bridges. Joy Susan 
Bridges. Martha Susan. 214 
Bridges, Pamela Anne, 19! 
Briles, Marlene K.. 228 
Briley. Marjorie Cynda 




, 228 

Brinkley. Judith Lynn. 228 
Brinkley. Leoraa G.. 98. 150 
Brinkley. Pamela Diane 
Brinson. Jean. 214 
Brinson. Lois Ann, 150 
Brinson, Zelle P.. 79. 214 
Brisson. Hilda Ruth. 228 
Brittain. Mary. 44 
Brltt. Barbara Ann. 214 
Brltton, Margaret D.. 228 
Broad. Carol J. 
Broadnax. Hazel. 228 
Brockman. Frances C. 198 
Brogdon. Elizabeth P. 
Brookbank. Loma Lee. 211 
Brooks. Ann K. 
Brooks. Patricia Ann. 228 
Brooks. Sally Jane. so. 198 
Brooks. Susan Gall, 217 
Broome. Gedis H.. 151 
Brosius. Susan Carol. 211 

Page 251 

xn. Anita Louise. 198 
A-n. Harbnm Anne. 22S 


Brow 1 

< l.u.i \iiii ■■-'■' 

Cable. Sue lljoniton, 244 


! III'.- Ann. 24V 

^■r^\v. \lt"ii 1.. 


. Dudley Hanes, t8. 151 

( :nii, ^ il i.'l E. 


. Emily Susan. 197 

( aih \ ii-h' M .urceil C. 1 


. Frances Dar>l. 228 

I ,,n,.' I1.1II..11.. E., 228 


. Frances J.. 228 

Caiuc.-, Ulllj Ji.e 


. Glenda Dale. 198 

Caiues. Wanda Kay. 247 


. Glenda S.. 228 

Caldwell. Celia Ann 


. Linda .\nn. 151 

Caldwell, Louise V. 


, Linda Franklin. 228 

Caldwell. Pamela Kae, 198 


, Marsarel L.. 247 

Clli.iun, I in.lii .sue, 214 


. K.. 228 I .Hi. c Faye. 228 


. Marsha Leigh. 228 

( :.ll,.l.,,i., \l.,\ Eiiiraett 


, -Mary Margaret. 228 

( ,.ll,,li,.i. Iv.lM.ia E., 214 


. .Martha Jane, 228 

tLillu«,.\. li,.ii> Ann. 198 

Brow I 

. Myrtle B. 

falloway. Mary R.. 228 

Brow I 

, Nancy .\nnette. 198 

Cameron. Anne Kay. 214 


. Pamela Eileen. 214 

Cameron. William 


. Pamela Isbell, 214 

Camlln, Sybil Eileen, 198 


. Patricia V.. 228 

Campbell, \I.A;,ti.I.,., ■.■■>4 


. Paula .\nn. 228 

Campbell, \[i. 1 m.^ .'14 


. Phyllis .\nne. 151 

Campbell \i i ;.- 


. Phyllis Terry 

Campbell .. ..!. !..>■. .'] 

Brow I 

. Priseilla .\nne, 198 

Campbell 1 :■ .; . K -,; la 


ridge. Barbara A.. 228 

1 ,.'! ;.:■.■ 1 ' 1 ' .!i I-.,. '.'L's 


Barbara Lynn. 151 

( 1 :i liaye. 15 


Beverly S.. 151 

( 1 ■ !■■ - 1 '! . .lean. I'll 


Mary Pat. 151 


.>;:ir.1 Olivia. 214 

taiiiield. Leiinuia G. 

1. 151 


Buchanan. Frances C. 151 
Buchanan. Marian J. 
Buchanan. Sandra Coe. 198 
BuclKlahl. Claudia R„ 45. 151 
Buck. (Hlbert Rex 
Buck. Robin Carter, 228 
Bu.kner. .luditli Lee 
BufTaloe. Dean. 198 
Buffaloe. Nancy L.. 151 
Buford. Elizabeth F.. 228. 2«« 
Iluie. Ann Purcell. 214 
Buie. Katberine .M.. sii. 151 
Bulger. Virlyn L. 
Bullard. Franklin E. 
Bullard. Pamela Gail. 228 
Bullington. Rachel 
Bullins. .Iiiily Dianne. 247 
Bullock. Gwendolyn A.. 151 
Bull(K!k. I.ida Chapman. 228 
Bunch. Hunter Louise 
Bundy. Sharon Lee 
Bunin. Zora D. 
Bunting, Carolyn E., 152 
Bunting, Betsy Leigh, 214 
Bunion, Jeanne L„ 228 
Burch, Lena Corinna, 152 
Burch, Nancy Jane 
Burge, Brenila Preston. 228 

Leslie Ja 


Burke. Jackie Lee. 247 
Burke, Catherine Lee, 214 
Burkhart, Betsy .\nn. 214 
Burkhart, Katherine G.. 15 
Burkhead, Bettie Sue. 228 
Burleson, Carol Jo, 214 
Burnett, William L. 
Iluniette. Diana Dave, 228 


Burroughs. .Mary Ali 
Burton. Barbara W. 
Burton. Doris Faye. 228 
Burton. Eliza Ann. 198 
Burton. Emily Lee. 198 
Burton, I,. 



Bush. ,\ 
Bush. K 
Butlei, I 
Butler, . 

Butt. W. J. 

Bulterlleld. Dianne B., 152 

Byerly, Jacob O. 



Byrd. \i... ■.' 
Ilyrd, ll,.iKi. . Il,-..|. ■^ 
Byrd, H.lti.i . I ,i..' .' 
Byrd, I ,,tl..nii. 1, -.' 
Byrd, Cvnthia Anne. 
Byrd, .Mary l.iiu, 152 

Harlsell, 152, 1»2 

Caouady, Sandra Kay, 228 
Capel. Virginia, 247 
Cardinal, Betty Anne, 228 

III.. .11 ,1 iii.'i Lee, 152 
ipe.,lri. I l.,.ilcne R„ 153 
rpenter, Linda Kay. 214 
Carpenter. Lorraine N., 214 
rpenter. .Mary .■\nn 
rpenter, Sarah E., 153 

.. M iM Ella 


ill ,i„'th' c 
' 1 1 1.., 

, 98 


li..i.,it,i Iren 
Martha Jane 

e! 19 


.\lpba .Mae 


Brenda .Ann, 


Brenda Sue, 2 



Dorothy L, 


Elizabeth C, 


Gerald Clay, 



Judy Lynn, 2 



. D., 153 

ine, 229 
an, 198 

.■> Kaye, l,i3 
trances, 229 
Kii T., 214 

ppell, Susan M, 

se, .Shirley Ann 

Cha.staln, Alice Isley. 153 

Chisholin, .Anna Lee, 229 

Chishulm, Carolyn S. 

I bisliulm. Janet Carol. 229 

ilk'\, Rubin E., 214 
ipar. Jeanne Louise, 153 
laiil..ii, Bren.ia Ann, 214 

-rley, 154 

... 214 
I. '1.1. 229 

\V„ 154 
samlra. 215 
, 247 
II,. 244 

feller. Juditli T. 
!. Ariel Clare. 22S 
gh. Alethia A.. 199 
s, I l.arlcs W., 199 

Elizabeth .A., 215 

II. Sybil Ann, 22 
. Ilcth Ellen. 22 
Robert E. 
nan. Berry W. 

Cooper, PegL'S .lanct 
Cooper. Penny Kay. 
Corbin. Rebecca -Anr 

Creech. Debra Johnson, 199 
Creech, Elmer Ellis 
Creech. Omega Dianne, 229 
Creech. Peggy (Juinn. 199 

Crittenden. Elizabeth, 229 
Crockett. Martha Ann. 229 
Croft, CMitliia C 22'.l 

Croucil. Julia Lllcn, 229 
Crowgcv. Lucy Hale. 229 
Crumblev, Glenda Y.. 215 
Crump. Jayne Pittman. 21 
Grumpier, Clara L., 99. 15 

Crutclitlehl, A 

Crut.lineld, J 

DalTord, Delia 

Page 2.S2 


Nola Jean, 229 
jn, Paula J.. 247 
T. Patty Wilson, l.'iS 

Oorothy Ann, 53, 155 

ratty Fletdier 

F,. 22!) 

Darscli, R, W, 

i, K.llia V,. 

J, Rilwin W, 

Davis. Kleannr 

^, KlliuTOlie K., 22' 




ah J„ 156 
i<, Susan E„ 156 
■kins, Dorothy Jean, 80. 156 
snn. Donna Leiph, 
son, Joseph Leroy 



Df-ntoii, ,lu<ly C, 247 
Denton, Susanne, 157 
Depetto, Geraldine M. 
Depew. ronst.ince Joy. 230 

Iii.k.ii, s, ,, \i. Cole. 157 

Di.k.iMM,, .M.iillia A„ 157 
Di.kinsnn, Anne C„ 23n 
Dickson, ronnie Kay, 215 
Di.kson. Marearet Ann. 23a 
Dickson, I'anielle Jane. 76. 157 
Ili..i.l ui/n (Vhi \l.. 230 

Coble. 230 
Julia Catherine. 199 

Nancy H.. 

Dixon. Paul W.. Jr.. 230 

Dohson. lola D. 

Dohson. Marsaret A.. 157. 193 

Dohy. .lolin B. 

Dockery. Canton B. 

Drxkery. Judy Carol. 243 

Dortson. Beatrice L.. 230 

Dodson. Iris Ann. 199 
DoKKett. Alice (Ivater. 215 
Doesctt, Helen Manlev. 215 

Dure, I iii'l.i Iriii.c^, 157. 193 
Dorsett. .Mary l.ynne. 9h. 199 
Doss. Ann Brooks. 215 
Dotson. Carolyn Jan 

Helen Deane. 230 
Drake. Linda Lee. 199 
Drew. Paulette. 230 
Driscoll. Raymond L. 
Drolette. Joanne 
Dreyer. Muriel S. 
Dubose. Jeanne Denise. 56. 157 
Duckworth. Lamyra 
Diullev. Mary H. 
Duke. Deborah .Anne. 199 
Dulin. Lucy Bryn. 230 
Dulin. Martha W. 
Dumas. Doris Ann. 230 
Dumas. Veda Jeanette 
Dunbar. Evelyn Louise, 199 
Dunevaiit. Alice K.. 199 
Dunliiini, I'lullis I'.ilcen. 199 

M. \I. 



Dunn, Mary Linda 
Dunn, Nancy Lynn, 215 
Dunne, Karen Arlene. 244 
Dupont. Dianne M. 
Dupree. Carolyn Rose. 230 
Dupree, Myra Jane. 230 
Durham, Alberta R, 
Durham, Dianne Lei?h, 247 
Durham, Martha Ann. 230 
Durvin, Melissa Noble, 157 
Dutton. James Robert 
Dye. Frances Louise. 199 

EaKle. Rebecca Jane. 159 
Earcle. Janiie. 199 
Earnhar.ll. Carole Anne. 
Earp, .In.liMi Ann, •jaii 
Earp, Uulh Kll.i, -(in 
Easkold. Patricia 1... 2.10 
Easlev. Marilyji Alice. 201 
Easley. Sidney Curlett, 21 
Easterling. Nancy J.. 213 

lln,,| h,-,>ilt 

hc.Mil'ii hine 
I .lilli \iiiic, 15 

}i i( [ N '>'>, 15 

i.t I . M , s2. 216 

ot, ,lo Atinc, "... S2. 15fi 
ot. riivllis K.. 200 

Ellis. Ann Patton. 244 

Ellis. Cornelia H. 

Ellis. Diane IL. 230 

Ellis. K.milv Heath. 15H 

Ellis. Jane E.. 2(lii 

Elli.s. Nikki Calhcrine 

Ellis. Rcl.c.a III..11.I1, 216 


Ely. Alice Abbott, 15 
Eniken. Robert A. 
Emory, \llcnn Mnry 

Erricu. .lu.K l.viiii. 2:10 
Ervin. Mary .Sandra. 230 
Eskridffe. Susan V .. 216 
Essberff. Eileen 
Estes. Carolyn Lee. 216 
Eudy. Gloria Dale 
Eure. Linda Faye. 230 
Eustis. Carol Diane, 216 
Evans. Betty Lou. 230 
Evans. Dorothy M. 

Lynne. 23 



Everhart. .Sandra Kay 

Fabhri. AIexan<ler F.. 200 
Faber. .Anne Marie. 200 
Fagg. Alice Anna, 159 
Fair. Tessa Karen 
Faircloth, Ann 
Fairclotli, Iris Dale, 243 
Faircloth, Jane S,. 216 
Faison, Mary Pierce 
Farbman, Carol Janice, 23 
Farmer, Kathleen D,. 230 
Nancy, 200 

Jean Leslii 
Farris, Mary Camille. 230 
Farrow, Margaret K., 200 
Farthing, Abbey Jo. 80. 159 

Federal, Margaret A.. 230 
Feeney, William Thomas 
Felton, Carolyn Frances, 92, 216 
Felton. Judy Rvals 

' .I'r 

Femia. Joyce p^ileen 

1 .'44 

Fennell. Valerie Ina 

1 1'".. 230 

Ferguson. Frames C 

l>, 230 

Ferguson. Nancy. 86 

Ml F. 

Fernbach. Susan An 

..tb. 200 

Ferrell. Nancy M. 

. 1... 230 

Feshire. Rachel T. 

Fields, Curtis M.. Jr. 
Fields. Gladys 

Fields. Mary Rebecca. h3, 159 
Fields, .Sadie Davis, 230 
Finan, Nancy E.. 159 
Finch, Rose Mary 
Fine, Lily Wiley, 159 
Finison, Elizabeth J.. 216 
Fish. Terry Elaine. 230 
Fish, Tricia Ann 
Fisher, Norman Ray ■ 
Fisher. Saundra C„ 159 

Fleming. Helen Hynes 
Fleming. Rosalyn R.. 216 
Fleming. Sarita V.. 230 
Fletcher. Jean R.. 230 
Fletcher, Paul L.. Jr. 
Flinchum. Bonnie Gray, 200 

Flynt, Lynda Lee, 230 
Foister, Peggy 
Foley, Catherine fiayle, 
Folger, Emily Louise. ► 
Foltz, Jane J. 
Kondren. Helen 
Fonvielle, Barbara Ann 


Foster. Hal D.. Jr. 
Foster. Betty Kay. 200 
Foster. Edith Foley. 216 
Foster. Marietta L.. 89. 230 
Foster. Mary Susan 230 
Foster. Sarah Ann. 230 
Foster. Theresa Ann. 159 
Fountain. John A. 
Foust. Cheryl Elaine. 230 


Helen Diane 
Fowler. Dorothy M., 230 
K..«ler. Ella Paige. 159 
Fowler. Marilyn Key. 230 
Fox. John B. 
Mary Alit 



Freeman, Mary A. 
Freeman. Marilyn F.. 230 
Freeman. Patricia D.. 216 
Freeze. Barbara Ann. 230 
Frett, Susan Bliss, 90, 216 
Frick, Anna E. Morris 
Friday. Katbryn L., 200 
Freiberg, Lillian F. 
Friedman, Robert S, 
Friedman. Sherrie Lee, 230 
Frierson, G. Dargan, 230 
Fu, Victoria Ruth, l«o 
Fuerstman, Joan M.. Ifio 
Fulk, Joyce Smith 
Fulk. Patricia June, 200 
Fuller, Gloria Hinton, 160 
Fuller, Jane C. 230 
Fuller, Mary Ann 
Fullilove, M. A. 
FuId, Frances Jo, 247 
Fulp, Robert R. 
Furches, Brenda T., 160 
Furches, Martha C, 230 
Furr. Gail Ann, 230 
Furrev. Jacqueline M., 200 
Fu.ssell. Mary R. 

(iabard. Anna Karen. 230 
Gabis. Nancy Zerman. 230 
Gabriel. Patricia A.. 57. 160 
Gabrys. Gloria Jean. 7m, 200 

Gainey, Edward Haske, 231 
Gainey, Martha Byrd 
Gaither, Genevieve E,, 160 
Gale, Martha A., 216 
Galloway. Dan R, 
Galloway, June P. 
(ialloway, Poinsettia S,. 216 
Gambiil, Mary Jane. 231 
(iange, Carol Louise, 200 
Ganim. V. Lynn 
Gann. Janice J.. 160 
Gann. Linda Carolyn. 231 
Garber, Alice Gail. 231 
Gardner. Diana, 231 
Gardner, Linda C. 
(iardner, N. R. 
Gardner. Patricia Ann 
Gardner, Patricia M. 
Gardner. Phyllii 

Garden, Mary L. Holt 
Gariand. Barbara B. 
Garland, .Marjorie D,. 231 
Garland, Penny, 231 
(iarner, Connie Sue, 216 


al A. 

Page 253 


Mary L.. : 
l,;irl,,tte K. 
1 .IS l.oui. 

1. i.Mi:. I' rl Vance 
l.arvin. /aiie 1 urner 
Gaskill. Clien'l Hicks. 231 
Oaskin. Lynne 
Gates. Nancy Louise 
Gatewood, Marilyn H.. 231 
Oatlin. Ann Traylor, 200 
Gatlin, Manin J. 
Gatlin, Sammie Carol. 160 
Gavigan. Joan Eileen. 2oo 
Gaylorri. Ella Martin. 200 
Gaylord. Susan F.. 231 
Gaynor, Wesley W. 
Gegenheimer, Barbara. 50. s.5. ; 
Gehl. Mavis Ruesch. 200 
Gehrmann. Virgrinia A.. 231 
Geltch. Marjorie A.. 231 
Gentn'. Coleman Anilrew 
Gentry. Gean Hayes. 231 
Gentry. Jane Ellen. 160 
George. Eloise 
Georse, Rita Bernice. 9S 
Georpe. Cherry .\nne 
George. Tern' June. 216 
Geraghty. Pamela Ann. 216 
Gernon. Helen Ruth. 92. 231 
Gerrinper. Gail Jerome. 200 
Getzen. Catherine G.. 231 
Gholson. Griselle C. 216 
Ghosn. Mary Frances. 231 
Giannctti. Caraway, 216 
Gibble, Anne Laura. 216 
Gibbons. Billie Y.. 231 
Gibbons. Katharine E., 231 
Gibbs. Brenrta. 231 
Gibbs. Ellen Sherrill. 200 
Gibson. Margaret E.. 247 
Gibson, Mary Lou 
Gibson, Patricia Ann, 200 
Gibson, Rebecca D., 231 
Gidden, Eliza Branch. 216 
Gidilens. Karen Elaine. O.^, 200 
ant. 231 


Glass. Ruth Ann. 200 
Glazener. Janet Olivia. 216 
Glover. Linda Murray. 216 
Glover. Nancy Kay. 200 
Gobble. Vivian 
Godfrey. Anna D.. 92. 161 
Godfrey. Gloria Claire. 78. 
Godwin. Beverly W.. 231 
Goforth. Virginia .M.. 231 
Gold. Georganna. 81. 161 
Goldberg. Maurie A. 
(ioldcn. Mary T.. 231 
Goldstein. Linda Ann 
Goldstein. Susan M. 
Gooch. Ronald T. 
Gooch. Sara Elizabeth. 98 
Good, Frances W. 
Goo<le. Linda Jo. 161 
Gooden. Jane Owen. 231 
Gooding. Virginia L.. 231 
Goodnight. Patricia L.. 216 

Cranberry. Judy Ann. 231 
(irastv. Celia Annette. 231 
Graves. Slierrj- Ann. 216 

Carolyn Jean. 216 
Elizabeth. 216 
Judy A.. 231 
■ludy Thompson. 161 


M.u^.ncl \-.. 20 

( jrecn 

.Martha Louise. S 


•. Christine J. 


•. E. D.. Jr. 


?. Jactiueline L.. 2 


■. Mary Webb. 231 


■. Nancy D.. 216 


•. N. L. (Mrs.) 


•, Sally B.. 231 


vood. Lois M.. 23 


Camden Eades 


Gaylc Frances. 2; 

Gregor. Nancy Ellen, 23 

Gregory. Judith Hazel. 20! 
Oregon-. Nina Mae. 231 
Oregson. Nancy Jo. 161 
Oresham. Christine How 
Oribblc. Lorrie O., 217 
Grice, Bettv Sue. 161 
firier. Elizabeth Ann. 161 
Grier. Nancy Hudson, 216 
Grier, Virginia M.. 216 
Griffin. Christopher M. 
Griffin. Diane Blair. 231 
Griffin. Gwendolyn S.. 231 
Griffin. Jacqueline R.. 231 
Griffin. Joyce Mae. 216 
GrifBn. Kathnn L., 247 
Griffin, Lorna E,. 231 
Griffin. Margaret B.. 231 
Griffin. Martha Evans. 217 
Griffin. Melba Sue. 161 
Groce. Vonda. 201 
Grogan. Judy Ann, 162 
Grose, Ann Hicks 
Grose. Mary J. 
Gross. Janice Elaine. 217 
Grubbs. Doris S., 162 
Grubbs. Horace R. 
Gudger. Trina Dianne. 217 
Gulfey. Madge Carol. 162 
Gulfy. Lemira Ann, 231 
Guffy, Mary Ellen, 201 
e. Frances Ann. 162 



ntcr. Ma 

— H— 

Haase, Jeanine A. 
Habich. Julie Frances. 231 
Habich, Lynn Chariotte, 63. 201 
Hageman. Shiriie L. 231 
Hager, Tina Jean. 247 
Hahn. Delores Ann. 162 
Haile. Elizabeth L.. 217 
Hailey. Victoria L.. 231 
Hairston. Emma Lois. 201 
Hale. Brenda Louise. 231 
Hall. Ann I.indsey. !io. 217 
ll.ill l)<inn.-H l.vnn. 217 
M;ill I iinla 1- i\c. 201 
lid! Mm \iiii, 231 

Hand, Man" Jean. 232 
Hand. Patricia Lyie 
Handy, Lois Ellen, 217 
Hankin.s, Beverly. 80. 201 
Hanna. William J. 
Hannon. Bettye P. 
Hansley. Lucretia A.. 247 
Happoldt. Margaret V. 

Hardy. Brenda L< 
H.'irdy. Margaret 
Hare. Kathnn S,. 

Harles, Judilh Ann 
Harley, Rosalie Anni 
Harlow, Grace Louis 

Harrison. Barbara C. 162 
ll.irrisnn. Joan Lee. 232 
llarriscin, Nancy E.. 247 
Harrison. Sara Jean. 201 
Ham. Patricia June. 232 
Harsey. Juditli Larsen, 21 
Hart. Carol Ann. 162 
Hart. Teri Lee. 163 



ana Agnes. 163 


a J., 232 

. Barbar 

a J.. 163 

,, Cliristii 

le. 247 

.. Heidi. 


;. Janice 


Helvey. James R.. Jr. 
Hemlepp. Nancy Tingle 
Hemphill. Nancy T. 
Henderson. Carol Ann, 232 
Henderson. Man' E.. 232 
Hendrick. Jacfiueline. 163 
Hendricks. Diane Eve. 217 
Hendnrkvi.ii. r.,tTHia 
Hen. Ins .lii,.i:il,i s 
Heiiilris s'lirl.i li.iv. 201 
Henk.'l Min.ini lli|,...n. 217 
Henry. Pamela »liaw. 163 
Hensley. Barbara S.. 163 
Hen.sley. Brenda Joyce. 232 
Hepler. Elda Eileen. 232 
Hepler. Janice (Mrs.) 
Herrick. Judith Leigh. 217 
Herring. Calena Newell. 83. 164 
Herring. Claudia L.. 99. 164 
Herring. Iris Lavern. 232 
Herring. .Mic 


Hesser. Martha Carver. 20 
Hester. J. B. R. 
Heyward. Man' Hamilton 
Hibbard. Cathie L.. 217 
Hickman. Judy Neil. 232 
Hicks, Virginia B., 201 
Hielscher. Patricia A.. 
Higdon. Waynette. 201 
High. Elizabeth Anne 
Hildebrandt. Judith 
Hildreth. Linda R.. 201 
Hill. Barbara Jean. 232 
Hill. Carolyn Dianne, 232 
Hill, Elisabeth S. 
Hill. Frances Hale. 217 
Hill. Janet Elizabeth. 232 
Hill. Laura Sue 
Hill. Martha Helen. 164 
Rena May. 217 

Scarlette Rave 




Hill. Susan Gail. 232 

Hinchliffe. Janice A.. 232 

Hine. Colene E.. 232 

Hinkleman. Heidi Ann. 164 


Hinshaw. Loui? 

Hinson. Carol Anne. 217 

Hinson. Judith Anita. 217 

Hinson. Tommy R. 

Hipp. Donna Duff. 232 



li-. hr 

Hobgood. Elizabeth L.. 201 
Hobgood. Nancy Lee. 232 
Hobgood. Rebecca B., 164 
Hobson. Marie Alta. 232 
Hodge. Ruval Jeanette, 201 
Hotlges. Bernice B. 
Hodges, Cassandra D„ 232 
Hmigin, Jimmi Murray. 201 
Hoffman. Roseman" B.. 164 
Hoke. Janice Lee. 217 
Holbrook. John 
Holder. Chariotte Jean. 164 
Holder. Margaret A.. 243 
Hnltlcr \l,-l!n,l i Tllnir, »6. 8' 
II, ,1.1. • r .'.■ . . \..|„-. 89. 23 
H..I.I. . I ... I: nt. 217 

H..llim,in, \alerie, 164 
llilllngsworth, Barbara 
Iluljonian. Betty Ann. 21 
H.. Unman. Man' M. 

Holmes. Mary Mellnda. 92. 164 
Holmes. Paula Dianne. 232 
H..lrTies, Wanda G.. 232;,« Kloise Hale. 201 

■e. .Man- Ann. 244 
■e. Man- Kathleen. 200 
•man. Diana Carol. 161 
Ic-n. Marv Millc-i 

Hamilton. Dawn E.. 231 
Hamilton, Elizabeth L.. 217 
Hamilton. Man' R-, 231 

Julia Ann. 231 


Linda Carol. 201 

Hammond. Ruth Anne 
llamner. Anne Bruce. 217 
Hamnett. Man' K.. 201 
Hamrick. Cvnthla R.. 90. 231 
Hancock. Karen Ann. 125. 24 
Hancock. Margaret F. 
Hand. Constance T. 

Helslng. Elizabeth C. 

Il.i|.l . ' ■ ■ I-',.. 217 

llnpkii., sr. 1,1. ,11.1.. E.. 247 
Hopper. I lyda Marie. 217 
Hopper. .Margaret G.. 217 
Hopper. Martha C. 
Hopper. Sandra Kay. 35. 201 
Hop.son. Judith Lynne. 217 
Hord. Judy Catherine. 232 
Horn. Devereux, 217 

Page 254 


. Julii 



Horton. Sandra Lee. 217 
Horvath. Janis Elayne 
Horvath. Jayne Lynn, 232 
Hostettler, Anna B., 39 
Hostettler, Marie D., 39, 165 
Hotte. Paulette A., 232 
Houck, Douglas Pamela. 2ni 
Houck, Sandra Jeanne, 232 
Hough, Rebecca L. 20i 
Houfrh. Sara Janice, 202 
Hourigan. M., 282 
Houser. Blanche E., 217 
Houser. Constance A. 
Houston, Elizabeth S.. 247 
Howard, Dottie Warren. 217 
Howard, Jay Norwood 
Howard. Judy Lynn, 232 
Howard, Rose Marie, 202 
Howard. Sally Ann, 202 
Howard. Susanne P.. 217 
Howell. Evelyn G.. 232 
Howell. Barbara L., 217 
Howell, Joyce Dean. 217 
Howell, Helpa 
Howell, Mary K.. 282 
Hower. Elizabeth Ann. 232 
Hoy. Donna Kay. 232 
Hoyle. Marjorie Linda, 165 
Hoyle, Ruth Pamela. 9i. 217 
Hubbard. Margaret L.. 217 
Hubbard, Mary Ann. 165 
Huberman. Diane Ellen. 202 
Huck.ibee. Emily Marie. 165 
Hudson. Agnes Scott. 165 
Hudson. Alma Brown 
Hudson. Margaret E.. 217 

Huff. Ju 
Huffaker. John W. 
Huffer, Mary Susan, 217 
Huffines, Patricia A., 247 
Hufman. Linda Best, 165 
Hughes, Constance E.. 165 
Hughes. Gladys 
Hughes. Marie Ann 
Hughes, Mollie Vaun 
Hughes. Pat Ellis, 232 
Hughes. Sharon P.. 217 
Hughs. Mary Melinda, 217 
Huleatte. Martha Jane. 202 
Hults. Dorothy Jean 
Humphrey, Rebecca Ann. 202 
Hundley. Annie Joan. 217 
Huneycutt. Glendel K.. 232 
Huneycutt. Mary H, 
Hunsinger, Iris D. 
Hunsucker. Jane G.. 165 
Hunt. Ann Hampton. 165 
Hunt. Erwin M. 
Hunt. Hazel Wall 
Hunt. Margaret (Mrs.) 
Hunt. Nancy C, 165 
Hunter, Carol L., 165 
Hunter. Clemellyn. 202 
Hunter. Jean H. 
Hunter. Janet Alspaugh, 218 
Hunter. Linda Louise. 21fi 
Hunter. Nancy Helen, 232 
Hunter. Susan Marie. 65 
Hunter, Virginia Lee, 232 
Huntley, Marsha Carol, 218 
Huntley. Sarah M., 202 
Huntley. Sheila M.. 218 
Hurdle. Mary E.. 232 
Hurley. Frances Mar\', 202 
Hurley. Patricia M. 
Hurlmker. Thelma B. 
Hur^t, Alec James. Jr. 
Hurst. Ann Garfield 
Hu-isey. Barrie E.. 2is 
Jius-icy, Peggy Joyce, 16.5 
Hutchens. Jerry Lee 
Hutrhins. Janice Ruth. 21S 
Hut.hiiis. Josephine C. 21« 
Hutcliins. Mary Jo 
Hutrhinson. Joyce Lee, 218 
Hutchinson. Susan E.. 164 
Hiitrliinson. Mary Ann. 218 
Hutsnn. Margaret F. 
Hutton, Edna G. 
Mutton. Linda Joyce, 218 
Hutton. Marianne E.. 282 
Hyer, Anna Ray. 218 
Hyldahl. Diane E., 218 
Hyldburg. Carolyn. 232 
Hylton. Marilyn E., 232 
Hyman, Michele Wendy. 218 
Hyman. Mary Frances. 232 
Hyman. Rita Esther, 218 

— I— 

Idol, Mari' Ellen. 247 
Idol. Rebecca Alleen. 247 
Idol. Verda Jane, 238 
Ikerd, Marquita V. 
Ingram, Dorothy F., 218 
Ingram, Mary Beth, 233 
Ingram, Polly Jo, 233 
Ingram. Virginia S. 
Inman. Ann Bull 
Innian. Margaret Ann. 243 
Inman. Mar>' Leigh. 202 
Innes. Barbara Ann. 233 
Isenhour. Pratt E.. 283 
Isenhower. Mary Lynn. 202 
Isley. Ada Chriss, 283 
Isley. Deanna Jo, 218 
Isley, Elizabeth Ann, 238 
Israel, Hellen Paula. 243 
Itallano. Elizabeth F.. 233 

Jackson, An 
Jackson. Doris Mae, 202 
Jackson. Janie Louise, 218 
Jackson, Linda Sue. 202 
Jackson. Mary Jo. 218 
Jackson, Olin B. 
Jackson, Pamela Sue, 166 
Jackson. Rachel Lynn. 238 

Jacobs, Lesli( 
James, Barbara Anne, 23; 
James, Elizabeth V., 218 
James. Janet Hoyle. 233 
James. Lydia Grey, 233 
Jarrett, Carol F.. 247 

Jarrett, Susan Fern, 202 
Jar\is. Evie Roaalee. 166 
Jarvis. Karen Jane. 233 
Jefferson, Betty 
Jeffreys, Sandra Lynn, 218 
Jenkins, Anne C. 
Jenkins. Doris Faye. 202 
Jenkins, Janet, 283 
Jenkins, Jerrie Lou 

Jenkins. Sarah Lou. 
Jenkins, Susan Tiller 
Jerman, Jean Anne, 202 
Jerman. Patricia D., 218 
Jessee. Linda Carol. 233 
Jewett. Cary M. 
Jobe, Cynthia Dianne. 233 
Jobe, James Harry, 233 
Johnson, Barbara L.. 233 
Johnson. Betty Gaye, 218 
Johnson. Brenda Faye. 283 
Johnson. Cornelia M., 166 
Johnson. Donald D. 
Johnson, Donald Lewis 
Johnson. Dorothy D., 283 
Johnson. Elizageth R.. 218 
Johnson. Emma P.. 238 
Johnson, Evelyn F.. 218 
Johnson, Freya Gay. 233 
Johnson. Harriet E.. 244 
Johnson, Janice Faye. 247 
Johnson. Judith A.. 80, 166 
Johnson, Katherine A., 218 
Johnson, Linda Jean 
Johnson. Linda Ruth, 202 
Johnson, Marianne E. 
Johnson. Martha Rose. 218 
Johnson. Mary Ann, 186 
Johnson, Mary E., 202 
Johnson. Mary Kay. 218 
Johnson, Mary Ruth O. 

Johnson, Sarah V.. 233 

Johnston, Doris M., 202 

Johnston, Mary Anne 

Jolly, Mildred F.. 218 

Jones. Annie Laura, 233 

Jones. Arden McK. 

Jones, Barbara Jane. 13. 62, 202 

Jones. Betty Ann, 233 

Jones, Carolyn J., 166 

E.. 233 
Jones. Dolores Ann, 57 
Jones, Elizabeth L., 231 
Jones, Harry Kent, 218 

Jones, Lora Graves. 167 
Jones, Lucreatia Ann. 21 
Jones, Lynda Sue. 247 



Joyes, Marcia B.. 167 
Jones. Marsha Ann, 167 
Jones, Martha Ann, 167 
Jones, Martha Jane. 218 
Jones. Martha S.. 247 
Jones, Mary Lou, 288 
Jones, Mary Porter. 202 
Jones. Mary Louise. 218 
Jones, Meredith Sue. 288 
Jones. Nancy Carolyn. 167 
Jones, Patricia L., 288 
Jones, Paulette D.. 202 
Jones, Rebecca W.. 233 
Jones, Sandra Lee. 202 
Jones. Sarah Elaine, 218 
Jones, Sarah Kathryn. 218 
Jones, Susan Diane. 288 
Jones. Suzanne K.. 202 
Jones. Sylvia Norris. 233 
Jones, ValJeanne. 202 
Jones, Vivian Genie 
Jordan. Alida Kay. 247 
Jordan, Bettye C. 238 
Jordan, Carla Diane, 202 
Jordan. Katherine Ann, 202 
Josey, Kathleen Marie, 233 
Joyce. Brenda Ann, 167 
Joyce. Elizabeth Anne, 238 
Joyce, Jane Lynn, 233 
Joyner, Becky Jo, 238 
Joyner. Evelyn R., 247 
Joyner. Mary Elissa, 218 
Judd. Cherly Ann. 247 
Judd, Penelope 
Julian. Betty Jo. 167 
Jumper. Linda Carol, 218 
Justice. Mary Caroline. 218 

— K— 

Kaczmare. Nancy Jean. 
Kadis. Karen, 202 
Kahn, Virginia H., 238 
Kale. Mary Lois. 218 
Kanipe, Esther Sue. 218 
Kaplan. Sandra Carol 
Kari. Elizabeth Anne 
Karnes, Michael 
Karriker. Gayle Anne 
Karriker. Judy E.. 233 
Kartt, Judith Louise. 16, Rebecca Ann 
Katz. Brenda S.. 238 
Kauffman. Mary C. 167 
Kay. Norma L. 
Kaye, Suzanne, 167 
Kayler. Susan Claire. 218 
Keating. Mary K.. 288 
Kearns. Betsy W. 
Keel. Mildred D.. 238 
Keeling. Emily C, 288 
Keene. Martha Susan 
Keesee, Margaret D., 218 
Keeton. Hope Marie, 218 
Keisler, Brenda Louise, 218 
Keith, Linda Ann. 218 
Keleher. Megan Martha. 233 
Kellam. Sylvia Scott. 202 
Kellenberger, Mary A.. 218 
Keller. Beverly J.. 233 
Keller. Carolyn Wolfe. 202 
Kellett. Jane W. 
Kelley, Brenda Joyce. 2is 
Kelley. Carrye Hill 
Kelley. Genevieve K.. 202 
Kellogg. Ruth Martha, 218 
Kelly. Mary Ann 
Kelly. Nancy Dean. 218 
Kemp. Julia E., 218 
Kennedy. Carl 
Kennedy. Geraldine 
Kennedy, Geraldine J., 167 
Kennedy, Nina Jane 
Kennedy, Sonya Nell. 218 
Kennett. Grace Kay. 167 
Kent. Mary Mikell, 233 
Kenyon, Martha Anne. 238 
Kerrins, Judith Ann 
Kesler, Frances Sue. 233 
Kessler, Mabel Susan 
Kestler, Kay Frances, 233 
Kestnbaum, Julie B.. 188 
Kibler. Barbara Ruth. 218 
Kidd. Ida Carolyn, 202 
Kidd. Louella D. 
Kidd, Wanda Jayne. 248 
Kiger, Mary Elizabeth 
KIker. Patricia Gail. 218 
Kilian, Kathleen E.. 233 
Klllam, Mary Frances 
KiUmon. Natalie Ann 
Kllpatrick, Margaret, 202 
Kimble, Jimmy J. 
Kimbrell, Mar>' Diane, 202 
Kimmel, Jane 

Kimmel, Kathleen V., 80. 238 
Kinard, Judy Ann. 70, 168 
Klnch. Virgie Coggin 

King, Barbara June. 233 
King, Betty Evans 
King. Carol Rae. 233 
King, Carolyn Sue. 168 
King, Carlos McKinley 
King. Carolyn C. 
King. Clara Delores 
King, Janice Yvonne, 188 
King. M. Joyce. 233 
King, Louise Currie, 168 
King. Margaret J. 
King, Sara Anne. 218 
Kirby, Elizabeth Jane. 218 
Kirby. June. 57. 168 
KIrby, Pamela Dare, 233 
Kirk. Dorothy Jean, 168 
Kirk, Rebecca Jean, 202 
KIrkman, Brenria Joyce. 218 
Kirkman, Jean S.. 218 
Kirkman. Judith Lynn 
Kirkman, Margaret J.. 168 
Kirkpatrick. Helen J.. 188 
Kirkum, Linda Dala, 168 
Kirsch, Elizabeth A., 233 
KIser, Barbara Jane. 202 
Kiser. Rona Lea. 233 
Kisselbrack, Patty. IBS 
Kittenger. Robert B. 
Kline. Victoria Marie. 58. 202 
Klingensmith, Sue C. 
Knight. Betty Elaine. 233 
Knight. Cynthia Gaye, 288 
Knight. Dorothy Jane. 238 
Knight. Frances Ann. 168 
Knight. Georgia Lynn, 233 
Knight. Jacquelyn H.. 168 
Knight. James W. 
Knight, Virginia B.. 233 
Knott, Carol Ann. 16ft 
Knott, Willie Mae. 169 
Knotts, Carole Ann, 169 
Knowles. Glenda E.. 238 
Knox. Kathryn D.. 248 
Knox, Mary H. 
Koen, Sandra Neal. 233 
KoIIath. Richard C. 
Kontoulas, Thomas N. 
Koonce, Marilyn E., 202 
Koontz. Judith V., 202 
Koontz. Mary Knox, 169 
Koontz, Velna Janet. 218 
Komegay. Judith E.. 169 
Kornegay. Margaret Ann. so. 20 
Kornov, Phyllis Rena. 219 
Koslow, Esther Shervl, 233 
Kouba, Helen I. 
Kouns. Cynthia Ann, 219 
Kouns. Nancy Jean. 248 
Kouns. Susanna Kay, 189, 198 
Kowal. Mae Holliday. 169 
Kramer. Julie E.. 233 
Kredel. Nancy Cooper. 189 
Kreeger. Deborah Lynn. 189 
Krick. Rosalyn, 169 
Kruse. Elizabeth P.. 219 
Kuester. Kate Adele. 219 
Kukel. Carolyn E.. 233 
Kusenberg, Carol Ann, 233 
Kutcliei, Rivka Kolarf. 169 

Lackey, J. H. 
Lackey, Linda Jeanne, 219 
La Fontaine. Laurie, 202 
Lail. Anne Reynolds, 202 
Lamar, Mary Josephine, 238 
Lamb. Sharon Lee. 233 
Lambert, Jane Davis 
Lambeth. Catherine A., 234 
Lambeth. Dorothy S. 
Lambeth, Linda Kay, 233 
Lambeth. Mary Jane 
Lambeth. Pamela Ann 
Lamm, Kerry Lynn. 91, 219 
Lancaster. Julia Jo. 233 
Lance, Gayle Hampton. 202 
Lance, Susan E.. 57. 189 
Land. Cbristlanna I.. 219 
Land. Doris Jean, 238 
Land, Nancy Jean, 233 
Landretli. Patsy Gail, 219 
Landreth. Violet Ree 
Lane, Donna Kaye. 233 
Lane, Edith. 202 
Lane. E. W. 
Lane, Margery 
Lane. Virginia C. 169 
Laney, Janice, 234 
Langley. CaroljTi F.. 234 
Langston. Bentin. Jr. 
Langston, Pollyanna 
Langston. Sarah Ruth. 78. 170 
Lanier, Bonnie June 
Lanier. Brenda Gail. 202 
Lannlng. Peggy Jean 

Page 255 

Artlmr C. 
I.ashley. Cornelia A.. 234 
I.a^sen. rriscilla Ann. 234^it^■r. Eleanor R.. 234^iter, Linda Carol. 234 
l.atliarn, Arthur L. 
l.atlialn. .lanet R.. 219 
I.atliam. Man-ia Gentry. 170 
I.alliani. Mary Tefft 
I.atliam. Ruth 1,. 
I.atlian. Myra W. 
Latta. .Mary Su,>;an. 2ly 
Lauder. Linda Lee. 219 
Laughrun. Pamela. 234 
Laugtiter. Alice Susan. 219 
Lauten, Doris H. 
Lavin. Mova Jean. 219 
Law. Kathryn Bane, 82. 19«. 202 
La%y. Marsaret Anne. 234 
Li " 


Martha E.. 219 
, Patr 




io Louis 



. Barh; 

ira R.. 234 


. Fann 

lie .S. 

r, Ann 

ie P.. 219 



Lucr, f 

arnhn W. 



s. Mar 

V Marlene, 

Lee. Barhara Emerson. 218 
Lee. Barl.ara .lean. 203 
Lee. Harhara Kiise. 219 
Lee, Beatrice Louise. 71. ' 
Lee. Kucenia .Ian. 2.11 
Lee. Melinda Lou. 2ii3 
Lee. Susan Ann. 112. 17ii 
Lee. Von Ok 
I.eebrick. Vickie D.. 234 
Leeds. Cindy Ann. 234 
I.eemon, Susan Ann. 219 


Lobdell. Elizabeth S.. 234 
Lockhart. Linda Scott. 219 
Lodmell. Lyla 
Lofland. Dee Anne. 171 
Loflin. Phyllis Ann 
Lo^an. Barbara Karen. 203 
Lollls, .loranna L.. 24H 
I.onc. Christina L.. 234 
LonK. Elizabeth Troy 
Louff. Linda .\Iice. 55. 90. 171 
Long. Martha .\nne. 219 
Lonp. Paula Lynn. 219 
Long. Sylvia Elouise. 234 
Looney. Carolyn P.. 234 
Looney. Mlchele A., 99. 171 
Louis. Andrea Leslie. 234 
Love. Ctiarles EskridRe 
Love. Mearlyn R.. 234 
Love. Rowena Ann. 219 
Lovett. Rebecca L.. 243 
Lovlnes. Lillian Belle 
Lowder. Margaret L.. 92. 234 
Lowder. Selma Elaine. 203 
Lowe. Sella Gray. 219 


. Sue Jo. 219 
ce. Bettv Lot 
Allele Jones 

M.ilie, Judith Ann. 92. 203 
Ma.aiilav, Patricia B.. 219 
M.i.l-ail.ine. Mariorie J.. 104. 219 

Mail.liv, ( laudia C. 219 
M.iiJ.JiM. Margaret P.. 4 

Mariiiinl, Sli.iriin Mary. 









Matth.u-, .l.Miii,,' \l.. 220 

Matthtus. l.,iiii,c Kelly. 203 

Matthias. Lvnn Holt. 203 

Matthis. June Lee. 203 

Maultsby. Emily Gail. 220 

Maus. James R. 

Maxey. .\nne Carole. 203 

Maxin. Patricia Ann. 243 

Maxwell. Bertha 

Maxwell. Sheila Ann. 235 

May. .\nnette Becker 

May. Betty Franklin. 220 

May. Elizabeth Ann. 173 

May. Carolyn Robei 

May. Jean Ann. 203 

May. Patsy .lean Moore 

Mayberry. .Martha E.. I 

Mayes. Brenda Jean. m7 

Mavfleld. John 

Maynar<l. Pesgv Jane. : 

Mazych. Aureha C. 

Mazych. Harold E. 

McAdams. Judy Patten 

McAdoii, Franclne A. 

McArtcii. 1 iri-\- I 2:11 

Mc.\lh.l. ~ :'.i:i 

McAli-l. - III \ 1 



Met , 


Mclver. Jenet Cliadwich 
Mclver. Judith R.. 234 
McKay. Ellen Marie. 219 
McKee. Betty. 81. 172 
McKee. Gilbert L. 
McKeithan. Dell 
McKcithan. Susan A.. 24 
McKcnzie. Carolyn Hay. 
MiKeown. Adella Mae. ; 
McKeown. Wilma Jean. 
McKnight. Phyllis. 203 
McLamb. Patricia Ann. ; 
.McLean. Judith (L. 172 
McLean Katheriii.- T 2 

McLe.iil 1 


1 1 ; 1 \ *■ 


;, 1... 

.1 1 Mi 


!"h k'i 

V . :':;l 





.1 L.. :•! 

M. Mall. Ill 

ire Mil. 



lielle K. 

Me.idows, Brenda Kay. 
Meadows. Rebecca W. 2; 
.Mears. Emily Dulcina 21 
Meiir.ird. Linda .Marlene 

-.It. Lvdia Belle 


?d B. 

ion. Carol Ai 

. Libbie 







ictlV A 

iv. Mary Darden. 170 

is. Patricia Koust. 124. 231 

is. I' Lee. 80. 248 

i-, Herinia Hope. 92. 24h 

Lilli > .!..• 11, 231 
l.iiMl.iii s.ii.i I. 219 
l.inilsMV. Aneela 1... 203 
Lindsay. Betty Ann. 211 
l.ineberger. ^Iary .A.. 170 
Link. Barbara Jane. 99. 170 
Link. Janet Corinna. 203 
Linker. Rita Elaine. 203 
Lippincfitt. .lovce .'\.. 234 
l.ipps. Melinda. 231 


I.., 171 


all. ■ilioilla- E., 

1. Flizahctli A-, 

I. Eli/alicll, F.. 

I. LI. ill.- .1.. 172 

I. C^alc lli.llinc. 

I. cliiriii It , 17: 

1 .Inn. -I IJlin ; 

Ma rill 




Martin. Pamela Bo 


Martin. Pattv 1. 


Martin. Victoria. »3. 220 
Martin. Willis C. 
Marvin. Kathryn A.. 235 
Marvin. Susan Teresa 
Maske. Linda I... 220 

McC. I 
MeC. I 
McC.. H. 
MiCurrv. Margaret A. 
McCutihe.m. Beth Anne 
McCutcheon. Sallie 
McDaniel. Carl D. 
McDaniel. Leslie James 
McDaniel. Marv Beth 219 



J a 





. Df 

C. 235 





y Paul. 




Ann. 23 





a Ann. 






!■, 1 


iria Ann 


■]\ in. 


1,1 .' 





Ctll .\.. 


J 11 


1 W,. 17 



V. J 

a Lvnn 
111 Veil. 

McDaniil, P,,lii. i,, \' sn 203 

\lr\.'l li 11, K I'lliir, 11' 

McDill 1 n. mil 1 1 

Mr\ rl KiiliM t 1 sliniil' 

McDoimM i.i,!,. \\,,lker. 171 

M.-\ II iiii.'llii 1 .III 11,1 

McD.iimI.I 1. 11.,- \ 210 

Mil i-i ~ 1 IM 1 1, III,,,.' 

McD.iimM lihh \i,ii 219 

Mi'i 1 1 11,1 s II ill 1,1, .,1.' 

Mell.inil.l Mm Miirs 2113 

Mil h iii\ liii.l Mill. Ill 

Mel>..ii,ii-I sl,,,i„ 1 „,„ 231 

\li, III Miiiiii'i! -"r. 

McDiiimM ^11- 1.1 1 •]..■ 

Ml, 1,11, 1,111 1 h/ ilictli 

McD.iuiII 11,11, I i;i 

Mil.,, ii liiiir,. Fllill.' 

M.-D.iuiM 11. .1.11 1 II. 210 

MikllM ski \ tillV 1 ,'.■ 

Mcll.,«rll Ml, \ L.31 

\lil.-liin, Slianiiil),,' 2:1,' 

,Mcll.,«.ll sii.ii, 11. .,,1,,. -..I!, 

Miller. Arlcnc Alii-e. s7 

.McElltii.v ll.iM.tln \,. 231 

Miller, Bcltv Flaiiie, 2.1 

.McEnti.e. L.irii \v. 

Miller, lloiinie Anita 

McEntirc. Nancy .1.. 231 

Miller, Klizalielli A.. 21 

McFadden. .\nne Carol. 219 

Miller. Frames II, 235 

McGalllard. Susan E., 234 

Miller. L.i.l.iriiia F.iv : 

McGee. Elizabeth ,\nn. Idfl 

Miller. Lin. la Ann. 235 

MeGee. Pansy Yvonne. 234 

Miller. Marilyn Elsie. 

McGee. Sarah Anne. 172 

Miller. Nancy Sue. 235 


Wilier, Rita Brice. 220 
Millians, Sandra 
Millikin. Ruth Ann 
Mill*, .hiilith Ann. 21K 
MilU. Maxine. 23."i 
Millsap*. Barbara D.. 24 

Min -- '■ 





Minish. l.inda Rayc. 174 
Minor. Nanette Jack.son. 121). 174 
Mintiin. Anne Starr. HH. 174 
Misenheimer. Martha J.. 23.1 
Mitchell. K.ithleen Ann. 174 
Mitchell, .faille Anne. 204 
Mitchell. Shirley C. 23.1 
Mitchell. Susan Guion. 220 
Mitchlner. Sandra H. 
Mitehuni, Meredith 1... 82. 285 
Mock. Judieth 
.Mndlin. Rachael 
Moebes. Betty H. 
Molfett. Alice Rodd. 204 
Moffitt. Nellie. 24H 
Moffitt. Sally Mae. 204 
Moffltt. Sharyn C, 23.1 
Mohr. Marilyn E.. 174 
Mohr. Nancy Jean. 220 
Montage. Patsy P. 
.Montague. Robert T. 
Monteleon. Martha J., 248 
Monts. Vivian C. 86. 174 
Moody. Mary E. 
Moody. Mary Jo 
Moon. Rachel Anne. 235 
Mnnre. Alice Rave. 235 
Moore. Anne Rogers. 80 
MiM>re. Andrea, 220 
Moore. Belva Jo. 248 
Moore. Betty Jean. 174 
Moore. Beverly Ruth. 204 
Moore. Brenda Joyce. 285 
MiKire. Clarice Leland 
Moore. Claudia Ann 


Mnore, Donna Susan, 235 
Moore, Dorothy Jane. 204 
Moore. Emily Sue 
Moore. Jo Ellen. 204 
Moore. Judy Carlette. 220 

Judy Carol. 174 

Mnore. Sandra Baker. 89. 235 
Moore. Sarah Joyce, 175 
Moore. Wanda Lee. 220 
Moose. Catherine Jean. 220 
Mnran. Barbara Janice. 220 
Moreland. Mary D, 
Morgan. Barbara Lee. 204 
Morgan, Betty Jean 
Morgan, Elizabeth C. 220 
Nrorgan. Jean Brake. 175 
Morgan, Joan Judy. 235 
Morgan. Lynne B.. 204 
Morgan. Margaret Anne. 204 
Morgan. Margaret Gail. 220 
Morgan, Martha J.. 243 
Morgan. Mary L., 235 
Morgan. Patricia .\nn. 220 
Morgan. Ruth Dodd. 220 
Morgan. Shelby Val. Jr. 
Morris, Agnes Marie, 220 
Morris. .Amelia Marlene. 175 
Morris. Mary C. 248 
Morris. Mary Lou. 235 
Morris. Sonva Rae. 220 
Morrison. Emily Marian 
Morrison. Marian N. 
Morrissett. Nell T. 
Morrow. Barbara Ruth 
Morrow. Hubert D. 
Morse. Linda Kay. 235 
Mortimer, Patricia D.. 248 
Morton. Betly Carol. 90. 175 
Morton. Jessica Jane. 235 
Morton. Mary Elizabeth. 220 
Morton. Sheila F.. 83. 235 
Morton. Vetra Delores. 90, 20* 
Mosko. Roberta. 204 
Moss. Carole Sue, 201 
Motley. Ann C... 235 
Motley. Cheryl Ann. 235 

Motsinger. Nanci C. 
Mottlev. Reed R. 
Mottsman. Susette B.. 11 
Moulton. Jean F.. 220 
Muilenburg. Lisa G.. 23! 
Muir. Anne Lee. 220 
Mulieri. Man- J-. 220 
Mullen. Rebecca J.. 175 
Mullinix. Bessie J., 175 
Mullis. Atha Elaine. 235 

.Mullis. Barbara .\nn. 2 
Mullis. Kitty Lnu 
Mundin- .lennne Pope. 

Murpliv. Alice Carol. 
Murphy. Carol D.. 175 
Murjihy. Mae Gregory, 

Mary Rebecca. 235 

in K.illi.i M.. 176 

iKiii Beverly Jean, 204 
nan, Carol Minette, 204 
nan, Dana E„ 235 
nark. Linda 

nl \n 


Nicks. M.uiana, 2:i.'. 
Nicks. Miriam Brown. 
Nielson. Geraldine R. 
Nielsen, Pamela Anne 


■man .lime Cirnl. 235 
■man. Lane Smith. 124. 243 
■ment. Anne Marie. 220 
■ris. Julia Adele. 204 
til Bnrhnrn Smith. 204 



Nnrlnn Sii.;ili I' , ■.■:15 
Norvillc. D.irlKir.i F.. 236 
Nunn. Linda Kav. 220 
Niissbaum. Barni Rose. 236 

. Nellie Jo^ 
Roiith E.. 
■n. Bcttv 1 . 

Lynn Carol. : 
,-. Delma S.. 23 
ienevieve Gail. 

erlon, Sydney. 286 
ren. Betty Anne, 221 
ren. Mary Grace 
lens. Barbara Sue, 236 
I ens, Delores Ann 
lens, Jennifer Ann, 236 
tens, Sherril] L.. 236 

Pacliol. Afarcia Louisi 
Packer. Carol Marie. 
Packer, liebeica .lime 
PadEi'tl. Il.lcii li.ili' 
Padm-ll rn-i 111 1 I 


Janet Rat 
r. Linda Lou. 177 
r. Carol Jean. 221 
Margaret Ann, 236 



Pannell, Joan Row 
Padli. Donna Jean 
Parcell, Bruce Ann 
Parcell, Carol Ann 
Parlitt. Carolyn M 
Parham, Page S. 
Park. Alice H.. 78. 177 
Park. Kilitli Lindsay. ■: 
Park, ,I..iii li.iiMr, ■_•: 
Parkci 1 h/ ill. Ill ^ 
Parkci I I Hill - I ir ■-■ 
Park.'i 1 1 - M iiiii 

Parker Mm llii|.i' ':': 
Park^ I ill,, Mill \ ""i 


ish. Patsy Lnrene, 236 
ish, Shiriey J.. 24S 
V. Ann Fliz.ihclh. 221 


'ick. Odes 
rick. Patr 
len Cnnn 

k-li Vim 


l",'','.,,l: "'\ 


ic!;!!m 1 1 

Peacnck, Mary Ueviiolds, 205 
Pearce, Dan M. 
Pearce, Georgia Kay, 122, 221 
Pearce, Judy Lynn. 244 

all, Knlhrvn \nnc. 177 


reckui.iili II 1 I,. 2 

reelllr- I'r.ill lilllicl 

Peeler, N.ini \ i: -:i 
Peeples, .Ian. 221 
Pegram. Anna Brown, 22 
I'egrani. Sharon V.. 205 
Pell. Gwyn L.. 236 
Pellegrin. Kathleen A. 
Pemberton. Carl 
Pendergrass. Penny A., 2 
Pendergrass. W. Joyce, m 
Pendlev. Naiicic .1.. 236 

Pettiis. 1. 
I'fiiff, 1 .11 


v" 1- 


'\'i I'l.i 'l 
Ml. 1' Wc 



fhillili-. I mil .S.. 236 

I'liillili^. M.iiiiinne. 236 

Philli].-, Martini Judith, I7i 

I'liillips, Mary Jo Ann, its 

niillipv, Niiiiiv F.. 236 


Pierce. Mildred V.. 236 
Pierce. Patricia Ann. 178 
Piggott, Lucille 
Pike, Patsy Wray 
Pinnell, Beverly J., 221 
Pipkin. Jane Marie, 238 
Pipkin. Janet Sue. 178 
Pirtle. Gloria Jean, 205 
Pisercliia, Mary Jo 
Pitt, Jo Jane 
Pittman, Jane C, 205 
Pittman, Katherine A., 17K 
Piver. Suzanne, 57 
Pettman, Raye Marie, 236 
Pleasants. Bonnie Sue, k6, » 
I'lea.sants. Ruth E.. 205 
Plonk, Marian Kiitli. 20.'. 
I'lvler. llettv Louise. ■Jii.-. 
niininicr. M.irlli.i Name. 23 
Poireiilinu^'li. .siisiin \.. ns 
Pnirenl.iiri;.! ( \liii,^ ■^ Is 
Polk. Ba 
Pollanl, Phyllis M, 
Ponder, Betty Lee, 221 
Ponzer, Carolyn P, 
Pool. Mary Katherine, 2! 
Poole, Brenda R, 
Ponle, Kenneth A. 
Poole. Laura Virginia, 2; 
Poole, Margaret L,. 221 
Poole, Miirilvii Scit7 ■211.1 
Poole. I'llii.i. \ii,i L'lii 
Pope, Mill- 11,1 Sim i:s 

Porter. Iiinnlln r.,'u,.i '- 
Porter. Jane Redd. 205 
Porter, Richard B. 
Porterfield. James K. 
Posey. Margaret C. 230 

1 Mirilv 
I'hvlli. , 

■/eni.-i Flo 


alt. Martha E., 17h 
all, Penelope Jean, 
einiats. Rudite. 178 
esnell. Ernestine B. 
esnell. Henrietta A., 
eston. Barbara M.. ; 
evatte. Elizabeth D.. 

Page 2,57 


Priie. Mildred G, Kd 
Price. Rita Jane. 236 
Pridsen. Pamela Jean. 236 
Prince. Susan R.. 7k. 221 
Prinele. Carleen Jane. 236 
Pritchard, Kathnn I-. 236 
Pritcliard. Sandra Kelir. i; 
Pritcliett Laura E.. 221 
Prilchett. Lydia .\nn. 236 
Privette. Charlotte A.. 23S 
Proctor. .\Iberta Jean. 221 
Prcx-tor. Sue Ellen. «n. 236 
Proffitt. Helen L.. 43. 1?9 
Profflt. Rhonda Gayle. 221 
Promt. Sandra Gray. 205 
Prophet, Diane E.. 205 
Propst, Mae Belle, 205 
Prothro. Martha G.. 88. 89. 
Pruett, Penelope Lee. 179 

ces F. 
Robert D. 
Walter, Jr.. 205 
Purcell. .Marion E. 
I'urdy. Nell Elaine. 236 
Purffason. Barbara A^. 179 




Dee, 243 



Pusey. Phyllis E.. 236 
Putnam. Elva .\jin. 81 
Putnam. William R. 

Queen. Phillis .\nn, 179 
Query. Marion Elaine. 236 
Quick, Mary E., 236 
Quincannon, Teresa A.. 179 
Quinn. Millicent E.. 205 
Quinn. Myrtle P. 
Quinn. Susan Karen. 205 


Racine. Gloria Louise 
RailH-v. \lartli:l Ellen, 236 
Kaincv. Ruth Elizabeth, 221, Wiishineton Z. W. 
Raker, Loula E, 
Raniey, Ida .Mae. 179 
Raney. Dale Han.sard. 236 
Raniseur. Bessie B. 
Rankin. Karen Anne, ISO 
Rankin, Mary Cornelia. 205 
Raiislev. Suzanne 
Ransome. Elizabeth W.. 82. 2 
Raper, Linda Hayes, 180 
Rat.liford. Jane Henri, 180 
RatlilT, Anne C. 236 
Ratclilfe. Margaret A., ikii 
RawdiiiE. Ann Merrill, 236 
Rawls. Laura .-H-ott. 244 
Rav Rcllv Mulliciin 



'Ill, Ann Brannon, 20 



. Ili.hert E, 



Julia Allen, 237 


'ii\ i 

~, J.iilv Rose, 205 



■ii. Jane Evelyn. 237 



ri=, Briatte V.. 243 



TIE, Frances S. 



, J, K, 



lliirl.iira 1,., 221 



,liiii.' llii\s, 2'21 

\;'.t',','v"1 o.iis'e ' 


Revels. Phyllis 
Remolds, Alma Cole, 221 
Reynolds, Ann Thomas. 20 Janet E.. 237, Polly Ann. 205 
Revoiilds. Shiriey K.. 205 
Rezac. Lynn Carol. 221 
Rhodes, Carol Lee. 205 
Rhodes. Doris 
RIuhU's, Linda M.. 205 
HI. odes. Rita Faye, 180 



■tte Dee, 20 



Rich, Nelda Elaii 
Rii'liardson, Ally.son L.. 237 
Richardson. Janice Sue, 221 
Richardson. Judy Sue. 205 
Richardson. Kent Ray 
Ricl.iirdson. .Sue Ellen. 248 
Richardson. Sarah F.. 221 
Richman. Julia A. 
Richter. Lenora A.. 180 
Rickard. Linda Carolyn. 91. 
Ri.karils. Joan E.. ISO 
Riddle. Mary Lou. 205 
Rideni.ur. Nlarparet W., 205 
Rierson. Betty Lou 
Riesshee, Robena Ann, 237 
Rink, Mvra Lynn. 180 

nl Jo 


?. 205 

Robliins, Pamela Ann, 205 
Roherson, Carol Lynn. 222 
Rnberson. Elizabeth n„ 181 
Roherson, Plivllis Kay, 222 
Roberson, William W„ 237 
Roberts, Carol Riimona, 205 
Rol.ert, l-l.,-.l,.'tl, \ , 53, IMl 

Roe. Mariiii. 206 
Roe. Jane 
Riiir.'r., Niiii llih.i 

Ross. Elizabeth I,.. 53. 181 

Ross. Ella Lee. isi 

Ross. Martha Jane. 206 

Ross. Mary Ann 

Ross. Nancy Diane. 222 

Ross. Norma L. 

Ros.ser, Caroyn E 


Rosson. Susan Cecilif 
Ro.ssman. Julaine R.. 206 
Rothman. Doreen Dale. 206 
Rofhrock. Emily S. 
Rounds. Penelope W.. 206 
Rountree. WyclilTe V. 
Rouse. Constance M.. 208 
Rouse. Helen Annette. 237 
Rousselle. Shara M., 181 
Routh, Nancy Kay 
Rowland. Sarah E.. 222 
Rowles. Jeannette, 222 
Royal, Marearet E,. 237 
Roycroft. Patricia H.. 237 
Ruben. Katharine Celia. 206 
Rubin. Juditb Susan. 206 
Ruch. Louise Dalmas 
Rucker. Bruce C. 
Ruday. Sherry Linda. 237 
Rudd. Amy M. 
Ruild. Marearet E.. 222 
Rudisill. Elizabeth S.. 206 
Ruffner. Katherine T. 
Rufty. Anna Louise. 222 
Rufty. Nan Pittman. 65. 206 
Rule. Rebecca Kaye. 237 
Rulnick. Jane Morris. 237 
Rumfelt. Kathy S., 249 
Rush. Josephine T.. isi 
Rush. Robert J. 
Rush. \'icki Lynn. 181 
Rush. Wilma B. 
Russell, Carmelle 
Russell. Janet S.. 222 
Russell. Martha S.. 206 
Russell. Mary Ann. 222 
Russell. Patricia A.. 24i9 
Russell. Wanda L. 
Rutherford, Rebecca L„ 222 
Ryals, Virsinia Ruth, 237 
Ryan. Elizabeth M.. 237 
Ryan. Evelyn Amanda 
Ryder, John E. 

Sacrinty, Dianne Kay. 222 

Sadler. Joyce Lynn. 222 

Sadler. Nancy P., 80, 237 

SaferiEht. Sylvia 


Salter, Jimmy Elzara. 243 
Saltzman. Marlene E., 237 
Samet, Ida Ruth 
Sameth. Myrna Gail 
Sammons, Billie Jean 
Sampson. Cherry Lee, 237 
Sampson. Judith .Anne, 243 
Samuels. Patricia Mae 
Sandberp. Susan E. 
Sanders. Sharon Ann. 206 
Sandlin. Martha Ellen. 237 
Sanford, Edythe S. 
Sandford. \'ictoria B.. 222 
Sands, Sarah 
Sapirie. Sally Ann. 237 
Sartin. Ruby Peari, 22 
Satlcrli.'!.] B-.rhiir-i 1„ 222 

.Sam. i. ■ I' ■ . I'.'iliin. 182 

Saunders, Lois Ann, so. 237 
Saunders, .Minta M. 
Savas. Peffiry K. 
Sawyer. Carolyn Ann, 248 
Sawyer, Dorothy Belle. 222 
Sa\vyer, Loutricia, 222 
Sayre. Jacqueline E.. 222 
Searborouffh. Mary D.. 237 
" 222 


■1, Eli/al.ct 



1 1,1.1 




Scott. Elizabeth C. 
Scott. Gilda C. 
Scott. Judy Carol. 237 
Scott. Kathleen M.. 237 
Scott, Marearet L„ 39, 222 
Scott, Mary Draugbon. Is2 
Scott, Ruby Ann, 237 
Scully, Martha H.. 206 
Scurry. Julianne W.. 182 
Seaford. Annie Hudson 
Seamon. Patricia E,. 24S 
Searles. .\rden W. 
Sears, Glenna Safrit, 182 
Sears, Nancy Jane, 182 
Seawell. Kathleen B,. 222 
Seawell. John H. 
Secrest, Sandra Lee 
Seely. Annie Mary. 182 
Self, Mary Susan 
Self. Rachel Ann. 206 
Seligrman. Sandra E.. 206 
Sell. Diane Rebecca. 237 
Sellars. Elinor 
Selle. Mrs. Cliaries 
Sellars, Barbara Jean. 206 
Sellers, Rose H. 
Sellers, Sandra Sue. 182 
Selliah. Selvi 
Sells. Kay Frances. 182 
Semones. Rebecca. 248 
Setzer. .\nn H.. 182 
Settlemyre. Susan M.. 237 
Sewell. Carolyn Kay. 206 
Seymour, Jane. 206 

Shade. Belii 
Shamburger. Elizabeth 
Shank, Margaret E,. 237 
Shannon, Ruth Ann, 248 
Shapiro. Sandra G. 
Shartr, Marjorie Ann. 222 
Sharp. Mary Joan, 206 
Sharpe. Charlotte A., 183 
Sharpe. Iris June. 237 
Sharpe. Martha W.. 248 
Sharpe. Ruth 

Shearer, Catherine H. 
Shearin. Carolyn E,. 183 
Shearin. Kathryn K^ 237 
Sheets. Stephanie A. 
Sheldon. Melanie H.. 206 
Shell. Carol Jackson. 206 
Shelley. Catherine M.. 237 
Shellington, Susan Ann. 222 
Shelton, Frances Lynne. 222 
Shelton. William R.. 237 
Shepherd. Mamie Irene. 206 
Shepherd, Mary E.. 248 
Sheridan. Charies L. 
Sherrill, Barbara Sue 
Shields. Joyce Elaine. 222 
Sliield.s. Sandra C. 222 
Shipley. Agnes Gray. 222 
ShofTner, Linda C. 206 
SholTner, Odell C, 
Shope, Linda Dell, 183 
Shore, John Robert 
Short. Marietta. 237 
Showfety. Teresa A., 287 
Shrank. Letitia E.. 183 
Shreve. Elizabeth A.. 183 
Shropshire. Carolyn. 208 
Sides. Frances Ann. 206 
Siegel. Edythe Joan, 237 
Sigmon, Angela Gale, 208 
Sigmon, Avis H, 
Sills. Jo Angela. 183 
Silver. Gail Reda. 237 
Silver. Ronny Louise. 237 
Siniinoff. Nancy Carole 
.■ii...i..i.ns, Betty May, 238 
SI' "i ' Mill.c Louise, 222 

- I " li-iiiiic C.ayle, 238 

- i ' ■- I "■! Lee, 248 
~ I. "I i'l ...1' M,. 23S 

Schultz, Dorothy 1-, 
.Schwartz, Sandra 1 
.Schwlntzer. Iris K.. 
Scobey. Carolyn l.e 

.Scott. Bonnie Je 

Sink. Elizabeth B. 
Sipe. Gloria Darlene. 20(1 
Sisson. Lesley .\nn. 222 
Sisson. Patricia J. 

. Sheila F.. 238 

Page 2o8 


Skinner. Dorothy P., 238 

Skinner, Marjorie L., 222 

Sko!;lund. Julianna. 222 

Slade. Reuben E. 

Slade, Sandra. 23s 

Slater. .Anne. 24S 

Slawter. Linda Faye. 238 

Sloan. Fredericka Sue. 222 

Sloan. Martha C. 222 

Slusher. Pamela Anne. 206 

Small. -Anprus Delano 

Smathers. Katherine P. 

Smith. Addison Neal 

Smith. Alice Brandon. 183 

Smitli. Alvis E. 

Smith. Amelia Jane, 238 

Smith. Barbara F.. 222 

Smith. Beulah Jane. 206 

Smith. Bobbie Carole. 183 

Smith. Bonnie Jean, 238 

Smith, Bonnie Lanier 

Smith, B. G. 

Smith. Brenda Kay. 206 

Smith. Brenday Kaye, 238 

Smith. Edith Carol. 238 

Smith. Elinor Bonnie. 238 

Smith. Emily Worth 

Smith. Evelyn Karon. 238 

Smith. Gail Leigh. 80. 248 

Smith. Gall Patricia. 218 

Smith. Geraldine E. 

Smith. Harriet Ramev. 184 

Smith. Helen Beebe 

Smith, HuBh L, 

Smith, Jane B, 

Smith, Jane R. 

Smith. Jeanette M.. 238 

Smith. Jeannie M.. 80. 82. 18* 

Smith. Julia Cart, 222 

Smith, Karen E„ 238 

Smith, Kathryn R., 238 

Smith, Kathryne T„ 238 

Smith, Leah Loretta, 13, 78, 79, 184 

Smith, Lila Ann, 238 

Smith, Lillian F. 

Smith. Linda Grace. 222 

Smith. Linda Kathryn. 206 

Smith. Lilona Massey. 238 

Smith. Linda Gail 

Smith. Linda Jean. 238 

Smith. Linda Lee. 238 

Smith. Lucinda Ford. 222 

Smith, M. Elaine 

Smith. Marfraret Morris 

Smith. Marilyn Jane 

Smith, Martlia Jo, 206 

Smith, Mary L., 82, 206 

Smith, Nancy Carolyn, 206 

Smith, Nancy Ida 

Smith, Nancy Ruth, 44, 222 

Smith, Opal L. 

Smith, Sherry Ann, 222 

Smith, Patricia Ann, 238 

Smith, Patricia C, 

Smith, Patricia Lynda, 222 

Smith, Patricia Sue, 99, 184 

Smith, Rachel M.. 222 

Smith. Ridley T. 

Smith. Sally Ann. 222 

Smith. Sandra Delores. 206 

Smith. Mrs. Sandra S. 

Smith. Susan A.. 222 

Smith. Susan Frances. 238 

Smith. Tern- Diane. 238 

Smith, Thelma Crawford 

Smith. Virginia E.. 184 

Smith. Virginia F., 238 

Smither, Chariotte S., 238 

Smitherman, Sarah A„ 184 

Smithey. Alice Ann. 238 

Smyre. Linda Mike. 207 

Smyth, Julia Pepper 

Smvthe, Katherine D. 

Snavely, Barbara C„ 238 

Sneddon, Lynn C„ 238 

Snider. Helen Roseman 

Snider. Sandra James 

Snodderly. Donald Max 

Snodderly. Lorene N.. 184 

Snyder. Dorothy A. 

Snyder. Frances M., 222 

Snyder, Janet Maxine, 207 

Soiset, Virginia L., 184 

Sokol, Karla Lofton, 222 

Solem. Christine W., 207 

Solomon, Mary H. 

Somers, Dorothy Marie, 222 

Soniers, Howard A. 

Somersette, Sherrill 

Sorensen, Vickie V.. 13. 207 

Sorkin. Mona. 223 

Southworth. Nancy M. 

Sotheran. Jo Lorraine. 238 

Southern. Paul M.. 223 

Southworth. Bronwyn R. 

Southworth. Nancy. 223 

Souza. Lee A.. 238 

Sowers. Mary C. 90. 238 

Sox. Sandra Jean. 184 


Spetcl. ( heiyl liiuiine. 238 
Spencer. Barbara A.. 184 
Spencer. Darinda D., 288 
Spencer. Jeanette C.> 22S 
Spencer. Martha Lee. 207 
Spencer. Mary Dana. 288 
Spencer. Nancy Ann. 184 
Spencer. Sue Richardson. 184 
Spicer. Kate W. 
Spigelmyer. Joyce Ann 
Spillers. Frances W. 
.Spillman, Carolyn 
Spinale. Roseann 
Spratt, Choice Townley, 82, 228 
.Sprinkle, Janis E.. 248 
.Spruill. Billie L.. 238 
Spruill. Melanie Anne, 223 





Staib. Donald F. 
Stainback, Carol Ruth. 185 
Staley. Cliaries R.. 207 
Staley, Marian Lee, 207 
Stallines. Judith A., 238 
Stalling*. Ramona D.. 238 
Slallings. Nancy C, 91. 185 
Slallings. Shelley P.. 223 
Stancik. Wanda Fay. 288 
Stanfleld. Jeanne J. 
Stanfleld. Linda L.. 288 
Stanford. Nancy Jean. 238 
Stanley, Barbara L. 238 
Starilcv. Bevcilv V.. 80. 223 
.Staiilc " " 



Staiilcv. Mil.lrc.i Taylor 
Stanley. Sliiricj J., 238 
Staples, ,lohn F^. 
Starer, Susan Meryl. 223 
Stariing. Ann Hight. 185 
Stariing. Emily E.. 288 
Starnes. Sarah F. 
Starnes. Jeanne Louise. 228 
Staton. Martha Ann. 288 
Steedly. Mary M. 
Steeneck. Lois Claire. 207 
Stegman. Helen Jean. 185 
SIciri. Carol Ann. 238 
Stein. Diana Ruth 
Stein. Linda Rose. 43. 207 
Stentz. Susan E.. 185 
Stephens. Martha 
iitephens. Myrna L. 
Stephen.son. Andrew H. 
Stephenson, Brenda Kay, 92, 207 
Stephenson, Carolyn C. 288 
Stephenson. Gloria. 228 
Stern. Susan Audrey. 238 
Slettler. Vera Emma. 185 
Stevenson. Lois Jean. 288 
Stewart. Bruce B. 
Stewart. Cindy Sue. 248 
Stewart. Donna Jean. 81. 228 
Stewart. Elizabeth F.. 223 
Stewart. Jessie Ann 
Stewart. Judy C. 185 
Stewart. Linda Joyce. 90 223 
Stewart. Mary Beth. 207 
Stewart. Sarah Frances. 207 
Stiner. Carole Ann. 223 
.Stiller. Elaine Sells 
Stinipson. Suzanne E.. 223 
Stirewalt. Emmetta. 223 
Stokes. Sue Rea. 207 
Stone. Barbara L.. 207 
Stone, Martha Trent 
Stone, Mary Kennedy 
Stone, Mohe, 238 
Stovall, Wilda O. 
Stowe, Donald Lee 
Strasburger, Margaret, 85, 223 
Street, Bobbie D. 
Strickland. Barbara J.. 207 
Strickland. Brenda G.. 238 
Strickland. Diane W.. 243 
Slringtield. Julia M. 
Stroud. Mary C 238 
Strug. Terri Elaine. 238 
Stuart. Julie Fellows. 223 
Stuart. Nancy Ann. 238 
Stubbins. Martha Sue. 238 
Stuckey. Cyrus 
.Stulman. Lynn Dianne 
Sturdivant. Judy K.. 238 
Stutts. Harriette G.. 238 
Stutts. Judith C. 
Stutts. Linda Kay. 92. 185 
Styons. Janice Gayle. 207 

Styron. Susan Jean. 23H 
.Sugg. Brenda Kay. 185 
Sugg. Dianna Lee. 238 
Suggs. Melverlene. 28H 
Suiter. .Margaret N.. 238 
Suits. Vickie Cheryl. 238 
Sullivan. Barbara Lee. 207 
Sullivan. Mary Janet 
Sullivan. Neva F.. 99. 185 
Sullivan. Patricia. 90. 288 
Sultan. Sandra Phyllis 
Summer. Lila Elizabeth 
Summers. Iris J. 
Summers. Rachel E., 244 
Supulski, Gwendolyn E., 288 
Surber, Beth Ann, 238 
Sutheriand. Anne D.. 238 
Sutheriin. Elsie P.. 80. 82, 185 
Sutton. Barbara P.. 228 
Sutton. Sandra Jean. 223 
Swaim, Carolyn Ann. 92. 223 
Swaim. Irene Stroud. 207 
Swaim. Roddy Jean. 238 
Swaim. Sharon L., 238 
Swain. Ann Wells 
Swann. .ludlth. 223 
Swaringen. Linda. 288 
Swarat. Jacquelyn J.. 185 
Swayngim. Sue M.. 288 
Swicegood. Barbara. 223 
Swicegood. Mary Ann. 228 
Swim. Carol Lee 
Swink. Patricia Ann. 223 
Swiss. Andrea Jane, 223 
Swotford, Glen 
Swofford, Lena Marie, 228 
Swofror<l. Mary E., 238 
Sykes, Lawrence Edward 

— T- 




Taggart, Alice Ann, 22S 
Tallev. Maude Jourdan. 
Tamblyn. Lynda Leitha 
Tansari. Beverly Gail. 288 
Tanner. Barbara Lee. 238 
Tanner. Margaret L.. 207 
Tariton. Betty Jo. 238 
Tariton, Dnnna Kay. 239 
Tarleton. Harriett L. 
Tarpley, Marcia E.. 239 
Tart. Mary Holt. 239 
Tart. Sandra Jean. 223 
Tate. Deanna Dawne 
Taylor. Afalda Julia 
Taylor. Anita Ellen. 239 
Taylor. Barbara Ann. 223 
Taylor. Carolyn Ann 
Taylor. Catherine Ai 
Taylor. Donna Jean. 
Taylor. Gail C. 239 
Tavlor Jane Williai 
Taylor. Jennifer An 
Tavlor. Juditli Brady. 186 
Taylor. Julia Winston 
Taylor. .Marilyn Diane. 207 
Taylor. Mary Kay. 239 
Taylor. Richard Linzey 
Taylor Robbie Dianne. 223 
Taylor. Shelby Jean. 218 
Tavlor. Susan Anne. 248 
Teague. Martha Ross. 186 
Teague. Suzanne E.. 228 
Teague. Sylvia A.. 186 
Teal. Ella Juanita. 80. 243 
Teal. Jane E.. 186 
Tedder. Jake Davis 
Teer. Juditli Cameron. 186 
Temple. Jo Ann, 239 
Temple, Mary R., 239 
Temple, Patricia A. 
Templeton, Alice M., 186 
Templeton, Avery E.. 239 
lennent, Alexandra. 223 
Tennenl. Mrs. Margaret Ann. 1 
lenney. Carol Ann 
Terrell. Harriet K.. 239 
Terrell. Sharon 
Terrell. Susan. 207 
Terrell. Virginia. 239 
Terwilliger. Judith L.. 239 
Tesh. ,\lmeda Frances. IH6 
Thacker. Carol R.. 186 
Thames. Ada Irene. 223 
Thaxton. Martha V.. 239 
Theiling. Elizabeth J.. 207 
Thigpen. Mrs. Carol Irvin. 186 
Thomas, .\deline O.. 239 
Thomas. Anita Lois. 239 
Thomas. Ann Adell. 239 
Thomas. Barbara Jean. 239 
Thomas. Diana Lynn, 239 

Thomas. Elizabeth M. 
Thomas. Elizabeth P.. 
Thomas. Joyce Young, 


Thomas. Judith L.. 23! 
Thomas. Mary Alice. 2 
Thomas. .Mary C. 

Thomas. Sand 
Thomas. Sara L.. 99. 186 
Thomas. Savannah C. 
Thomas. Susan Larue 
Thomas. Susan N.. 248 
Thomas. Wanda Lou. 223 
Thoma.son. Ruth Ann. 223 
Thomason. Sandra Lee. 
Tliomasson, Nancy Sue. 
Thomerson. Rowena E.. 207 
Thompson. Alton 
Thomp.son. Anthony R.. 228 
Thompson, Chariotte R., 223 
Titompson, Claudia I.. 187 
Thompson. Delores I. 
Thompson. Elizabeth A.. 223 
Thompson. Harriette L. 
Thompson. Jane A.. 239 
Thompson. Kathryn F,ae. 223 
Thompson. Linda Jo, 239 
Thompson, Mary Ann, 248 
Thompson, Michael D.. 239 
Thompson. Sara A.. 80. 207 


Thorne. Elle 
Thornton. Eileen S. 
Thornton. Emilie Susan. 228 
Thorud. Mary Gardner. 239 
Thrasher. Margaret E.. 57. 207 
Thrower. Ellen Peebles. 218 
Thrower. Martha C. 289 
Tice. Barbara E.. 187 
Tietz. Virginia Ann. 239 
Tilley. Audrey Karen 
Tilley. Carolyn E. 
Tillinghast. Harriet. 239 
, Joan E.. 218 




Timbers. Judith Ann. 289 
Tinkham. Nora Jane. 239 
Tinkler. Sara Jane. 239 
Tissue. Carol Ann. 187 
Titus. Chariotte L.. 187 
Tobaru. Kazue. 289 
Todd. Annie Lou 
Todd. Belle Elizabeth. 187 
Todd. Brenda Pearl. 223 
Todd. Mary Frances. 223 
Todd. Patricia A.. 239 
Todd. Patricia Ann. 187 
Todd. Paulette. 82. 239 
Todd. Sandra Hall. 239 
Todd. Sandra Willeen. 223 

Tollett. Lenore J.. 239 
Tomlinson. Martha A.. 239 
Tomson. Susan W.. 207 
Topodas. Katherine J.. 207 
Topping. Charles H. 
Torrence. Patricia A. 
Totton. Ruth M. 
Townsend. Jamis C. 187 
Townsend. Stella R. 
Trammel. Lujuanne J.. 289 
Trapnell. Elizabetli C. 223 
Traywick. Wanda L.. 289 
Tremitiere. Diane L.. 223 
Trexler. Constance E.. 223 
Tribble. Vicki 
Trice. Julia Ellen. 239 
Tripp. Judith L.. 93. 207 
Trivette. Frances A.. 239 
Trivette. Tomye Joyce. 223 
Troxier. Martlia .\.. 146. 187 
Troxier. Susan K. 
Trudeau. Susan Irene. 218 
Truelove. Anita L.. 239 
Truman, Margarette S,. 239 
Truslow, Oinny Jo, 239 
Tsang, Louisa K. 
Tucker. Bonnie E.. 239 
Tucker. Catherine L. 
Tucker. Cherry Lynn. 223 
Tucker. Edith Juanita. 223 
Tucker. Katherine Ann. 85 
Tucker. Richard D. 
Tudor. Glenda Joyce.. 223 
Tueche. Rita Dean. 207 
Tunstail. Ann S. 
Tuozzo. June A. 
Turban. Mary K.. 207 
Turkelson. Meta L.. 223 
Turner. Beatrice T.. 223 
Turner. Betsy Rose. 79. 187 
Turner. Eleanor Ray 
Turner. Julia Kent. 239 



Page 259 


Twiddy. Phsllis K,. 207 
Twlse. Susan Ester. 82. 149, 1« 
Tyndall. Linda Faye. 207 

Vliitlock, do 
V'liitlock. Ilia 
I'hitniire. Pal 

fnderuood. Je^ii-a Ann. 
I'ntz. .\ndrea Fav. 221 
rni-lmrcli. Beverly .\nn 
rpeliurcli. Rose .\ndrea 
U.shcr. l.inda Faye. 207 
V-ikap. Frances I., 
letter. Kathy Mauney 

ideii, Teddy Dean 
lil, .Marilyn Irene. 
li.ic.url. Martlia .1 

Wieiranil. Kli, 


i.iiiai./a. Paul .\ . 
i.k. Marian 
■isuers. Diane 
ilelli, (lladys Morgan 
ilsliv. Barbara Lee. 18 
iiniannon. Lyllis F.. 

Waddle. Ben 

Diana Eugene. 224 

Watson, Elizatieth 



, Nell R. Lee 



. .ludilh .^nn. 



Mnnpttp \ni 


^\>h 1 


II. mil 1 \i,|i.- 

Week.s, Svlvia l.ula, 24n 
Weier. I.ucv F.llen. 240 
Weiss. Paul .1. 
Welch, l.ind.i .Arleen. 50. Is 
Weill. I,. II \i,,i|i,iii 11. 



Gwen.lolvn ('• 


.ludith Valli '" 


>n. Ellen E.. 24( 


>n. Robert N. 


Brenda Barrov 


s. .\nna P.. 20S 


i. Brenda K.. 2f 


;. Dorotliy 


i. Ellen. 43. 79 


!. Ernest N. 


i. Mil. la v.. 240 


5. .lanet 


~. .lanet 


i. .lea net 



i." Judith 


;. .lulia 


5. Judy ( 

I. in. la Mlddletto 

Rovre ,\nn. i 
Sl.aroi. R.. 1! 
.Shervl I... 240 
Shirley D.. 24 

Wray, Connie Dale. 2ns 
Wray. Mary Lee Ball. 1»1 
Wrenn. Barbara .Unn. 208 
Wrenn. Tanya Sue 
Wright. .Vnne Wv.lie 
WriEht. Br.' Fave. 240 
Wriclit. (^ail (.itherino, so, ,S7. 22 
Wricht, Jane Elaine 
WriEht. .1.1 ,\nn. 22 1 
WriElil. .lu.lith Kllen. 221 
Writ-Ill, Kathleen 1., 2 10 
WriEhl. M.ihle Thorpe 
WriEhl. Martha. 210 
WriEht, Martha Ionise. 224 
WriEht, Reheiia W., 210 
Wii I'ueh ri.i 
Wv.itl. Carl 
Wynick. Connie. 116 
Wynne. Janet Kay. 191 
Wyriek. Pamela Ransley 
Wyriek. Paula Joanne. 248 

arboroneh. Lyndia T.. 240 
arhrouEh. Sarah K.. 208 
arbroueh. \'ietoria D.. 224 
ates, J..v.e Ruth. 208 

W.ill. \l.,rv E 
Wall, N.'ll K, 

WetheriiiEl.m, Barbara. 24 
Wetzel. Katherine E., 240 
Whalen. PeBKy, 240 

Willi,.. Robert L. 



ork. Cecelia Faye. I 
ork. Ersell Shane, 
ork. Ruth Elizabeth 
ost. Connie Jean. 248 
Betty Jean T. 



^ ouoE. .l.icijuelyn Sue. 240 
Voune. Jeanne G.. 79 
VounE. l.inda Ruth. 20h 
VouuE. Lola Parker. 191 
VouuE, Lowell T. 
Vounc. Marearet M. 
VounE, MnrEaret Marie. 221 
VounE. Mary .Xnne 

Wliistea.l. l.ii 
Winsl.M.I. .S:. 
WInste.i.l. Na 

Zeh. Ili.'ii.l;. Sac 
Zelkin, ,\iiii Ruth, 
/ezetellis, ^'i.mne 

rirlck, Kathryn M. 
I'ise. Barbara .\nn 
I'lsenhiirp. Cynthia 


Allen, Ur. Doimlil K.. 139 
Allen, Dr. Roscoe J., 135 
Alspaugli. Mr. William H 
Anderson, Dr. Anne Lewii 
Anderton. Dr. Laura G., 1 
Ansle, Miss Nancy Kay, I 


Mrs. Claii 



Baecker, Dr. Anne F.. 39, ISfl 
Barineau, Dr. Elizabeth M.. 13S 
Batten, Mrs. Jane P., 137 
Bedon, Dr. Helen D., 134 
Beeler, Dr. John H.. 43, 136 
Berkeley, Mr. Edmund, 134 
Blend, Dr. Charles D.. 13H 
Boehret. Alice C. 138 
Brashear, Mr, John H„ IS5 
Bridgers. Dr. John E., Jr., 135 
Bryant. Dr. J. A.. Jr.. 135 
Bryson. Dr. Joseph E.. 133 
Buchanan, Mrs. Frances, 137 
BulKin, Dr. Randolph M., 135 
Bursess, Dr. M. Elaine, 139 
Bush, Dr. May D., 135 

Calhoon, Dr, Robert M.. 136 
Canaday, Miss Helen, 137 
Carpenter, Mr, Gilbert F., 26. 134 
Carroll, iliss Jane H., 79. 137 
Clawson. Miss Barbara. 137 
dowse. Dr. Converse D.. 136 
Clutts, Dr. Beltv C, 136 
Colbert. Dr. William P.. 135 
Collins. Mrs. Elizabeth P.. 135 
Connelly, Dr. Owen S.. Jr., 136 
Cox, Dr. Richard. 30, 13h 
Creech. Mr. Joe D.. 131 
Cutter, Dr. Lois J., 134 

Darnell, Mrs, Dorothy S„ 134 
Darnell, Mr. Robert A., 138 
Davies, Dr. David G., 46, 135 
Davis. Miss Dorothy, 136 
Dawlev, Dr. Charlotte W., 134 

IJKkLJ, .Ml,. .Mail .\ . i:i; 
Dickieson, Mr. Georfce. 29, 31. 13m 
Dicks, Mrs. Mary T., 137 

Eberhart. Dr. Bruce M.. 134 
Kibel, Miss Deborah. 135 
Ellis. Dr. James S.. 135 

, Jr.. 131 




.InMlall ! 

E., 13- 

i S.. 128 
.. 126, 138 
K., 136 

I, a 



. Er 

alicis A. 
. Willial 

. 135 

11 v.. 

i 11., 134 


V. N 



malice (1 

... 138 

Ir liiiii-c v.. 134 
. Mr. Kennis R., 131 
, Mr. Mortimer. 138 
Mr. N, H., 133 

i;ail M,. 136 
li r.iul A., 2 
k. Ml William. 1 

Mrs. Margery, 131 

l.utz. Dr. Paul E., 49, 


n. Mis 

s A. Madeleine 

. 131 

M.Cradv. D: 

r. Edward III. 



• I>r 

Hiiseiiiarv. 78, 




\ !■.. 137 


■ 111 

i.iiil 1 131 



~Mi-" Margaret 



111 ' 

M. la 11.. 138 



1, Ml 


, lii-a H., 138 


u, .Ml 

. Pliillip. 138 


am, M 

r. Kalph M.. i: 



, Mrs, 

Sadie M.. 135 


lan, M 

liss Mereb E,. 1 



1. Dr, 

Charles D„ 13f 


r. Miss 

i Mary T.. 136 


h. Mis 

;s Barbara E.. 



1. Mr. 

lic.hert E., 134 

Kav. Dr. William .S.. 138 
Read. Mr. Daniel E.. Jr.. 
Keardon. Dr. Anna J.. 13 
Kidder. Miss Clara, 137 

Russell, Dr. Donald W., 135 

Sands, Miss Sarah, 134 
Saunders. Mrs. Margaret A.. 137 
Schaeffcr, Mi« .lc.,..pliine P.. 51. 

Spain Ml- ^111.1. I, 137 
Speriv. Ml lium \".. 137 
SpurgLa.ii. Dr. Juii.itlian W.. 137 
Steinnietz. Mr. John L., 137 
Stephens, Dr. Robert O., 136 
Street, .Mrs, Madeleine, 137 

Taylor. Miss Katherine 11.. 93 

Ulrich, Dr. Celeste, 136 

Wagoner. Mrs. Rebecca. 137 
Watson, Dr. Robert. 136 
Wayni.k. Mrs. Mabel L.. 13S 
WevI, Mis, S ■ ■ 



Whil.. Ml-- \ 
Wllilliii k. Ml- \ . I.imise, 134 
Wilkili-un, Ml Alli.rl A„ 133 
Willingliam, Mrs. Alice, 137 
Wilson, Dr. James F., 49, 134 
Wright. Dr, Lenoir C. 137 
Wright, Mr. Thomas F.. 136 

Young, Mr. Emil W.. Jr.. 36 


Academics. 21 
Administration. 128 
Alpha Kappa Delta. 143 
American Home Economics 

for Childhood 

Baptist Student Unio 


Beta Beta Beta 



Class Beauties, 78 
Classification of Offices 

Committee, 81 
Class of 1965. 146 
Class of nae. 196 
Class of 1967. 212 
Class of 1968. 226 
Commercial Class, 247 
Commercial Class Officers. 246 
Committee on Lesrislation. 80 
Consolidated University Council. 
Coraddi, 88 

Debate Program 
Department of Art, 26 
Department of Biotogr, 49 
Department of Business Ed 
Department of Classical 
Civilization. 41 



of Drama and Speech, 
of Economics, 46 
of Enelish. 28 
of Geography, 


of Ge 

of Health. 58 
of History. 43 
of Mathematics. 5C 
of Philosophy. 41 
of Physics. 51 
of Psychology, 47 

Hillel. 96 

Piney Lake. 60 

Histon' Club, 43 

Psl Chi. 142 

Honor Court, 78 

Honors Program. 78 

Recreation Association. 63 
Residence Halls Committee, 80 

Interclass Council, 95 

School of Education. 54 

Jacket Day. 225 

School of Home Economics, 52 

Junior Class Officers, 


School of Music, 28 

Junior House Presidents, 21 

Second Year Nurses. 243 

Senior Class Officers. 146 

Senior House Presidents, 192 

Le Cercle Francais. 40 

Service Leagrue, 93 

Lecture Entertainmen 


9, 66 

Sifrma Alpha. 141 



Elections Board, 81 
Elliott Hall. 112 
English Club. S8 

Finance Board. 81 
Food Liaison Committee. 81 
Freshman Cabinet. 83 
Freshman Class Officers. 228 

Marshals. 98 
Ma-squeraders. 35. 143 
Moflern Dance Club. 65 
Moravian Love Feast. 94 
Mu Phi Epsilon. 142 

National Repertory Tlieater. 33. : 
N'ational Sociey of Interior 

Designers. 53 
National Student Association. D3 
Nursing Class Officers. 242 

Oamma Alpha. 5 
German Club. 39 
Glee Club. 29 
Golden Chain. U 
Golf. 01 

Phi Alpha Theta. 142 
Phi Beta Kappa. 140 
Pi Kappa Lambda. 141 
Piiip Neediest, 90 
Pine Seedlcs Beauty. 1 

Sociology Club. 42 

Sophomore Class Officers. 212 

Square Circle. 50 

Sponsors for Pine Needles, 250 

State Student Legislature. 82 

Student Government .Association. 70 

Student National Education 

Association. 58 
Sinfonia. 29 

Tennis. 04 
Tlieater. 34 
Town Stuilents -Associatit 

I'niversity Opera. 28 
Wl'NCTV. 37 

Page 262 


The year 1964-65 has been a big one lor the University 
of North Carolina at Greensboro and for its people. 
This volume of Pine Needles began last spring when 
we asked, "how can such an important year be written 
and preserved in pictures?" In this effort, we explored 
the implications of a university and the operation of 
our University. In so doing, we gained renewed respect 
and feeling for this campus, the friends and faculty 
members, and the education we receive here. Perhaps 
you, too. have experienced something of the greater 
spirit and vitality that have characterized the campus 
community this year. There have been obvious changes 
at UNC-G: the men students, additions to the faculty 
and administration, old buildings have been refur- 
bished and new facilities are yet under construction. 

This change that we have witnessed is synonymous 
with progress at the University. Administrators tell us 
that the years to come will bring doubled enrollment, 
more buildings and housing facilities, and an ex- 
panded curriculum. But we, in this year, have the 
satisfaction of knowing that we have contributed to the 
structure of the University. 

Hopefully, this volume of Pine Needles is the story 
of this year at the L'uiversity of North Carolina at 
Greensboro. Here, too, changes have been made. The 
addition of more color is, perhaps, the most obvious. 
Advertisers became sponsors, the student life section 
was expanded, and a faculty index was added. In the 
class sections, we have tried to add interest by includ- 
ing some of the traditional activities at the end of these 

It has been said that those who participate in any 
activity gain more than those who observe; this has 
been my experience as I lived the hours and weeks be- 
fore the deadline. As Editor, I have gained a greater 
appreciation for our University, and a better under- 
standing of the people of our University. This book 
reflects the dedication and the efforts of these people, 
both those who were the subjects of the yearbook and 
those who helped publish the book. A personal note 
of thanks is due to: 

Mrs. Mary Hunter — who was never further than 
the telephone and who made the going easier. 

Brenda Meadows — the inspiration, informal ad- 
visor, classmate, and friend who so willingly shared 
the work. 

Linda Richard and Kerry Lamm — who spent long 
hours with sponsors, finance sheets, and ledgers. 

Linda Long — to whom goes the credit for a candid 
but typical view of student life at the University. 

Kay Albright — for the hours of patient planning 
and work on the organizations section. 

Sue Frett — as academic editor, she made her sec- 
tion especially interesting, informative and representa- 
tive of the quality of the academic life at the Uni- 

Carole Whedbee — a valuable staff member who 
was always ready to help even after her section was 

Carolyn Felton and Patsy Cox — roonunates who 
so capably handled the typing part of production. 

Cary Clarke — who volunteered many good pic- 
tures and spent hours in the darkroom. 

Barbara Massel — as photography editor, she had 
the responsibility of the picture schedules and dead- 

Lois Harris — the indexing of those hundreds of 
names was no easy task. 

Patsy Whitley. Ann Hall. Beverly Pinnell. Kaky 
Sowers, Ann Malloy. Ann Bradley, and Sandra Bar- 
gamian — who worked to make the class sections in- 
teresting and complete. 

There were others too, who helped me in my work; 
to them goes a special thanks: 

Miss Katherine Taylor provided help with the enter- 
taimuent pages; Mr. Henry Ferguson and Mr. Ken 
Grogan patiently gave the financial advice that was 
necessary; Mr. Wilkinson and the staff at the Neujs 
Bureau generously opened their files to us and helped 
with many pictures. 

In the actual production of the book we received 
invaluable help from: Mr. Ralph I an Dyke and Miss 
Molly Flanders and the people at Jahn & Oilier En- 
graving Company: Mr. Frank Fleming and W ashburn 
Printing Company. Mr. Fay Smith and his photog- 
raphers, Mr. Harrison Scott and Mr. Richard Byrd: 
Mr. Carrol Martin and Mr. Malcolm Miller from 
Martin Studio, and Mr. Van Williams. We could not 
have managed without their advice and long hours 
of professional service. 

Finally, I wish to express a personal thanks to Ron, 
to my family, friends and teachers. When the going 
got rough and a deadline was near, they provided 
wonderful encouragement and help. 

The experience of editing the yearbook has been 
unique and rewarding. It has been a great year, a year 
of change for the University of North Carolina at 

There is an anonymous poet who has written, 
"there are few earthly things more beautiful than a 
University. . . ." This expresses the story of the year 
1964-65 as told in this "65 Pine Needles^ 

Nancy Stallings 

Page 263